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Š  1 Renewed push for answers in Odeh murder, 28 years later | Al Jazeera...  перевод

18 октября 201311, 1985, Alex Odeh opened his office door at the Santa Ana, Calif. Branch of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) – a civil-rights organization where he worked as regional director – when a pipe bomb exploded, killing him and injuring several others.

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Š  2 Still waiting for justice- ...since alex odeh's murder...  перевод

ноябрь 2010In addition to killing Alex Odeh, the bomb injured several other victims. Alex was ADC’s Southern California Regional Director, a published poet, a lecturer of Arabic Language and Middle East history at Coastline College in Santa Ana, and a tireless peace activist.

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Š  3 ...push to investigate Alex Odeh murder begins 28 years after bombing...  перевод

15 октября 2013Alex Odeh was killed by an explosion at his office in 1985. One prominent member of the JDL, Robert Manning, has been serving a life sentence since 1994 for carrying out a 1980 mail bombing that killed a woman in California.

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Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah (9851021) was the sixth Fatimid caliph. ... Baher Awdeh (also transliterated as Odeh) is, 2007, director of the Center for the Campaign Against Racism ... Jan Bauman is an anti-zionist American Jew based in San Francisco. She is a peace activist. ...

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Š  5 In Alex Odeh's 1985 slaying, still seeking answers  перевод

21 октября 2013Palestinian American Alex Odeh was killed by a pipe bomb in Santa Ana. Rep. Loretta Sanchez is pressing the FBI on the stalled case. Convicted felon held in shooting of San Diego police officer 10/25/2013, 9:35 a.m.

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Š  6 ...in Unsolved Murder of Palestinian-American Activist Alex Odeh...  перевод

Alex Odeh, the Palestinian-American regional director of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee, was killed in October 1985 by a pipe bomb that exploded when he opened his office door. No one has ever been charged in the case.

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Renewed push for answers in Odeh murder, 28 years later

by Michael Pizzi

October 18, 2013 2:00PM ET

Activists demand accountability in the assassination of Arab-American Alex Odeh, killed in a 1985 bombing in California



Civil Rights










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Alex Odeh, pictured with his three young daughters, shortly before he was assassinated on Oct. 11, 1985.ADC

On Oct. 11, 1985, Alex Odeh opened his office door at the Santa Ana, Calif. Branch of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) – a civil-rights organization where he worked as regional director – when a pipe bomb exploded, killing him and injuring several others.

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20 May 1622


Assassination of Osman II




14 Jun 1800


French governor of Egypt is assassinated in Cairo




13 Mar 1881


Assassination of Alexander II of Russia




24 Jun 1922


Assassination of Walther Rathenau




19 Nov 1924


Assassination of British governor general of Sudan and commander of Egyptian army
En route to the Residency for lunch with Allenby and former British prime minister, Herbert Asquith, Stack's limousine was ambushed and sprayed with bullets. ...




25 May 1926


Assassination of Symon Petliura in Paris




16 Jun 1933


Assassination of Chaim Arlosoroff for negotiating official Nazi-Jewish Agency trade deal
Chaim Arlosoroff, the Political Secretary of the Jewish Agency, the WZO’s Palestine centre, was assassinated while walking on a Tel Aviv beach. He had returned two days earlier from Berlin, after completing negotiations for an official Nazi-Jewish ...




12 Jun 1936


Attempted assassination of British acting Assistant Superintendent and his guard

27 Sep 1936


Assassination of Khalil Taha




26 Sep 1937


Assassination of the district commissioner for the Northern District of Palestine
The DC for Northern District of Palestine (Galilee), Lewis Andrews, was assassinated in Nazareth. His bodyguard, Peter McEwan was also shot and died shortly afterwards. The assistant DC, Christopher Pirie-Gordon survived the attack. Some sources, ...




27 Oct 1938


Assassination of mayor of Tiberias

7 Nov 1938


Herschel Grynszpan shoots Ernst vom Rath in Paris.
On 28 October 1938, 17,000 Jews of Polish citizenship, many of whom had been living in Germany for decades, were arrested and pushed across the Polish border. The Polish government refused to admit them so they were interned in "relocation camps" on ...




Aug 1939


Mossad agreement with Gestapo
In the summer of 1939, Mossad agent Pino Ginsburg concluded an agreement with the Gestapo in Berlin to move 10,000 Jews by ship from the ports of Emden and Hamburg to Palestine. The outbreak of war in September forced the cancellation of that sch ...




9 Nov 1941


Assassination of Fakhri al-Nashashibi in Baghdad
some sources give the date as 8 November ...




8 Aug 1944


British High Commissioner wounded in assassination attempt by LEHI




4 Jun 1947


Letter bombs sent to British politicians
While the invention of the letter bomb went back to a brilliant but unbalanced Swedish chemist, Martin Eckenberg, who killed himself at the age of forty-one in a London prison in 1910, Zionist terrorists, the Stern Gang and the Irgun, brought the wea ...




19 Feb 1948


Attempted assassination of Sheikh Nimr al-Khatib
Nimr al-Khatib was targeted for assassination by the Haganah, as part of Operation Zarzir, on 19 February 1948. Two HaShahar agents fired 32 bullets at a taxi in which he was travelling north of Haifa on a return journey from Damascus. He was hit by ...

21 May 1948


Assassination of US consul-general in Jerusalem
Just after 2.00pm on Friday 21 May 1948, Thomas Wasson was shot while returning to the US Consulate from a meeting of the UN Truce Commission at the French Consulate in Jerusalem. While crossing Wauchope Street (now Abraham Lincoln/Hess) in west Jeru ...






start of Operation Ezra and Nehemiah
In Operation Ezra and Nehemiah (1950-1952), nearly all of Iraq's 137,000 Jews were airlifted to Israel by the Mossad L'Aliyah Bet on 950 flights. ...




21 Jul 1951


King Abdullah of Jordan assassinated
On July 21 (some sources say 20 July), 1951, Abdullah was in state-visit in Jerusalem. When entering the Al Aqsa Mosque Abdullah was shot dead by Mustapha Shukri Usho. On July 16, Riad Bey al-Solh, the Prime Minister of Lebanon, had been assassinated ...






end of Operation Ezra and Nehemiah




7 Dec 1954


Six members of Muslim Brotherhood executed for attempted assassination of Nasser




May 1956


Newly independent Morocco closes Zionist transit camp
The camp was south of Casablanca. In response, the Zionist organizations went underground, coordinating with the Israel’s intelligence agency, Mossad. Representatives of Jewish organizations did not have their visas renewed. From May to June, the ...




3 Mar 1957


Assassination of Rudolf Kastner
Kastner was shot on 3 March 1957, by Zeev Eckstein, 24, described as "a Holocaust survivor," and died of his injuries nine days later. Based on Israeli court records, Ben Hecht has written that Eckstein had been a paid undercover agent of the Israel ...






start of Abduction of Yossele Schumacher
In 1960, Schumacher was hidden by his grandparents, Breslov Hasidim, to prevent his parents, who had recently immigrated to Israel from Russia, from bringing him up as a secular Jew. After refusing a court order to return the child, his grandpare ...

11 May 1960


Mossad agents abduct Eichmann in Buenos Aires
On May 11, 1960 at 8:05pm, four Mossad agents abducted German citizen Ricardo Klement from a bus stop in Buenos Aires. He was shoved into a waiting car, his hands and feet tied together, and was blindfolded and gagged. The operatives disguised him as ...






end of Abduction of Yossele Schumacher




23 Feb 1965


Mossad assassinate Herberts Cukurs in Montevideo

29 Oct 1965


Mossad helps Morocco capture and kill an opposition leader, Mehdi Ben Barka, in Paris
On page 30 of Stolen Lives: Twenty Years in a Desert Jail: On 29 October 1965, Mehdi Ben Barka, King Hassan II's former mathematics teacher, leader of the Moroccan opposition and founder of the Union Nationale de Force Populaires, spokesman for th ...




Dec 1966


Jailing of Shemuel Mohr and Maxim Ghilan for publishing an article about Mossad involvement in kidnapping and murder of Mehdi ben Barka




Feb 1967


Paper, drafted by representatives of Mossad, Israeli army and Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs, given to Israeli prime minister argues it would be better not conquer West Bank in any future war
The date f February given here is a place-holder. All that the editors of PIWP know is that it was "a few months before the Six-Day War" ...

12 Jun 1967


Aziz Shehadeh's plan for a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza is presented to Zvi Zur
The day after Jerusalem was taken in 1967, two officers from the Israeli military government met with Palestinian attorney Aziz Shehadeh. The meeting took place in Ramallah. Shehadeh had represented the Palestinian refugees at the Lausanne conference ...




6 Jun 1968


Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy




5 Sep 1972


start of Attack on Israeli athletes in Munich Olympic Games
Around 4:30 AM on 5 September 1972, five Palestinians wearing track sweat suits climbed the six-foot six-inch fence surrounding the Olympic Village in Munich. These five were met by three more men who are presumed to have obtained credentials to e ...

6 Sep 1972


end of Attack on Israeli athletes in Munich Olympic Games

8 Dec 1972


Israeli Mossad agents assassinate Mahmoud Hamshari in Paris




25 Jan 1973


Assassination of Hussein Abul Kheir in Nicosia
PLO representative Hussein Abul Kheir is killed in Nicosia when a bomb explodes in his hotel room. ...

21 Jul 1973


Mossad murders a Moroccan waiter in Lillehammer, Norway
The "Lillehammer Affair" refers to the murder by Mossad agents of a Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Boushiki, in Lillehammer, Norway on 21 July, 197. The agents had been sent by Israel to assassinate Ali Hassan Salameh, the leader of the Black September Organ ...

5 Oct 1973


Egyptian traitor warns head of Mossad that Egypt will attack Israel next day
Zamir then phoned Israel ...

6 Oct 1973


Before dawn, head of Mossad phones Israel to warn of war
According to Gershom Gorenberg, in page 252 of this book, the head of Mossad phoned Israel before dawn, from Europe 'where he had just met Israel's top Egyptian source: War would explode before nightfall on two fronts.' The Egyptian was Ashraf Mar ...




22 Jan 1976


Mossad assassinates Ali Hassan Salameh
Mossad assassinates Ali Hassan Salameh with a car bomb in Beirut. ...




16 Mar 1977


Assassination of Kamal Jumblatt




4 Jan 1978


Assassination of Said Hammami




22 Jan 1979


Mossad assassinate Ali Hassan Salameh in Beirut
Mossad assassinated Ali Hassan Salameh in Beirut in using a remote-controlled car bomb. ...




27 Aug 1980


Mossad attempt to murder US Ambassador to Lebanon




6 Oct 1981


Assassination of Anwar Sadat




3 Jun 1982


Israeli ambassador to the UK is shot in London
On June 3, 1982, Israel's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, was shot by assailants suspected by some outside the Israeli government to be either Iraqi agents or members of the Abu Nidal organization (Patrick Seale argues in his 1992 boo ...

6 Jun 1982


Yet another Israeli invasion of Lebanon ("Operation Peace for Galilee")
While Israel had never withdrawn from the Lebanese territory it had occupied since the invasion of March 1978, it extended this area in a further invasion in 1982. The 1982 Invasion of Lebanon, dubbed Operation Peace for Galilee, began June 6, 19 ...

14 Sep 1982


Assassination of Bashir Gemayel
Assassination of Bashir Gemayel, the newly-elected Lebanese President ...




21 Aug 1983


Mossad murders Mamoun Meraish in Athens




8 Mar 1985


CIA uses car bomb in attempt to assassinate kill Sheik Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah
According to Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward (who interviewed ex-CIA Director William Casey in Washington's Georgetown University Hospital in Winter 1986/87, when the latter was gravely ill following brain surgery): in 1985, Casey worked out w ...






Mossad agent leaves bundle of British passport in German phone booth by accident
An Israel Military Industries courier taking a consignment of eight blank British passports to the Israeli embassy in Bonn, then the capital of West Germany, left them in a phone booth. The passports were picked up by the German police, and eventual ...

30 Sep 1986


Mordechai Venunu is kidnapped by Mossad in Rome
Mordechai Vanunu became increasingly troubled about the Israeli nuclear program on which he worked. In 1985, he was laid off from Dimona and left Israel. He arrived at Nepal, and considered a conversion to Buddhism. In 1986 he travelled to Sydney, Au ...






Margaret Thatcher takes action against Mossad
Margaret Thatcher took action to close down the Mossad station in London when proof emerged that Israel was planning to assassinate Palestinians in Britain. She also secured an undertaking from Tel Aviv that it would cease forging British passpor ...

11 Oct 1987


Death of Uwe Barschel
On 11 October 1987, Uwe Barschel was found dead in the hotel "Beau Rivage" in Geneva by 2 reporters for the German magazine "Stern". Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad agent, claims that Barschel had been assassinated by Mossad. ...




15 Feb 1988


Mossad mine damages PLO-owned ferry in Limassol
Explosion in Limassol, Cyprus, seriously damages Sol Phryne (dubbed "Al Awdah"), a ferry bought by the PLO to carry 130 Palestinian deportees to Haifa. A caller, allegedly from the Jewish Defence League, claims responsibility. ...

27 Feb 1988


Sentencing of Mordechai Venunu
Mordechai Vanunu, who had been kidnapped by Mossad on 30 September 1986, is sentenced to 18 years imprisonment from the date of his capture. ...

16 Apr 1988


Assassination of Khalil El-Wazir (Abu Jihad) in Tunis, by Israelis

17 Jun 1988


Margaret Thatcher orders all Mossad "diplomats" out of Britain
On June 17, 1988, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who had been a decided fan of Israel's, ordered all Mossad "diplomats" out of Britain. She had been angered by a succession of capers, the attempted "export" (in a crate) of a former Nigerian ...




Mar 1990


Assassination of Gerald Bull in Brussels
Gerald Bull, an Ontario-born U.S. citizen and designer of the Iraqi supergun -- a massive artillery system capable of launching satellites into orbit, and of delivering nuclear chemical or biological payloads from Baghdad to Israel -- was killed in B ...




14 Jan 1991


Assassination of Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad) in Tunis
Salah Khalaf (Abu Iyad) was assassinated in Tunis, at the villa of Abd al-Hamid Hʾil who was also assassinated on the same night. ...




26 Jul 1994


Bombing of the Israeli embassy in London
Annie Machon and David Shayler, MI5 whistleblowers, revealed that the Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami were known to be innocent of the bombing, and yet MI5 didnt inform the legal system about this fact. As a consequence, Botmeh and Alami were railro ...




26 Jun 1995


Mubarak survives assassination attempt
Mubarak survives an assassination attempt in Addis Ababa. ...

26 Oct 1995


Fathi Shikaki was gunned down in Malta
Fathi Shikaki was gunned down in his hotel in Malta by unknown assassins - thought to be working for the Israeli intelligence service Mossad. ...

4 Nov 1995


Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
On November 4, 1995, Yitzhak Rabin was shot at Kikar Malkhei Yisrael (later renamed Rabin Square). After the shooting, Rabin was driven to Ichilov Hospital where he later died on the operating table. ...




8 Jan 1996


Assassination of Yahya Ayyash
Yahya (Yihyeh) Ayyash ("The Engineer") is killed by an explosive connected to his celluar phone. Kamal Hamad had given his Hamas activist nephew, Osama Hamad, the cellular phone packed with explosives that blew up when Ayyash answered a call, decap ...

24 Sep 1996


Start of incident resulting from Israeli opening Western Wall tunnel
Over 70 are killed in demonstrations resulting from the Israeli decision to open a tunnel near Al-Haram As-Sharif ...




6 Oct 1997


Ciechanover commission appointed to investigate bungled Mossad attempt to murder Khaled Meshal




16 Feb 1998


Ciechanover commission issues report on bungled Mossad attempt to murder Khaled Meshal




2 Apr 2001


Assassination of Mohammed Abdel Al

27 Aug 2001


Israel assassinates Abu Ali Mustafa (head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine)
The leader of the radical Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine was killed in an Israeli attack. Abu Ali Mustafa died when missiles struck his office in the West Bank town of Ramallah, not far from the offices of Palestinian leader Yasser A ...

17 Oct 2001


Israeli Minister Rehavam Zeevi is assassinated
Rehavam Ze'evi, an Israeli politician who advocated the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza to Arab countries, was assassinated. His killing was a response to the Israeli assassination, two months earlier, of the PFLP leader ...




20 Mar 2003


Missile attack on Baghdad starts US-led invasion of Iraq
A blast was reported in the Baghdad outskirts a little less than two hours after a US-imposed deadline for President Saddam to leave the country expired. It was followed by anti-aircraft fire rising into the pre-dawn sky over Baghdad just before 6am ...

30 Dec 2003


Israeli helicopter gunship injures 14 Palestinian civilians in Gaza city
PCHR reports: The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns an assassination attempt carried out by Israeli occupying forces yesterday evening, 30 December 2003, in Gaza City. The attack targeted a member of the 'Ezziddin al-Qa ...




22 Mar 2004


Israel assassinates Shaikh Ahmad Yasin (spiritual leader of Hamas)
At 5:20AM on Monday 22 March 2004, Israeli helicopter gunships fired three rockets at wheelchair-bound HAMAS figurehead Sheikh Ahmed Yassin as he exited the Islamic Association Mosque in the densely populated al-Sabra neighborhood in the center of Ga ...

25 Mar 2004


US vetoes UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli assassination of Sheikh Yassin
The US vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the killing of the spiritual leader of Palestinian militant group Hamas. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin - a paraplegic who used a wheelchair - had died three days earlier in an Israeli miss ...

17 Apr 2004


Israel assassinates Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi, successor to the previously-assassinated Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi is killed by an Israeli helicopter missile strike on his car in Gaza City. Rantisi had become leader of Hamas after the Israeli assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin less than a month earlier, on 22 March. The latest assassinati ...

17 Jul 2004


start of Israeli border closure which traps thousands in Egypt
On 17 July, the Israeli army closed the Rafah entry point, which is the only route Gazans can take to leave or re-enter the strip, with an army spokeswomen claiming that the terminal was closed because militants were planning to tunnel under it and b ...

5 Aug 2004


end of Israeli border closure which traps thousands in Egypt

31 Aug 2004


Beersheba bombs claimed by Hamas as revenge for assassinations of Yassin and Rantisi
At least 15 people were killed and more than 80 injured today when Palestinian militants carried out suicide bombings on two buses in Israel. Hamas claimed responsibility for the attacks, which tore through the buses almost simultaneously in the ...

6 Sep 2004


Israeli Air Force targets group of Hamas men at a sports ground in Gaza killing at least 14
Around midnight local time (21:00 GMT) on the night of 6/7 September 2004, the Israeli Air Force targeted a group of Hamas men at a sports ground in Gaza City killing at least 14 and wounding 30 others. While there have been many previous Israeli air ...




Jan 2005


Alleged Mossad attempt to assassinate Jihad Ja'ara in Dublin

14 Feb 2005


Assassination of Rafik Al-Hariri in Beirut

30 May 2005


Assassination of Samir al-Rantisi
Gunmen broke into the home of a former aide to a Palestinian Cabinet minister early Monday and killed him in his bedroom, Palestinian security forces said. The victim, Samir Rantisi, in his early 40s, was killed by two bullets to the head. Securi ...

7 Sep 2005


Assassination of Musa Arafat
Musa Arafat, a relative of the late Yasser Arafat, was killed in a raid by up to 100 masked gunmen. His son, Manhal Arafat, 29, was kidnapped and tortured before being released, following efforts by a high-ranking Egyptian delegation. ...

26 Oct 2005


Suicide bombing in Hadera
Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing that killed five people and injured some 30 others in Hadera. The Al Quds' Brigades, Islamic Jihad's military wing, said that the blast was in retaliation to the IDF's assassination of the ...




27 Apr 2006


Israeli assassination of two Islamic Jihad resistance leaders
The AP story reads: The army said the airstrikes were aimed at a cell preparing to carry out an attack. It did not identify the targets. It said two vehicles were targeted, and one was hit. The Islamic Jihad militant group identified the dead ...

20 May 2006


Attempted assassination of Tareq Abu Rajab, allegedly by Hamas

24 May 2006


Israeli occupation forces attack Ramallah killing at least four Palestinians and wounding more than 30.
It is not a coincidence that this type of attack occurs during Olmert's visit to the U.S. Reason: (1) if the US doesn't say anything, then Israel knows that it can get away with anything. (2) It creates the image that Israel is fighting the "war on ...

25 May 2006


Assassination of Majzoub brothers in Sidon

11 Jun 2006


Israeli assassination of two resistance fighters in Gaza

11 Sep 2006


Ehud Olmert establishes Winograd Committee
The government-appointed committee of inquiry examining the conduct of the political leadership and the military establishment during the Lebanon war will be headed by retired judge Dr. Eliyahu Winograd, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided on Monday, ...




17 Jan 2007


Israeli occupation forces kidnap four family members of resistance leader to be used as hostages
The Israeli army abducted four family members of Mohamed Abu Obeid, a leader in the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah, from Jenin refugee camp in the northern West Bank city of Jenin on Wednesday morning. Palestinian sources reported tha ...




15 Feb 2008


Israeli aircraft bomb house of resistance commander in Gaza killing at least eight and wounding scores
Saed Bannoura reports: Palestinian medical sources reported on Friday at night that eight Palestinians were killed and several others were injured when the Israeli air force fired missiles at the house of one of the leaders of the Islamic Jihad ...

18 Mar 2008


start of Israel declares total closure of the occupied Palestinian territories due the Purim holidays
Rami Almeghari reports: The Israeli military establishment declared on Tuesday a total closure of the occupied Palestinian territories, starting from today morning until next Sunday. In the wake of security assessments, the Israeli defense mini ...

22 Mar 2008


end of Israel declares total closure of the occupied Palestinian territories due the Purim holidays

9 Jul 2008


Israeli death squad assassinates resistance leader in the village of Kufr Dan
Saed Bannoura reports: Undercover forces of the Israeli army assassinated on Wednesday evening, Talal Sa'id Abed, 32, one of the leaders of Abu Ammar Brigades, one of the offshoots of Fateh movement, in Kufr Dan Village, west of Jenin in the no ...

16 Jul 2008


Operation Radwan - Prisoner exchange between Hizbollah and Israel
Named after Haj Radwan, aka Imad Mughniyeh, the legendary Hizbullah commander who was assassinated in Damascus in February 2008, whose death was blamed by most observers on Israel's Mossad secret service and who is rumoured to have masterminded the J ...

1 Aug 2008


Assassination of Syrian Brigadier Mohamad Suleiman by sniper

19 Dec 2008


Israeli occupation forces invade several Palestinian villages in the West Bank; harass and kidnap Palestinian civilians
Justin Theriault reports: Early Friday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded the northern West Bank city of Jenin and the village of Araba that lies just southwest of Jenin and detained a young man, according to Palestinian Authority security sourc ...

19 Dec 2008


Israeli occupation forces cut off water supply to the Beita municipality near Nablus
Justin Theriault reports: Berita Municipality, a village near the city of Nablus, is completely without water on Friday after Israel cut all water lines into the area, according to a municipal official, Ma'an news agency reports. On Friday morn ...




3 Dec 2009


Bomb explodes in Damascus killing Iranian and Hamas officials; Mossad suspected




19 Jan 2010


Mossad assassinates Hamas official in Dubai
Some sources say this murder was on January 19; others say January 20. However, there appears to have been no mention of it in the media until ten days after the event. Yossi Melman reports 122960: There is no need for the government of ...

23 Mar 2010


British government expels Israeli "diplomat" implicated in the acquisition of British passports for Mossad
BBC reports: Britain is to expel an Israeli diplomat over the cloning of British passports linked to the hit-squad killing of a Hamas commander, the BBC has learned. Foreign Secretary David Miliband is due to make a statement to Parliamen ...

15 Jun 2010


Irish government decides to expel security officer at Israeli embassy in Dublin
Irish government decides to expel security officer at Israeli embassy in Dublin in retaliation for Israeli use of forged Irish passports in assassination in Dubai. ...

17 Sep 2010


Israeli military invades the Nour Shams refugee camp and assassinates Hamas leader; dozen others kidnapped
Saed Bannoura reports: Palestinian sources reported that Israeli soldiers assassinated on Friday at dawn a Hamas leader, in Nour Shams refugee camp near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem, after breaking into his home and shooting him to de ...

2 Dec 2010


start of Carmel wildfire
The fire broke out on the edge of Isfiya Gilad Atzmon comments: 139701 Disaster in the North of Israel, at least 40 dead as fire rages across the Carmel Mountains. A mass evacuation has begun. As I am writing these lines, Israeli Fire fig ...

6 Dec 2010


end of Carmel wildfire




7 Jan 2011


Israeli occupation soldiers shoot and kill 65-year-old Palestinian civilian who is asleep in his bed in Hebron
Harriet Sherwood reports: The Israeli military has said it regrets shooting dead an unarmed 65-year-old Palestinian man who, according to his family, was asleep in bed in the West Bank city of Hebron when soldiers mounted a raid in search of Ham ...

18 Feb 2011


start of Mossad kidnap Dirar Abu Seesi in the Ukraine and take him to Israel
He was kidnapped from a night train. Some reports say he was kidnapped on 18 February; other say 19 Feb. Possibly, he board the train on 18 Feb and was actually kidnapped after midnight. ...

19 Feb 2011


end of Mossad kidnap Dirar Abu Seesi in the Ukraine and take him to Israel

23 Jul 2011


Iranian scientist murdered - Mossad or CIA suspected

3 Oct 2011


Meir Dagan, former head of Mossad, for the second time publicly criticizes the Israeli projected attack of Iranian nuclear facilities
Amos Harel reports:158294 Meanwhile, former Mossad chief Meir Dagan said yesterday that a military strike on Iran is "far from being Israel's preferred option." Addressing the Council for Peace and Security, he explained, "there are currently to ...




13 Jan 2012


American Jewish newspaper publishes opinion piece by its editor/owner suggesting assassination of President Obama

27 Jun 2012


Senior Hamas official assassinated in Damascus; Mossad hit suspected

14 Nov 2012


Head of Hamas's military wing assassinated in Gaza by Israeli air strike
This assassination, at approximately 16:00 local time, signalled the start of yet another large-scale Israeli attack on Gaza. ...

14 Nov 2012


start of Large-scale Israeli attack against Gaza (Israeli codename: Operation Pillar of Cloud/Operation Pillar of Defense)
As of 28 November 2012: Number of Palestinians killed: 170 (50 children) Number of Injuries: 1,250 (450 children) The start of this attack was signalled by the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari Israelis like to label their attacks with ...

22 Nov 2012


end of Large-scale Israeli attack against Gaza (Israeli codename: Operation Pillar of Cloud/Operation Pillar of Defense)




9 May 2013


General chronic harassment: Israeli military invades several towns/villages, suppresses demonstration, storms houses, and kidnaps at least 37 Palestinians (inc. 14 year-old). Soldiers destroy dozens of structures. Settlers invade several towns, storm houses, and fire at residents.
ARIJ reports: Brutality of the Israeli Occupation Army Israeli soldiers raided several towns, villages and areas in Hebron governorate. (Safa 9 May 2013) Israeli soldiers attacked a non-violent protest in Bab Al Amoud area in Jerusalem city. ...

late Jun 2013


Mossad Kidnaps Gazan in Sinai

30 Jul 2013


General chronic harassment: Israeli military suppress demonstrations in Jenin using live ammunition severely wounding 5 and kidnapping 3 Palestinians (inc. 12-year-old). Settlers with military escort stage provocative actions. Government announces expansion of settlement in East Jerusalem
ARIJ reports: Brutality of the Israeli Occupation Army Clashes erupted between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers in Jenin refugee camp in Jenin city. Soldiers fired live bullets at Palestinians, which led to the injury of Mujahed Abu Al-Azz ...



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