America/Israeli Colonialization by Nuclear Blackmail


~ Tracy Turner ~ Sept 29, 2014


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The former so-called American left has been infiltrated with Tribal Jews who are using anything and everything in the way of money and infrastructure to maintain and expand control: NSA-Prism/5-US-Telecoms/Unit 8200 Mossad… Pentagon/Israeli Syria-Iraq-Yemen-Afghanistan Industrial Complex… TV/Phone/Media Censored Internet Disinformation Complex… SOPA/PIPA/CISPA/DMCA/TPP

The previously mentioned agencies and hardware is the Jewish Tribal Supremacy Military Industrial Complex, the same entities that pumped 745 million dollars into Rock Star Obama’s election campaign…


Obama surrounds himself with noble enlightened peace Jews like Chomsky, Zinn and Bernanke while simultaneously pumping 1.1 trillion dollars into revamping the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The Obama Nobel Peace Prize $1.1 trillion nuclear arsenal is another Wall Street pipe-bowl of Jew-Crack to smoke. The military industrial Zionist complex has been and continues to be addicted to cash as crack and racism as “our way of life”.


Obama and the Jews have engaged in any and every form of national and global austerity they can imagine but the budgets of the racist Jew-Supremacist Pentagon, NSA, CIA, Nuclear Arsenal Complex, Fed Reserve Banks are bloviated with cash as crack-pipe-hits

serving the Supremely Evil.


Obama repeatedly makes speeches about exceptional Americans but fails to connect the dots that America and Israel are the last two plantation owners left on Earth, the last two countries stockpiling nukes to keep the colonialization racism and Jewish-American racial superiority fires burning at home and abroad.


On 60 Minutes TV Sunday 9/28/2014 Obama (paraphrased) criticized Russia and Putin “for violating Geneva Protocols” via “a larger nation violating a smaller Nation’s sovereignty”… Obama and Netanyahu cannot apply those same rules to the U.S./Israel and Gaza, West Bank, Iran, Eritrea, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine. Both Netanyahu and Obama only apply such Geneva rules to others not to self. Obama’s scripted mini-speeches on 60 minutes are lies and doublespeak/doublethink designed to cover the colonialization by nuclear blackmail that is the ultimate Obama legacy.


The inherent racial superiority of Israel and the U.S. military/spy/atom bomb complex will propel the world into a US/Israeli nuclear buildup that invites reciprocation from China, Russia, India, Pakistan, France, the UK and North Korea. Part of Obama’s “winning” of the Nobel was for his intention to be non-nuclear. Do they take the prize back now that he intends to spend 1.1 trillion going nuclear?


The Jewish American media brainwash always calls non-Jew/non-American military “radical I-Slam-isstts en-surggge-ints”, etc. But Jews and Americans kill for noble, heroic reasons. Look at this hydrogen bomb chart and contemplate the 7-8 other owners of nuclear weapons abroad listening to newscasts about bloodthirsty colonialist/racist Jews and their bloodthirsty clueless American’ pit-bull pets… This is the true Obama legacy, the price paid for the $745 million in Jew campaign money…




1. nuclear’ Obama plans to spend $1 trillion on nukes | Tales from the Conspiratum (47)


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