Big Brother, Orwell, Huxley and the Year of Our Beloved Ford 2015

(aka Humans vs. the Lizard Brain 2015)

By Tracy Turner


The answer to the conspiracy “theory” about Rothschilds, Zionists and Illuminati is… does the fat girl in the blue shimmering dress sing one-percent or two-percent as well as Janis Joplin. Text your answer to 1-888-mind-numb now to cast your vote. Text now, come on, you know the answer.


Walk around your home or look in the closet at work; find every broken computer, cracked cell phone, obsolete TV, ready for disposal mp3 player, cd changer, dvd and dvr ready for the dump that you can find. Now imagine billions more of them. Then imagine open pit Iron mines, open pit Bauxite (Aluminum) mines, and all of that sludge just so you could satisfy yourself sexting for a few hours. The mines and their poisons cubic feet of gaping pus oozing wounds rival the larger craters on the Moon! Now look at the plastic and remember the gorilla wrap they came in when brand new… Keeping up with the Jones's gadget wise and car wise creates enough filth to poison every man, woman and child on the planet in one way or another. For what purpose? Sexting? To make you feel like a lizard on a warm rock stalking a nearby fly? Sit down somewhere and do whatever you do on the Internet or social networks or with texting. Now imagine you are a lizard on a rock with carnivorous birds honed in on your activety: Prism, Carnivore, Echelon; names designed to boggle your small lizard brain.


This is the information superh… This video has been removed as a violation of you tubes policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content. Sorry about that.


The hidden strings running America are… …Comcast, Fox, Sony and Warner are pleased to bring you the man as spider and the woman as fly, followed by the inverse… It is a well known fact that trivia and commonplace in media are far more transfixing than true knowledge. I ate lunch for three hours with Robert Singer – every topic came back to one thing, that most humans live in the Reptilian Brain. Robert and I discussed mines and mining sludge, arsenicals in drinking water, Chernobyl and Fukushima, 9-11 Truth, Logging depleted forest reserves, overfishing, the poisoning of oceans and freshwater globally, wasted energy like street lights that are not LED/motion sensitive… Each topic came back to most humans worldwide think like lizards…

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Now imagine a world where immigration is tightly controlled by… light entertainment. A whole universe of unions, academics, scholars, military, radio, TV, finance, police, industry and infrastructure, intelligence, political parties and state, human rights movements and media, all controlled by Dancing With the Stars!


You look like you could use a… If the moment is right, is Vioxx what your heart needs? Ask your doctor if a heart attack is right for you… Merck. Think of Television differently, as a sort of Chadori or Burka for all humanity. Do you remember in what year the Super Bowl XVIII – Los Angeles Raiders won 38-9 over the Washington Redskins? Why, that was the important year 1984, a Brave New World For Us All! Nowadays only overshadowed by black jack booted police in riot gear hanging from bomb-resistant HumVees.


Seen the latest on Obama’s Internet Kill Switch? We’ll get to that after a ten-minute break from our sponsors, the Israeli Knesset.


You cannot paste this because it has a blocked link. The content you are trying to share has a blocked link because it is spammy or unsafe. You are not allowed to paste #gaza or #westbank because other users are against it. This feature is disabled for you, as you posted spammy or unsafe content.


You agreed you could go blind, deaf or have a stroke or die when you broke the seal on the Viagra, Cialis and Levitra bottle. The manufacturer is not at fault. If you quit looking at the tart on TV with the big butt, you would have read the fine print at the bottom.


Now for which 12 Illuminati control all of the unions, academics, scholars, military, radio, TV, finance, police, industry and infrastructure, intelligence, political parties and state, human rights movements and media… Text 2% or 1% as well as Adelle to 1-888-censored-n-dumb

content paste unsafe spammy censorship link humans faux blocked free speech media supersized 404 not founds blacklists social freedom united citizens case justices court bribed corporate cash


Five Supreme Court Justices in the Citizens United case, were bribed by… …post journalism age, 404 Not Found… Dirty corporate cash is free speech, social media is blacklists, censorship and 404 not 404 not founds.


9-11 Truth, you only imagined you saw Amy Goodman in the Building 7 Video, in truth that was Amy’s evil, jealous twin sister… read more on 9-11 Truth, here…


Now about natural resources… You don’t see any government cutting spending and using less, so you should spend and consume more until 2023 we will all be extinct. Humans are making their entire species obsolete – two lizards surrounded by flies, spending their time fighting over a single fly. By 2023, humans in the Americas will be dropping like flies from radioactive fallout, dead Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Africa, India, Eurasia will be toast. Australians will have atomic dust storms causing cancer and tumors…


The corrupt “social” media blocks us from seeing 85% of what had meaning on their sites, such as blocking the pasting of #palestine. The alternative news websites nearly always do the same thing, arbitrarily deciding what is liberal, what is progressive and what is back-paged away from traffic and/or deleted...


Would you like your censorship supersized with those faux left and faux right happy meals, Mr. Turner?


Not everyone can buy into David Ike's Reptiles "truth" or theory, whichever it really is; but anyone who reads several Clotairre Rapaille articles can see the logic that humans are extremely lizard-like, for the most part.


What Clotairre Rapaille forgot to tell half of the Fortune 500 Companies is that Lizards are going extinct, that at most humans have 9 years left; in plainest English, there is too much pollution (and more added daily) and too many of us. The next 9 years shall be the least peaceful and most calamitous years in human history, all based on the lizard's need for fight and flight, the lizard's lack of higher thinking and the lizard's disdain for true intelligence. The success of these companies is too often based on their pollution being "off of the books"…

Both Orwell and Huxley foresaw true knowledge and true learning derailed to a forgotten side spur. Orwell correctly predicted the censorship and blockage of real information, replaced by the Mainstream Media of 2015. Orwell predicted the scary, unpredictable police we have today. Huxley correctly predicted a populace sucking down pills like candy. In some instances, people are now court-ordered to take pills that doctors only pretend to understand how the pills actually work. Huxley also predicted info-fluff and mind-numbing media tedium "entertainment" transfixing the reptilian brain. Orwell foresaw the un-ending war of the NATO powers and perhaps also Illuminati placing their banks and puppets in former sovereign nations.

Huxley predicted sluttiness en vogue correctly but predicted test tubes instead of boner-pills and baby-mammas. Women having babies from 2010 onward may be breeding the last humans on the planet - said babies are growing up post Chernobyl, post-Fukushima and it is mathematically certain 2 or more worse nuclear disasters will happen. The house has bet on the disaster, the house always wins. The reactors pipes are rusting and abrading thinner and thinner. Everything you think you know from the Internet is just useless crumbs you are allowed to see - the real Internet went off-line in 1997-1999. Your account has been cancelled.

To learn how we may prevent human extinction, go to the Facebook page, "spammy and unsafe". To learn how we can focus on food, water and renewable energy instead of war, go to Facebook or Twitter and paste "#palestine" into your account…. To learn more about why the Masonic Illuminati wish to completely destroy the entire planet, us and themselves, follow the numerous article links on this page… The freedom our fathers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters supposedly fought for, blocked and denied by Twitter. It is the Illuminati/Masons, stupid; or is it?

The worst example of thwarted free speech recollected is the untimely death of Internet inventor Aaron Schwartz. Aaron's death was what some might call an extremely preventable suicide - as opposed to most other suicides.

The closest thing on the "open" Internet somewhat resembling "free" speech is a Chris Hedges article, Israel's War on American Universities". How sad that the closest thing to Internet Free Speech in an entire year is a blatant example of put a dirty rag in your mouth…


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