Olive Biodiesel Biofuel Wish List

The CO2 "Sponge" Affect

olive oil biodiesel biofuel

*For these purposes, "fertilizer and "mulch" or "compost" are lumped together as "green waste" or "waste biomass". Not "legally" so, but "scientifically" so if more than 1 (one) percent Nitrogen content. 1 (one) percent Nitrogen content = "legal" fertilizer.
**Every 10th or 12th watering could be "gray-water" from showers, laundry, dishwashing, etc. or "wastewater" from "food processing".
***The first 10-15 years, these "energy farms" will be "profit negative" but extremely "CO2 absorbent. CO2 negative credits could be sold to polluters to help defray olive farm startup costs