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Julius Streicher – Murdered For Publishing A Newspaper


Piotr Bein

Jan 11 (1 day ago)


to Bizoń, Counter


CB, as I told you before, I don't post your awesome mail-outs because anything against Jew copied form Jewmail ruins my posts on WordPress.  

I have the same problem, consistently, with correspondents from US, Poland.

Graphics is even worse: it disappears gradually in days-weeks-months, replacing image with garbage text.

How dumb can one be, staying with Jewmail?! Fighting the bane of humanity but clinging to their frigging email for useful goy idiots!!!

At least set up your own blog so bloggers like me can link, dude.

Others who read this and are on JewMail (gmail), incl. useful idiot in Poland, Jozef Bizon: get out of this "free-of-charge" email for idiot goys. It allows surveillance and manipulation of info.


shalom (you see, I am antisemite LOL)



On 11-Jan-15, at 7:59 AM, Counter Bias wrote:

Description: ulius Streicher/ Photo. undated, (Kalenderblatt, Februar 1940).

Julius Streicher, Martyr For Truth
Julius Streicher, the publisher of Der Stürmer,
always told the truth and used most boisterous
anti-Jew cartoons – and that's why he was
jewdicially crucified at the Nuremberg ‘trials’ –
for telling the truth about the Jew criminality.
Nuremberg show trials (partly machine translation)


Jewish Terrorism & the French Police:

the Despicable Case of Forty Years

of Brutal Harassment of Revisionist

Robert Faurisson

Yeah, you have to be a charlie in France to
imagine that you had any liberté d'expression
prior to the Jew-green-lighted mass execution
at Charlie Hebdo – when Holohoax denial can
still earn you a hefty fine, as well as jail time.

Those Islamist arse-holes are hopeless losers
as censors.  By contrast, the Jew censors suck
about as much blood as is ‘politically feasible’.
Little wonder, the blasé  French public ends up
as so many boiled frogs – no pun intended.

Unlike Julius Streicher, Stephane Charbonnier,
the editor of Charlie Hebdo, a card-carrying
communist of a Trotskyite kink, who always
went to town with Mohammed cartoons, often
pulled his punches when it came to satirizing
Jews.  It made no difference.  The Jews were
still baying for his blood – ever so discretely –
and readily green-lighted the mass murder at
the Charlie Hebdo offices.  And the Jew-tainted
French police, undoubtedly, played along – it's
good for their  business, too.  Three policemen
were killed, two of them Arabs, as well as a few
small-time Jews, which the big-time Jews don't
mind, either, as it tends to remind every little
Hymie which side of his kosher toast can
suddenly get instantly incinerated…

Description: 1-1176

Hollande's rating up
with the Labradors

And last, but not the least, the crypto-Jew
Hollande, the least popular French President,
never had it so good, either.  All of a sudden,
he went on to look Presidential, once again…
For more details on Charlie Hebdo's editorial
policy, see
Affaire Siné  (machine translation).
Better still, see the much shorter Siné, first –
in human  English.

Every day Izrael offers peace  [pic of Hollande]

Jew Trotz semi-mendacity:
“Free Speech” hypocrisy in the aftermath of the attack on Charlie Hebdo
Gunmen were “probably followed” by French police before Paris massacre
Australian government exploits Paris attacks
You can always trust the Jew Trotskyites
to come up with some half-truths.  That's
because among their latest crop of victims
there are many Third-World recruits,
including Arabs, who wouldn't buy outright
kosher lies – but could be attracted to
‘secularism’ presented to them by the Jews
All of the above articles appear to be strictly
factual, except that they all relentlessly lie
by omission: no Jews are ever mentioned.

After "Sharia Weekly" here is "Holokost Weekly"
AprŹs «Charia Hebdo» voilą «Shoah Hebdo»

NB. 6 000 000 barcode – and then: 1 zero crossed out

FRAME 1.  The Jewish proposition:
"I'll go 1 million down from the 6
[million] in exchange for Palestine!"

         The Judeo-Nazism
The love that's stronger than hate
NB. The Jew character completely covers up
the swastika on the SS-man's armband –
not at all to the advantage of this cartoon.


"Did JDL torch Charlie Hebdo magazine?" (2011)
La LDJ derriŹre l'attentat de Charlie Hebdo?
"A squad of 5 'pro-Israelis' was behind the arson.
 One of the suspects in the attack on the French
 weekly Charlie Hebdo was a member of JDL, the
'Jewish Defence League', was actually in custody,
 according to police sources quoted by the website
 Wikistrike.  Curiously, this posting disappeared."

(As the arson attack took place in the wake of Charlie
Hebdo's having published some sort of a 'Mohammed
cartoon', most of us punters readily concluded that
it must have been the handiwork of 'Islamists'…)

You Won't Hear This On Charlie Hebdo
"You see, ‘satire’ is only satire when it's Jews
 poking fun at non-Jews.
 They can degrade
 all non-Jews through the medium of their
 Jew-owned satirical publications, yet these
 two British men are hounded like international
 terrorists for producing satire aimed at Jews.
 The goy will never grasp this though.  Too
 complicated for them to look into and think
 Much easier just to go with the media
 narrative and never bother to look deeper."

Video  – most hilarious!
Charlie Hebdo, il Fut un Temps - 2:27
Watch this Yid-styled 'musical'!
Last frame: "Filming of the Holocaust"
The film director shouts to the cast:
"Take in your bellies [you, fat Jews]!"

The Gas Chamber


"Who knocked it down?"  — "Faurisson"
 Cartoon by 'Chard'  (Franćoise Pichard)

The Victories of Revisionism - by Robert Faurisson
Long and detailed, but not a difficult read


The ‘freedom of speech’ meted out by the Jews
to Robert Faurisson in ‘free democratic France’

Persistent Lies about James Forrestal - by DC Dave
And the case may well be that this
perfectly obvious Jew ‘psychiatric
assassination’ of James Forrestal
was, apart from all else, one
of the countless Jew Mossad
‘exchanges of favours’ with the KGB.
If anyone in the U.S. was a KGB
assassination target at that time,
when the Cold War was getting
rather hot, James Forrestal, a highly
capable Defense Secretary, would
have certainly been at the top
of the KGB hit list.

boasts of having ‘collected’ some 400 U.S. Generals

About JINSA's Generals and Admirals Program to Israel

I$raeli Anti-$emitic Cartoons Contest (!)
Yes, they did have one, but then, as it
appears, they had second thoughts

Description: artinLuther

While the British and the Americans
were assured during WW1 that they
were fighting a “war to end all wars”,
the French soldiers were told by their
top brass
, they were fighting against
the “dark Lutheran hordes”…

"Never were we so free as under the German occupation."
                                                                   — Jean-Paul Sartre

The acclaimed graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco on the limits
of satire – and what it means if Muslims don't find it fun

Description: ORAT STAR


Comparative Criminality



Reads your palm and tells you your 'fortune'.

Jewpsy  –

Reads your palm and charges  you a fortune.


Picks your pockets.

Jewpsy  –

Picks your pockets and robs your Treasury, as well.


Peddles 'magic potions'.

Jewpsy  –

Peddles 'magic potions', as well as hundreds of
billions of dollars-worth of 'legal' pharma drugs.


Runs Punch and Judy show, while picking your

Jewpsy  –

Runs your central bank, media, government,
education, 'jewdiciary' and what not, while
picking your pockets and robbing your Treasury.


Acting in concert with his criminal associates,
who caused you to slam on the brakes, he suddenly
lands himself on your windscreen and proceeds
to demand a 'very generous compensation'.

Jewpsy  –

Acting in concert with your criminal governments,
he caused over two hundred million of your people
to be murdered in countless wars, 'revolutions',
purges and famines – and then went on to accuse
you of having given him the taste of his own Judo-
communist medicine, when the putative six million
of his Khazar tribesmen were purportedly 'gassed' –
in non-existent 'gas chambers' – often dabbed 'gas
ovens' – that didn't exist, either, as all crematoria
were coal-fired – and, even in theory, hardly had
so little as 5% of the required through-put capacity
to account for the 'magic number' of 6,000,000 of
the alleged 'victims' of the legendary Holoko$t.


Gets drunk and stabs someone to death.

Jewpsy  –

Gets drunk with power, greed and paranoia,
tricks you into yet another trillion-dollar war,
robs your Treasury more than ever before and
calls you a 'traitor', an 'anti-Semite' and an
'apologist for terrorism', if you dare to question
his methods and motives, while, at the same time,
pouring conspicuous praise upon his own fellow
tribesmen for their
'courageous opposition to war'.


Non-Gypsy     –  gojo, gorjo
Non-Jewpsy  –  goy (goyim plural)
Female 'goy'  –  shiksa (prostitute)


Zionist  — a Jewpsy that wants other Jews to live in I$rael.

Holoko$t  — a legitimized Jewpsy fraud that's perpetrated
                        every time a Jewpsy war criminal needs an alibi.



This email delivered courtesy of the Jewpsy Google Mail

Jewpsy billionaire, Jewpsy Yid
You are still the same filthy Zhid
Stick your head into the oven
                          and turn on the gas
So your problem would be solved fast

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Preview YouTube video Charlie Hebdo, il Fut un Temps




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