Extinction Via Biotic Pollinators' Water Pollution

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By Tracy Turner


How many gallons of water are required to produce one 250 ml bottle of bottled water? How many acre feet of water are required to produce one Ikea kitchen, installed?


The closest answer found so far is Blaine Hanson Department of Land, Air and Water Resources University of California, Davisbrhanson@ucdavis.edu a 34-page pdf located <http://www.pge.com/includes/docs/pdfs/shared/edusafety/training/pec/water/blaine-hanson_water_forum_complete.pdf> here.


When the subject of Peak Water comes up most people do not think of Industrialization or empty swimming pools filled with chemicals that drain into the sewers. Few think of Waste Water, Industrial Water, Drinking Water, Desalination of Water, Membrane and Ozone Costs and Overhead and Sustainability. Each doubling of Earth’s population is happening in one-half the previous increment of time; each doubling of factory farming, and of industrialization halves the amount of safe water. One other way of looking at it is each doubling of factory farming pesticides and medical waste doubles the requirements for ozonification and filter membranes * for bees *. Many amateur articles on bees pose imminent extinctions as a question (will bees go extinct rather than when will bees go extinct). The worst articles compare pounds of honey by state rather than numbers of pollinators out in the crops. Put bluntly, will you be counting cheap gallons of propane for your truck, bags of almonds and jars of honey when your germplasm goes extinct?


Most people in industrialized countries live, breath and think industrialized; as in “I need doubled filter membrane”. Where is the bees doubled filter membrane and doubled ozonification? Albert Einstein once remarked that if the bees die, we die too, within four-years. The petroleum companies in America and coal companies have killed at least 25-35% of North America’s bees and their propaganda blathers about 200-250 years worth of coal (there is less than 100-years-worth-of-coal in America). How many years worth of farm bees are there downstream from Appalachia and the Marcellus Shale? How many acre-feet of water does it take to frack gas for one families use for one year? How many acre-feet of water does Peabody Coal ruin permanently to keep the lights on in Manhattan for an hour?


There are 200,000+ biotic pollinators (mostly insects) that pollinate plants. Industrialization is killing these pollinators as well as bees. Rachel Carson and Rowan Jacobsen both sounded alarms that went mostly unheeded by the industrialialists hell bent on amassing more wealth. What technology will replace 200,000 biotic pollinators when the population of the earth hits 15 billion persons? No fresh water, no biotic pollinators, no fruit and vegetable crops.


The activities of human’s particularly industrialized humans (on a vastly simplified scale) convert healthy, fresh-smelling, aerated water into smelly, foul anaerobic water [water containing but not limited to: Burkholderia pseudomallei Cryptosporidium parvum Giardia lamblia Salmonella Novovirus and other viruses Parasitic worms (helminths)]. Human’s depleted fresh water of oxygen (create anoxia); another way of putting it is industrialization creates death and decay – here shown in map form as million gallon industrial water draws per day in the U.S.A. This industrial water draw chart could be also interpreted as a bee and biotic pollinizer death chart.


The top 10 greenhouse gas polluters are all power plants burning so-called clean coal. They foul the waters of Appalachia and foul the air with Lead, Cadmium and Greenhouse CO2. Those touting “clean nuclear” seem to wear blinders to the 75% of nuclear plants in the USA that have illegally vented radioactive Tritium. The prevailing winds blow Cadmium, Lead, Arsenic, Tritium, CO2 into areas where bees and biotic pollinators drink water and carry water back to their hives or nests. When the 200,000 species of biotic pollinators go extinct, there will be a mass die-off of both plants and animals that corresponds – all brought about by industrialization of and pollution of water.


Sparkletts and Nestle sell 250 ml bottles of water, how many gallons of water did it take to make the 250 ml bottle of water? How many beehives died to make all of the Nestle and Sparkletts bottled water from 2006 to the present? There are more than food crops at stake; 200,000 pollinators going extinct reflects millions of plant species used for oxygen, food, fiber, shelter, furniture, furnishings and medicine on the verge of biotic collapse…



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