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Chris 'Mark Zuckerberg FaceBook Spying-Censorship' & 'WallStreet Banksters For Pension Austerity' Christie For 2016 WhiteHouse Shill

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Hillary Monsanto Wal-mart Pentagon Bankster Complex Clinton vs. Chris Arms Dealer Pentagon Bankster Complex Christie - TrainWreck 2016 - Choose a Train Coach Seat or Deck Chair Aboard Lusitania

Editors Note: Page is not anti-woman-for-president, does not imply Chris Christie, et al are less corrupt and betraying. Part of the implied sentiment here, is that each election cycle we are told, "less than 5% of America (overall) voted, Libertarian, Green, Indie, Tea Party Astroturf, etc. Therefore those points of view are invalid"... *Really*? Points of view creating jobs, stable green economies, stopping the genocidal raiding of nations and getting the multinationals out of the courts, congress and the cabinet "are invalid?" So, we are to believe that 48% of voters are extremely pleased, repeat Democrat and another 48% are happy, repeat Republican customers? Our "trusted civil servants" and their "trusted lamestream media clones" tell us 96% of us are "happy" and keep voting for pollution filth, corruption, avarice, ego, sex-scandals, genocidal rage (aka sociopath ice-cold genocide), greedy-wealth-building, covetousness, class warfare, do-nothing gridlock funded by foreign corporations and blatant Federal Stupidity. Yes, let's all vote for more of that...

Welcome to Hillary in a box, may I take your order?

I'd like a Pesticide-Laced-GMO Diet, Pesticide Innudated Well-Water, Dead HoneyBees and Thousands of Business-Buster Class Warfare Chain Stores With Slave Laborers Selling Non-American Goods...

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Blood Rose: The Wal-Mart, Arkansas, Clinton Corruption Connection


Published By: All Right Magazine on April 22, 2009


As a former Wal-Mart employee, I have been asked to expound on Hillary Clinton’s role within Wal-Mart and her relationship to “free-trade.” Maybe because I am from Arkansas and have had such an interest in this for so long I sometimes think more people should know all this already. Hillary Clinton was a partner in the Rose Law firm of Little Rock, AR. Rose Law has been implicated in many scandals over the years and is known as the means by which corporate interests can access the Arkansas state legislature & government. There is so much material available on this subject though many of the best sources are buried in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s archive.  The archive began to be locked away from public eyes a few years ago, and today it is very difficult to access anything from the archive from before Bill Clinton was elected to the Presidency.

That is for a good reason; there is a lot of incriminating data in that archive that those in power in Arkansas and the Clintons do not want exposed or publicized. One of those things  is the role that the Rose Law firm has played in the corrupting of Arkansas state government to serve the elite corporate interests in Arkansas at the expense of the rest of the state’s population. The Rose Law firm operates as a conduit by which bribes can be funneled to state politicians from corporate interests that need legal cover. There are many other law firms in the country that serve a similar purpose, but in Arkansas it is the Rose Law firm which has for many years served as the broker between corporations wanting special access to or favors from state politicians & those politicians.

Hillary Clinton was not only a partner in Rose Law but also has a lifetime board seat on the Wal-Mart Board of Directors. She was appointed to the Wal-Mart Board by Sam Walton in 1985 without a vote and without ownership of any stake in the company, something that has never happened before or since, but Hillary hasn’t acknowledged her role within the company publicly in many years. She likes to try to distance herself from Wal-Mart’s policies & insulate herself from responsibility for the devastating impact Wal-Mart’s purchasing policies have had on the American economy over the past two decades. The press has helped her in this effort, but many of you know this despite the news blackout of these things over the years.

It was Rose Law which funneled monies for Bill Clinton’s last campaign for Arkansas governor from Wal-Mart and into his campaign in exchange for his commitment to support “right to work” legislation Wal-Mart and Arkansas’ elite wanted amended to Arkansas’ constitution in 1990. He campaigned against the legislation but flipped after he was re-elected & signed it into law. The right to work legislation stripped the Arkansas people’s right to assembly within the workplace and locked labor unions out of the state for all practical purposes. The “hire at will” provisions within the “right to work” legislation allows employers to fire employees at will, without cause and without remedy available to the employee. In Arkansas workers have fewer rights than in most any other state, and that is by design. This was achieved by bribing both parties through the cover of Rose Law firm. Hillary was a key inside player in these events.

I have heard people say things like, “Hillary and  Bill were just smart that’s all,” or “that happens everywhere,” but I dispute both of those statements. Is it smart to undermine the economy of your own nation for the private profits of corporate thugs within your state? I call that corrupt, not smart, and if it does happen everywhere then it is wrong and illegal everywhere just as it was in Arkansas.

Fast forward to Bill’s first term as President where he signed NAFTA, GATT, WTO & granted favored nation trading status to the enemy of liberty Communist China. Again it was the Rose Law firm, which was used to funnel Wal-Mart money into Clinton’s presidential campaign. This isn’t hard to understand if you want to understand it, but is just slick enough to allow those who don’t want to believe it to close their eyes to the obvious. I know personally that Hillary was heavily involved in the legal aspects of Wal-Mart’s gaining the ability to exploit the poorest populations of the planet to avoid living wages here & undermine domestic manufacturers. I have seen it with my own eyes. I fought against it for over 20 years.  When you drive past an empty factory or through a town that has had nearly no growth or economic development in the last two decades except for a new Wal-Mart Supercenter, thank Hillary, Bill, Wal-Mart and Rose Law, the bloodiest rose in Arkansas.

David M. Klotz is a former Wal-Mart employee and concerned citizen.

The Following Revolving door Monsanto Shills Wish to Thank Hillary Clinton and Blood Rose Law For Your Stealth, Secrecy, Greed, Bribe Funneling and Graft…

Monsanto Position


Federal Government Position

Head of Government Affairs for Genetech, (Now Monsanto)

David Beier

Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Gore

Worked for Monsanto’s Legal Team

William Conlon

Department of Justice

Worked for Monsanto’s Legal Team

Sam Skinner

Department of Justice

Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Robert Fraley

Serves as advisor in pubic agencies, including the USDA, among others

Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle & Co (Merged with Monsanto)

Michael A. Friedman

Acting Commissioner of the FDA

Director of International Government Affairs

Marcia Hale

Asst. to Pres. Clinton and Director of Governmental Affairs

Consultant to Searle’s (Merged with Monsanto) Public Relations Firm

Arthur Hull Hayes

Previously was FDA Commissioner

Director of ESH Quality & Compliance

John L. Henshaw

Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Labor

Vice President of Product and Technology Cooperation

Rob Horsch

Advisor to the National Science Foundation and the Dept. of Energy

Board of Directors, also represented Monsanto as a lawyer

Michael Kantor

U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Monsanto Board Member

Gwendolyn S. King

Commissioner of SSA 1989-1992

CEO of Monsanto for 14 years

Richard J. Mahoney

Served as Director of U.S. Soviet, Japanese and Korean Trade Councils, a Member of the U.S. Government Trade Policy Committee

Oversaw the Approval of rBGH, was a top Monsanto scientist

Margaret Miller

In 1991, Margaret was appointed Deputy Director of the FDA

Sits on Monsanto’s Board of Directors, previously a Monsanto Animal Specialist

George Poste

In 2002, Poste was appointed head of Bioterrorism division of Homeland Security

Member of the Monsanto Board of Directors

William D. Ruckelshaus

In 1970, he was the first Chief Administrator for the EPA, later the acting director of the FBI, then Deputy U.S. Attorney General

Previous CEO of Searle (Merged with Monsanto), he successfully had aspartame legalized while in that position.

Donald Rumsfeld

Appointed to Secretary of Defense in 1975, then appointed to the same position again in 2000

Worked on Monsanto-funded rBGH in connection with her graduate work at Cornell University

Suzanne Sechen

FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data

Previously the President and COO of Monsanto, Chairman and CEO of Nutrasweet, and Chairman and CEO of Monsanto

Robert B. Shapiro

Previously served on President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and on the White House Domestic Policy Review of Industrial Innovation

Former Vice President of CropLife America, which represented Monsanto

Islam Siddiqui

Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Former Attorney for Monsanto for seven years, previous head of the Monsanto Washington, D.C. office

Michael Taylor

Former FDA Deputy Commission for Policy. In 2010, appointed by Barack Obama to the FDA as a senior advisor to the FDA Commissioner.

Previous Monsanto Researcher in charge of the Manhattan Project, creating the atomic bomb. Later became Monsanto’s Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Charles Thomas

Previously served as a consultant to the National Security Council and as a U.S. Representative to the United Nations’ Atomic Energy Commission

Former lawyer for Monsanto, a notorious chemical polluter.

Clarence Thomas

In 1991, was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

Previously served on the Board of Directors of Calgene, a Monsanto Biotech subsidiary.

Anne Veneman

In 2001, was appointed head of the USDA

Former Staff Lawyer with Monsanto in Washington, D.C.

Jack Watson

Chief of Staff to Pres. Jimmy Carter

Hired by Monsanto to prosecute two farmers who fought against Monsanto’s seed policies in 2002

Seth Waxman

Former U.S. Solicitor General

Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto

Dr. Virginia Weldon

Previously, was a member of the FDA’s Metabolism & Endocrine Advisory Committee

Former Chief Counsel at Monsanto

Rufus Yerxa

In 1993, was nominated as U.S. Deputy to the World Trade Organization

Monsanto Consultant

Toby Moffett

U.S. Congressman (Democrat)

Monsanto Legal Counsel

Dennis DeConcini

U.S. Senator (Democrat)

Director, International Government Affairs

Josh King

White House Communications (Clinton)

Monsanto Lobbyist

Carol Tucker-Foreman

White House-appointed Consumer Adv. (Clinton)

Vice President, Government & Public Affairs

Linda Fisher

Deputy Admin EPA (Clinton, Bush)

Manager, New Technologies

Lidia Watrud

USDA, EPA (Clinton, Bush, Obama)

Rose Law Firm, Monsanto Counsel

Hillary Clinton

U.S. Sen (D), Sec of State (Obama)

Director, Monsanto Danforth Center

Roger Beachy

Dir, USDA NIFA (Obama)

From: http://www.sallyhomemaker.com/journal/corrupt-the-governments-revolving-door-with-monsanto/

I recently saw a Venn diagram chart on Dr. Mercola’s site demonstrating exactly how incestuous the relationship has been between our (Hillary) government and Monsanto.

Have you seen this before? If not, take a gander. Then print it out and share it with your friends and family.

How can we expect fair scientific analysis of the data and a true concern for human health to supersede profits when Monsanto has so many monstrous feet in the door in the halls of our nation’s leadership?

Are we really to trust the USDA or the FDA when they tell us something is good for us and safe (like GMOs) or bad for us and unsafe (like fresh milk) when so many of Monsanto’s corporate dollars are at stake (not to mention all that lobbyist money that funds the political campaigns of our elected officials)?




June 15, 2013

Hillary Clinton's Legacy of Scandal

By Jeffrey T. Brown

In the midst of the eruption of near-daily scandals involving the Obama administration, let us not forget that until just a few months ago, Hillary Clinton was the most significant persona within that administration besides the president himself.  Let us not also forget that notwithstanding the scandal-grenades going off all around us, Mrs. Clinton diligently plans her run for the presidency, even while several of those scandals are obviously and entirely her responsibility, exposing the State Department during her tenure as an utter sewer of corruption, cronyism, and fatal incompetence. 

For as long as Hillary Clinton has been on the national scene, she has left a path of destruction and wreckage in her wake that is both impressive and terrible to behold.  She is a testament to the extent of damage that can be done by one person determined to conquer everything before her in the quest for unlimited power and self-gratification.  The only prize left to her in American politics is the presidency, which she has always felt is hers by right.  Indeed, she would have attained it were it not for the upstart community organizer, a fellow admirer of Saul Alinsky, who spoke in volumes but said nothing. 

While such determination comes at a staggering cost, we should remind ourselves that the bill is never paid by Mrs. Clinton or her equally arrogant husband.  It is paid by the country.  Before we ask yet again for the check, perhaps we should remind ourselves of exactly who this woman is who will soon attempt to seduce the country, and her history as the object of an absurd and undeserved degree of national affection.

Before accompanying her husband to the White House as our first co-president, Mrs. Clinton was working hard on becoming the person we now know her to be.  As with her husband, the goal has always been the attainment of power masquerading as public service.  Setting an example for the Obamas to emulate, the Clintons put self-absorption and personal victory before all else.  The Clintons have always served themselves, and nothing else.

Do you recall the slime that was Whitewater, in which the Clintons dissembled and lied while their former business partners went to jail?  Do you remember Mrs. Clinton earning $100,000 in profit in 1979 on a $1,000 investment over the course of only 9 months in volatile cattle futures, about which she knew nothing, thanks to help from a highly placed Tyson Foods connection?  Tyson profited handsomely in Arkansas, with state loans and appointments.  We are to believe that Clinton studied the Wall Street Journal to achieve a feat against which the odds were one in 250 million.  Do you recall the Rose Law Firm billing records that magically appeared in Mrs. Clinton's White House office, years after they had been subpoenaed?  Or the death of Vince Foster under rather extraordinary and inexplicable circumstances, and the lies and cover-up that followed?  Do you recall that while testifying before congressional investigators as first lady, she answered "I don't know" or "I don't remember" 250 times?

Do you recall Travelgate, in which the Clintons destroyed reputations and careers to reward campaign donors?  What about the endless parade of women, long known to Mrs. Clinton and laughably passed off by her as "ministering" to a troubled young woman in the matter of Miss Lewinsky?  Nevertheless, when the truth came out, she was entirely happy to exploit the illusion of victimhood for her own martyrdom in the cause of political advancement.

Wherever Mrs. Clinton goes, destruction follows.  Of course, like the current president, nothing is ever her fault.  She knows nothing.  She is the innocent victim of all around her, endlessly bemoaning her fate as the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy that somehow has directed the events of her life even before there was a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Make no mistake: the Clintons, and Hillary Clinton in particular, hold the American public in utter contempt, but especially so their own supporters.  How else to explain the countless frauds, crimes, and lies they perpetrate upon their devotees, whose own intellectual honesty is devalued to nothing by their loyalty?  And how else besides intellectual dishonesty to rationalize somehow being a Hillary Clinton supporter?

As if Benghazi was not enough, and it should have been even with the little that has come to light thus far, news broke this week about the culture of pure corruption, decay, immorality, criminality, and scandal that has been our Department of State under Mrs. Clinton.  We were regaled with liberal celebrations of the mythical "Greatest Secretary of State" ever, while those paying attention could not identify a single advancement in the image or policies of the United States during her tenure.  Certainly the blame for that does not fall entirely upon her, given whose policies she was advocating, but she still opted to be the person who advanced those destructive policies, putting our country at risk and lowering its standing throughout the world.  This reality was recently driven home by the revelation that the Clintons and President Obama struck a deal under which she accepted the post of secretary of state in exchange for Obama's support in 2016. 

Regardless of the means, we are now being provided a window into what actually occurred under Mrs. Clinton's stewardship.  No doubt we will once again be treated to a river of alibis.  Like the president, we will be asked by Mrs. Clinton's public relations mercenaries to believe that the structure over which she presided was entirely foreign to her, and that despite her zeal to take credit for any exercise of power as head of that structure, any wrongdoing by those carrying out her organizational mission statement is somehow not attachable to her.  Like the president, her good name has been hijacked by those actively doing wrong under her very nose.  Also like the president, rampant wrongdoing and criminality occurring in her very presence met with no censure whatsoever, which is becoming increasingly difficult to reconcile with the real world in which the rest of us live.  Either she entirely failed morally as a leader because she knew what was happening and ignored it (or worse, actively participated in it), or she entirely failed in terms of competence for not even being that pathetic.

For those paying attention, we are being treated to a preview of coming attractions.  Indeed, every day under President Obama is a preview of the presidency of Hillary Clinton, if we are so reckless as to accept her self-serving proposal of figurative marriage.  Unlike Mr. Obama, however, about whom we knew nothing before his rise, the Hillary Clinton preview of coming attractions has been running on a near-continuous loop for the better part of 30 years.

As the State Department scandal deepens, and as more people potentially refuse to take the fall for the advancement of an utterly corrupt politician, perhaps our knowledge of Mrs. Clinton will deepen -- as if we really needed to know more to understand who and what she is.  We should be grateful as a nation for the gift of foresight.  May it finally enlighten those who so far have proved poor excuses for sensible American citizens.


Monsanto and Hillary Clinton's Redemptive First Act as Secretary of State

For those who hope Obama will bring something different to the world, we must first see clearly what is happening, and make demands of him that are profound, not show.

Liberals are pleased he may appoint a White House farmer to plant an organic garden. That is empty show.

Meanwhile corporations like Monsanto are moving rapidly to take control of food supplies ... and democracies, including ours. www.dailykos.com/story/2009/2/1/192127/2714/736/691835

Obama chose Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. We cannot know what deals were struck to make her stop her destructive campaigning long after it was apparent she had lost. But we do know that Mark Penn, CEO for Burson-Marsteller, one of the world's large PR firms representing Monsanto.
advised her for years and ran her campaign. And when she showed up again, by Obama's side, suddenly so did a man named Michael Taylor ... also again.

MIchael Taylor is a Monsanto lawyer Bill Clinton once put in charge of the FDA where he approved Monsanto's rBGH. Hillary was back, andObama was putting Taylor on his transition team. www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_15710.cfm

Using the transition team's advice, Obama appointed Tom Vilsack to head the USDA, overriding 20,000 opposing "grassroots" emails. The objection to Vilsack? His deep Monsanto connections.http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_15573.cfm


Hillary Clinton's connections to Monsanto go way back the Rose Law Firm where she worked. Rose represents Monsanto, Tyson, and Walmart -the world leaders in#genetic engineering, animal production and industrialized food. She received favors there, as did Bill. In office, Bill's USDA immediately and significantly weakened chicken waste and contamination standards, easing Tyson's poultry-factory expansion, www.financialsense.com/editorials/engdahl/2006/0828.html , and his USDA head, Espy, was indicted for bribes, money laundering, and much more, with Tyson was the largest corporate offender.


What happened specifically with Monsanto?
Bill appointed Michael Taylor head of the FDA and put other Monsanto employees in as US Agricultural Trade Representatives, onto International Biotechnology Consultive Forums, and more ...  

Original story, more: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Monsanto-and-Hillary-Cli...



The Corruption of the Clintons: HELPING MONSANTO vs. FAMILY FARMERS, PA farmers see Clinton=Monsanto



Edited on Thu Mar-13-08 08:57 PM by Dems Will Win

Clinton is already associated with Monsanto by PA farmers, and they have a long history with Monsanto, Jackson Stephens, the non-prosecution of BCCI, Tyson Foods cash payments and corruption. Read more:

In Getting Real in Pennsylvania--About Pennsylvania, ScaredHuman ties the Clintons to Monsanto. More significantly, he tells us that most dairy farmers in the state associate the Clintons with Monsanto wheeling and dealing. Next we learn some details of how Monsanto is a hated burden for dairy farmers.

Recently Pennsylvania survived a Monsanto push to ban labels telling consumers if the milk was rBGH-free or not.

We learn why "survive" is the appropriate word here. It turns out that liberals and PA dairy farmers are natural allies when it comes to truth in labeling. And don't expect Hillary Clinton to be able to get any traction with the issue. Our friend is inviting Obama to step into the breach.

Next comes an informative discussion of NAIS, how it has been forced on farmers by Monsanto, and what is wrong with it. NAIS is the National Animal Identification System, which will allow Monsanto to keep track of every animal on a farm. You need to read the diary to get the full implications of this. Once again, this is an issue on which progressives and dairy farmers need to make common cause.

How is this for making you want to mobilize:

For farmers who buy its GE-seeds, Monsanto sends Pinkerton agents onto their property to make sure farmers don't collect GE-seeds - Monsanto's patented "intellectual property." Monsanto also uses planes and helicopters to surveille farmers.

The issue of food safety also comes under scrutiny, with eye-opening results.

the Clintons are strongly associated with Monsanto in the minds of PA dairy farmers, and the way Monsanto is riding roughshod over the small farmers is almost perfectly analogous to the insulting, dismissive treatment we progressives have been receiving at the hands of the GOP.

Here's a comment from ScaredHuman from his dairy diary:

Oh, believe me, these are their issues.
I am in touch with farming groups around the county and they are so enraged by NAIS you have no idea. Or how they feel about Monsanto, though many didn't know Monsanto was behind NAIS. These issues are survival ones to them. I am only trying to make the links between all the parts and to make them be compelling enough together, to possibly jump over into mainstream media attention for the farmers and on Hillary's current connection to Monsanto and Bill's really grotesque (as far as genetic engineering being released and all information shut down or warped and democratic processed subverted) history with them.


Going Backwards:
Clinton Administration Appoints A Former Monsanto Corp. Lobbyist To Represent US Consumers On Genetically Engineered Food Issues

by Tom Abate

Leading consumer and environmental groups are fuming because the Clinton administration has appointed a former Monsanto Corp. lobbyist to represent U.S. consumers on a transatlantic committee set up to avoid a trade war over genetically engineered foods.

U.S. farmers have planted millions of acres of corn and other crops that have been genetically engineered to resist pests, and the growers want to export such produce freely. But in Europe, where genetically altered crops have been dubbed Frankenfoods, governments have imposed labeling rules and safety tests that have restricted U.S. imports.

Friction between the United States and Europe over the foods issue torpedoed last year's World Trade Organization (WTO) talks in Seattle and now threaten to erupt into a transatlantic trade war.

In a last-ditch effort to settle their differences, U.S. and European leaders agreed in May to create a 20-person Biotechnology Consultative Forum, representing pro and con interests on both sides of the Atlantic.

In a letter appointing the U.S. members of this advisory forum, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright asked them to suggest a compromise on labeling, safety testing and other regulatory issues, and to present it to the next U.S.- European economic summit in December.

To build support for this compromise effort, the State Department asked environmental and consumer opponents of bioengineered foods to nominate their representatives to the biotech powwow.

But this gesture backfired when the State Department ignored the nomination of consumer representative Michael Hansen -- a scientist with Consumers Union -- and instead gave the post to Carol Tucker Foreman, a Capitol insider who recently took over food issues for the Consumer Federation of America after 18 years as a lobbyist.

What angered critics most is that during her lobbying days, Foreman helped Monsanto -- the firm most closely identified with genetically engineered foods -- win approval for bovine growth hormone, a chemical that stimulates milk production.

``We think it's a big mistake to appoint a person to represent consumers who's been so closely tied to the biotech industry,'' said Dan Seligman, the Sierra Club's representative on trade issues.


What did Bill do?

Bill's put Monsanto people in at the FDA, as US Agricultural Trade
Representatives, on International Biotechnology Consultive Forums,
and more ... or http://www.monitor.net/monitor/9904b/monsantofda.html or http://www.mindfully.org/GE/Revolving-Door.htm

2. Bill's FDA gave Monsanto permission to market rBGH (a GE bovine
growth hormone), the first genetically engineered product let loose
on us (or did tomatoes with fish DNA get there first?).

3. Despite reports of bovine illness and death, Bill's FDA did not
recall it or put warnings on it. Even "a very angry, very vocal
nationwide consumer base" had no impact. "

4. Bill's FDA wouldn't even label rBGH as "present" in milk.

5. When dairy farmers tried to label their own milk rBGH-free so the
public could choose,
Bill's USDA threatened all dairies that their
products could be confiscated from stores. Michael Taylor, USFDA
Deputy Commissioner, was formerly Monsanto's counsel.

6. How were consumers to protect their family, given Bill's FDA
enforced public blindness, except to buy only organic? But Bill's FDA
tried to close off that last escape, proposing to include
in "organic" standards, "the dirty three" a : genetic engineering of
plants and animals, use of irradiation in food processing and use of
municipal sewage sludge as a fertilizer. (My emphasis.) The FDA
backed down.

Had this gone through, Monsanto could have finally labeled rBGH
milk ... as "organic." And animal waste from factory farms, a
pollution nightmare for Tyson and others, could have been sold as

USDA head Dan Glickman: "This is probably the largest public response
to an rule in modern history." In fact the
response was 20 times greater than anything ever before proposed by
the USDA.


Politically, Bill sided against small farmers and against the
public's right to know, and with Monsanto.


Is Hillary Clinton Heading to Kolkata for Walmart or the USA?

Mamata 'Didi' Banerjee

New Orleans  Secretary of State Hilary after her controversial, chaotic visit to China is stopping by India for 3 days on the way back to the United States.  For undisclosed reasons she is going to visit Kolkata on Monday and its new Chief Minister in West Bengal Didi Banjeree, who displaced the Communist government after almost 30 years of successful elections and control of government.

Banjeree has a well known reputation as being pro-poor and populist though obviously her party was not affiliated with the CPM (Communist Party) in West Bengal.  She has been an ally of ACORN’s affiliate the India FDI Watch Campaign which has helped coordinate the opposition to opening India up to multi-brand retail without controls and protections.  FDI modifications in this sector, if allowed, would open the floodgates to Walmart, Carrefor, Metro, Tesco, and other huge multi-nationals and could adversely impact the 20,000,000 jobs held in this sector by hawkers, traders, and birani shops and others.  In the fights thus far Banjeree has stood with us.

Dharmendra Kumar, India FDI Watch Campaign director, alerted me to the Clinton visit because of widespread speculation that her real purpose is not to welcome a woman into power, which is one spin, or make an anti-Communist Cold War point, which is another spin, but to get involved in hard bargaining that Prime Minister Singh has been incapable of doing to muscle up on Banjeree to drop her opposition to the modification proposals.  The  business press has been full of such speculation:

Hillary may hardsell supermarket entry to Mamata

Please agree to FDI in retail, Hillary may tell Mamata

Frankly with concern that Walmart executives led by current CEO Michael T. Duke may have been involved in extensive bribery in India and China along the lines of the $24 million corruption scandal in Mexico, it would seem the last thing that a US-government official should be doing is carrying water for Walmart.  The fact that Hillary spent time in Arkansas and was a former member of the Board of Directors of Walmart should be even more reasons for her to keep Walmart’s mess far away from her mouth, and keep on the subject of welcoming another woman to power.  Hilary doesn’t need to be  helping Walmart take the livelihood for poor India workers anymore than blessing their efforts to grease palms around the world for their own purposes.

-       See more at: http://chieforganizer.org/2012/05/05/is-hillary-clinton-heading-to-kolkata-for-walmart-or-the-usa/#sthash.tiZR3oqy.dpuf



Hillary Clinton Campaign Corruption Exposed

Posted on by Truthful Politics

Despite Best Efforts Hillary Clinton Campaign Corruption Comes To Light

The New York Times reported in August of this year (2013) in a scalding expose’ that the campaign ran by Hillary Clinton for President was “…rife with crony capitalist conflicts of interest and multi-million dollar deficits despite raking in at least $492 million from 1997 to 2007.”  From the days of Whitewater, Hillary Clinton seems to be not only a magnet of “questionable funding” but also seems to also be a poor manager of those funds, at least where all that money (along WITH Whitewater) actually WENT.

As Secretary of State, it should be known to the American people that: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei, Oman, and other foreign governments, many of them entirely hostile to the US and our overseas interests were the very governments Secretary of State Hillary Clinton struck deals with and together, these probable ILLEGAL funds totaled more than $46 MILLION dollars funneled into her campaign alone.  This total, by the way is SEPARATE from what President Obama permitted Bill Clinton to garner from many of these and other HOSTILE nations WHILE Hillary was the Secretary of State!

Surely, anyone with an IQ larger than their shoe size can see the complete vulnerability this would cause in our National Security interests as well as compromising positions held by the State Department under her, SO-CALLED,  “leadership.”

The Clinton Foundation, to which this article is referring to, is also plagued by the fact that Bill Clinton, under the gun from multiple revelations of questionable dealings, finally placed daughter Chelsea into a primary role in the foundation!  I guess when all else fails, these people try to hide behind their children…

Efforts such as this to make the ties between the shady dealings with hostile nations and the potentially illegal campaign funding as ambiguous as possible are quite obvious and well represent what many already consider to be a smoking gun.  While it is unlikely any of these people will be brought up on charges, or even be investigated properly by an Obama/Holder administration and Justice Department which is obviously complicit in these matters is an abject travesty perpetrated on the American people and deserves to see the light of day.





From: http://americablog.com/2013/12/hillary-clinton-wall-street-plutocrats-paid-200000-one-speech.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Americablog+%28AMERICAblog+News%29

Hillary Clinton & the Wall Street plutocrats who paid her $200,000 for one speech

12/17/2013 9:00am by Gaius Publius 151 Comments

This has been making the rounds, and it should. Hillary Clinton recently spoke before a group of “major investors” — a “few hundred” Wall Street big-money denizens, according to the report — invited by Goldman Sachs executives to a gathering at the Conrad Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

Politico covered the meeting, Clinton’s speech (based on reports, not reporter attendance), and the general subject of Wall Street bankers and their relationship with politicians these days. It’s a major piece and I invite you to read it through.

My focus is on Hillary Clinton herself, however, her need for fundraising if she’s going to run in 2016, and her relationship to the scruffy Dems who form the newly-named “Elizabeth Warren wing” of the party.

stocklight / Shutterstock.com

Hillary Clinton, with her husband Bill behind her. (stocklight / Shutterstock.com)

Here’s what Politico said Clinton said to some of the wealthiest political donors in America, along with a few of Politicos other comments. Wall Street, be not afraid:

Lament of the Plutocrats

On a recent afternoon, executives at Goldman Sachs invited a few hundred major investors to the Conrad Hotel in lower Manhattan. The bankers and their guests filed into a large room and turned their eyes to Hillary Clinton.

Ordinarily these masters of the universe might have groaned at the idea of a politician taking the microphone. In the contentious years since the crash of 2008, they’ve grown wearily accustomed to being called names—labeled “fat cats“ by President Obama and worse by those on the left—and gotten used to being largely shunned by Tea Party Republicans for their association with the Washington establishment. And of course there are all those infuriating new rules and regulations, culminating this week with the imposition of the so-called Volcker Rule to make risky trades by big banks illegal.

Corruption via Shutterstock

Corruption via Shutterstock

But Clinton offered a message that the collected plutocrats found reassuring, according to accounts offered by several attendees, declaring that the banker-bashing so popular within both political parties was unproductive and indeed foolish. Striking a soothing note on the global financial crisis, she told the audience, in effect: We all got into this mess together, and we’re all going to have to work together to get out of it. What the bankers heard her to say was just what they would hope for from a prospective presidential candidate: Beating up the finance industry isn’t going to improve the economy—it needs to stop. And indeed Goldman’s Tim O’Neill, who heads the bank’s asset management business, introduced Clinton by saying how courageous she was for speaking at the bank. (Brave, perhaps, but also well-compensated: Clinton’s minimum fee for paid remarks is $200,000).

So there you go. What the writer thinks the bankers heard — meaning, what the banker who talked to the writer thought s/he heard — was: “I think going easy on you good souls is the right thing to do. I’m not like some other people. Lean forward, say I; that pesky past is so yesterday.”

A few takeaways, and then I’ll let you enjoy your Seasonal prep:

They paid her to say that. Minimum take: $200,000 for the afternoon. That means she’s in the club. What club is that, you ask? The club of people who make millions doing things for people who are worth billions.

Your model for that is the NFL or the NBA — millionaire athlete-employees of billionaire owners — except in this case, Clinton is a free-lancer. Her money is reported on a 1099-MISC instead of a W-2. Crucial difference, at least for tax purposes.

She didn’t take their money and disappoint. See how easy it is to get along? I should try it her way sometime.

If she runs in 2016, she going to need more than $1,000,000,000 — that’s one billion dollars in words, if the zeros dazzled you. Where better than from billionaires to get a billion dollars?

The crucial question — Has Hillary Clinton just declared she’s no friend of the “Elizabeth Warren wing” of her party? She didn’t make this speech in public. Will her public speeches be at odds with this one? If they are, will anyone — including MSNBC — notice?

And the crucial leap — Was this an “ask,” a deal memo, an offer letter from Clinton to the East Coast billionaires? Only the one who sees hearts and intentions knows for sure, but the rest of us aren’t all that stupid, all that far behind, when the jigsaw puzzle pieces fall so neatly into place.

With that, I’ll leave you to your thoughts, and ask you to keep this in mind, when and if the public “I’m just as left as that Warren person” ad campaign starts up.

Happy Season all. Light posting from now until the end of the year.



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