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Rise of the Multinationals

Tracy Turner - 10/19/2016

Hillary has and will continue to put both Multinationals and U.S. imperial power on the roads to social austerity for the people.

People are not voting for Hillary, they are voting against Trump. Nobody seems to notice all of the grooming for the job of Hillary initiated by Monsanto’s Michael Taylor. Austerity for the Earth’s useless eaters, more cash for the six largest pesticide corporations is now ingrained into Hillary’s DNA.

The true Hillary will be the conscripted Founding Mother of an Austerity 2.0 nightmare “championed” by Wall Street, which provided the impetus of Clinton’s policy persons from the very beginning days in Little Rock.

Before the very ink is dry on a Clinton electoral victory, she will increase the diameter of the cash pipeline between the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.

The real Hillary is the arbiter of our Austerity nightmare. Clinton will advance the corporatization of the health beyond Obama’s most macabre nightmares, systematically erecting a national, plural system of medical insurance that, in practice, erodes and bastardizes traditional health care.

Hillary’s leaked Wall Street speeches reveal a duplicity she herself admits to: ‘You Need Both a Public and a Private Position’. Hillary and Bill Clinton are as sociologically bankrupt, as, say, your average crime family consigliore. By voting against Trump, one is voting for not Hillary, but Big International Banks, “Health” Insurers, Defense Companies, etc., basically everything Donald Trump is promising to overhaul. A vote against Trump is a vote for Monsanto’s Michael Taylor. There is no “lesser evil” this election cycle if you vote for GMO-swilling Hillary.

Hillary for President 2016 offers another 4-8 years to the 8-year-legacy of Obama, with his' surrogate Hillary offering: 1) Rapid, continued erosion of civil rights, 2) More cost for poorer quality healthcare, 3) the rise of banksters, GMO-foods, factory foods and other forms of Multinationals abuse(s), 4) Luke warm foreign policies, inc luding more U.S. Uranium sold to RossAtom, more Middleast refugees as "homegrown terrorists", more U.S. enemies being paid (Barack Obama-style) to develope nuclear weapons, etc. 5) Lead the way into further national debt, 19.5 billion and counting - more flat economy, less jobs less good paying jobs.

Hillary Clinton's campaign paid agents provocateurs to disrupt Trump rallies, expect similar lawlessness from Hillary and her paid and favored minions...

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