Obama NSA Kill Lists ~ Devil In Details ~ Who’s Killed and Why

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By Tracy Turner Sept 10, 2014


Starting with the Harry Truman circuspade A-Bomb crew through until the ongoing Obama-American-Citizen/Illegal Alien kills lists (make a local copy of www.olivebiodiesel.com/censortest/ and use deep web / hidden internet or Tor Search) it was inevitable that a sitting U.S. President would be actively killing U.S. citizens while simultaneously fund-raising for his succcessor. From the two articles cited below:


Quote: “Anyone who volunteers to let such a foreign entity control their lives is volunteering their freedom away illegally, and this is where changes will soon begin to occur, and where entities will begin to recognize a breech in the relationship between the people, the states, and the quasi-government in Washington D.C.”




“Most of the laws of the Federal government are essentially just corporate rules and corporate laws on the states who have become associated with the Federal government, given there allegiance or otherwise bought into the Federal government in Washington, D.C., a corporation.” end quotes.


Whether referred to as our founders or as our framers as in framing our Constitution, circa today’s Justice Roberts / Scalia – what, may I ask, Constitution? Death sentences with no Judge, no jury, and no executioner. But it is okay as long as Roberts, Scalia, the HR and the Congress says, “What kill list”. The lives can keep getting snuffed just as long as it does not make the 5-men preside over what is news worthy. The U.S. Government is killing us, the citizens and it is okay because the news ignores it? Foreign nationals kill 300-400 homeless people in one day and as long as it is never on the TV or on the Internet, it is “ok”? Is it a Rothschild thing? The United Corporations of America want you and me dead; therefore those not on the list, 100% of those not on the list find this, …acceptable?


There are a few holes that may need to be filled in, here: Is Montana a corporation, or a state? If it is still a state, am I on the Montana kill list? Or is it a Big Nuke, Pharma, Monsanto list and my green, yellow or red color follows me from state to state? I’ve made peace with my God… I’d merely like to know who is killing me: Washington, D.C., Montana or Monsanto?


Also, how do the nine so-called “Justices” fit in with my death sentence? We, the Monsanto/Nuke/Oil/Pharma-Court find you in contempt of the life we up until now granted you. Pardon moi, but I thought my parents and God gave me my life; the USA FedGov deciding to put me on a death list is totally another realm past The Origins of the Overclass By Steve Kangas. Think of the Dastardliness of the Steve Kangas era CIA, and then throw in a massive NSA/corporate power-grab buying/bribing/blackmailing the politically elite class and families with the world’s largest private armies awaiting their homework assignments. The deaths of those on the list prior to my name coming up for review/approval and the names still on the list (no doubt including mine) are a colossal cluster-fuck.


Apparently I was or am too green, or whatever somehow I cannot wrap my head around why me, as my mind continually asks, why us? Not consumerist enough? If I buy and throw away pantyhose can I live a year longer?


So, the NSA keeps us safe from foreign terrorists and electronically helps most ignore the D.C. Beltway President, Senate, House and Judicial Citizen Kill-Lists. Brilliant! Can I please can this and sell it to the Saudis and the UAE? Every country should have paper mache Constitutions and Brass and Buckeyball vacuum flasks for those who dissent in favor of a cardboard Constitution…


All this time (minus the court getting my juvenile son tortured at my expense) I thought the courts served the public. From Steve Kangas, the Origins of the Overclass:

1.     The CIA also gives businesses a certain amount of protection and privacy from the media and government watchdogs, under the guise of "national security." Finally, the CIA helps American corporations remain dominant in foreign markets, by overthrowing governments hostile to unregulated capitalism and installing puppet regimes whose policies favor American corporations at the expense of their people.

2.    It turns out that Richard Mellon Scaife donated $450,000 over three years to the Independent Women's Forum, a booking agency that heavily seeds such female conservative pundits into the media.

3.    Because this was the first mission of the new covert action division, the American Catholic agents acquired positions of power early on, and would dominate covert operations for the rest of the Cold War.

4.    In the early 1970s, Scaife was encouraged by CIA agent Frank Barnett to begin investing his fortune to fight the "Soviet menace." (18) From 1973 to 1975, Scaife ran Forum World Features, a foreign news service used as a front to disseminate CIA propaganda around the world.

5.    After 1975, it became greater than the sum of its parts, a smooth flowing organization of advocacy groups, lobbyists, think tanks, conservative foundations, and PR firms that hurtled the richest 1 percent into the stratosphere.

End Kangas quote.


Kangas must have rolled over in his grave the day the foreign nationals executing a homeless kill list gaffed up a 70-80-year-old homeless female whose shopping cart books, intelligent face and vocabulary gave away her Rhodes Scholar status. The kill list is a list of thinkers and high-energy people; the lack thereof shows why the Obama economy is sagging behind the George W. economy… The very organizations who could talent scout the homeless instead malign them in the public eye and media while the 94.6 IQ foreign nationals vacuum them up and pour the death water on courthouse roses…


The average U.S Citizen (those not killed already by the kill lists) have little awareness of Steve Kangas, of Piotr Bein, Robert Singer, Brett Redmayne-Titley, Ruth Hull or of Roy Tov. Before his untimely death, it is not a stretch to think Steve Kangas wanted real reform, con vivo. Nobody thought to ask Steve what he feared most. Perhaps he would have replied, Washington, laws, other entities side-stepping the Constitution via kill lists, kills, fear as the soul of the Americas; the end of the individual, the end of rights, the end of states. New unwritten amendment(s) that spell out death, prison, 5150 by Pharma for intellects that do not worship Nike, Nestle, et al. Power in the hands of few and states and nations engulfed by the power of a few. Nationalism as Mycelium-power controlled by a few (DMCA); country democracy controlled by a city. Carrots travelling halfway around the world via NAFTA, CAFTA and TPP…


An end to being in the sense that you cannot be yourself… …either you worship Royals, named brands and country controlled by city or you are put to death. National InSecurityAsswipe’s rules, republic and entity controlling your very thoughts and beliefs via fear of death implied via “the list”. Every thing the founders feared coming true. Money, Incorporated literally kills those it cannot buy or frighten; judges with bloviated egos and side-businesses making the unconstitutional constitutional. Quasi-government part-time with semi-secret kill-lists and semi-secret executions making the rubbernecked comply. The CIA-war-corporate Republican Kangas-era machine was kind and gentle compared to the left wing NSA death listers


Look for articles on death lists here: http://www.olivebiodiesel.com/censortest.htm


Why make a list unless you already are killing Americans? Seriously, an A-Bomb is up front; this is death with no Christian burial, 2-litres of pineapple-scented water dripping out of a van full of BlackWater Punks.

Cites: http://www.hightowerlowdown.org/node/664#.VAq0EeeSBcV

Image above from http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Kill-List.jpg

Saw this device used by foreign multinationals to kill americans on american soil cognitive dissonance told by many ignorant people I did not see this.

keywords: scaife american front media killing corporations foreign covert world forum a-bomb 1975 conservative frank barnett begin soviet menace

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