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News Ratings Media Matrix above by Tracy Turner

Happy 4th of July, Enjoy 'Free Speech' While It Still Exists...

Analyst Ratings: Misandrist Grand Central

The Seven News Sites Below Scored Highest In Truth, Integrity and Free Speech

For purists, read more about SSA (Systematic Systems Approach) and Thomas Athey here. For non-purists, it is a method for designing and/or analyzing complex problems. We all find it easy to say "the lamestream media is awful". Or to accept their authority over our own common sense.

If pie and graph charts bother you, try this. One at a time, find the zeros in the chart. Stop at each zero and ask, "what news agency does this particular zero belong to"?

For example, lower left chart corner, why did have zero, no score, no article? Now see the column that zero is in, the words way above that one zero ( 0 )... The words we were looking for are a short list but scary words: Chernobyl Cancers Fukushima Cancers Fukushima Gundersen Caldicott Busby.

Various internet searches (all done on for everybody) searched for articles with these subjects: Chernobyl Cancers (zero), etc. The words were all searched at one time and in pairs of two. Total score for meaningful, truthful articles, zero - for Scores with -minus numbers (-negative numbers) are penalty scores for misleading articles - in one case a website had an "article" that was tiny in length, incomplete - but you could go to the authors webpage and "buy the book". That non-article got -100 points, a punitive score.

In the upper left corner is a 1,800 score belonging to (this could be expressed as +1,800), a positive, reward score. More articles about Chernobyl, Fukushima (articles that did not appear to be nuclear-industry-approved) were on the than on the other sites.

When I started this project I had no particular feelings about the main winner. Needless to say, not an opednews fan; but they were treated exactly as everyone else was. I tried to guess winner and loser and got both wrong when the numbers were tallied. Huffington Post's website is supposedly liberal. To some folks, liberal is minority/persons of color rights, children's rights, human rights; perhaps summed up as the rights of the many over the rights of a few. The articles at Huffington Post and Misandrist Grand Central were elitist, exclusive, selfish.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and regularly feature women's rights and/or women's reproductive rights TV or Internet text and video content. Most Americans buy into the notions of right vs. left, Conservative vs. Liberal content. Few people ask if,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and provide the public with one united front, one point of view - not by what is presented, but by what is weeded out.

Try using multiple search engines and look for articles on "Fallujah Women's Rights" and "Fallujah Women's Reproductive Rights". Do these same searches, one name at a time with the names Dr. Helen Caldicott, Dr. Doug Rokke, Dr. Leuren Moret, Dr. Arnie Gundersen and Dr. Chris Busby and Chris Busby. Try replacing Falluja with Gaza, Balkans, Kosovo, Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. My web searches along these lines gave me the impressions that,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and have a united, censored front. The most meaningful information on such "taboo" or censored topics is usually on completely independently produced media, like that of Chris Busby, et al. The wealth of FoxNews Network is blind to Fallujah birth defects. The tiny charity budget of Chris Busby sees what,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and are predominantly blind to.

Most Americans develop a blind trust loyalty to one-two MSM entities, often based on the sexual orientation, physical looks, colleges attended, etc. of their favorite newscaster. But a growing number of Americans are waking up and doing their own research, forming non-MSM opinions.

Try an experiment... Pick one-two of this list of "news" entities for a day that you normally do not use or subscribe to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and After you have listened to the indoctrination of these "news organizations" for one day, the next day shut all of them out and do not absorb any "Lamestream news". Instead, listen to this audio clip 1-2 times of Karl Grossman talking Nuclear Industry and "News" Media...


by Tracy Turner


Image from
"When the Foment Is Right, Will You Be GreenWash Receptive? Talk to your doctor and see if MSM Branevasuleen® (Indoctrinatol hubristartrate 2.5, 5.0 and 7.5 mg tablets) are right for him and her... Experience the pompousness like never before: see death become life, wrong become right, deceit become reality. When the Foment is right, will you believe MSM more than your own senses? Do not be self-importance, leave that to "journalists" who advocate for self and derail the trains to the vast public; as if they are getting out of this mess alive.

Talk to your doctor when episodes of sleep eating, sleep driving, sleep texting, sleep sex, sleep phone calls or sleep walking the neighborhood occur. Your doctor may need to give you MSM Branevasuleen® with Sonata® to re-sleep you. Talk to your doctor if heart attack or acute coronary syndrome occurs, or blindness, hearing loss, loss of sensations such as taste, smell, feeling in fingertips, numbness in feet that causes falling or loss of other sensations occurs. See your doctor if overpowering thoughts of suicide, harming others or overwhelming paranoia or hostility towards others occurs. Serious neuropsychiatric events have been reported in patients taking MSM Branevasuleen® as well as serious skin reactions, cardiovascular events, rashes, fevers, sweats, night terrors, insomnia, nervous system disorders, and eye disorders. Common side effects include constipation, dizziness, increased sweating, ringing in ears, high blood pressure, lightheadedness, loss of appetite, diabetes, feinting from blood sugar disorders, nausea, vomiting blood, and weakness. Patients treated with MSM Branevasuleen® have reported falling asleep while engaged in activities of daily living, including the operation of motor vehicles, which sometimes resulted in accidents. If your Lamestream MSM cannot afford a lavish lifestyle, Astra Zeneca® may be able to help.

All of the winners of the “news blog tests”, a case where “less is more”.


Although not a part of the test, look at this, a ‘retired lady editor’ (Rady Ananda) a with-no-budget-blogger eloquently wrote what none of the * failed * “news” organizations could write:

Extinctions, Over-Population and the Profit Paradigm | COTO Report

Nov 22, 2009 - Of the five categories of these activities, the world's wealthy focus on ... The distinction is that our species seems to be rushing others to their fate. ... rules that will enable monopoly control for the host corporation while decriminalizing their ..... · Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility ...


Now look at the chart above… What someone in the COTO group was blogging about in 2009 now seems to be one of the most censored, blacklisted, black-balled or completely ignored topics online, on radio and TV. How can people change if you hide all of the truth from them? Hypothetically, will females glass ceilings; man-hate and gayness still trump Peak Clean Water in a post-human world?


The winning news entities have or had some feel for global human over-population issues and resource shortages in the current and next generations. The failure sites were to busy with she bashing he, the gay center of our universe, etc. to notice impending extinction. They do know the industrialized, high-tech peoples will die first, right?


Digital Journal’s propensity to find and publish small stories like Maryland STD’s, Montana Drunk Drivers, etc. should be repeated by others. And the last time I looked, tiny ethnic minorities (like US-resident Serbs, Thais, Tubatulabal Native Americans, etc.), Men and Children are supposed to be covered by the US Constitution, too. Gay Rights and Women’s Rights rolled in oats and deep-fried 52 weeks a year is male, child and ethnic-minority discriminatory. Most of the MSM have given 2-billion persons worth of news coverage to women daydreaming about busting a real or imagined glass ceiling on a death bound planet. How much money can your children eat when there is nothing left to drink and irrigate crops with?


Chart was concocted and assembled using Thomas Athey Systematic Systems approach. Those blogs who failed, you content farm failed yourselves. Thomas Athey’s Systematic Systems Approach method inspired a “random wildcard” category. Digital Journal not only excelled in this category, they saved themselves from an overall failure score by excelling in “wildcard news categories”.


Meanwhile, the feminist rights and gay rights crowd at Salon and Huffpo are dancing and writhing around carrying the Golden Pig of Entitlement Ra, all the while singing Ra is god, I am god while poor black and ethnic minority troops die like fleas in Afghanistan, along with poor, black, white and Hispanic firefighters. Thousands of poor prison inmates shall fight fires in Globally Warmed Industrial America while gays and women write men’s rights articles. The article that I wrote to go with the chart was originally dry, Systematic Systems this and that, scored via this or that... Horrible for general consumption. I fear 3-4 erases and re-writes later it is worse. The chart itself is one of those graphics that can and hopefully should and will stand on it's own. Verbalizing what makes many dozens of skim read articles from 23 entities pass or fail is not easy to explain. The top of the chart, the categories and the plus, minus or zero score numbers rather say it all. You, the reader... are urged to "subliminally read" one of the lamestream media's "low cancer risk from Chernobyl" articles...



The wildcard category does not reveal the same precise flaws in any one or in all Lamestream News'ers. Rather than bragging and referencing a dry chart... The reader is urged to make a list of at least ten News items and randomly rotate them into searches. Normally I use 2+ search engines for anything important, but for comparison sake, stick to one search engine. I used Google and one of my wildcard searches was: “ violence against women Nebraska”.


Image from
The Lamestream Media are as Ham as Hollywood Celebrity, Governors, Presidents, Mayors, etc. When 1,900 Hotshots and Inmates risk their lives to put out a housing tract built in Deer Brush, Manzanita, Juniper and Cedar 'wild' fire (all said plants contain volatile flammable resin, aka 'gasoline trees'), the Lamestreamers proudly stand in front of Cameras. Look at me, look what I did. Governor, how did * you * put the fire out so quickly? Mayor, do you consider yourself a hero, too? I'm hero Jinxta Gass, for Fox 9 News and tonight we are interviewing those riding on the coat-tails of black inmates doing six times the sentences of the whites... Mayor, why was this cookie-cutter tract and these McRanch Nugget homes built in so much Creosote Brush?

Those who are "heroes" on camera putting our human-contrived disaster-fires where 'wild' was predominantly bulldozed love the limelight - until 19 people burn to death. Then the limelight goes on the heartbreak, away from the truly guilty parties approving housing tracts in gasoline-tree-alley...

Yes, Jinxta, I am a hero for approving that resource. Homes in fire-ecology zones provide good jobs for inmates and others we can elevate to my status, but only in their deaths... I only wish the state had more creosote bushes and junipers to build in. Before, there were only 150-200 year old Joshua Trees here, but thanks to our Progress Joshua Trees are only U2 DVD Jacket-Art... I want to thank President Obama, the owners of the Creosote Bush McRanchlettes and Governor Turnkey for risking the lives of so many inmates to save valuable McRanchlettes that will someday inevitably burn to the ground. Re-build job's for California undocumented carpenters - we are a jobs state. God forbid we stop building in burn-zones!

That is a very exciting prospect governor, looking forward to future fires and practicing the breathy-tantric news delivery with feigned excitement!

How much does Huffpo and Salon pay the misandrist "Men's Rights" ladies? What is the personal net worth of the Obama's daughters? Two young male best friends in California fight fires every summer. The African American man is doing 30-years to life for cocaine. His white best friend is doing 5 years straight time with good behavior time-off for cocaine. Both earn in the neighborhood of 40-cents an hour for saving McMansions built in fire-ecology-corridors. Poor women with their glass ceilings and male oppression...

...And there you have it, one more unique plastic face closing with a sentence that begins with "And" in the greater Hollywood area where clear skin, white teeth airhead faces are in short supply... Jinxta Gass, "keeping you informed" of "how this happned" for Fox 9 News! CNN is just as vain and misinforming of sacrificing lives to save "homes" of idiots who wish for the 'wild' of creosote brush (Pinyon, Juniper, Cypress, et al) on four sides of their 'safe home'. As Mike Davis puts it, the fire started because God is mad at us, the Mayors approved stamp is a "thing of the past". No state forbids cutting cookie-cutter "living"quarters into the most hazardous fire-prone areas of America in a 10-20 year global warming drought. "They died brave heroes, saving McCookie McMansions!"

Among the many vitriolic misandrist rants (both Huffpo and Salon are guilty), I came across this:


Senate Roll Call: Violence Against Women Act -‎


Feb 12, 2013 - Senate Roll Call: Violence Against Women Act. ... the Senate passed the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013. ... NEBRASKA.

You visited this page on 7/6/13”.


This particular result is what wikipedia calls a “stub” and what journalists and serious readers call “content farming” or “content milling” to drive web hit traffic to advertising bean-counters… This one on “prestigious” nailed them a -200 points.


Leaving the chart aside a moment, this subject, the wiki stub content mill page and the vitriol misandry women writing ineffectually on the subject compelled me to research a bit “off-chart”, a few random stray thoughts: did what none of the vitriolic misandrists did:


Josh Sugarmann, ironically at, did what the vitriolic misandrists did not do:


The statemaster and Josh Sugarmann articles are well written The and Huffington Post misandry articles beg the question: why ineffectually man-bash? Why not write articles petitioning the Governors of the 10-15 worst states to make sweeping changes in state law (which supposedly trumps Empire Law)? And why make it sexist? There are families that have men and children that need a shelter to get away from bludgeoning Mom… To deny so is beyond the pale of indecency. Googling “+top +states with the most battered men” says more about media bias than it does about the true state of American society. The lack of statistics is not proof of innocence. None of the MSM addressed the issues scientifically, professionally, etc. But statemaster and Sugarmann came the closest to getting it right. Digital Journal did the absolute best of everyone at textually shadowing state-by-state issues.


We all see life situations that would make great articles. Hotshot firefighters and inmates work side by side frequently on the biggest fires. Hotshot women with kids need food stamps if off-season is lengthy. Black Inmates fighting fires can be youth doing 30-years to life for Cocaine, side-by-side with White Inmates doing 5-years for Cocaine (less than 5 with good behavior). The inmate fire crews are non-violent offenders. The male inmate fire-fighters love salon and huffpo’s vitriol towards men and are grateful they will be headlined as “heroes” if they roast. The lady food-stamp hotshots are grateful the gays and ladies in the news blogs “have no rights”.


The top scoring seven out of twenty-three sites had no noticeable snobbery like the two biggest losers. I urge people to look for themselves and to complain profusely. They get the news they settle for. My limited experience is complaints like those made here either have said articles removed or new, "google search index-spam" articles "SEO'd" to put the removed articles 35 page results deep. The MSM truly operates like an organized cartel - 24-72 hours later. Make up your own chart in pencil and test them yourselves; it is an eye opener.




Fukushima Plumegate Cover-up


The Fukushima Cover-Up - Videos | NODISINFO
In Fukushima numerous nuclear reactors went into meltdown virtually all at once. All people are consuming Fukushima radiation in water, food, and even ...

Fukushima the Marine biology Marine ecology COVER-UP ...
China syndrome explained part 2 "as I don't skate to where the PU- ck is I skate to where the ...

The Fukushima Cover-Up – Videos » Alternative News Network
By drkresearch. The Fukushima Cover-Up – Videos. In Fukushima numerous nuclear reactors went into meltdown virtually all at once. All people are consuming ...

The Fukushima coverup-videos | Planet Infowars
The Fukushima coverup-videos. 0 rating, 0 votes (0 rating, 0 votes, rated) You need to be a registered member to rate this post. Loading ... June 29, 2013 in ...



Ocean Acidification


Unprecedented ocean acidification from greenhouse gases putting Canadian ...
“Today's concern regarding ocean acidification
resides in its unprecedented rate of occurrence, due to the significant amount of carbon dioxide that has been added to the atmosphere over the past 250 years,” said the “Ocean Acidification” report, dated ...
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Ocean acidification and coral reefs: Earth System Models
Katharine L. Ricke discussing "Risks to coral reefs from ocean
carbonate chemistry changes in recent earth system model projections", by K L Ricke, J C Orr, K Schneider and K Caldeira, in Environmental Research Letters 8 (2013).
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Acidification from CO 2 puts oceans at risk, report says
Vancouver Sun
Canada's Atlantic waters may be "particularly vulnerable" to increased carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere that are causing "unprecedented" acidification
of the planet's oceans, says a report by scientists at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
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Scientists: Maine Lobster Industry Threatened by Climate Change
You might not know it from their abundance in Maine restaurants, or by the number of traps in Casco Bay, but scientists warn that lobsters are facing a double whammy of a threat: climate change and ocean acidification
. Dr. Rick Wahle, a research ...
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Sea butterflies: Extraordinary pteropods in peril
Mother Nature Network (blog)
Ocean acidification
is bad news for the multitude of marine life equipped with shells and exoskeletons made of calcium carbonate, which becomes scarcer and more difficult for these organisms to secrete as the pH of water decreases. * * *. Limacina ...
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Earth science: A holistic approach to climate targets
Global warming is only one of those pressures; ocean acidification
, chemical pollution and the rate of biodiversity loss are examples of others. These impacts do not occur in isolation. Many are intertwined and thus call for an integrated approach that ...
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Science predicts Climate Change hardship for Pacific
Islands Business
NADI, Fiji ----- The Pacific Climate Change Roundtable has heard that, data has indicated that communities in the Pacific region Pacific is getting hotter, sea-levels are rising and ocean acidification
has occurred. Further warming, acidification and ...
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Limiting global warming is not enough
The objective of limiting ocean acidification
proved particularly challenging and is achievable only through a massive reduction in the emissions of CO2. Important basis for informing policy. The three researchers, all of whom are members of the ...
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Mapping projected ocean acidification – Sea Monster
By John Bruno
Mapping projected ocean acidification. Author: John Bruno on June 29, 2013. ...
Ocean art · Whales · Lionfish · Biodiversity · Kitesurfing · Coral Reefs · Surfing · Galapagos · Naken Oceans Podcast ...
Sea Monster



Educational film on ocean acidification in the Arctic - Arctic Council
The Arctic Ocean Acidification (AOA) assessment, approved at the Kiruna Ministerial Meeting 15 May 2013, is the latest report by the Arctic Monitoring and  ...

Ocean acidification and coral reefs: Maps - YouTube
Katharine L. Ricke discussing "Risks to coral reefs from ocean carbonate chemistry changes in ...




Pulp and paper giant dodges deforestation probe
WWF International
Jakarta: Greenpeace, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) and WWF have claimed that the pulp and paper giant Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL) is dodging an independent enquiry into its deforestation
practices in Indonesia by ...
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Afghanistan Opium

UN: Afghanistan is Top Opium Producer, User
Voice of America
ISLAMABAD — Afghanistan
once again was the world's largest opium producer in 2012, churning out 74 percent of the world illegal opium. According to the United Nations, Afghanistan's drug-fueled economy both funds the insurgency there and threatens to ...
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Security essential to solving Afghanistan's growing drug problem
Global Times
The Afghanistan Opium
Risk Assessment 2013 issued earlier this year by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) concludes that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is expected to increase, expanding even to poppy-free areas this year.
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Time for a new poppy policy in Afghanistan
produces around three-quarters of the world's heroin, recently retaining its position as the lead producer and cultivator of opium globally, according to the 2013 World Drug Report. The latest assessment from April shows 12 out of 34 ...
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UN: Afghanistan remains top opium producer
World War 4 Report
The report noted that plant diseases in Afghanistan
—rather than eradication efforts—reduced global opium production by 30% compared to 2011. However, the poppy-cultivation area in the country jumped by 14%. Most of the country's opium is produced in ...
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Afghanistan still the global leader in opium production - UN Multimedia
With more than 150,000 hectares of poppies under cultivation, Afghanistan maintains its position as the world's leading producer of opium. The annual World  ...

Afghanistan - Opium: a lucrative business - SouthWorld
More than 90% of the world's opium production comes from Afghanistan, 60% goes to EU and US markets. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs a...



Surveillance State


Globalization, Civil Rights and the Cyber-Surveillance State | Global ...
By B. Nimri Aziz
Sobering news for the US public but for friendly European states too ...
Still, I like you am stunned by what's emerged from Guardian newspaper reports on US and British surveillance revealed by former NSA contractor Edward Snowdon.
ExcitingAds! Research



surveillance state | Black Agenda Report
It should now be clear to everyone that “the advent of al-Qaida did not give rise to the U.S. surveillance regime.” 9/11 was merely a pretext for American state ...


Conservator Abuse


Woman wins award against group home in conservatorship case
The Tennessean
A woman who was placed in a conservatorship
without her knowledge has won a $23050 ... was the victim of “egregious and intentional abuse” while she was ...


Nuclear Waste



Toxic waste from nuclear power plant found to be leaking
Pollution Solutions
A tank holding vast amounts of some of the most radioactive toxic waste
in the US might be leaking. The tank is on site at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington State, which is the most contaminated nuclear site in the country. Higher than ...
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US senators introduce nuclear waste bill
The bill would allow construction of an interim storage facility for waste
from decommissioned nuclear power plants and emergency shipments from operating plants until a permanent repository is built, a provision which thwarted similar nuclear waste ...
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Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Near-term On-site Management
Kansas City infoZine
Washington, D.C. - infoZine - Four senators introduced a bill calling for a pilot interim waste
storage site for high-level nuclear waste from a dozen closed nuclear power plants, a follow-on interim facility for waste from currently operating plants ...
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Storage, disposal facilities for nuclear waste urgently needed in post ...
Asahi Shimbun
By PER PETERSON/ Special to the Asahi Shimbun GLOBE. The accident at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant
has also influenced U.S. policymaking with regards to high-level radioactive waste from nuclear facilities. The accident once again revealed ...
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Nuclear Waste: A $1 billion Energy Department project overshoots its budget by ...
The Center for Public Integrity
Mismanagement and improper contracting practices cost the government more than $1.38 billion in avoidable expenses. The prospects for selling the plant's plutonium-laced fuel to domestic nuclear power plants
appear dim, and at best the government might ...
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Washington state on alert after leaks found at power plant
Raw Story
Heightened radioactivity levels were found outside a nuclear waste
tank in the US state of Washington, officials said Friday, in a new alert about a site used to make Cold War-era bombs. Governor Jay Inslee said there was no immediate public health ...
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Southampton nuclear-waste dump opponents plan protest
Waterloo Record
Of the 21 communities vying for this $16-million project, five are in Bruce County where Canada's largest nuclear power plant
is located. The Bruce Nuclear power plant near Kincardine, which is the largest employer in Bruce County, has about 40 per ...
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Senators Introduce Bipartisan, Comprehensive Nuclear Waste Legislation
The Chattanoogan
“It does this in the obvious way: by making local, state and federal governments equal partners in the process of finding temporary and permanent storage for nuclear waste
. This is important because nuclear power provides 60 percent of our reliable, ...
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Feds: Nuclear waste may be leaking into soil from Hanford site - U.S. ...
By Shannon Dininny, The Associated Press
When we have a real, workable and realistic solution for disposing of the waste, only then should nuclear power become acceptable. Nuclear power plant operators need to be held accountable for the waste their plants produce and the cost of ...

U.S. News



Nuclear Waste Bill Fails to Address Spent Fuel Pools | Union of ...
Over the last 50 years, this waste—the spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors—has been piling up at nuclear power plants across the country. Below is a ...

US senators introduce nuclear waste bill - Electric Power | Platts ...
The bill would allow construction of an interim storage facility for waste from decommissioned nuclear power plants and emergency shipments from operating  ...



Sea Level Rise


Sea level rise, more Category 5 storms threaten Philippines
MANILA - Which cities and coastal areas in the Philippines will be under water if the sea level rises
by 2- and-a-half feet before the turn of the next century? A temperature rise of just 2 degrees Celsius by 2040 will mean an average of 75 centimeters ...
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Sea Level Rise Threatens Much Of Maryland
CBS Local
ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—It's coming and Maryland better get ready. That's the thrust of a scientific report on sea level rise
commissioned by Governor Martin O'Malley. Alex DeMetrick reports what began in the 20th century is speeding up in the 21st.
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As Sea Levels Rise, Is Miami Doomed?
The Weather Channel
With a population of more than 5.5 million living at an elevation of just 6 feet above sea level
, Miami will be one of the nation's first major metropolitan areas to feel the impacts of climate change. If the climate scientists and researchers that ...
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Maryland urged to plan for 2-foot sea-level rise by 2050
Baltimore Sun
Saying climate change
is already underway, a panel of scientists is urging Maryland officials to plan to accommodate rising seas of up to 2 feet along the state's shoreline in the next 40 years — and perhaps nearly 6 feet by the end of the century. In ...
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Impact: Building and Infrastructure
Florida Trend
Because parts of Miami Beach are only four feet above sea level, even small increases in sea level matter. Data from a nearby Virginia Key tide gauge show the highest monthly average sea level rising
by more than four inches from 1994 to 2012. The city ...
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Rising sea levels put Delta at risk
VietNamNet Bridge
addthis_button_compact. Send EmailPrinter. Rising sea levels put Delta at risk. VietNamNet Bridge – The Mekong Delta, the country's biggest agricultural hub, might experience a sea level rise
of 30cm sooner rather than expected - as early as 2040.
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Sea level along Maryland's shorelines could rise 2 feet by 2050, according to ...
Science Codex
ANNAPOLIS, MD (June 26, 2013)—A new report on sea level rise
recommends that the State of Maryland should plan for a rise in sea level of as much as 2 feet by 2050. Led by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the report was ...
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Why Handwringing About Sea Level Rise Won't Save Miami
-level rise is not a hypothetical disaster. It is a physical fact of life on a warming planet, the basic dynamics of which even a child can understand: Heat melts ice. Since the 1920s, the global average sea level has risen about nine inches ...
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Environmental program eyes rise of sea levels
While sea level rise
due to global climate change cannot be determined with scientific precision, the rate is expected to accelerate significantly in the next 35 to 70 years — conservative estimates are 2 feet by 2050, and 3 feet by 2100. On the East ...
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Miami Could Disappear Under the Sea due to Climate Change, Scientists Predict
The Green Optimistic
It is estimated that at 3 feet sea level rise
, around a third of Florida will be under water, while at the predicted 12 feet, the whole of South Florida will turn into an isolated archipelago. It is interesting to observe how while politicians debate ...
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Sea level rise will turn Miami into American Atlantis : TreeHugger
By Chris Tackett
...the unavoidable truth is that sea levels are rising and Miami is on its way to becoming an American Atlantis. It may be another century before the city is completely underwater (though some more-pessimistic scientists predict it could be much ...

Latest Items from TreeHugger

Sea level along Maryland's shorelines could rise two feet by 2050 ...
A new report on sea level rise recommends that the State of Maryland should plan for a rise in sea level of as much as 2 feet by 2050. Led by the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, the report was prepared by a panel of ... - latest science and...



Report: Maryland could get sea level rise of 2 feet by 2050 -
Maryland should begin preparing for the possibility of sea levels rising by as much as 2 feet along its shorelines by 2050, a report says.

Understanding Catastrophic Sea Level Rise | Real Science
"Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts" - Richard Feynman.

Sea level rise, more Category 5 storms threaten Philippines - YouTube
MANILA, Philippines - Which cities and coastal areas in the Philippines will be under water if the ...


Water Pollution


Water Pollution Ruins Over 20000 Days at the Beach for Third Straight Year ...
WASHINGTON, DC - America's beaches experienced over 20,000 closing and advisory days for the third consecutive year because of polluted water
or threatened contamination, according to the 23rd annual beachwater quality report released today by the ...
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Groups sue over water pollution from W.Va. mine
Seattle Post Intelligencer
settlement with Fola last year, requiring cleanup of another waterway. In both cases, the groups argue the pollution violates West Virginia's "narrative" water-quality standards, or those that set general criteria rather than numerical limits for ...
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Grants seek to clarify water pollution messaging
Seattle Post Intelligencer
MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — Officials often urge the public not to flush old prescription drugs down the toilet because they pollute Minnesota's waters
, but that message often gets muddied. Environmental leaders concede the public has heard mixed messages ...
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Preventing storm water pollution now will benefit future drinking water
Tucson Citizen
The monsoon is coming and there are many actions you can take to keep the water
clean for future generations. Rain water travels quickly along surfaces, such as streets and yards, picking up pollutants as it flows to storm drains and into river beds ...
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Search Falmouth Beaches' Water Quality With Interactive Map
Massachusetts is ranked ninth best beach-water
in America. Four percent of bacteria samples collected in 2012 were better quality than than required by law. Cleanliness standards are created by the Environmental Protection Agency, town officials, state ...
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EPA's proposed water-pollution rules for coal-fired power plants will help ...
Water pollution
has become a serious problem affecting our communities, but who is a culprit behind this environmental dilemma and how is it being confronted? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 72 percent of all toxic water pollution in ...
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Connecticut beaches middle of the pack in water quality, report says
New Haven Register
Connecticut “made strides on reducing water pollution
this year,” Schmalz said. “Governor Malloy proposed, and the state legislature passed, strong funding for the Clean Water Fund, which will help stop the sewer overflows that send dangerous bacteria ...
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Feds sue Kansas for water pollution at road sites
Emporia Gazette
The federal government sued the Kansas Department of Transportation on Monday alleging violations of the Clean Water
Act over stormwater discharge of pollutants. The sites are located on U.S. 69, U.S. 59 and Kansas 18 near Lawrence, Pleasanton and ...
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Best and Worst Beaches for Water Quality, Clean Water Beach ...
Get the latest AARP Articles, News and Information for the 50+ Community. Read daily posts and comments- add your voice to the conversation!
AARP - Health, Travel Deals,...



Water Works may sue state over drinking water pollution | Local ...
Des Moines' water works says the water supply is so polluted, the water treatment plant can't keep up! Now, the head of the Water Works says he may take legal ...

EU adds pharmaceuticals to water pollution list - EU Observer
Twelve new substances and three pharmaceuticals (two hormones and a painkiller) will be added to the EU watch list of pollution risks to surface waters, MEPs ...

To amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act relating to beach ...
H.R. 2601. In, a database of bills in the U.S. Congress.

Feds Sue Kansas For Water Pollution At Road Sites -
Environmental regulators have accused Kansas of polluting water at three road construction sites.

Support Big Frack, Nuke and Mountain Coal, Drive Electric


Species Extinction


Climate Change Is Redefining How We Think About Endangered Species, Says ...
The forces of climate change are redefining what it means for a species
to be endangered, according to a new study in the open access journal PLOS ONE. The wide-ranging study from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) found as many ...
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Emirates Post hosts awareness campaign on endangered species
Khaleej Times
In an effort to support environment conservation programmes, the Emirates Post Group, in association with Dubai Customs, organised an awareness campaign on Endangered Species
by sponsoring an information stand at the Central Post Office in Dubai.
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Smithsonian hails baby boom of endangered species
Seattle Post Intelligencer
(AP) — Officials at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Virginia say they've had a baby boom of endangered species
in recent months and are sending some animals to other facilities. Two clouded leopard cubs that were born in February ...
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Illegal wildlife trade threatens international security
Elephants machine gunned for ivory. Rhinos driven nearly to extinction
. Forest rangers murdered. The illegal international trade in endangered species has integrated with organized crime and militant groups worldwide, warns a wildlife report out Monday.
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Loud , Red - Headed Bird Species Discovered
Discovery News
A redheaded bird with a loud call would hardly seem to be hiding from the world, but researchers only recently discovered it singing away in a Cambodian jungle. Called the Cambodian tailorbird (Orthotomus chaktomuk), it's one of only two avian species
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IUCN considering designating Japanese eel as endangered species
The Japanese eel, whose population is decreasing in East Asia, has already been designated as a species
at risk of extinction on the Japanese Environment Ministry's nonlegally binding red list of endangered freshwater and brackish water fishes in ...
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Decrease In Origin of New Species As Disturbing As Extinction of Existing ...
Headlines & Global News
Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley say that a dramatic decrease in the evolution of new species
is of as much concern as the threat of extinction among existing species. Threat of extinction among existing species has got most ...
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ASK TOM: Global Warming and species extinction - Chicago ...
Dear Tom, An oft-stated reason to stop global warming is that it contributes to species extinction. But extinction is a natural process, so why should we interfere ?

Spiraling Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory Honors the World's ...
Adjaye Associates's Mass Extinction Memorial Observatory is a spiraling stone structure that pays homage to 860 species that have become extinct.

How Many Species are Extinct? | Foundation for the Philippine ...
A species is considered extinct “when there is no reasonable doubt that the last individual has died” (IUCN 2001). The absence of information about a particular ...

Species once thought safe could face extinction, study finds -
An international conservation group says climate change threatens many species thought to be safe, which may leave them out of important conservation ...

Among most important developments in the 20th Century is to implicitly trust in the corporation, trust in the MSM, trust in courts, cops, government, unjust law and military; doubt yourself and your own inner convictions. Once you can do this with all your heart, mind, body and soul you are ready for Huffpo or Salon. You cannot trust your own corrupt, polluted soul; you can only find "salvation" in succumbing to external authority... You were put here to serve rich others; they will "take care of" the Planet for you. Go back to sleep, radiation is safe, war is safe, the terrorists we create are safe. The only real danger to you stems from non-compliance. Comply... we will assimilate you, resistance is futile, we are the authorities...

Panurgnew (one of the Earth's wisest people) points out that the single most extraordinary feat of the last millennium was pulled off by "blessed America", the ability for a handful to kill thousands or millions via joystick. Call them Oligarchs, or Plutarchs, or Kleptocrats: what they love most is pushing the lethal contraption plunger. Their "divine rush of god-like psychosis" wears thin - like Obama stuck in a long meeting with no cigarette. How many domestic drone kills will accompany the Syrian, Korean and Iran wars? Future protestors overwhelming Metro D.C. Police were joystick-buttoned to cow the antiwar crowds into submission. Never mind you, the new drones are greener, more efficient...


Radioactive Plume


At Chernobyl, Radioactive Danger Lurks in the Trees
Scientific American
A 2002 test fire offers insight on the scope of the radioactive
risk. Set to assess plume and radionuclide behavior, the two-acre ground fire near the ...


Government – Our Friendly Forfeiturer


Prosecutors seek to seize 2 Jackson homes
Chicago Tribune
If the judge agrees, a proposed order drafted by prosecutors "would bar the sale of the property
without notice being given to the government," Miller added. "It is to protect the government's interest in the equity … for forfeiture purposes ...
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Panama Unit case leads to seizures of property
Brownsville Herald
At that hearing, attorneys had told U.S. District Judge Randy Crane that they were working on the restitution and the properties
that were going to be seized. The document listing the seven properties that prosecutors want to seize was filed Wednesday ...
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Up in arms: seizure by Mounties of flood evacuees' guns generates debate
HIGH RIVER, Alta. – The RCMP's seizure
of guns from the homes of some Alberta flood evacuees had people in many camps up in arms Friday with the Prime Minister's Office demanding the weapons be returned as soon as possible and sports shooters ...
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Raid could result in forfeiture
Tuscola Today
CARO — The lawyer for a Caro businessman called the Advertiser Friday to say that his client has been unfairly treated by the Thumb Narcotics Unit (TNU) after having property seized
during a May 2 raid on two Caro businesses and the man's apartment.
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Guyra raid leads to guns and drugs seizure
The Guyra Argus
Guyra raid leads to guns and drugs seizure
. June 28, 2013, midnight. New England police have seized more than 10kg of cannabis as well as seven unregistered guns after a raid on a Guyra property.
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Cannabis plants worth £250000 and illegal drugs 'factory' seized in Wisbech raid
Wisbech Standard
Supt Carl Edwards said: “This is a major drugs seizure
for and a successful result that demonstrates that illegal drug activity will not be tolerated in the community.” The cannabis farm was discovered in outbuildings around the property with evidence ...
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Horses seized by county now up for adoption
Dan DeSousa of county Animal Services told City News Service the owner had 30 horses on her property
and moved two-thirds of them before the seizure, and they are still being monitored. Of the 10 that were seized, two were returned to the owner, one ...
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Judge: Llenroc subject to seizure
Schenectady Gazette
He noted the maximum monetary fine, compared with the value of the home
. It was purchased in 2009 for $1.8 million. “On balance, however, forfeiture is not grossly disproportional to George's offense,” Sharpe wrote. He noted that the property's value ...
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Supreme Court Won ' t Consider Ban on Seizure of Property from Homeless in ...
A long-running dispute over a controversial cleanup campaign on downtown's skid row ended Monday when theU.S. Supreme Court refused to consider lifting an order that bans the city of Los Angeles from destroying property
left unattended by homeless ...
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Cops tout seized cars
The vehicles are thought to be seized property
of alleged drug violators. The department has reportedly made a record number of vehicle seizures in recent months. However, this is the first sign of a publicly displayed labeling system for the Eunice ...
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Argentina's YPF says government made no official offer to Repsol for seizure
AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine energy company YPF said on Wednesday that the government never made an official offer to compensate Spanish oil major Repsol (REP.MC) for last year's state seizure of YPF. The statement from state-controlled YPF (YPFD.
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$11.5M Picasso Seized by US Authorities for Italy
ABC News
A New York federal judge says the U.S. government
can hold a 1909 Pablo Picasso painting titled "Fruit bowl and cup" for the Italian government. The painting estimated to be worth $11.5 million was held by Justice Department authorities after a ...
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Repsol Rejects $5 Bln Compensation Offer From Argentina For YPF Seizure
Repsol was reportedly seeking $10.5 billion from Argentina over what it described as "unlawful and discriminatory" seizure
of its controlling stake in YPF. On Wednesday, Repsol noted that the Argentine government's compensation offer to the company ...
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Source drought hurts the press
Arizona Republic
As night follows day, the predictable consequences of the Justice Department seizure of Associated Press telephone records are playing out. The news agency's sources are drying up. According to AP's president, Gary Pruitt, the government seizure
of ...
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Govt proposes stronger powers to Sebi to tackle ponzi schemes
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: The government
plans to provide capital market regulator Sebi with direct powers to carry out search and seizure operations and for attachment of assets, as part of efforts to strengthen efforts to tackle perpetrators of ponzi schemes and ...
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Medical Marijuana For Toddler Inches Closer as Bill Passes
The Wilsons have made headlines for their fight to get their daughter a strain of marijuana that has shown success for children with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy
that causes Vivian to suffer frequent and violent seizures. The family was met ...
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The Daily Dot - U.S. government makes its first-ever Bitcoin seizure
It's the first known seizure of Bitcoin by the U.S. government, signaling just how seriously the feds take Bitcoin and the online black markets it fuels. A report from  ...

Orange County landlord squares off against federal government in Calif ...
Daily Journal
"What the government
has done is wrong and we expect a federal court to stop it." Jalali, joined by a Virginia-based public interest law firm, argues that it's unconstitutional to take his building, estimated to be worth $1.5 million, because ...
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Property Forfeiture Requested in Connection with FBI Search
Northwest Arkansas News
ROGERS — The federal government
is asking for forfeiture of three properties in Rogers in connection with an investigation into money laundering, wire fraud and mail fraud, according to documents. The forfeitures involve property connected to last ...
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Government forfeiture motion names former US Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s 2 homes
Washington Post
CHICAGO — Government
prosecutors Friday filed a forfeiture motion naming the homes of former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi, in a move legal observers said could result in them losing one or both homes. The motion filed in federal ...
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U.S. Department of Justice Selects Unisys to Support Asset Forfeiture Program
Sacramento Bee
BLUE BELL, Pa., June 26, 2013 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) was awarded a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to support Department of Justice
(DOJ) Forfeiture Systems managed by the Asset Forfeiture Management Staff of the ...
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Unisys wins $104M BPA for asset forfeiture program support
Washington Technology
These forfeiture
systems are managed by Justice Management division's Asset Forfeiture Management Staff as part of the DOJ Asset Forfeiture Program, which is a nationwide law enforcement program. Under the blanket purchase agreement, Unisys will ...
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Feds seek to seize homes of Jesse Jackson Jr. and wife
Mostly furs and celebrity memorabilia, the 24 items in total put just a small dent in the $750,000 in forfeitures
plus that much again in restitution he has to pay. And in the prosecution's latest court filing, there were some strong words about how ...
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Media Propaganda


Russian senators give green light to 'gay propaganda' ban
Russia's upper house, the Federation House, has approved a bill introducing fines for propaganda
of non-traditional sex relations to minors, including in the media, on the internet and via viral adverts. Some 137 senators voted for the draft law which ...
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The US Mainstream Media or Propaganda outlet? | Politics ...
Many of us who get most of our news from multiple online news sources and other blogs have noticed that the “Government is spying on us” messengers are ...

US Foreign Propaganda Offered for Domestic Use
This rule does not require or prompt the public to take any action; rather, it functions to relieve the prohibition that prevented the Agency from responding to requests for program materials from the U.S.
public, U.S. media entities, or other U.S ...
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Vladimir Putin signs 'gay propaganda' bill into law in Russia
The Global Dispatch
According to, the law introduces administrative liability and fines of up to a million rubles (over US
$30,000) for propaganda to minors of non-traditional sexual relations, including in the media, on the internet and via viral adverts ...
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Media Propaganda Meant to Divert Attention From the Real Issue - Mamu
For some of us
that didn't know Nosike Ogbuenyi, who pioneered the blackmail against me, he can do any form of criminality to retain his position as the SA, media, to the minister. From the records, it is because of Nosike's ineptitude as the SA, media ...
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Court Orders Journalist to Pay US$Two Million Damages - After Guilty Verdict
The jury found journalist
Worwee, Publisher and CEO of the Corruption Watch Newspaper, guilty for "publishing a false and misleading story" against the president of the United Methodist University Rev. Dr. Emmanuel F. Bailey. Judge Kontoe, as part of ...
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Globally Corrupt (Lick the Last Drops of Honey From Death Planet)


Corrupt Pcs may have pension docked
ic CheshireOnline
In a report on policing standards, the Home Affairs Select Committee has recommended that a scale of fines should be established to tackle corruption
among officers. The Committee has also called for a new code of ethics to be established and for all ...
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Corrupt FBI Agents Focus Of Whitey Bulger Trial
Hartford Courant
A year later, the government asserts, he was involved in the deaths of Callahan and another Winter Hill associate, Edward Brian Halloran, after learning from his corrupt
FBI handler that the two had implicated, or were likely to implicate him and his ...
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All the corrupt should be brought to book: PHC CJ
The News International
Addressing a function in connection with the certificate distribution ceremony of the 11th seven-day training of the subordinate judiciary at the PHC on Saturday, he expressed his displeasure that there was corruption
from the office of the Patwari up ...
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The corrupt to be expelled from NH&MP: IG
The News International
IG Zulfiqar Ahmad Cheema said honest, efficient and hardworking officers would be given respect and corrupt
officer would be taken to task. He said officers to perform their duty without fear and ensure the implementation of law. He directed patrolling ...
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Uproot corrupt SAD-BJP alliance: Shakeel Ahmed to Punjab Congress
Economic Times
CHANDIGARH: AICC general secretary and in-charge of party affairs of Punjab Shakeel Ahmed today called upon party members to uproot SAD-BJP alliance and free people from a "corrupt
and incompetent" regime. Ahmed was addressing a meeting of ...
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Corrupt cricket tells us about how India goes about its business
The Daily Star
A casual reader of India's newspapers for the last several weeks would be forgiven for wondering whether the country was suddenly bereft of political controversy, sex scandals or official corruption
– normally the standard headline fare in the country.
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Eastern Europe: corrupt states or true democracies?
Focus News
The Czech Republic is embroiled in a sex-and-bribery scandal after anti-corruption
police swooped in on the prime minister's office and arrested his glamorous head of staff. Bulgaria's government has been in power only three weeks, but already faces ...
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Exclusive: Met supergrass scandal - corrupt private investigators infiltrate ...
The Independent
A registered police informant codenamed “Michael Green”, who spent years undercover working with a corrupt
firm of PIs, warned his handlers at the Met that his colleagues were trying to locate “supergrasses” under police protection and “actively worked ...
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'Whitey' Bulger's lawyers use corrupt FBI agent to argue accused murderer wasn ...
National Post
BOSTON — Lawyers for James “Whitey” Bulger used an admitted corrupt
FBI agent Friday to suggest to the jury at Bulger's racketeering trial that he was not an FBI informant, a key contention of prosecutors. John Morris, an ex-agent who admitted taking ...
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Corrupt Mexican politicians find it harder to avoid light
TriValley Central
Bundles of 500 peso bills are displayed to the press May 22 after they were found at the offices of a former state official in the capital city of Villahermosa, Tabasco state, Mexico. The cash was found in an office of Jose Saiz, who was finance ...

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JCF continues to weed out corrupt members - News - Jamaica Star ...
The Jamaica Constabulary Force's (JCF) Anti-Corruption Branch last year, arrested and charged 51 of its members, as it continues to weed corrupt members ...

Councilman's 'corrupt officers' comment draws criticism | Baltimore ...
This week of bloodshed in Baltimore has caught the attention of the public, city leaders and top brass at the police department, and one City Council member's ...


Radiation Poisoning, Doug Rokke


Download Dr Doug Rokke for Free/Gratis in Mp3 Format - Lizten.Us
Search Downloadable or Listening dr doug rokke MP3/M4A Format Free.



Media Censorship


Censorship in America: Teen Arrested for Wearing NRA Shirt Prevented from ...
Guardian Express
The growing issue of media censorship
in America continues, as this teen, arrested for wearing an NRA shirt, is prevented from speaking to the press. The story, originally broken by Charlo Green of WOWK, has been – from the start – a disturbing ...
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Achieving Press Freedom - Self-Censorship Hampering the Media
According to the International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX), a global network of organizations defending and promoting freedom of expression, the last decade has witnessed a rapid increase in the adoption of Freedom of Information (FOI) laws ...

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Blockage of Major News Websites Raises Censorship Fears
The Moscow Times
Federal Mass Media
Inspection Service spokesman Vladimir Pikov told the newspaper that his agency was surprised that the websites were blocked, since according to a recently enacted Internet censorship law, media outlets cannot be blocked. In July of ...
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Burma censors Time Magazine for coverage of radical Buddhists
Thailand Business News
“It shows that there has been no change in the government's desire to control news and information and to assume the right to apply prior censorship
whenever it deems this to be necessary. This is an unacceptable step backwards for media freedom in ...
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New Report Suggests Anti-Game Research is Deeply Flawed
Game Politics
A new 13-page report by Media
Coalition called "Only a Game: Why Censoring New Media Won't Stop Gun Violence," concludes that the idea that media (video games, movies, etc.) causes people to kill is based on flawed research, and those who support it ...
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Peters blasts 'Orwellian' censorship over stand on migrants
New Zealand Herald
Speaking at a Grey Power meeting in Te Kuiti yesterday he compared Dame Susan and media
to Orwell's Ministry of Truth - an agency which distributed propaganda and falsely revised history. "This sort of insidious censorship under the guise of the race ...
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Journalists slam Intelsat ban on Iranian channels
Press TV
Referring to Intelsat's decision to suspend its services to Iranian media
, Pradalie told Press TV, “The National Union of Journalists, which I represent, supports freedom of expression and free access to information. Censorship is fine only if someone ...
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Turkish PM's treason claims against BBC reporter chills other journalists
The Guardian
has become an automatic reflex." Turkey has more journalists in its prisons than anywhere else in the world, with 67 incarcerated, according to Reporters Without Borders. But the government's stance against the media has drawn more ...
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Sexual predator cries censorship over Jaycee Dugard memoir
Los Angeles Times
In a letter framed as a press
release sent to the New York Post, Braunstein – who once wrote for Women's Wear Daily and was called “a journeyman in the world of fashion” by New York magazine – complained, “A New York State Corrections official has ...
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Turkish government working on plan to censor social media
Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is not a fan of social media. Small wonder, given the extent to which Istanbul's Gezi Park protesters have seen it ...


Agent Orange / Dioxin / Vietnam


(rights of Misandrist Grand Central and huffpo bloggers)


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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act
"Generations of Vietnamese
and Vietnamese Americans continue to suffer from the tragic effects of the Agent Orange defoliants," said Congresswoman Lee. "I am proud to introduce this legislation, which would provide important services and protections ...
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Vietnam dioxin story wins best documentary at New York film fest
VietNamNet Bridge
dioxin story wins best documentary at New York film fest. VietNamNet Bridge – A film about the daily lives of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims in Ho Chi Minh City has won the top prize for documentaries at the New York City International Film Festival.
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Vietnam is just a victim of chemical weapons
VietNamNet Bridge
The war that the United States conducted in Vietnam
ended nearly 40 years ago, but a number of territories in Vietnam and millions of people in Vietnam have and are still suffering from serious consequences of Agent Orange/dioxin that the U.S. military ...
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Agent Orange exposure may increase prostate cancer risk
Prior studies have suggested an association between exposures to Agent Orange
— a commercially manufactured defoliate sprayed extensively during the Vietnam War — and the incidence of soft tissue sarcoma, Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's ...
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Torrington soldier Theodore Caruso honored in Washington DC
Torrington Register Citizen
TORRINGTON >> City native Theodore Paul Caruso, who served in the Vietnam
War and suffered the effects of the chemical weapon Agent Orange years after he returned home, was honored on Flag Day in Washington, DC. Ray Mascetti, Caruso's ...
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Italian city donates $26200 to Vietnam dioxin victims
The mission office of Bolzano, the capital city of Italy's northern province of South Tyrol, Tuesday donated 20,000 euro (US$26,200) to Agent Orange
/Dioxin victims in the northern province of Hai Duong, Vietnam. The sum is meant to provide housing and ...
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June 26, 2013|By Joseph Ruzich, Special to the Tribune
Chicago Tribune
"Many of the people I talk to are Vietnam
veterans who have diabetes and other problems," Macejak said. "The government has found that many of these illnesses are occurring because we sprayed the whole country (Vietnam) with Agent Orange.".
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US Congressman rejects Vietnam Human Rights Act
VietNamNet Bridge
He said the US must be held responsible for and help overcome the consequences of tens of millions of litres of herbicides containing Agent Orange
/dioxin that were sprayed over Vietnam by the US military during the war. Exposure to the toxic chemicals ...
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Agent Orange also affects veterans' families » Opinion ...
COVVHA is seeing an influx of children of Vietnam Veterans researching Agent Orange because their child, the grandchild of the Vietnam Veteran has been ...

Agent Orange film wins festival award — Vietnam Colors
NEW YORK (VNS)— A documentary about Vietnamese Agent Orange victims in HCM City won the top prize in the Best Feature Documentary Film category at ...


Mass Arrests


Guantanamo Prison: Mass arrest at White House
Baltimore Post-Examiner
Before the demonstration began Wilson shared with me the reasons why she is protesting. Soon after her arrest
, about 20 more activists were arrested in front of the White House. On the video below activist Kevin Zeese gives his Analyst of the ...
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More arrests in Hernandez murder case
Longview News-Journal
. — An arrested man from former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's hometown was transferred to Massachusetts on Friday to face a gun charge connected to the murder case against Hernandez while a third suspect ...
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Arrests after party ends in mass brawl
WA today
Several fights involving up to 150 youths brought a party in Leederville to a violent end on Saturday night. Management of the Loftus Street venue were forced to call police to help close down the party around 10.30pm. Police dog units, mounted ...

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NH State Police Log: Eight Arrested for DWI
1 a.m.: Aaron McGil, 19, of Peabody, Mass
., was arrested in Manchester for aggravated driving while intoxicated, possession of a controlled drug and receiving stolen property. 9:10 a.m.: Antonetta McSorley, 49, of Bristol, was arrested in Manchester on ...
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Shooting Leads Police to Drug, Bootlegging Operation
. (WGGB) — Springfield Police make several arrests after a shooting on Chestnut Street leads officers to a bootlegging and drug operation on State Street. Police say shots were fired at 11:45 p.m. Sunday at the Punta Cana Restaurant ...
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Sheriff's Office Makes 11 Arrests
JOSE ALBERTO ESPIRITU, 19, of 40 Nichols St., Apt. 1-FL, in Haverhill, Mass
., was arrested on June 19 for failing to appear in court on a variety of charges, including: cocaine possession (x2), crack cocaine possession, buphrenorphine possession, ...
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Digital Totalitarianism


US - UK Digital Totalitarianism. What is to be Done?
The Market Oracle
The time for warning about the mushrooming police-military state in America has faded: the "people" only have yawned and their yawning over the past twelve years has helped build the police
-state, the security-state, the fear-state, the paranoid-state ...
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More Mass Graves


European court confirms UN immunity over Srebrenica massacre
Hurriyet Daily News
A Bosnian
woman mourns during a mass burial of 775 newly identified victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre at the Potocari memorial cemetery near ...

Hurriyet Daily News


Children’s Rights


Russian Children's Rights Official In Washington For Talks
Russian officials held talks, but no details were released. A U.S. State Department official told RFE/RL that Washington had "reiterated its deep disappointment with the Russian government's decision to ban the adoption of Russian children by U.S ...
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US ranch with Russian children sold, children's destiny unknown - Russian ...
Russia Beyond The Headlines
United States, the ranch in Montana where the U.S. orphanage Ranch for Kids used to be, which housed Russian children adopted by U.S. families, was sold, and the destiny of children is unknown, Russian children's rights commissioner Pavel Astakhov ...
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Russian Child Rights Ombudsman Astakhov in US for Talks
RIA Novosti
WASHINGTON, June 25 (RIA Novosti) – Russian Child Rights
Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov is holding talks in Washington on Tuesday with US officials that are expected to include Moscow's controversial ban on American adoptions of Russian children...
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No more Russian adoptees to US – Kremlin ombudsman
WASHINGTON, June 26 (RIA Novosti) – Kremlin children's rights
ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said Wednesday that no more Russian children would be allowed to join potential adoptive families in the United States despite calls from US officials for ...
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Ranch for Kids sold together with children?
The orphanage was a home for the Russian children, who were abandoned by their American
foster parents. The Ranch for Kids has recently been closed, and the children, who lived there, disappeared. Russia's Commissioner for Children's Rights, Pavel ...
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US Judge Weighing Final Verdict In Facebook Privacy Settlement
A proposed settlement in the case of privacy concerns stemming from Facebook's “Sponsored Stories” program does not go far enough to protect content created by minors from advertisers, children's rights
advocates reportedly told a US judge on Friday.
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Men’s Rights


Men's group demands gender-neutral laws
Daily News & Analyst
The Men's Rights
Association (MRA) staged a protest against the Marriage Amendments Bill, 2010 which they term as draconian changes in the Hindu Marriage Act on Saturday. MRA president Atit Rajpara said the bill has a provision giving power to the ...
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Fox & Friends Guest Says Men Treated Unfairly By Selfish Women
News Hounds
Last Monday, Fox & Friends hosted anti-feminist and men's rights
advocate Helen Smith, Phd, who has written a new book about how men are "going Galt" because of the alleged discrimination and hostility that they face. (Smith has also claimed that women ...
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mens rights | Men's Rights Edmonton
“We in the Mens Rights Movement recognize Feminism as a hateful, bigoted, and destructive ideology which undermines the civil society by pitting women ...

Korean Men's Rights Group Wants to Ban Sexy Songs - ANIMAL
A men's rights activist group called Man of Korea filed an injunction against the Korean pop song "Be Ambitious," by Dal Shabet. The group takes issue with.

OT: Men's Rights and it's movement, and Feminism | Rap Genius
Per usual, a mod deletes a controversial thread they don't like. So this is the replacement for it. Discuss the two movements.

Men's rights group calls out Dal Shabet's music video … and now I ...
I basically assumed it was gonna be stupid because it's from a men's rights group … in Asia. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked that it actually made sense.

Perspectives - Men's Rights - Part II - YouTube
Watch in this continuation of the previous episode of Perspectives with Faisal Qureshi and find out ...



Violence Against Women


Rise in violence against women during Egypt protest
Business Standard
According to Human Rights Watch, the Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment/Assault that runs a hotline for victims of sexual assault, said four women
required medical assistance, including two who were evacuated by ambulance. A woman required surgery ...
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Violence Against Women - Global Health Problem
An interesting and exciting report was shared by World Health Organisation (WHO) on 20th June 2013 titled Global and regional estimates of violence against women
: Prevalence and health effects of intimate partner violence and non-partner sexual ...
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WHO: Violence against women is a health 'epidemic'
Southeast European Times
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has estimated the global scale of violence against women
, claiming that one in three women experience physical or sexual abuse. In a statement, Margaret Chan, the director-general of WHO, defined the phenomenon ...
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Violence against women: city takes a united stand
Ballarat Courier
With a united voice, local politicians and civic leaders have called for violence against women
to stop, and encouraged the Ballarat community to get behind the It's Up To Us campaign launched by The Courier on Saturday. Teamed with the White Ribbon ...
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Words alone won't end violence against women in armed conflict
The Guardian
Last year, as rebels captured the main towns in northern Mali, UN Women
registered a sudden and dramatic increase in rapes, not least in Gao and Kidal, regions where most women never report such violence to anyone, not even health practitioners.
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Consensus building: 'Violence against women needs to stop'
The Express Tribune
Violence against women
increased when Ziaul Haq adopted the Wahhabi culture…the Afghan refugees settled in Pakistan had a different culture and tried to convert the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) who had been quite liberal then,” she said Zahir ...
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Unite to prevent violence against women
China Daily
Last year, when rebels captured the main towns in Northern Mali, UN Women
registered a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of rapes in the first week of the takeover of Gao and Kidal, in places where most women never report this violence to ...
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Horrific levels of sexual violence against women in Tahrir Square
Daily Life
Human rights and women's groups have condemned the "horrific levels" of sexual violence against women
in Cairo's Tahrir Square, with reports of 101 sex attacks amid the latest wave of protests that led to the toppling of Egypt's first freely elected ...
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Government of Canada Supports Action in London to End Violence Against ...
Wall Street Journal
"The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration is committed to ending all forms of violence against women
and girls," said Mr. Mohammed Boabaid, Executive Director of the organization. "We are very pleased to partner with Status of ...
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Power, Empowerment, and Violence against Women, Study
Sudan Vision
This chapter is from a book “Ending Violence against Women
: A Challenge for Development”, the book was written by Francine Pickup with Suzanne Williams and Caroline Sweetman and published by Oxfam GB. Implications for development. Over the longer ...
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IPS – OP-ED: Moving Forward to End Violence Against Women ...
OP-ED: Moving Forward to End Violence Against Women - Last year, as rebels captured the main towns in Northern Mali, UN Women registered a sudden and ...

WHO Calls Violence Against Women a “Public Health Problem of ...
The report says that one in three women worldwide will suffer some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime and that violence against women, often ...

City, county get grants to fight violence against women
The Helena Police Department and the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office have received federal grants totaling $100000 under the federal Violence ...

Jesus misogyny and violence against women - Patheos
Why only stop violence against women? Why not just stop violence? Dennis Irwin . On another point……..Are Muslims misogynist? ...

Words alone won't end violence against women in armed conflict
Lakshmi Puri: Policies designed to tackle gender-based violence are welcome, but they must be backed by firm action if they are to bear fruit.


Male Victim Domestic Violence


Men also victims of domestic violence
Idaho Press-Tribune
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “domestic violence
?” If you are like most individuals, you likely picture a male perpetrator hitting and abusing a female victim. Very few of us would envision those roles reversed upon ...
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Local View: Nebraska needs to revise domestic violence policies
Lincoln Journal Star
These findings are important because our current system largely ignores male victims of domestic violence
. According to the Nebraska Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Coalition, the 21 domestic violence and sexual assault programs in Nebraska ...
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Visalia man accused of setting woman on fire
Our investigation led us to the fact that there had been some sort of domestic dispute where the male
suspect had thrown a flammable liquid on the victim," said Sgt. Brent Abbott from the Visalia Police Department. "Most of our domestic violence is ...
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Domestic Violence: Is it stereotyped? (Top-2)
In it, Dr. Harish Shetty, a psychiatrist who handles three to four such cases in a month says, "Domestic violence
by women is grossly underreported as the law is heavily weighed against men." Hence, women aren't the sole victims, people should pay heed ...
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Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence » SAVE: Stop Abusive and ...
Men also victims of domestic violence By Brian Taylor June 30, 2013 What is the first ... you likely picture a male perpetrator hitting and abusing a female victim.

1 July 2013: 'Woman's Hour' discussion on male victims of domestic ...
... discussion, primarily on account of the contribution of 'Ian', a male victim of DV ... 1 July ...




Green Stench of Dead Pollution Victims

Greener Than A Witch’s …  Teeth… Greener Than the Mold on Rotting Corpses of an Extinct Human Race – aka Green Propaganda


For Sale By Owner (US Army Wrong) - 1,377 high-carbon steel frameworks covered in Depleted Uranium. Buyer must meet three requirements: 1) Waive seller from ecological liability 92 billion years, 2) Have large space for storage away from drinking water sources, and 3) Not use said scrap metal in any Bed, Bath and Beyond Metal-Bathroom Fixtures. Image from


The Impact of Coal on Our Lives - Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

Jan 18, 2011 - ... members of the Whitesville-based Coal River Mountain Watch and the ... To illustrate just some of the impacts of coal on our lives, impacts we feel the ... Impacts of Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining, .... Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, Volume 50, Numbers 1-2, 91-107, 1990.

·  From Nuclear Jesus-The Nuclear Propaganda Machine

Oct 28, 2007 - As NEI (Nuclear Energy Institute), the NRC and the nuclear Industry try to bring us the sequal to the Friendly Atom, they are using many of the ...

·  Nuclear Power is the Problem, Not a Solution by Helen Caldicott ...

Apr 13, 2005 - Contrary to the nuclear industry's propaganda, nuclear power is therefore not green and it is certainly not clean. Nuclear reactors consistently ...


·  Fact-Checking Green Propaganda—in the World ... - Cornwall Alliance

May 1, 2013 - May 1, 2013 An important weakness of much environmentalism is its tendency to present false, exaggerated, or highly debatable claims of ...

·  The Irony of Green Propaganda - Canada Free Press

Feb 18, 2013 - The Irony of Green Propaganda, Shale Gas, Hydraulic Facturing, Fracking, Keystone XL Pipeline.

·  Green propaganda - Trinidad and Tobago News

Jun 4, 2004 - 7 posts

Another good example of green propaganda would be a certain oil company (which I shall leave unnamed) running a series of advertisements ...


·  Environmentalist PR Firms In Green Propaganda Offensive перевод

PR firms headed up by corporate investors, CEO's and Directors of huge multinational companies are aggressively pushing global warming propaganda as they have come to realize that the green agenda...

infowars.netarticles/april2008/210408Yahoo.htm копия ещё


·  Nuclear - Greenpeace | Greenwashing

Everything's so green. Nuclear power stations aren’t grey, foreboding monsters. ... is the latest manifestation of the propaganda wing of the nuclear industry.

Penn State Professor: “'Clean Coal' Propaganda” is ... - Scaling Green

Jun 4, 2012 - The clean coal propaganda has frequently engaged in propaganda that must be understood as lying by omission, if not outright lying. It is also ...


·  ACGE Coal (boo) - ACSL

Image from
It is a warm, overcast dark Texas night...

At Pantex Nuclear, we know you care about passion and tender moments with your man in the shower. Like you (and our TepCo Cousins), we too care about passion and life. In fact, we are a Conservative, "Right to Life" company. ...And nobody does Passion like Pantex Nuclear, why in fact we named our main product, the Plutonium Pit, after the seeds of the Passion Flower Vine, aka the Passion Fruit (pits). Our Passion Pits, more famously known as Plutonium Pits, have been brining deep, warm, passionate responses to those most enamored with the (unfortunately) banned unchained atom reaction passions.

Being a responsible firm which loves to give back, the Ogallala Aquifer water you are showering in contains some of our enriched Plutonium Passion Pits. We have left residues of our product all over North America, the South Pacific and special "Passion Packages" for Parachute, Colorado and Mars's Bluff, South Carolina. Each time you see Mars, think of our Passion Pits and those in Mar's Bluff, South Carolina and the special bond we share.

America need not worry about the TepCo Fukushima Plume, America has her very own Thermonuclear Bomb Testing Fallout Plume (see map below). Why do people call America her and she? Because her womb is so Pregant Ready To Have Nuclear Quadrilliontuplettes. See your doctor if your next child's head is too lopsided...

Image from wiki commons
The "public" Obama DOE gave private Pantex Nuclear several obscenely large grants; therefore we are pleased to announce our enriched Plutonium Pits are:
  • Stronger, Longer Lasting
  • Outperform Castle Bravo!
  • New Size! (Smaller, Cost More)
  • Greener Plutonium Nuke Triggers
  • Environmentally Friendlier Fussion!
  • More Biodegradable Than Never Before
When you think mutually assured destruction, think Proudly Made in Empirica Pantex Nuclear! Stock Symbol: NYSE: MDR recommend dump.

·  Hope Still Alive of Stopping Radioactive Waste Bill:

In a related development, President Bush is looking to slash DOE's clean-up ... the extent of Pantex's contamination of the Ogallala Aquifer and clean it up.

·  As the George W. Bush Presidential Center prepares to open in ... › The Scoop Blog

Apr 17, 2013 - George W. Bush Presidential Center. I came across a story in this morning's newspaper about a group of peace activists suing the city of Dallas ...

·  Texas Radiation Online - Pantex Plutonium Plant - Nuclear Weapons

The Pantex Plant's current functions include the fabrication of chemical high ... responded to part of the EA concerning potential impacts upon the Ogallala aquifer. ..... In 2002, President Bush signed a disarmament treaty with Russia which ...


Dec 12, 2011 - They were also appalled by Pantex's efforts to hide the toxic nature of its discharges. ... 19. was sitting above the already endangered Ogallala aquifer. ...... Dan Oko, “Greenwashing Brownfields,” Austin Chronicle, 4/21/00. 52. - GE's Greenwashing

May 13, 2005 - Frank O'Donnell is president of Clean Air Watch, a 501 (c) 3 ... a more proactive position on global warming than President Bush (to whom Immelt ... and seems to be positioning itself now to argue that nuclear power should be ...


Obama's plan for the climate: Greenwash our way into oblivion ...

by Global Justice Ecology Project | June 25, 2013 · 5:12 pm. Jump ... The main takeaway from Obama's greenwashed nonsense? ... Obama's “clean energy” plan includes more fracking, more oil, more nukes, more biofuels and “clean coal.


·  Greenwash of the Month: Breast Cancer Prevention and Fracking ...

Oct 31, 2011 - Americans Call on Food Companies to Can Monsanto's New GMO Corn » ... It seems the definition of a greenwash for an organization that fights breast .... Pesticide - Tell Hillary Clinton to Act Before She Steps Down.

·  Happy Birthday, Walmart. Thanks for All the Greenwashing

Happy Birthday, Walmart. Thanks for All the Greenwashing. Posted: 07/05/2012 5:08 pm. React. Inspiring Enlightening Infuriating Scary Helpful Amazing

·  Greenwash: Orwellian environmentalism - Oil Empire

What is Greenwashing, and Why is it a Problem? ... It inhabits not just bad-guy CEOs at Monsanto and Weyerhaeuser but nearly every working American, ...


Coal is by far the most environmentally ... all in the name of "clean coal". Please go to the Clean Green Productions website for ... lies and propaganda.



·  Greenwashing the Carbon Costs of Fracking and Coal Exports ...

Greenwashing the Carbon Costs of Fracking and Coal Exports. March 29, 2013. Tweet. comments. 2. Print this page ...

·  Shell Tries to Greenwash Fracking in South Africa | Care2 Causes

May 23, 2011 - Despite the South African government's decision to place a moratorium on fracking, the controversial method of mining for natural gas in shale ...

·  Another peer-reviewed study: Greenwashing Gas | Boulder County ... › FrackingAir Impacts

Home→Fracking→Air Impacts→Another peer-reviewed study: Greenwashing Gas ... Read the full text here: ''Greenwashing gas: Might a 'transition fuel' label ...



·  Fracking Greenwash: Revenge Of The Frackademics | Frack Off › LatestBlog

Apr 22, 2013 - Fracking Greenwash: Revenge Of The Frackademics ... in the amount of pro-fracking propaganda in the UK mainstream media, especially from ...

·  October 21, 2012 - Stop CNN from Greenwashing Fossil Fuels

Oct 21, 2012 - ... model to allow improved, propaganda free, and increased coverage of ... coal and fracking ecocide; and the many looming global ecological ...

·  How Corporations Greenwash Kids | Voices

Apr 20, 2012 - Here, the most egregious examples of greenwashing we found, and the most ... Talisman Energy: Fracking makes rural areas extra pastoral. ... the advertising, promotions and propaganda like its of no matter or consequence, ...


Image from

Melted fuel removal at Fukushima plant seen optimistically starting in 2020 (Note: Fukushima #3 Has Both Melted and Exposed To Outside World, Burned MOX Fuel. This Enriched Plutonium/Depleted Uranium Mox (over time) will move, have humans come to it, etc. and be killing now and many millennium into the future... Said lethality is easily dismissed by some media and duopolists as "radiophobia". This propaganda word is considered worse than burned in our atmosphere MOX rods and the resultant 2020-2021 scheduled "slag-removal".



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