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Bradley Manning? What About These Guys?
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Should Bradley Manning Be Stoned to Death?

By Tracy Turner (reprint of an earlier article, it just seems apropos)

July 16, 1945 through September 23, 1992 the United States of America (by official count) conducted 1054 nuclear tests. Bradley Manning faces 52 years, essentially life in prison, for "leaking documents", as Daniel Ellsberg did, surreptitiously. Daniel Ellsberg did not do 52 years in prison; many of us including me feel he did "the right thing".

According to the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, all of the corn, meat, milk, fish, fruit and vegetables raised in the United States are "safe".

206 above ground atomic weapons were detonated in New Mexico and Nevada. According to the US EPA, the old AEC, now the Energy Research and Development Administration and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission(s), everything we eat and drink downwind from those tests is "safe". Conversely, the Bikini Atoll Rehabilitation Committee [BARC], overlooked by renowned international scientists, considers that the fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and milk from Bikini Atoll are a health hazard. How can the food from Bikini Atoll be "too radioactive to habitually consume"; but the food downwind of the two US atomic test sites be "safe"? In other words, all the many tons of dirt and dust lifted skyward by 1054 tests just magically disappeared? All that Tritium, Plutonium-239, Iodine-131, Uranium-238, Cesium-137 just magically vanished? I (so far) can only find 109 "off-shore" tests (Pacific, Atlantic, Bikini Atoll, Enewetak Atoll, etc.). That would leave the other 945 above ground atomic tests here in fallout here in the lower 48, at least one big test in Alaska. So, 800-945 nuclear bomb blasts left zero pollution and cause no cancer in 49 states, Mexico and Canada - or someone is lying though their teeth. *This* is why we have Whistleblowers. The same people who tell you the atomic bombs caused no cancer build machines to do full body scans, searches for tumors. BraveNewWorldville, with Manning doing life for truth telling.

According the many studies of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, 5% of the detritus of those two mushroom clouds fell near the two cities, while 95% of it went further airborne and "dispersed over a larger area". Much of that "larger area" is the rest of Japan. But here in the US lower 48, east and North where 95% of those 1054 poisonous plumes settled are places like Lubbock Texas or Columbia, North Carolina, just to name two.

In plain English, all that Strontium-90, Cesium-137, Tritium and Plutonium-239 went somewhere e.g., in sage flats, upon dirt roads, in cattle ranches, dairies, farms and orchards of all kinds. Being the land of capitalism, the leaking of those kinds of documents, documents showing that general electric and general dynamic are liable for the slow poisoning deaths of millions and millions of American people would end a multi-billion dollar industry.

The leaking of documents showing that US corn is contaminated with trace amounts of Tritium in its inherent moisture (even feed-corn contains moisture) would ruin a trillion dollar industry. It is easier and more capitalistically fortuitous to give Bradley Manning life in prison, or even a death sentence, than it is to admit some type of truth about human nature and government human nature in particular. Let's put Bradley Manning to death, by public stoning, rather than admit our government makes huge mistakes, all in the name of "efficient" capitalism. Let's not admit, that from 1945 to 2011, the gross domestic product of this country, in dollars and cents, has been nuclear poison.

We somehow must keep alive the notion that this is sane, for the public's own good, and that none of it has to do with gigantic corporate-welfare machines feeling it is their divine right to continue the status quo. God forbid that the company, which sold nuke-tech to France, who sold nuke-tech to Iran, should have to downsize the corporate yacht. All I ask is that at Bradley Manning's public stoning, that the politician with no corporate money behind them "cast the first stone". Is it only me, who sees some resemblance between our "political leaders" and the Taliban? Both use any means necessary to keep their "ideology" front and center. Political ideology and truth are not synonymous, mostly.

By the way, has anyone from the renowned international scientific community "verified" the "safety" of our 1054 nuclear tests, including the two under President's Bush and Obama? The American people deserve the truth, for a change, not the censored version of government "transparency". If John Lennon were alive today, I believe he'd ask for nothing less "than the truth"" Before he died, the American people were asking "is milk from the great plains downwind of the two test sites safe for babies, safe for us all"? I don't recall any satisfactory answer, internationally verified.

Tracy Turner - Dec. 2, 2010, written in honor of John Lennon


Bradley Manning


Bradley Manning faces up to 136 years in prison Post-Bulletin

U.S. Army Pfc. Bradley Manning could spend the rest of his life in prison after a military judge found him guilty of espionage, theft and other charges for sending ...

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Bradley Manning lynched by the US government — RT Op-Edge RT

The President of the United States (POTUS) had already said he was guilty. US corporate media had been screaming for three years he was guilty.

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Protesters in 40 cities take part in Bradley Manning 'International ... RT

As a US military judge decides the fate of former army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, activists in dozens of cities across the world are calling for the ...

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Jeremy Scahill: Bradley Manning Media Coverage 'Shameful' (VIDEO) The Huffington Post News Team

Jeremy Scahill tore into media coverage of the Bradley Manning trial on Tuesday, saying it had been, by and large, "shameful." Manning was convicted on 19 ...

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WikiLeaker Bradley Manning evades the most serious charge leveled against him, but could still receive a 154-year slap on the wrist.


Now to see how much of the 136-year slap on the wrist the military-industrial-banking complex “gives” Manning – for spilling the “truth” the the dull-witted news mediasts do not spill…




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Statement by Julian Assange on Verdict in Bradley Manning Court-Martial. 30 July 2013, 19:30 UTC. Today Bradley Manning, a whistleblower, was convicted by ...


Barack Obama turns to 1917 Espionage Act to wage war on WikiLeaks

Prosecutors say Bradley Manning has shaken trust placed in intelligence analysts, and argue for lengthy sentence.



NSA Prism


NSA Chief Keith Alexander Speaks About PRISM at Black Hat ... Rachael King

General Keith Alexander, head of the U.S. National Security Agency, Wednesday provided additional details to support the contention that PRISM, the NSA's ...



PRISM: 50% of Americans approve of NSA's internet spying program Mark Stockley

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Low-level NSA analysts can spy on Americans – Greenwald — RT ... RT

NSA spying programs give access to US citizens' private data to low-level analysts with little court approval or supervision, says Guardian journalist Glenn ...

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New revelations about NSA surveillance systems show that it was enough to fill in a short 'justification' form before gaining access to any of billions of emails, ...

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New documents published in The Guardian reveal that the NSA can snoop on you in real time--and that the agency is building a giant keyword-based database ...

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XKeyscore, the documents boast, is the NSA's “widest reaching” system developing intelligence from computer networks – what the agency calls Digital Network ...


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NSA tool 'XKeyscore' collects 'nearly everything a user does on the ...

But training materials for XKeyscore detail how analysts can use it and other systems to mine enormous agency databases by filling in a simple on-screen form ...


NSA's Google: XKeyscore search engine for all private info | Max ...

This is why Snowden started a blizzard of MSM attacks – he had actual documentation. Other whistle blowers made quite damning accusations against the NSA ...


XKeyscore PowerPoint presentation |

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The PsyOps Plane that Influences No Minds
Foreign Policy (blog)
For the last six years, the U.S. government has spent more than $24 million to fly a plane around Cuba and beam American-sponsored TV programming to the island's inhabitants. But every day the plane flies, the government in Havana jams its broadcast ...
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Yes, but what do they beam into the American household annually and what does it cost every man, woman and child in A-Psyops-Ville, United Secrets of La’merica?


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Tuesday, July 9, 2013. Home | PsyOps Channel. ... While the two biggest frauds from the right and the left, Glenn Beck and Michal Moore, parrot the status quo line telling their supporters to think of Edward Snowden as a "hero" (you will think as we tell you), more and more real people are starting to ask...


While People Dispute ChemTrail or Contrail... Even a Tiny Car, In One Hour on the Freeway, Uses All the Air One Human Will Ever Breath in One Lifetime. Now Multiply By Military, Airlines, All Car / Trucks Worldwide... Does Anyone Believe the Strange "Clouds" in the Sky Are * Good * For Us?

6/15/13 - GeoEngineering Chemtrails Barium Strontium Aluminum ...
Quick Question: if we know chemtrail jets spray everyday, then we also know ORGANIC, does ...


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Radioactive Toxin, 5 Brain Tumors on an Island of 2,400


Must See Video! Radioactive waste: Dumped and Forgotten - Chris busby, John Large, Greenpeace 2013 - Somehow much of Europe viewed this on primetime TV, while locals like me "voted" American Idol or Survivor... How do you buy hundreds of TV channels, the more expensive Internet XDSL and still miss most of what matters?

Bars, jewelry, even chickens subject to drug forfeitures Washington Observer Reporter

Thomas MacFann's attorney, Martin A. Dietz of Pittsburgh, claimed in court documents in the forfeiture case that his client's chickens and farm were illegally ...

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Fukushima Radiation Leak – Leaching Into Pacific Ocean


150 Bq/m3 of Strontium-90 measured at 1.3km south of reactor1~4 ... Mochizuki

According to Tepco, 150 Bq/m3 of Strontium-90 was measured from seawater. The sampling location was 1.3km south of reactor1~4 water outlet. The sampling ...

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Clean, Green Plutonium


Plutonium accounting falls short, DOE finds ABQ Journal

In a recent random inspection by the Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General, Los Alamos National Laboratory fell short of the 99 percent accuracy ...

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The MOX fuel conundrum The Japan Times

The extracted plutonium is to be used as fuel for fast-breeder reactors. ... To avoid the accumulation of plutonium, a core ingredient of nuclear weapons, Japan is ...

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More Big PHARMA Corpses

Keystone XL Pipeline

Image from

Immediate Position Earn Thousands In Overtime
Keystone XL Pipeline

Tertiary Petroleum and subsidiary StenchCo are proud to keep the Obama promise of good Keystone XL Pipeline jobs for Americans. Can you weld Wellspun Made in India Steel Pipe, operate forklifts, tractors, Case trench diggers, weld, adminster first aid, supervise, drive double-trailer big rigs of Made in India Wellspun pipe, weld-patch leaks, weld pipe in the air and 27 feet down in trench bottoms, show up for 14-hour shifts punctually, kick box the news press, kato nosy farmers, ranchers, irate landowners, neighbors and dairy persons?

Pay scale up to $17 per hour (two of my family members bled out, repeatedly - stomach and brain from chronic petroleum poisoning; caveat emptor, Stulte), commensurate with skill and welding leaks in Keystone XL Pipeline Wellspun Indian Steel experience. Must have reliable truck capable of driving from Texas into Canada repeatedly (you buy your own gas, tires, etc.). Above all, can you keep your mouth shut and career-progress to a boom and oil-dispersant operator? In two years, you can be texting and driving in a brand-new company two-tank gasoline-delivery big rig... Benefits:
  • Guaranteed 14 hour days
  • Educational - Welding Wellspun Foreign Steel Leaks Made in India
  • Half day off, Sunday morning, Church Service Mandatory
  • Career enhancement program (roughneck indoctrination)
  • Saving the Planet (from plant-oil interlopers)
  • Become XL Pipe Leak Guru 'improvisor'
  • After 30 Years, Join our 'Lifer' Plan (assists, encourages you for 'life')*
  • Our 'new' oil is Friendlier
  • More Biodegradable Than Never Before
Convicts and Illegals Encouraged to Apply.

Grab A Tiger By the Tail in Your Tank, Just Five Tanks is All We Ask ®

Tertiary Petroleum and subsidiary StenchCo are ® Registered Trademarks

Tertiary and StenchCo Oil Companies are proud to announce a long-standing civil dispute was just found in our favor on 6/23/13; proving once and for all that the numerous retirees who sued for internal bleeding are off their rocker. We always maintained their leaking, weeping blood arteries, strokes, brain hemorrhages were genetic or from something or someone else!

*God forbid, your position becomes obsolete. We train you to do something new, like laser leak-detection while inhaling gasoline or welding gasoline tanks; empty or full, welding gasoline tanks is so Hallmark Moment.

Clinical trial of untested drugs must be regulated: SC The Hindu

“How do you monitor that clinical trial does not result in death and there are no side effects. There should also be proper compensation,” it said. It said that there ...

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Only 75 of 2868 deaths during drug trials paid compensation Business Standard

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On July 12, the FDA put a clinical hold on the trial, citing "significant safety concerns," after a preliminary analysis of the data showed a higher probability of death ...

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Indian Express

Accepting 80 clinical trial deaths in the past seven years, the Centre on Friday admitted before the Supreme Court that the data relating to deaths and injuries to ...

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You Gotta Love Monsanto


Monsanto Terminator GURT

May Literally Be the Devil’s Technology – Sterilze 95% of Food Seed?


Introduction / The Issues / Ban Terminator - Ban Terminator   (Similar)
July 29, 2013 ... There are two tyoes of GURTs technologies that rely on the same mechanism, variety-related or V-GURTs and trait-related or T-GURTs. ... Monsanto Buys Terminator: On June 1, 2007 Monsanto concluded its deal to acquire ...


Holman's Biotech IP Blog: Bowman v. Monsanto: An Important Case ...    (Similar)
Oct 9, 2012 ... In 1999, Monsanto pledged not to use GURT in its products. .... Any mutation that will disable the "terminator" will thus increase the evolutionary fitness of the seed in relation to the unmutated ... January 17, 2013 at 6:36 PM.

Terminator Seeds and the Boy Who Cried Wolf | Farm Wars ** - Proxy - Highlight Could it be that the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” strategy is being used to pave the way for Monsanto to release Terminator technology on a complacent populace?


PANNA: Corporate Greed + Destructive Technology = Increased Risk * - Proxy - Highlight See PANUPS updates service, for complete information. Corporate Greed + Destructive Technology = Increased Risk of World Hunger Terminator Seed Moratorium at Risk

New GMO Gene Silencing Technology – Backdoor Terminator ... * - Proxy - Highlight The V-GURT described as ’ Terminator’ in the media has many features that, ... The company who invented this technology, ... ©2013 Barbara H. Peterson.


PCB case against Monsanto can move forward, appeals court says SuburbanJournals

PCB case against Monsanto can move forward, appeals court says ... of the PCBs manufactured in North America, at its plants in Sauget and Anniston, Ala.

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Maharashtra government admits to rising farm suicides - The Hindu
1166 farmers committed suicide in financial year 2012-13.


Activist Post: Monsanto Spreads Propaganda in Hawaii's Largest ...
Monsanto has invaded Hawaii with genetically modified crops that require being soaked in pesticides. But don't worry, a new paid advertisement says that these ...

India's Farmer Suicides - KnowledgeNuts
Monsanto's exorbitantly expensive genetically modified seeds and ineffective pesticides have destroyed the sustainable farming industry of India. To keep their  ...

Battle Over Seeds Heats Up in Argentina
Independent European Daily Express
In Argentina, the world's third-largest producer of soy, around 98 percent of the crop is Monsanto's Roundup Ready soy, which is resistant to the company's own glyphosate herbicide. In addition, 80 percent of the maize grown in Argentina is transgenic.
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Occupy Monsanto » Argentina
In Buenos Aires, the action group “Millions against Monsanto” has led a protest at the House of Cordoba, a province located in the center of Argentina where the ...

Monsanto in Argentina - Creative Time Reports
May 20, 2013 ... Creative Time Reports heads to Argentina to meet the “Mothers of Ituzaingó,” a group of women fighting against the spraying of Monsanto ...

Chile stands up to Monsanto | Pesticide Action Network
Apr 11, 2012 ... On March 21, the Chilean Transparency Council stood with its citizenry against Monsanto and other global seed corporations to protect ...

Chile joins worldwide protest against Monsanto - The Santiago Times
May 24, 2013 ... Demonstrations are expected in seven different cities around Chile this Saturday in a global day of action against U.S. company Monsanto.

Photo Essay: Mexico Celebrates World Day Against Monsanto
"Mexico is on the verge of becoming the first country to allow its basic grain, Corn, to be produced with GMO seeds that are the property of transnational companies like Monsanto." A group of youth in resistance celebrate native corn with live Son ...
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In defense of food and life By Alfredo Acedo
Kashmir Times
Concerned for their health and that of their children, Mexican activists in favor of healthy food and in defense of maize and the environment responded to the global call for a day against Monsanto. They organized the "Carnival of Corn" in Mexico City ...
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Monsanto lifts stake, angers farmers
The West Australian
The Australian arm of Monsanto paid $4.5 million to increase its shareholding from 19.9 per cent to 26 per cent yesterday under a partnership with the State Government and the Grains Research and Development Corporation. It is believed Monsanto paid ...
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USDA Continues GM Wheat Investigation as Japan Lifts Import Ban
Farm Futures
Specifically, Japan, the European Union and South Korea balked at U.S. wheat imports due to trade restrictions on GMOs. Fears of trade disruptions also fueled lawsuits against Monsanto for negligence, loss of profit, and/or increased grain prices ...
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Japan Lifts Ban on Oregon White Wheat as GM Checks Start
Both types are grown in Oregon, where the GM wheat developed by Monsanto Co. was found. A resumption of Japanese purchases may support wheat futures in Chicago, which have lost 15 percent this year on prospects for abundant global production, said ...
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American Hegemony


Tongue-tiedat the TPP New Straits Times

AT the turn of the last century, when American hegemony was on the rise, it bullied nations, including the British Empire, to accept free trade. Over time, the ...

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US should discard its Cold War mentality China Daily

The Pacific has replaced the Atlantic as the main geopolitical arena for the US to maintain its hegemony. But the Cold War era has gone. There is no direct ...

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Violence (Prevention) Against Women


Violence against women Cayman 27

Violence against women has long been viewed as a social problem, but it is increasingly being recognised as a major health issue that needs urgent attention.

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More actions needed to rid violence against women and children The Borneo Post

PUTRAJAYA: More actions are needed to stop and eliminate violence against women and children in the Asean region, said Asean Commission on the ...

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CPSO talks security as reports of violence against women spike ... Ravleen Kaur

In recent months, media coverage of sexual assault toward women at Portland State has been on the rise. From incidents of inappropriate sexual touching ...

Portland State Vanguard


New initiative to combat violence against women in the Democratic ... africanpressorganization

Base de données de communiqués de presse liés à l'Afrique - APO-Source.

Database of Press Releases related to Africa - APO-Source


Sunyani thinks how to curb violence against women - Ghana ... ekow

kaneshie_market A national conference aim at developing innovative strategies to curb the increasing rate of violence against women in Ghana is to be held in ...

Ghana Business News


Ending Violence Against Women: Why We Can't Let the Taliban ... McKayla Reilly

On Thursday, a senior Pakistani Taliban figure addressed their most famous opposition, a young Muslim girl by the name of Malala Yousafzai, in some sort of.



Premiers call for public inquiry into violence against aboriginal women The Canadian Press

First Nations' calls for a public inquiry on violence against aboriginal women have garnered support across the country in recent years. Wynne made the ...




Federal Reserve Cartel

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families | Truth Media TV Admin

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families - description.

Truth Media TV




The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families | THE INTERNET ...

The Federal Reserve Cartel: The Eight Families. he Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four ...

·  Banking Cartel – Secrets of the Fed
Banking Cartel. 1) Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve . 2) Origins of the Federal Reserve -Murray N. Rothbard. 3) ... July 29, 2013; WATCH THIS: ...

·  The Federal Reserve Is A Private Banking Cartel!
The U.S. Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. ... The Federal Reserve Is A Private Banking Cartel!. Retrieved July 28, 2013, ...

·  Banking Cartel – Secrets of the Fed
Banking Cartel; Civil Liberties. ... Federal Reserve Policy Mainly Benefits Big Foreign Banks We’ve extensively documented that the Federal Reserve is ... July 29 ...

Photo caught my interest, thought it would catch yours. While America wisely invested in terror, others foolishly invested in cheaper-per-barrel oil. Who build businesses like India, Brazil or China's 60 largest corporations? We were so wise to invest in Bin Laden... Mumbai: Essar Oil Ltd Refinery, Essar is one of the 20 biggest companies in India. Image from

Only after the last tree has been cut down –

Only after the last river has been poisoned –

Only after the last fish has been caught –

Only then will you realize that money cannot be eaten.

~ Old Cree Prophesy

Marine Die Off

Government Declares Mass Dolphin Die-Off an Unusual Mortality ... Wired

It's the lagoon's worst dolphin die-off on record, and the cause is mysterious. ... has declared an Unusual Mortality Event for marine mammals in the lagoon, ...

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Chilean company cleared of shrimp shoring still causes marine death Santiago Times

Investigation clears Colbún-run power plant of large shrimp die-off in March, though uncovers malpractice that caused separate cases of mass marine death.

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Rescued Sea Lion Spotted off Newport Beach, Declared Healthy

A Pacific Marine Mammal Center rescue team off Newport Beach spotted ... Like Roscoe, they were part of the unprecedented die-off in the first half of this year.

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Feds declare Indian River Lagoon dolphin deaths as unusual Florida Today

The act defines an Unusual Mortality Event as marine mammal deaths or standings that are unexpected, ... That unusual die-off claimed at least 111 manatees.

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Extreme heat blamed for fish die-off in Mass. lake

WALES, Mass. (AP) — State wildlife experts say a massive fish die-off in a Wales lake was caused by last week's excessive heat. The state Division of Fisheries ...

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Heat spurs fish die-off at lake Dayton Daily News

In areas where people have installed aeration systems, which purifies the water and pushes dissolved oxygen back into it, fish die-offs have not been observed, ...

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Hundreds of fish dead in Lake George in Wales WWLP 22News

WALES, Mass. (WWLP) - The Hampden County town of Wales will reach out to the state today after hundreds of dead fish were found in Lake George.

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Fishing Report The Trinity Journal

This is nowhere close to the 2002 Klamath River Fish Die-Off but it is serious enough for the CDFW to take it to heart and start a monitoring program of two to ...

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Wildlife officials probe Provo River fish deaths Cache Valley Daily

He says the agency has collected water and fish samples for testing. Crockett says the die-off is a reminder that people should be careful about what they're ...

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Heat Leads to Dead Fish at Grand Lake St. Marys WKEF ABC 22

CELINA -- Hundreds of fish have died at Grand Lake St. Marys due to recent hot temperatures. ... The lack of oxygen has caused the fish to die off. Lake officials ...

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Preview: Hundreds Of Asian Carp Die, Still Causing Problems KDLT News

Now, fisheries experts are wondering what exactly caused the large fish kills along the ... Jeff Rusack has more on what may be causing the fish to die off and the ...

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Drought, heat lower reservoirs, impact boating, fish in Northern ... Reno Gazette Journal

Knott Creek was the site of a massive fish die-off in August 2000, when 95 percent of the fishery was lost. “We're hoping that doesn't happen this year but we ...

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Warm Weather Kills Hatchery Chinook Near Petersburg Alaska Public Radio Network

The Chinook die-off is not unheard of, and this year's is not even the largest at Blind Slough. In 1989, about 1,400 fish were found dead in the slough. The past ...

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Massive east coast starfish die-off reported

Die-offs of sea stars have been known to happen from time-to-time, but this one seems ... and the density of the animals leads to increased disease transmission.

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Global Warming – Disbelief-In Bought to you by the Kochs

Global warming endangers South American water supply, study finds Phys.Org

... face critical water storage issues due to rain-bearing westerly winds over South America's Patagonian Ice-Field to moving south as a result of global warming.

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Global warming to cut snow water storage 56 percent in Oregon ... Phys.Org

The McKenzie River watershed in the Oregon Cascade Range is projected to have less than half the water it now gets from snow melt by the middle of this ...

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Global warming is causing lobsters to become cannibals The Week Magazine

First, rising sea temperatures brought on by global warming are encouraging the crustaceans to grow quicker and reproduce more often, says Noah Oppenheim, ...

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Parts of East Antarctic ice sheet have melted before and could again Christian Science Monitor

... been stable over the last several million years and suggests that future melting from the sheet could contribute to sea level rise if global warming is not abated.

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Each degree of global warming might ultimately raise global sea ... Skeptical Science

Each degree of global warming might ultimately raise global sea levels by more than 2 meters. By Skeptical Science Sunday, July 28, 2013 5:49 EDT. The sea ...

The Raw Story



Race Hate – Religious Creed Hate – Stigmatizing Mental Illness – Racebaiting – Sterotyping Women – Fearmongering


American Horror Story:  Asylum


The Fox Network TV series American Horror Story:  Asylum blatantly attacks Catholicism, offending entire races of certain persons (Brazilian, Irish, etc.). It attacks the Catholic faith itself. The show stigmatizes mental illness, as if somehow mental illness is not stigmatized enough. Attacking a religion germane to particular races is a covert but distinct form of race baiting.


The show stigmatizes female Catholics as the source of all evil in the world. The shows audience are largely non-catholic teens, 20-30-somethings who are being taught that “nuns are evil and mean”. This is a fearmongering for market share cheap ploy by Fox Network.


Lets ask a few questions:


1)   Can Catholics make TV shows about evil Jew from Temple torturing the mentally ill?

2)   Can a campaign to denigrate Jewish women into sinister, mean monsters be waged and not hit the Jewish Shill Group Southern Poverty Law Center? Obviously not, so where is the SPLC ‘outrage?’

3)   Where is the “feminist movement” outrage, studio titan men like Rupert Murdoch profit from taking the cheapest of shots at a group of women and the woman’s movement cooks pop-corn and pours a soda?



American Horror Story:  Asylum

July 29, 2013



TV show dishonors nun's vow of chastity:

Receives EMMY award.

e-protest NOW








Please email the three persons above, ask them why this one is a hot potato but the inverse would draw out lawyers, guns and money? Click the e-protest link and email the three SPLC emplyees and ask them why this racebait, gender discrimination, mentally ill discrimination and religion baiting is okay with SPLC? Does SPLC only stick up for non-mentally ill? Shame on Fox, Murdoch and SPLC!


Nuclear Glow in the Dark Veterans

FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs | Veterans Today


FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs. Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition. ... Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – June 27 2013. Supreme Court Guts Voting Rights Act. Syria: the Art of Standing on the Right Side of History.

22 April 2011

Atomic Veteran - Veterans Corner


Are You an Atomic Veteran? A repository of over 125,000 documents that were unclassified and declassified and are accessible to the general public. ... Click here and read the Atomic Radiation Sheet to see if you qualify for $75,000.00.

Atomic Veterans


On October 23, a conference committee reconciled a set of amendments which, among other things, added atomic veterans to the program. Under the 1990 law veterans could abandon their appeals at the V.A. and apply to the Justice Department for a one-time, lump sum award of $75,000.

BNTVA - the Charity for Atomic Veterans

Between 1952 and 1967, in the largest Tri-Service operation since the D-Day landings, over 20,000 servicemen participated in British Nuclear Weapons Tests. The development of these superweapons bought our place at the world superpower table.

Children of Atomic Vets--DAV News Release


Nuclear Exposure Compensation Plan Ignores Atomic Veterans. NEWS RELEASE. Contact: David E. Autry (202) 554-3501. ... Only about 500 claims have been approved by the VA out of more than 18,000 claims filed based on exposure to ionizing radiation.

Korean War Educator: Topics - Atomic Veterans History Project


These military participants are recognized (by Congress) as "Atomic-Veterans." The majority of these "Atomic-Veterans" were also veterans of the Korean War. Currently, there are only 195,000 surviving "Atomic-Vets" who may not know that their...

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs Atomic & Radiation Exposed...


VA provides special priority enrollment for health-care services to "Atomic Veterans" for radiation-related conditions. ... Of the estimated 400,000 "Atomic Veterans," 22,000 have participated in the Ionizing Radiation Registry.

page 2

'Atomic Veterans' to be Remembered - Salem-News.Com


Testing of the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1945 in Alamogordo, N.M. prompted President Ronald Reagan in 1983 to declare July 16 as National Atomic Veterans Day. The VHA reports that between 1945 and 1962, approximately 195,000 U.S. service members participated in the...



The many of these "Atomic-Veterans" were Officers and crewmembers of the USS Curtiss ( AV-4 ). Currently, there are only 195,000 surviving "Atomic-Vets" who may not know that their "oath-of-secrecy" related to their nuclear weapons testing duties has been lifted...

Marine veteran is free to tell the story of America's nuclear test subjects


All told, about 400,000 Americans would be classified as "atomic veterans," about half of whom served in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, during occupation duty in the late 1940s. The rest were exposed during aboveground nuclear weapons tests between 1945 and 1962.

Atomic Veterans Visit NAS Whidbey Island


OAK HARBOR, Wash (NNS) -- Veteran group "Atomic Veterans" visited Naval Air Station Whidbey Island (NASWI) for a 55-year reunion and ... According to Jack Niedenthal, author of "A Short History of the People of Bikini Atoll," about 242 naval ships, 156 aircraft, and more than 42,000 U.S. military and...

20 September 2012

Canadian atomic veterans now getting payments from dnd...


Some of Canada’s Atomic Veterans are soon to receive their $24,000 cheque in the mail, an ex-gratia payment for being subjected to Cold War nuclear tests. I talked to atomic vet Jim Huntley recently and he has been told the first 56 cheques have been mailed out.

25 February 2009

Smith R. Jeffrey. "Study of Atomic Veterans Fuels Controversy," Science (19

‘We're in a world of pressures - from the veterans on one side and of course from the government on the other.' Jablon is unwilling to describe the report as sound science. And when asked if it is, ‘I don't think I want to answer that question.'" (p. 733).

Rosalie Bertell -- U.S. Senate Testimony affecting Atomic Veterans (98/04)


When these were normalized as death rates per 100,000, they found the following ... However, since 50 percent of the atomic veterans are now dead, this would perhaps be outweighed by the number of atomic veterans, with genuine claims, who were not compensated.

MAp: Atomic Veterans


Atomic Veterans. Anno Atomi: Growing Up with the Atom... from chapter 1: The First Atomic Veterans. from chapter 2: 300,000 GIs Under the Mushroom Clouds. 'National Security' Kept Atomic Veteran's Suffering a Secret.

National Association of Atomic Veterans, <www

National Association of Atomic Veterans, <>. Over 382,000 U.S. Servicemen as well as civilian personnel took part in a variety of tests during the "Cold War" period when the Atomic Energy Commission working in conjunction with the Department of Defense had troops participate in and...

Atomic Test Veterans » Green Audit


It was a key event in the saga of the Atomic Test Veterans and their need to show that these tests affected them and their children and grandchildren. ... The probability of this occurring by chance in two random men is about 500,000 to one.



Veterans to gather for Mururoa nuclear testing TVNZ

The men who watched the French Polynesia nuclear testing from New Zealand navy boats will be gathering at the 40th anniversary reunion today.

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Vets to mark nuclear blasts protest Auckland

Two Mururoa navy veterans can see the funny side of the 11 cents a day danger money they got to monitor French nuclear testing. But Fred Towler and Rod ...

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NZ nuclear test vets mark anniversary 3News NZ (blog)

Kiwi servicemen who looked on as France conducted nuclear testing are marking 40 years since they were sent to Mururoa Atoll as part of a protest by the New ...

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Mururoa veterans want answers about exposure to radiation Radio New Zealand

Veterans from two New Zealand frigates that were sent to protest French atmospheric nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll in the Pacific in 1973, are demanding ...

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Mururoa veterans' health 'affected by radiation' Radio New Zealand

New Zealand servicemen who witnessed nuclear tests while aboard two Navy frigates ... A number of surviving veterans attended a 40th anniversary reunion in ...

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Many who were part of atomic testing are eligible for benefits Norman Transcript

We are finding that many of the veterans who were part of the atomic testing were diagnosed with cancer. If a veteran's cancer was cured, he or she also can file ...

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Mururoa veterans believe radiation to blame for their health Radio New Zealand

New Zealand servicemen who witnessed nuclear tests at Mururoa Atoll in 1973 ... A number of surviving veterans are attending a 40th anniversary reunion in ...

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Nuclear Downwinders


Fourteen Cape Cod anti-nuclear protestors in Plymouth Court again ... Cape Cod Today

The Downwinders are concerned with the similarity between Pilgrim Nuclear and the Fukushima Nuclear plant in Japan. They also warn that while Cape Cod is ...

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Showing of downwinders movie scheduled Aug. 10 Messenger Index (blog)

The movie looks at the story of downwinders — those who were exposed to above-ground nuclear tests in the 1950s and '60s. Some people from Gem County ...

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Wartsila-Sulzer-RTA96-C - World's Largest Diesel Motor. Image from

Most powerful diesel engine in the world - Gizmag If the Seven Wonders of the World was updated for the 21 st century, the Wartsila- Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine could be a contender.

Circa 2013 - This motor can be called green by Bush, Obama and next-gen US officials as it meets certain greenwash propaganda:

  • Motor develops high horsepower but uses none of high horsepower to scrub Oxides if Nitrogen from its exhaust
  • Motor uses high-sulfur highly polluting diesel rather than sweet, 'light' diesel or biodiesel
  • Motor burns significant amount of fuel per hour to do 1 (one) job; any time the exhaust is not used to boil water for a bathroom water heater, boil water in a boiler for steam, etc. two jobs are not done by one fuel consumption - aka Bush/Obama 'green'.
  • Foreign designed and manufactured makes it a perfect choice for US Government - hence it will be called a next-gen 'clean'-diesel
Brown is the new green, war is the new peace, filth is the new clean, foreign jobs are the new "good US jobs", same old polluter tech is the 'new bleeding edge tech' Truly would be a 'wonder' of the world if updated to 21st century and run on biofuel.

How To Pull More Info From the Web


Nothing is as satisfying as doing your own research, skim reading a lot of articles and finding articles so good you read them twice. The right column contains  cells of “keywords”, the left hand  cells contain * suggsted * search engines.




Suggested Engines (You Choose Any Below). This writer favors first three below over Bing and Google.

Suggested Phrases/Words (You Mix/Match

Your favorite topic or issue keywords go here. If your issue has 12 keywords, search with groups of 2-3 keywords per search.  

CIA Gatekeepers Foundations

Left-Wing Gatekeepers Chomsky Kall

CIA Funded Public Television ‘Rebellion’

State Controlled Media

Control of News Media

America Media Lies

Media Corruption US

Media Abuse of Power / Corruption     



Mururoa Nuclear Veterans

Gulf War Illness / Syndrome

Downwinder Veterans

Nuclear Veterans

Fallujah Congenital heart Defects

Balkan Syndrome

Operation Grapple

Operation Desert Rock

Operation Crossroads

Operation Plumbbob Pigs

Government Seizure DEA Forfeitures

Police Forfeitures

IRS Forfeitures / Marshals Forfeitures

Dept of Justice Forfeitures


Feel free to add a word you think of, mix and match keywords into key phrases (e.g., NSA PRISM, for instance). Example: if you do not like the Google or Bing (NSA PRISM) results, use and/or from the left  search engines.


Another example, try searching for American Nationalism, try adding related words like American Propaganada, e.g., “American Nationalism American Propaganda”. Then try a boolean, like: “US Propaganda Nationalism –wiki -youtube”. Think that is it? What about US or American Disinformation? Have fun with it. Most search engines handle boolean operators, but not always identically.






TPP TransPacific Propganda (Trans Pacific Partnership)

aka Oligarch Free Trade


Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): The Terrible Plutocratic Plan Center for Research on Globalization

Like most of you I do not spend my life studying trade agreements, but the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is disturbing enough to make me devote a little time to ...

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But I Thought Women Have (Had?) a Monsanto-Like

Monopoly on Men’s Rights?


Men's rights posters pop up in Saskatoon News Talk 980 CJME

A Voice for Men is behind the posters here and Alison Tieman, who spoke for the group from Kelvington, said the group has the same message as Men's Rights ...

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Changes in new marriage laws opposed by men's rights group Times of India

... have met with stern objections from men's rights groups. Not only do they say that the new law would only make the men seeking divorce lose out their money, ...

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Men's rights posters torn down StarPhoenix

These Men's Rights poster showed up along 20th St. West. Similar ... Some Saskatonians haven't taken kindly to men's rights posters appearing around the city.

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A woman activist who fights for men's rights! Hindustan Times

Dr Indu Subhash of Lucknow took Bareilly by storm on Sunday as she rooted for the rights of men in the country and advocated formation of a National Men's ...

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Why are anti-feminist posters going up in Saskatoon and Edmonton? Globe and Mail

According to unnerving new reports, posters advocating for the rights of men ... The Men's Rights Edmonton version of the poster read, “Don't Be That Girl …

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Anti-feminism posters pop up in Saskatoon

The posters, which are connected with a group called 'A Voice for Men,' carry slogans such as "Feminism Equals Male Disposability" and "Men's Rights are ...

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Controversial men's rights posters put up in Saskatoon by anti ...

SASKATOON - Posters advocating for the rights of men are appearing on Saskatoon streets just a week after similar ones sparked controversy in Edmonton.

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Educating boys, men on sexual assault a must Cowichan Valley Citizen

Thus we were dismayed to hear about the counter-campaign launched in Alberta by a socalled men's rights group. They used the style of the original posters, ...

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'Mustache March' wins Lake Bluff parade contest Lake Forester

The Million Mustache March for Men's Rights was a satirical social sketch exploiting male cultural stereotypes such as “I have the right to hold the remote” ...

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The right to be left alone | A Voice for Men Geoffrey James

If the nascent Men's Rights Movement sets out to achieve only one thing, it should be the right for men, and indeed everyone, simply to be left alone. We desire ...

A Voice for Men


Men's rights posters torn down - Star Phoenix

Some Saskatonians haven't taken kindly to men's rights posters appearing around the city.

The StarPhoenix - News


A scientist's view: equality, feminism and men's rights | Pandagon pandagon

Recently scientist Laura Waters wrote a piece explaining.



The Counter-Feminist: Gasp! So-Called "Men's Rights" Activity in ... Fidelbogen

So-Called "Men's Rights" Activity in Saskatoon! Pro-male, non-feminist postering activity has been occurring in Saskatoon (not a little bit south of it, but right in ...

The Counter-Feminist



Germ Warfare / Biological Warfare


Biological Warfare in the Pacific Northwest Dissident Voice

Some people are aware of the letter written by Jeffrey Amherst strategizing biological warfare against “the disaffected Tribes of Indians.”4 This genocidaire is ...

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Draft CBRNE disaster management policy prepared Business Recorder (blog)

Biological Warfare Agents (BWA) can be produced / delivered to affect the population, agriculture, live stock and water resources to spread disruption of normal ...

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Legalizing Domestic Spying


Can I “bug” my pro-pentagon-bank complex ‘Senators’ office and ‘get dirt” on him under the laws that make ‘Prism’ legal? Or are we now so two-class, two-law in our system that we slaves cannot do what Master does?


Domestic spying drying Obama support Cal Coast News

obama The Obama administration's penchant for massive spying operations aimed at American citizens has cost him dearly in California support, a recent Field ...

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Senator Slams Domestic Spying: 'Secret Law Has No Place In ... ThinkProgress

Ron Wyden (D-OR) warned an audience at the Center for American Progress on Tuesday of the threat that the post-9/11 surveillance state could not only ...

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When it comes to domestic spying, the US is no China Washington Post

My wife and I had not planned our trip to coincide with Locke's, but domestic security officials, taking no chances, held us under house arrest. Woeser is a ...

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When it comes to domestic spying, the US is no China Washington Post

Wang Lixiong is an author and political commentator. His novels include “Yellow Peril.” This op-ed was translated from Chinese by Perry Link, who teaches ...

See all stories on this topic »


“When it Comes to Domestic Spying, US is no China” China Digital Times

Last month I boarded a train with my wife, Tsering Woeser, a Tibetan poet and activist, to travel from Beijing to Lhasa, Tibet, where her mother lives. Plainclothes ...

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New Zealand Government Moves To Legalize Domestic Spying Reason

The GCSB's domestic spying first came to light last year when it mistakenly tapped Dotcom's communications, not realising that his residency status at the time ...

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We need transparency on domestic surveillance CNN

(CNN) -- Last month, when Edward Snowden began leaking highly classified documents to the press, many Americans were shocked by what they read.

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Swing vote Dunne supports GCSB Bill after changing tune on ... National Business Review

The independent MP has previously maintained surveillance of NZ residents should only be carried out the SIS. Today he reversed that position, albeit with the ...

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Opinion: We need transparency on domestic spying Bayoubuzz

Opinion: We need transparency on domestic spying ... gathered in Washington last month to protest the National Security Agency domestic spying programs.

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Do democracies really need to spy on their citizens? ZDNet (blog)

Violet Blue: Domestic spying and surveillance is antithetical to democracy; while some say it's necessary for safety, it destroys the fundamental trust between a ...

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Opinion: We need transparency on domestic spying – CNN Security ... Dan Merica

By Al Franken, Special to CNN Last month, when Edward Snowden began leaking highly classified documents to the press, many Americans were shocked by ...

CNN Security Clearance


Congress's Oversight of Domestic Spying Fails for Many Reasons ... Beth McMurtrie

Congress's Oversight of Domestic Spying Fails for Many Reasons, Scholars Say. July 22, 2013, 4:55 am. By Beth McMurtrie · comment. At a Senate hearing in ...



Washington - Heated Confrontation In Congress Over Domestic ... admin

Washington - In a heated confrontation over domestic spying, members of Congress said Wednesday they never intended to allow the National Security Agency ...

Vos Iz Neias (Yiddish: What's News?)


NSA domestic spying has reached a new level | Peace . Gold . Liberty jeffjeffjeff

in. Video, TV & Movies · Video. The depth of the NSA domestic spying program is now revealed by the the great staff behind The Key of Awesome.

Peace . Gold . Liberty


Domestic spying drying Obama support - Cal Coast News Daniel Blackburn

The Obama administration's penchant for massive spying operations aimed at American citizens has cost him dearly in California support, a recent Field Poll.

Cal Coast News


Senate Pushing Bill That Does Nothing To Stop NSA Domestic Spying William Teach

Senate Pushing Bill That Does Nothing To Stop NSA Domestic Spying. Written By : William Teach July 22, 2013. Essentially, the bill is window dressing, ...

Right Wing News


House GOP, Dem. lawmakers angry about NSA domestic spying UPI News Headlines

Washington, July 18 (UPI) -- The National Security Agency better curb its U.S. spying or Congress will end it, a lawmaker warned as the NSA said phone.

Latin Business Today




Tomorrow, Congress Votes on an Amendment to Defund Domestic ...

There's a fight brewing in Washington around NSA surveillance, and pro-privacy Representatives from both parties are taking the battle to the budget.


Senator Slams Domestic Spying: 'Secret Law Has ... - Think Progress

Ron Wyden (D-OR) ominously warned an audience on Tuesday of just how deep the rabbit hole goes when it comes to domestic spying.


Congress Voting On Amendment to Defund NSA Domestic Spying ...

New submitter Jah-Wren Ryel writes "It's been just over a month since the NSA's dragnet surveillance program was leaked to the public. Tomorrow, Congress is ...


When they do war crimes, steal from the American people it is "feminism"; none of them want "Bernie Madoff equality". When it comes to Oligarch crime, none of them can do the time. Not implying the women have a monopoly on high crimes, treason and no jail. The opening image above with the men photoshopped "where most of them belong" offends those who worship royals. These women are "royals". Image from Tracy Turner and Google Images

Above iframe (window) from:

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