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Image from GeoMar Video Screenshot. Is Fukushima "an act of God" disaster or man-made? The politicians will have you forget the difference.

What is wrong with "dilution is the solution to pollution? Over 865 days of dumping Cesium and Strontium laden water into the Pacific. Cumulative radiation. The Pacific and lands surrounding it are on everyone's menu. We just had Day 865, the photo is where all the Cesium will be on future Day 2035. The current scenario does not appear to have any quick-fix, will the influx of more Cesium and Strontium will probably not have 'stopped' when day 2035 rapidly arrives. Day 1730 through day 4070, Cesium rain from the Pacific will be watering crops you eat, passing through gils of fish, and be turned to Cesium milk. My, what fun we had abandoning environmentalism for four decades. If I am not clear, many reading this will replace calcium in their bones with a bit of Cesium. But Obama said, Ollie Ollie Oxen Free... Look up half lives of Cesium and Strontium. Look up inherent dangers. Look up "green-washing" by Duke Energy.

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Dr. Piotr Bein's blog = blog Piotra Beina

15/08/2013 - Correction to Tracy Turner using 'Examiner' graphic. Everything between the next two black lines is the correction.

10-year simulation of a single event: dispersion of cesium-137 in the Pacific. Emission events are on-going, so the “dilution” over time and space does not help. A fuller version of the scientific presentation. A comment from forum[...] the driving function appears to be STEADY STATE, due to the continued flow of contaminated groundwater into the Pacific. Thus there will not be any ‘blue water’ near Japan, for a VERY LONG TIME. Still, the cesium distribution process is informative, as a preliminary projection. [...]

Compare with: simulation of cesium-137 spread in the atmosphere and ground deposition in the Northern Hemisphere.


Fukushima nightmare out of the closet

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Fukushima nightmare out of the closet

Since March 2011, based on info from independent experts, I have been calling out alarms on the emissions from the largest ever nuclear power plant disaster, and on the cover-ups, e.g. raising of safe radioactivity levels in foods and stops to radiation monitoring in Canada and the USA.

Newest on Fukushima:

Interview with Dr Simon Atkins

Listen at about minute 25:00 about covered-up effect on fetuses in Canada and the USA.

An extract of the most important info from the interview:


Please folks, listen to this interview. It contains very important information about what is really happening in the US and elsewhere as a result of radiation leaking into the ocean and the air from Fukushima, Japan. The US government is DELIBERATELY LYING to the American people and has raised the radiation limits in food more than 400%. Fish coming from the west coast and Hawaii should be avoided. An 800% increase in stillbirths along the British Columbia coastline in Canada has also been recorded.

Here are a few critical excerpts from this very important interview with Dr. Simon Atkins. Please do listen. It could save your life.

…[[A]t this current time in July of 2013, Fukushima is 80 to 100x more expansive and more intense – letting out about 100x more of the radiation of Chernobyl. The problem with Fukushima is that it’s not only continuing for 865 days… I mean, let’s wrap our minds around that for a second – it has been leaking out radiation in increasing volumes for 865 days. That’s two years, four months, 12 days to be precise – since 3/11/11. And it’s coming in the air. It’s all over the Pacific. And what we have to do is –we’ve been charting the progress of this – how it’s been affecting stillbirths – and the Canadian government let out some studies saying that it found stillbirths along the British Columbia coastline that are 800% — year over year – increased since 2011…

Hawaii is one of the states that is receiving most of the Fukushima radiation in the U.S. The other areas are the west coast of Canada… Alaska is third because the jet stream obviously functions right up into the north during the summer months — and then obviously in succession Oregon, Washington, California and then so forth further eastward, obviously. So, if the Fukushima radiation continues – God forbid – for the next five years – but that scenario is increasingly likely – the cumulative radiation in New York City will be the same in five years as it is today in Crescent City, California…

And the Obama administration, going back to Fukushima, ordered – they ordered the shutdown through the EPA — the Environmental Protection Agency — which is one of the most corrupt organizations in the US and world – because they shut down all of the west coast sensor towers for the radiation starting on April 2011. And they have not been functioning since, except for a few periods of time, and all of that information has not been shared through the free information act – which I find is just outrageous , especially when I seem to remember very clearly words from the current administration that they would be “more transparent” — which has been nothing more than a lie…

Do not – and I repeat with quite urgency – do not eat anything out of the Pacific Ocean at this time. If you are buying fish from the Seattle fish market; if you are buying tuna from a fish store in San Diego; refuse to buy it.

According to Dr. Atkins (doctor in atmospheric sciences and alternative medicine), in order of radioactive containation level, the worst are: Hawaii, British Columbia, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California… Eventually, the whole Northern Hemisphere will be affected.

There is no way to stop breathing, but at least don’t eat any Pacific food!
Spread the word.



Dr. Piotr Bein's blog = blog Piotra Beina



From a commentor (LifeIs) at BIN:



Mortality information for the US:

Report on study of thyroid problems in “Babies Born After Fukushima in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington” at:

Report on 2011 study of infant mortality increase, “An estimated 14,000 excess deaths in the United States are linked to the radioactive fallout from the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear reactors in Japan, according to a major new article in the December 2011 edition of the International Journal of Health Services. ” from:

Chernobyl has killed about a million people so far [ ] after a release of ONLY SEVEN TONS OF URANIUM FUEL [ ]

Fukushima released 90 tons of uranium and plutonium from reactor 3 alone. Reactors 1 and 2 and the spent fuel that burns adds to that. There were 4,277 tons of nuclear fuel at Fukushima.

An overview of the health situation:

“Arnie Gundersen’s tests revealed that “the air over Seattle was loaded with hot particles, as it was in Tokyo, in April and May of 2011.” Ambient radiation levels in Seattle have been measured at 40 000 times higher than before the disaster; Amerecium – which is more toxic than plutonium – is being detected in Boston.”

” The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Canadian government have switched off radiation monitors, and are not providing information to the public regarding atmospheric radiation. The EPA has pulled 8 of its 18 radiation monitors in California, Oregon and Washington because (by implication) they are giving readings which seem too high…”

Japanese radiation sickness and death are being lied about. For example, 77 nursing home evacuees died within 3 months of the meltdowns.
[ ] That was triple the normal death rate.

Thyroid cancer at triple the previous rate:

And so on…..we breath carcinogenic particles of plutonium, amerecium, uranium. We eat tritium, strontium, cesium, and iodine. The iodine is what is causing the thyroid problems in the US and in Japan. At least tens of millions will die, probably hundreds of millions.




Jailed Activists


20 arrested blocking megaload; shipment continues toward Lolo Pass The Missoulian

Authorities said 20 protesters – including eight members of the Nez Perce Tribe – were arrested, jailed and charged with misdemeanors for disturbing the peace.

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210 Arrested at Chevron Protest

More than 200 people were arrested Saturday outside Chevron's Richmond refinery during a protest over safety issues at the plant and the company's global ...

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Activists to light candles, pray for American jailed in North Korea Reuters

Human rights activists in South Korea say Bae may have been arrested for taking pictures of starving children. "I believe his personal convictions as a Christian ...

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Imprisoned CIA Whistleblower John Kiriakou: Totality of Punishment ... Kevin Gosztola

Former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who has served five months of a thirty-month sentence in the federal correctional institution in Loretto, Pennsylvania,



Think about everything done in the past 1-2 decades by Tony Blair, Benyamin Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Obama, Janet Reno, Janet Napolitano, Monsanto’s Hillary Clinton and Michael Taylor.


Email forwarded to me this week, Veronia in Europe:




None of these people have thought through the 'fundamentals'.

Here are a few:


1. Something that doesn't exist.


3. A Right that you, yourself, possess ... for example the Right to Speak your Mind, and say what you believe.

No-one has EVER BEEN BORN with:

4. The Right to 'HAVE AUTHORITY' over others
5. The Right GRANT AUTHORITY to others
6. The Right to IMPOSE THEIR WILL over others.

If you put that all together, you realise that, when voting via a Democratic Ballot Box ... the only thing ANY VOTER is capable of delegating is The Right to SPEAK on The Voter's BEHALF.


You CANNOT be delegating the Right to DO anything else at all ... because YOU don't have that Right

You cannot be delegating any AUTHORITY OVER OTHERS ... because you don't have that Right.

You cannot be delegating the ability to IMPOSE WILL UPON OTHERS ... because you don't have that Right.

Thus the 'provenance' of ANY:

Right to 'HAVE AUTHORITY' over others, Right GRANT AUTHORITY to others, Right to IMPOSE YOUR WILL over others ... MUST (by definition) ... at some point in time ... have been plucked out of someone's Backside (American translation: "Ass").

The only way in which AUTHORITY and IMPOSITION OF WILL can be considered acceptable is when a Petty Jury of 12 Impartial People ... having had the FACTS presented to them ... make the UNANIMOUS decision that someone did Right or Wrong ... via their Verdict and employing Innate Common Sense. That's the Law. And that's the ONLY Law ... apart from the Laws of the Universe e.g. Law of Gravity.

That's the only way we need to accept any kind of 'Authority' ... everything else DEMANDS our Consent.

Veronica xxx




Our Founding Fathers during their better moments claimed “we gave our consent” to be “governed”. They did not write that “Domestic Drones, Prism, Patriot Act, TPP and NDAA” were conspired in secret by foreign and domestic treasonous individuals who rammed these laws down our throats…







Happy 68-Year Hiroshima Anniversary, Nukes Are So Much More Important Than Clean Drinking Water in America and Israel

Eyewitnesses to Hiroshima and Nagasaki • Damn Interesting *

Look for scads of horror stories and films about how terrible nuclearwar ... chose to be at war. The nuclear attack on Hiroshima ... Sanctioned murder. The nuclear

Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and the U.S. Terror State The Libertarian ...
6 days ago ... Being a U.S. war criminal means never having to say sorry. ... indefensible than the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki's civilian populations.


The American Spectator : Recalling Hiroshima and Nagasaki
3 days ago ... With every receding year, there's only one bad guy in the Pacific war.


How Can We Condemn Boston Murders but Excuse US Bombing of
Apr 19, 2013 ... But over the past 12 years our own nation has killed and maimed ..... the final death toll from the one nuclear weapon used on Hiroshima was ...



Species Extinction, Is Homo sapien next?


Pangolins in Peril: All 8 Species of Scaly Anteaters Endangered by ... Scientific American (blog)

Some species—especially the Chinese pangolin (Manis pentadactyla) and Malaysia's Sunda pangolin (M. javanica)—could soon face extinction, according to ...

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Hong Kong customs seize millions of dollars in endangered species ... CBS News

Hong Kong customs seize millions of dollars in endangered species cargo ... Demand for rhino horn is driven by the belief in Asia that the ground-up horn cures ...

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Zoological Survey of India conducts Survey to Identify the ... India Education Diary

... on the same, animal species that are on the verge of extinction are identified. ... and coral reefs, Edible-nest Swiftlets, Asian Wild Buffalo, Nicobar Megapode, ...

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Pangolins in Peril: All 8 Species of Scaly Anteaters Endangered by ... Scientific American (blog)

Almost all of this trade is illegal under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which forbids all trade in the four Asian species ...

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Big animals crucial for soil fertility: study Channel News Asia

The mass extinction of large animals in the Pleistocene era caused today's dearth of ... many of the large animals that remain" today, mainly in Africa and Asia.

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Megafauna dung key to soil health ABC Science Online

The effect of the extinction was less severe in Australia than in South America because Australia had no elephant-sized animals, which meant its animals were ...

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The End of the Coral Reef May be Nigh | Robert Kyriakides's * 2013/ 04/ 10/ the-end-of-the-coral-reef-may-be-nigh/ 

August2013; July 2013; June ... Coral reefs have always been an important ... acidifcation, Acidification of oceans, bleaching of coral, calcareous

Climate change impacts on coral reefs: synergies with local ... * 2013/ 07/ 02/ climate-change-impacts-on-coral-reefs-synergies-with-local-effects-po ssibilities-for-acclimation-and-management-implications/

This review underlines that coral bleaching, acidification, ... 2013/08/25-30 "Ocean Acidification: processes, time scales and biotic response", ...

Fish virtually extinct in China's largest desert freshwater ... ** story/ fish-virtually-extinct-chinas-largest-desert-freshwater-lake

... Hongjiannao Lake is soon to see its fish population become extinct. ... New reservoirs have diverted water and coal mining have ... August 02, 2013 ...

August 6 News: Mass Fish Die-Offs Increasing In Warming U.S ... climate/ 2012/ 08/ 06/ 642331/ august-6-news-mass-fish-die-offs-increasing-in-warming-us-rivers/ - Proxy - Highlight

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Mass Extinction of Animals, Worldwide for at least 3 years ... * 2013/ 08/ 03/ mass-extinction-of-animals-worldwide-for-at-least-3-years-2011-2012-2 013/ - Proxy - Highlight

Mass Extinction of Animals, ... 1st August 2013 – Mass fish die off in a lagoon in Santa ... 27th July 2013 – 10,000 Chickens dead from bird flu in ...

Editors note: I love dolphins as much as anyone, but bee extinction will take away 1/3 of each plate of food you have been eating, so tweet your politicians and ask then to save Dolphins. Bees are ‘ugly’ and Dolphins ‘look sort of like Barbie’… No, the ‘world’ is not going extinct, I’m sure something will be here after the humans go extinct.

Tweetstorm is Brewing – Save These Dolphins From Going Extinct Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

The dolphin is listed internationally as 'critically endangered' (IUCN Red List) and as 'Nationally Critical' under the New Zealand Threat Classification System.

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Long-eared rare species of bat faces extinction The Independent

There are just 1,000 of Britain's rarest species of bat left in the UK because of a “dramatic decline” in areas where they hunt for food, experts have warned.

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Opinion: Why Are We Still Hunting Lions? National Geographic

The United States government is considering whether to add lions to the list of species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Such protection would ban the ...

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Human Extinction


Iraqi Kurdistan: KRG Urges Compensation For Victims Of Genocide UNPO

Following the discovery of another mass grave from the al-Anfal campaign, the KRG has urged the Iraqi government to provide compensation for the Genocide.

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Hanford Workers Prepared for it to Blow at any Time; Portsmouth ... HNN

Plutonium Residue at Hanford still has the capacity to trigger an explosion. To avoid “concentrating (too much) fissile material in one place”, the article states that ...

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Israel / Sri Lanka Genocide Collaboration


Israel advises Sri Lanka on slow-motion genocide
Green Left Weekly
Tuesday, August 6, 2013. By Krisna Saravanamuttu. Israel
is advising the Sri Lankan regime in its campaign of dispossession and 'slow genocide' of the Tamil people. Towards the end of 2008, I joined thousands in Toronto to protest Israel's attack on Gaza.
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Human Extinction Via Man-Made Weapons of Mass BlackMail/Extortion


Fukushima's Radioactive Water Leak is an Emergency, Says ... FairWarning

Fukushima's operators struggle to contain a leak that is sending radioactive ... Until now, opposition to the mining of Alberta's tar sands — and the Keystone ...

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VIDEO: Strontium 90 at high levels in Fukushima's uncontrolled ... Christina MacPherson

VIDEO: Strontium 90 at high levels in Fukushima's uncontrolled water leak. water-radiation the unfortunate thing about strontium especially is that it ...



Female Extinction by PHARMA Bureaucracy


Death by statistics: More women must die for U.K. to recommend ... San Francisco Business Times (blog)

Too few women died in a clinical trial of a Genentech Inc. breast cancer drug for ... 385 "events," or in this case deaths, to reach a median for overall survival.

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Extinction by Farm


Will next extinction be our ag livelihood? Stockton Record

"If current trends continue, by the end of this century as many as half of earth's species will be gone," the story said. The cause of the Sixth Extinction is different ...

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Extinction By Oligarchs

Extinction By Governments / Atomic Bomb Complex

GAO to issue report on Navajo uranium cleanup Sacramento Bee

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. -- The investigative arm of Congress is looking into how federal agencies carried out a plan to clean up uranium contamination on the ...

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Victim of Bikini Atoll H-bomb fallout keeps the faith | The Japan Times

When the United States conducted the H-bomb test on the Bikini Atoll, Oishi was 20 years old and engaged in freezing tuna on the Fukuryu Maru. “In the dim ...

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Documentary sheds light on Emmett 'Downwinders' KTVB

A life-long Emmett resident, Tona Henderson, tells us she's seen the effects of the nuclear fallout firsthand. "I have 30 people in my family that have had cancer," ...

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New film explores fallout from weapons testing Sacramento Bee

Mike Crapo made a promise to victims of nuclear fallout from Cold War weapons ... 3 in the nation for iodine-131 fallout, according to a 1997 National Cancer ...

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The Legacy of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty CounterPunch

Now we need to extend the ban to nuclear power plants to achieve the same ... Officials who had downplayed the idea that fallout was causing cancer and other ...

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China's Jiangmen Residents Protest Against Uranium Plant Global Voices Online

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Radioactive hot spots found in seabed as far away as Miyagi The Japan Times

In the past scientists had only conducted sporadic samplings for cesium near the plant. The team found relatively high levels of cesium-137 near the mouth of the ...

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If this publication ran article links to propaganda about Iran and Nuclear, it would go here (25+ articles, all written by Israelis who do not mention the Israeli nuclear bomb factory); but this is the week America justifies using Nukes on Women and Children in Hiroshima.



Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

New Research Suggests Novel Approach For Drug Resistant Staph ... Forbes

English: Magnified 20,000X, this colorized scanning electron micrograph (SEM) depicts a grouping of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA...

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Prediction of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in patients ... 7thSpace Interactive (press release)

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Trius and Optimer shareholders file lawsuits to halt Cubist purchase Boston Business Journal (blog)

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Routine use of Staphylococcus aureus rapid diagnostic test in ... 7thSpace Interactive (press release)

Routine use of Staphylococcus aureus rapid diagnostic test in patients with ... including drugs active against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

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Prism – NSA

NSA Domestic Spying Enabled By Legal Loophole The Inquisitr

The massive scope of domestic surveillance under the National Security Agency's PRISM program, however, was in June revealed by NSA leaker/whistleblower ...

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Post Peak Sanity, Oil & Freedom; Pre Peak Thirst, Hunger, War and Ponzi Fascism       Analysis Ratings: CNN, FoxNews, NBC, MSNBC, Huffington Post & Salon

      TimeLine of CIA Atrocities - Steve Kangas       The Origins of the Overclass - Steve Kangas

Denial Mongering - One who hawks, vends, pushes and shoves unrealistic versions of actual reality; marketers and hucksters of lies, partial or complete mistruths. Usually uninformed perons, opinionated, not well read and well educated. "Another over the top article about Fukushima". The worst offenders dismiss Dr. Bein, Dr. Gundersen, Dr. Busby, Dr. Caldicott, Dr. Rokke and Dr. Weyman, because "the denigrator" knows "more". Denial is not a cancer-shield for self, friends and family. I ate Pacific Salmon and possibly Sole since the spill started; Obama lied about 'safe'. All of us could have made changes if we had warning.

Consensus Bot(s) - One (24th CyberWing Air Force, et al) who hawks, vends, pushes and shoves unrealistic versions of actual reality; marketers and hucksters of lies, partial or complete mistruths but is not an actual human. "The military consensus bots blogged calming, misleading pseudofacts about Gulf War illness and Fukushima".

Who do you trust more, Politicians, CEO's or Fish? -

After vising the three links, I can 'safely' say, 'what problem?' Pale humor aside, I view blog comments dismissing 40-years of HAZMAT cleanup time and 300 tonnes of HAZMAT per day run-off... beyond fear mongering. With this much pollution circumnavigating the globe, referring to fear mongering and denial mongering is distracting semantics. Or "I don't know anyone who whas died"? Me, I don't know anyone who has died, yet. Ask Abe in Japan who has died. Good luck getting an honest answer from Japanese President Abe TepCo.

Probably just coincidence, Fukushima, 300 tonnes radioactive water, airborne fallout, dead fish. Can't be related, blame it on the Sun... The denial mongers naysaying 6 melted down open air reactors with "dilution is the solution to pollution" does not stop * cumulative * radiation. Crescent City, California will not be 'cleaner' next year. In 2018-2019, radiation in New York will not be 'fading-out'. The fuel must be cooled with water, water is going into the Pacific. This won't change in weeks or months. The goal here is not to scare. Read it again, listen to the audio, sleep on it. But the Obama administration should go down in history as most lame duck of all US Presidents - the Censorship/Spy administration. Keeping us in the dark remedies this, how? Or is he our "shield" in some magic fashion? Personally, the Republican-Democrat-Frapped-Duoped / Military-Nuke-Complex / Politico-Brain-Spinners are the least helpful with this.     ~ Tracy Users!

Why Is This News / Website Censored In Bing's Search Results? This is Bing violating Freedom of the Press! Apparently, Gates Finds Truth 'Inconvenient'.

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