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Is “PRISM” the Word of God? Is God the National Security Administration or the Mossad?

"The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel"

"The role of "Israel" in the interception of phone calls and emails National Security Agency is silent as long as Edward Snowden did not discover the secret of the world ~ U.S. looks at the world through PRISM"

DDT7/ADD 11 TV, the GMO Show (Bottled water Exposé)
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Netanyahu and Israeli Spies: Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit-8200, Pioneer and Kidon Using DPI To Spy On US Citizens Is Not Exactly What the Jewocentric News Media Has Been Talking About. Oh, yeh, blame the Jews again. Ollie, ollie oxen holocaust! Ollie ollie oxen antisemite!

b-b-b-b-But Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit-8200, Pioneer and Kidon are not American entities, and our raw personal data was handed to foreigners by NSA spies, the exact textbook definition of treason... So the "American" gatekeeper newsers keep talking about Obama and NSA; but keep giving Netanyahu, Israel, the Mossad, Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit-8200, Pioneer and Kidon a free pass (zero reporting) on Israel/PRISM International Espionage. The NSA and US politicians keep giving themselves a free pass on illegal domestic spying. Now here is where it gets wierd, as if it was already not. Apple and deceased Steve Jobs forking over spy data to the Mossad (tech backdoors) - is why they want to arrest Snowden for "damaging us"?

Since when did we want all of our DoB's, SS#'s, telephone #'s, voice, Skype recordings and e-mails in the hands of Mossad via AT&T, et al? Nobody is in prison, yet? The "news" is complicit in the coverup by failing to mention Israel. Since when can all these "tech communications" companies provide "Mossad back doors" and not go to prison under the 'Snowden' Espionage Act of 1917? Gee, we all want to give ComCast, or AT&T, or Sprint $400 per month to hand our privacy to the Mossad? Everyone, "like" Facebooks advertisers, shop - it is good for the Mossad's Unit 8200, Pioneer and Kidon...

Our Ford's Prayer


Our Ford in CyberSpace,

hallowed be your game

Your Kingdom come,

your Empire be done,

on earth as in heaven

Give us today our Uranium.

Digitize us forever our sins

as we erasure forget revisionism those who sin against us.

Bleed us not into temptation,

but deliver us from truth in media and waterboarding

For the kingdom, the empire, the fiat currency

the enhanced interrogation, extraordinary rendition, the eyes and the ears are yours

Now and for ever

This SiteWeb

3/11 Was Japan's 9/11 - Did the Dimona Dozen Murder the Fukushima 50 ~ Jim Stone

ObamaCare? aka Billionaire-Banker Cartel-Care OpEd 


Does God Have Perfect Justice, Perfect Judgement, Perfect Vengeance or Perfect Forgiveness? Pull up the recordings of God stored on Israeli Computers or NSA Hard Drives. But Stop Pretending Israel Is Our Benevolent Friend…


An e-Friend of mine corresponded over topics of: Ancient Aliens TV show, one of my friends who ran down all the topics on Ancient Aliens 2-3 years before the show aired. We discussed Botany vs GMO’s, US and Israel’s ‘Hunger Games” Empires. E-mails pasted below, trust me, Carmen’s email pastes are far better than anything this weeks writer’s burnout could dream of. Short version click benevolent friend above…


Tracy Turner: Take a look at Netanyahu

It is the way they painted Christ, etc. during the Rennaisance. I so hope a few people get the mockery.

Most everything I write would be censored on Rob Kall's site. Most of it gets 25x more traffic per article. God, America is so great. Gatekeepers everywhere. Seriously. the week I posted Jaffa Mass Graves (clued in by you) somebody, somehow "broke" every graphic on my website, almost. I'd fix them, the next day they would break again.

Eventually I seemed to work most of the trouble out with my Host's IT guys. This is precisely what seems to trigger broken graphics



Carmen: I was killing some time last night and watched a little bit of a show advancing the theory by some archeologists that aliens helped create humans and were an integral part of the early part of human history.  They linked accounts in the Bible with archeological sites all over the world, other writings, folklore, culture, paintings, etc. and it all made a whole lot of sense to me.  If you ever catch the show (think it was called Ancient Aliens), you may want to watch it and see what you think.

Re:  the "breaking" of your website.  This may help you understand who did it and why:

If this subject is of interest to you, I also have other links to an entire expose aired by FOX (not kidding, that FOX, lol!) after 9/11 which was quickly rescinded.  They show how the entire spy apparatus was created and handed over to those terrorist paranoid freaks.  I think that's the reason why the US is so subservient to them.  If they dare cross the psychos, they can bring the entire communication infrastructure of the US down with one swoop.




Tracy Turner: I've seen most episodes at least 1-2 times, not to brag. Not a criticism, the show intrigues and puts me to sleep. It is the way narrators nowadays whisper, or talk low and whisper, almost.

The more epidoes I saw, the more I wondered who we are, who "God" is. No one explanation has ever made sense.

I have a friend who understands this topic, our DNA, space/time, the universe, etc. better than the show. The system gave him prison time, a record, a "new" life that incudes 40-50 hours of work and living in a laundromat back room. He is more embarrassed than I am - but he ran down most of the things from Ancient Aliens before the show was on the air.

My background is horticulture, I followed the NASA until recent years and flew High Powered Rockets (hobbies). China, Russia or any large country does something - it is a thick plot, reality. The NATO affiliates and their monied interests do it - not reality, just a nutty conspiracy theory. That in and of itself is highly interesting.

I've never not read anything you have sent. 1-2 years back, I did my best to find real, hard numbers of genocide "scores". Israel 4 million Arabs, NATO 3 million via three presidents with Obama in the lead. The WWII Germans did kill Jews, not two ways about it, but the 6 million was a work of fiction WWI era or thereafter. The number stuck, but it is like all Israeli Prime Ministers combined, both Bush's and Obama to equal 6 million.

Please send your links, I'd be delighted to read the articles.

Warmest regards,


PS - If you find anything on Southern Poverty Law Center that is subject of Jewish Supremany by SPLC, this is a topic most writers will not tackle. Please don't hunt, just know it interests me.


These darlings are on the US terrorist list.  They were the ones that killed Alex Odeh by placing a bomb in his San Francisco office back in 1985.  The FBI knows they did it, to date, there have been no arrests, not even an investigation. This is one case that has been resurrected and has got a lot of [alternative] media coverage lately.

Jewish Defense League

Jewish Extremists Arrested in Failed Bombing Conspiracy

Jewish Extremist Murdered in Penitentiary



Carmen: Thanks for your reply.  That is interesting stuff indeed.  Like you, I felt that the shows left a lot to ponder.  Of course, I'm no expert in the subject of evolution but my uneducated guess and gut feeling tells me that those meteors showering the Earth millions of years ago (or is it 3,000?  LOL!), probably brought the DNA that got life as we know it started in this planet.  As for the god thing...well, I think the closest we have to god (or is Santa Claus?) is the NSA - all powerful, all-knowing, omnipresent & omnipotent, they see and hear everything and they pass judgment exclusively.  :)

I'm no horticulturist either but gardening has been a life-long hobby of mine and I've got to know my plants well.  When I was in college (my second round), I took a botany class as a requirement and was the shinning star.  The professor wanted me to transfer to the horticulture program as a result of my talent.  In retrospect, I wish I would have.

Funny that you mention the death toll of Arabs.  Over the weekend, I did a little research on the death toll left behind by the US 'wars of liberation' and came up with a pretty good count.  Here's what I found, as you can see this doesn't include the natives or the other "minor" squabbles that only left a few thousand corpses behind:

Viet Nam 5.5 million
Cambodia 600,000 to 800,000
Civilian casualties in Laos are estimated at 1 million
The Korean War, between 3.5 and 4 million (approx. 30% of the population)
Iraq, 1.4 million
Afghanistan, unknown but some estimates put it at about 1 million (although the NSA reads your very thoughts by the billions - cue in a wave to the snitch on the other side of the screen - they seem to be unable to figure out how many innocents they kill)

Johan Galtung wrote a great piece called "Love The Republic But Hate The Empire" in which he estimates that the US death toll around the world is 16 million.  That's an awful lot of ghosts to have after you!  Is there any wonder the US is the psychotic, paranoid and screwed up society it is?  Even if people have no conscience that's a lot of blood hanging over you.

In reference to the Chosen People, I also did a little research and came up with some pretty interesting stuff.  I know you'll find this very interesting:

NY Times reports in 1906 that Russia's "6,000,00 jews" facing a final "solution" of "systematic and murderous extermination"

What Maxim Gorky is Doing in Berlin

The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!
By Martin H. Glynn
(Former Governor of the State of N.Y.)

Jews alleged a "holocaust" of "6 Million" Jews in Romania, Poland and Ukraine in 1919 at end of WWI

There is no denying that Hitler was a deranged monster (not that he has been the only one in history) but after reading the above, the 6 million figure became questionable at best.  What is unquestionable is that this particular sect sure knows how to milk tragedy and profit from their self-imposed victimhood to the detriment of the rest of humanity.

All the best,



Tracy Turner: It is so not cool to admit this now. As an 11-year old Irish Catholic, my Dad's Mother died and I felt alone and abandoned and wondered why God would take my favorite relative first. Mind you, I was myself immortal at the time...

For the next 5-10 years, I read books on the great religions of the Earth, on philosphy and pyschology. I wrestled with the concept of becoming a priest, minister, pastor, psychologist or EMT in an ambulance (during the Vietnam years).

At age 15, two 16-year old girls walked past me in shorts on a mountain trail and I knew priest would not work - it was an epiphany.

But it is only now that I need wonder know more. NSA is all knowing, all seeing, all listening; will remember as long as the RAID hard drives have platters that will spin. With the prices dropping on ever larger storage, my rant at my wife that I'm not going to Von's, that I am no where near Von's groceries will be on a Chinese hard drive in Utah until my son's son's son's children are no more. Hopefully the all judging NSA will not see fit to put the sum total of my existence bouncing through Ethernet for eternity. The NSA is God, I repent of all my former fondness of country and the Holy Ghost of NDAA is strong with us all. Compliance is the new religion.

Obviously I was looking skyward and the sum of my soul is in a Utah basement... If a traffic cam field of view captures a Coopers Hawk this afternoon, that would be my Native People's spirit giude also getting digitized in a Utah basement. All is 'sin', to be digitized in Utah basement Hell or Ethernet Purgatory... (end of emails)


We cannot see where Prism and NSA fit in as THE DEITY in all of the world’s great religions, so Judeo Christian it is. The Torah says an eye for an eye, a myth for a myth. Was 9/11 a poke in the eye, a myth woven as vengeance for another Myth? Were the stories of 6 million Jews gassed a myth to seek vengeance for the Russian World War I myth of 6 million Jews exterminated?


One has to wonder, if perhaps the Mossad e-surveillance and NSA Prism systems are God, all seeing and all knowing. Both Governments have indicated repeatedly both entities are Divine, Inspired, Flawless Intelligence. Were it not for the inability to count:


Viet Nam 5.5 million
Cambodia 600,000 to 800,000
Civilian casualties in Laos are estimated at 1 million
The Korean War, between 3.5 and 4 million (approx. 30% of the population)
Iraq, 1.4 million
Afghanistan, unknown but some estimates put it at about 1 million


…one could be certain NSA or CIA/Mossad were God, except... The Mossad 'Divine Intelligence' keeps losing the number 4,000,000+ dead Arabs since 1948, an extremely conservative number. Hard to point the finger and salute the flag and sleep at night via CIA 16,000,000 dead globally since the old Office of Strategic Services (OSS) days. Not seeing or 'remembering' or 'digitizing the sin to hard drive forever (the numbers of those you killed) does not seem very 'God'-like.


Perhaps the NSA is God based on memory; if everything the all knowing, all seeing Cameras, hacked laptops, etc. sees is used for the benevolent care of us all, perhaps NSA God is kind and benevolent. An American falls from slippery ice or drunkeness and lapses consciouness on a freezing night. The all knowing security eye sees this and summons help? The eye calls an Obama Care NSA storage device, and stores images of the dying man or woman in hard-drive memory for the next 50,000 years of USA! USA! empirical awe?


The New Testament view could be that Israeli IDF Mossad are the Holy Ghost, that US CIA Pentagon-Bankster Complex is the Father and NSA Prism is the SON, sent to store our Sin Forever on RAID Servers? Perfect forgiveness? NSA Prism is THE REDEEMER – whenever Raytheon, BP, Conoco, Johson & Johnson *SIN *… too nebulous of examples. More relateable is PRISM NSA’s All Seeing Eyes and Ears determine US Troops overseas are being Electrocuted in Cheney/Halliburton and Senator Feinstein's husband's showers. NSA Prism THE REDEEMER erases the evidence and is merciful and FORGIVES… The NSA Prism THE REDEEMER takes the SIN unto HIMSELF and Forgives the billionaire or multinational with unconditional, erased hard drive forgiveness. 4 million IDF dead Arabs, 16 million CIA/Pentagon dead, forgiven just as if it never happened. Erased from drive, delete, delete... Pitch a tent in Zucotti Park, we have you on digital audio/video snoring... forever, hard-drive hell. Nobody stops and ask why Dianne Feinstein's husband and Cheney Halliburton killing our own military people is erased, a snoring Occupy member "kept as evidence" for all of eternity. Forgive, erase for royals - store in RAID backup drives for eternity for any "terrorists" threatening the "security" of billionaires.


Most do not realize the perfect love and forgiveness that spawned PRISM and NSA.


Some become so embittered, they need to be sued in civil court by Disciple Morris Dees of Southern Poverty Law Center, to force them to repent from their 'terrible HATE'. Everyone should practice total forgetfulness of sin like the IDF and NSA, like PRISM. The Morris Dees SPLC Anti Christian Hate Group Jewish Extortion Racket benevolent agency finds people unable to forget sin and sues them, bankrupts them to force them into forgiving and forgetting the Israeli and US sin.


If anyone is wondering where your Torah or Bible is, it is in your purse or pocket, just find the little "Good Book" labelled (((iPhone))), he knows when you've been good or bad... Is your wife pregnant? Hold the phone closer, NSA God might store the heartbeat...



Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit 8200 Pioneer Kidon, Prism, Obama, Jews, NSA News, National Security Agency, People, Israeli, Israel, Prismgate Cover Up, Arabs, Alternative, Security, National, Agency, SLPC, Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees, Prism Sying Scandal, Edward Snowden
Criminal Snowden Living In Russia? Conspiracy Theory. Israeli's processing NSA PRISM Telecommunications Dumps From US?

Excuse the machine language translations:


The role of "Israel" in the interception of phone calls and emails National Security Agency is silent as long as Edward Snowden did not discover the secret of the world.


Why was ignored? "Narus 'and' Verin," "Israeli" service, specializing in the "mass surveillance", were at the origin of the "Prisms". It was part of a start-up created after his demobilization cyber fighters of a special unit "Israeli" security services, are trained in military-technical department of "Israeli" forces, known as the "Unit 8200", and those who have served in similar structures. One of them - the "Pioneer" - for example, passed the credit card data service "Kidon" unit "Mossad", the Zionist secret service, killed Jan. 19, 2010 in Dubai of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of the "Brigades named Shaheed Izz al-Din Al-Qassam ", the armed wing of Hamas *.

Than used "Israel"? ..

Chief "Narus' Cohen made ​​no secret in an interview with" Fortune "from 2001, its ties with the secret" Israeli "intelligence services, saying that intercepting telephone calls and e-mails it was easy. With the support of the Bush administration is one of the major U.S. phone companies "AT & T" gave the NSA in San Francisco access to sensitive data. It is illegal interference, which told the media in 2003, the company's employees, NSA repeatedly practiced in major U.S. cities.

"Verizon", the second largest television network, was made ​​available to "Verintom" which, according to the "Israeli" newspaper "Haaretz", has close links with the "Mossad". As part of the company's "Comverse Network Systems", she changed management in 2006, when its founder, Jacob Alexander, nicknamed "Kobe" and found refuge in Namibia, a country with no extradition treaty with the United States to avoid the American court.

It should be noted that in September 2002, "Comverse NS" attracted the attention of the FBI that held the "Israeli" paging campaign "Odigo," two employees that have received an email about the impending terrorist attack two hours before the event, the twin towers. In 2011, "Kobi" Alexander, who is still in Namibia, proposed the "Commission on Securities and Exchange," the federal agency to monitor financial markets, about $ 46 million in exchange for giving up some of the charges against him.

Data obtained using the "Prisms," were given the "Center for Government Communications" (GCHQ) - British service by electronic espionage.

Even before the revelations of Edward Snowden, a former NSA adviser, said that "the Israelis," by consent or without permission, use these databases, therefore, there is no need for a "secret door", introduced in the software, except in order to retain the ability to access to information on the case (which is impossible!) if the U.S. president decides to put an end to the interaction between the U.S. and "Israel" in security and data sharing. Add that involved "Mossad" in the American program of mass surveillance and its use, a much larger extent than stated, since it is "Amdocs", "Israeli" company and a global leader in software development, directs the "AT & T" and "Verizon" ...

Journalist James Bamford, the author of numerous books and scientific articles on the U.S. intelligence confirms that the "software for sophisticated analysis and transfer of data, which developed the Americans were secretly transferred to" Israel "mid-level employee, probably having a connection with this" country " . " It can be concluded that "Israel" with a high degree of probability has a spyware program similar to "Prisms" and that "Unit 8200" intercepts emails and telephone calls not only in Arab countries but also in Europe and in Africa. In particular, tapped activists of the movement "For the boycott, divestment - sanctions" (BDS). And that's not all: for example, a virus, dubbed "Flame", created, of course, in "Israel" can steal the address book data of mobile phones and write calls.

Scandals with "Watergate" in the U.S. were only "flowers" compared with what Edward said Snowden. Jamil Jefferson, director of the human rights organization "The American Civil Liberties Union," notes that the program "Prisms" exceeded even utopian fantasies of George Orwell. The worst, however, is yet to come: in the "Israeli" security forces are able to analyze conversations and a half billion individuals, but scientists said that in the near future there will be a microsystem that will intercept telephone conversations from a distance.

"Unit 8200"

Edward Snowden gave the British newspaper "The Guardian" secret documents proving that the NSA gave "Israel", "Unit 8200" recordings of intercepted negotiation, which is not only a gross violation of privacy rights of millions of people on earth, but also the American laws that protect Americans and foreign nationals residing in the United States.

We are confident that in this way "Mossad" had acquired emails Gen. David Petraeus to his mistress Paula Brodvel, which were then "fused" in the media, causing a huge scandal, the CIA chief's resignation provoked. "Israeli" lobby in the United States, of course, is attached to this case your hands, as it was General Petraeus had the courage to tell the Senate that the favoritism that demonstrates States in relation to "Israel", promotes the growth of anti-American forces around the world and reinforces the "Al- Qaeda "** in the Middle East.

Gilles Munier

Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit 8200 Pioneer Kidon, Prism, Obama, Jews, NSA News, National Security Agency, People, Israeli, Israel, Prismgate Cover Up, Arabs, Alternative, Security, National, Agency, SLPC, Southern Poverty Law Center, Morris Dees, Prism Sying Scandal, Edward Snowden

The All Knowing All Seeing Eye of Prism Has Erased? ...Forgotten? Forgiven the Bush Obama Clinton Reagan Dubya Genocide; But Evidence of 'Camping' at Occupy Events Still Spins On Hard Drives. AntiWar March at a Community College or University, Your digitized footsteps and "hallowed be thy name" will spin on a Police hard drive for "eternity"; the "hell" mentioned in the bible. Is the God of Mossad or the God of NSA the original sin? What would be Capital treason for you, I or Edward Snowden is only a Nixon-esque "outsourcing" to 'Israeli contractors' NSA's Shadowy "Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs, Unit 8200, Pioneer and Kidon". Here, 27 terra-quads (or 27,000?) of raw, unfiltered, yet to be classified data. Lets just hand it to a non-American foreign national - it is not Treason when the NSA does it. It is not sin when God does it. Rupee the American people, Angela Merkel, etc. with Droid and iPhone enticements. Help the post 9-11 economy, so an NSA Pervert can digitally film you and dump the video to Unit 2800 in Tel Aviv. Steal all that is personal and private, give it to a Jew in Israel for 'security'. How is this different from Snowden? Maybe that was the point. America in the worst recession in 100 years, give the work to "Verin, Narus, NICE, Amdocs". Any apologists to this, move to Hebron, embrace Islam and write to us about how great the "non-Apartheidism" suits you.



U.S. looks at the world through PRISM

Boris KAZANTSEV | 26.06.2013 | 00:00


The scandal, which broke out around June 7 publications in the U.S. The Washington Post and British The Guardian, has the potential to cause the United States to more damage than the Wikileaks scandal. If in the case of Assange were revealed secrets, for the most part, the U.S., the scandal PRISM jeopardized the rest of the world.

Thanks to the revelations of former CIA E.Snoudena , which he shared with reporters, it was reported that since 2007, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. had the opportunity to receive text, audio and video recordings, which passed through servers largest U.S. companies - Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube and Apple. The first of these companies have joined the Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook. These are the company's servers through which passes the lion's share of all personal data of people around the world. Most likely, the participating companies were even more simply overexposed were only IT giants.

Many experts have responded quite melancholy to the scandal, arguing as follows: "Did we not suspect it before?" Yes, of course existed. Cooperation with the same Microsoft Security Agency, which stretches for about 15 years, and to some extent even that Microsoft is proud to have written a lot. Moreover, many experts in the field of cyber security is extremely ambivalent about the company's role in the scandal that arose after the appearance of the virus Stuxnet. In his interview with the cooperation NSA, the CIA and the FBI with the largest U.S. social networks and D.Assandzh said. However, one thing to speculate and quite another - to know for sure, with the facts on hand.

The scandal is of special sound effect in connection with what amounts of information about each user of the network going to U.S. intelligence agencies by promoting the same American companies. After all, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Skype, YouTube and Apple - it's not just brands. Microsoft - is 80-90% of the operating systems installed on personal computers, and hence indirect control of these systems. Google - is a system that is especially knows a lot about what we are interested in, and if we add to this evidence-based smartphones Android platform, the scope of the information collected are particularly significant. Facebook - it contacts the lion's share of people. Moreover, people first business. This is their correspondence with each other, they transmit files to each other. Skype - it's our negotiations. The system, which has positioned itself as the most closed to listen to intelligence agencies, was completely under their control.

Following the scandal PRISM can say with certainty that the U.S. intelligence agencies for some time now had a unique opportunity to make detailed portraits of almost any person, integrating information about him, his interests and thoughts into a single information unit. It's not even Orwellian Big Brother (the one just pales against the capabilities of modern information technology), but something much more than that.

Piquant detail - about the operation PRISM known not only in the U.S. but in the UK, and the Netherlands. And do not just know it, but the data obtained from this system. That is, the world continues in a state of bipolar confrontation, where "their" (with whom you can share your information), but there is "foreign."

It is unlikely that an accident was the fact that the scandal broke out literally to the day, when the informal summit meeting of the leaders of the United States and China. Perhaps the first topic of cyber security has become one of the dominant in the negotiations at this level. Due to the scandal in China, which the Americans are constantly accused of trying to carry out the activities kibershpionskuyu got serious bargaining chip. Disclosure of cyber espionage makes a very vulnerable position of the West in general, when talking about "universal rights" and, in particular, on human rights.

The Chinese leadership is now able to respond firmly and with authority on a number of complex issues that arise between him and the West (and in the first place - the United States). For example, criticized censorship policy. Or, more importantly, on charges of Chinese telecommunications companies of spying for the government of the PRC. Recently, even became the basis for sanctions against Huawei and ZTE, when the U.S. government in the spring of 2013 banned the purchase of Chinese-made components in the procurement and that in the absence of any established facts justifying such a move ...

PRISM has the potential to open a Pandora's box against U.S. companies when they have to prove that they are not related to U.S. intelligence, in order to be able to work in a particular market. Moreover, much of the government agencies (especially the former Soviet Union) that were "entangled" the activities of some of these companies and driven by them into a corner on debt (example - the relationship between Microsoft and the government bodies of Ukraine), is able to break the vicious circle of relations and to do, and finally by their cyber-security seriously.

Now, the question is not just about supporting the "digital sovereignty," but his active defense and determining its borders is very serious. In one day, June 7 have been compromised once all the key systems used by almost 70-80% of Internet users. Everyone should understand that by using these systems, it is a priori inform the special services of the United States on their actions and must be prepared to that this information will be used against him ...

For example, participants known monitoring project "Echelon" use collected information not only in the interests of national security, but also transmit data to their TNCs to improve their competitiveness in world markets. So consider forwarding service information via "Western channels of communication" threat to national security - is to practice the only reasonable approach in today's information society.

The reaction of the new challenges should be adequate. Example of such an adequate response - China. Long-term policy of China in the field of internet, "cloning and close your originals." That is a policy of "smart censorship" - a fully working and enjoying the support of the state analogues of foreign service, provided, however, that the servers of these services are in the territory of the country and run them companies registered (and even better - and created) in the country. And so it should be in everything from processors and operating systems to specific software products.

It is necessary to adopt a simple thesis: security in the information society is even more "nationally oriented" in nature than the classic security.

Now, while the world is in shock over some of what is happening - a good time to update the initiative of Russia and China on the international regulation of cyberspace. It is possible that even those countries that have hesitated in supporting these initiatives can significantly change its position and the issue finally get off the ground.



The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel



Pardon, machine-translated Chinese to English language:

NSA to monitor data includes U.S. citizens to share Israel

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

Author: miumiuoo Date: 2013-09-13 Views: Loading ...

Translation Description:

Obama stalls major event: NSA monitoring data for the U.S. citizens to share Israel, US users angry.

Translation Source:

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Original translation: Dragon Network Translation: miumiuoo reproduced please indicate the source forum address:  

(Original Jane turn)

The National Security Agency routinelyshares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to removeinformation about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.

Provided by the Snowdon a top secret documents show, NSA without the filter containing the information, including U.S. citizens put the monitor in case the raw data available to Israel.

Details of the intelligence-sharingagreement are laid out in a memorandum of understanding between the NSA and its Israeli counterpart that showsthe US government handed over intercepted communications likely to containphone calls and emails of American citizens. The agreement places no legallybinding limits on the use of the data by the Israelis.

NSA, and a memorandum of understanding in Israel shows the details of this intelligence sharing. U.S. Government to U.S. citizens intercepted telephone and e-mail messages sent to the Israel that this agreement how to use these data for Israel are not legally binding .

Comments Translation:

Original translation: Dragon Network  Translation: miumiuoo reproduced please indicate the source forum address:  (Note: the original tracts of comment was removed Guardian comments below almost all Americans, because so far Huffington other major U.S. media has not reported this.)

Wow, it just keeps coming. Thank you EdwardSnowden,
Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Ewen MacAskill
for showing us howfar America has slipped from where it should be. How can we get our countryback? Time to impeach Obama?

Wow, finally came, thank you Snowdon.
Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and EwenMacAskill to show us how the United States from his position should decline. How do we get our country back? It is time to impeach Obama, what?

eddy_rosser Wrenniegray
Thanks Obama ...


Strummered Wrenniegray
Americans aren'teven being sold, they're being given away with a nice fat cheque.

Americans have not been betrayed, they just were given a nice fat check (Annotation: Obesity is an oral check by check, meaning to their commitment are crap.)

JCDavis Wrenniegray
There is no question he should be impeached, but I'm just amazed that the senile Republican crowd that was so anxious toimpeach him just months ago, is not jumping on this with both feet. Even I wanthim impeached, and I voted for him.

There is no doubt that he should be impeached. But I'm just surprised that a few months ago, Republicans did not want to impeach him hopping anxious for this thing. Now even I want to impeach him, when I still vote for him.

avelna2001 JCDavis
Why would they? The rethugs are just as deeply involved in this historically as the dems are.Same reason Obama didn't try to prosecute Bush, et al.

They will what, this thing has deep historical factors in there. The same reason Obama did not prosecute Bush.
(Annotation: This agreement was set in 2009, it really was not for historical reasons)

opticus Wrenniegray
Obama is justthe puppet in all this. Americ is ruled by the will of the corporations, but ofcourse they are virtually untouchable when the shit hits the fan

These things just a puppet Obama. The United States is ruled by those who enterprise. But when the poo hit the fan, they almost can not touch.
(Annotation: The meaning is the background of the people would be pushing things a clean)

BorisFurlong avelna2001
Democrat orRepublicans different faces of the same oppressive coin. The only way to effectchange is to self immolate in outrage outside the White House, but thatwouldn't be televised, and if it did you'd be branded a traitor for scorchingthe lawn ... meanwhile GCHQ and the NSA are building a file on us all for writingcomments with inflammatory views. Stop the world, I want to get off.

Both Republicans and Democrats have led with a coin face of oppression. The only way to affect change is removed from the White House went to self-sacrifice. But that will not be televised. And if you do that, you will be branded as a traitor lawn burn the label. Meanwhile, GCHQ and the NSA are on our these seditious remarks establish new records. Let the world stop to, I want to get off.

MatthewTiberius Foletti opticus
Remove Obama ofany blame and point fingers at "the corportations" for everythingwrong in this world. Standard die hard American liberal

The Obama removed from any blame, and every mistake in the world, companies are on the accused. Standard American liberals.

I would havebeen more surprised if they hadn't shared.

If they do not, I will be surprised.

Brightonian MarViGold
It is the 51ststate after all.

After that he will become the first 51 states

Another reasonto impeach Obama. Giving illegally obtained information on American citizens toforeign governments, that is fucking beyond the pale.

Another reason to impeach Obama. The illegally obtained information to U.S. citizens by foreign governments, really special fucking

InoWis1 JCDavis
Treason forsure .... prison soon after impeached.

Certainly treason, and there after the prison waiting for impeachment.

lambofgod JCDavis
You should justreplace "Obama" with "the current President of the UnitedStates" because if you believe Romney wouldn't be doing exactly the samethen you are naive beyond belief.

You should replace the U.S. President Barack Obama. Romney came to power because you believe will do the same thing you're too naive.

OK, Seriously?! I know I said BTL on Greenwald's last article that I am no longer surprised, but this is just outrageous!
If Americanpeople do not start questioning the dynamics of their "specialrelationship" with Israel, then what hope is there?
I am actuallygobsmacked. And that hardly ever happens.

Fuck, this is true? I know I said the article in the Green Ng, I will not be surprised by anything up. But this people could not believe it.
If Americans do not question their special relationship with Israel, and that hope in what?
It really makes me stunned. Such a thing never happened.

Isn't this thedefinition of treason?

It is not obvious what treason?

zacmcd Carybdeida
At least HMG gotpaid to sell out its citizens.

HMG is paid at least betray his citizens.

SDU1969 Carybdeida
Depends on whois defining it.

It depends on who is going to define (treason)

Certainlyexplains the preponderance of outsize tech firms there

This explains the advantages of large high-tech enterprises.

pheroras WaldorfTBeagle
it explains thefight for the steering wheel in the latest round of public policy statements

This explains in a recent statement competing public policy reasons for the steering wheel.

Jason Vowles
So, how many ofyou are buying the new iPhone with fingerprint scanner?

Well, how many people bought the IPhone has a fingerprint of the new phone?

bloopie2 Jason Vowles
Good point, butnote that any police / security group can easily get your fingerprints by simplyfollowing you around and noting what things you touch. You leave thosefingerprints in public places all day, every day. There for the taking.

Good advice. But police and security organizations can easily pass around you and the things you touch to get your fingerprints. You put these fingerprints remain all day in public places.

Jason Vowles bloopie2
Logisticallytroublesome and costly. We're not in the early days of forensics. A database ofso called 'encrypted' phone data including finger prints will be easilyaccessible, rather than deploying various assets to follow random citizens.

Logically, this cumbersome and expensive. We are not being identified every day. The so-called 'encrypted' mobile data including fingerprint database can be easily accessed

Tim Lewis
I don't particularly care who the NSA share their data with.
Anyonewho thinks for a moment that their government does exactly as they tell youthey do is pretty naive. 90% of government activity is hidden, surely it didn'tneed Snowden and co. To make us realise that?

I'm not particularly concerned about the NSA put their data to whom.
Anyone thinks that their government would actually do what they tell you they do things too naive. 90% of the government action is hidden. Snowdon need to make this thing we noticed it.

Let's not forgetthe meaning of today, September 11.
On this day in1973, a US backed coup greenlighted by Richard Nixon overthrew the sovereigngovernment of Salvador Allende in Chile.

Let us not forget the history of today, September 11.
Today in 1973, the US-backed coup overthrew the green light by Richard Nixon Allende government in Chile's sovereignty.

This is a message of THANK YOU to the GUARDIAN. You are alifeline. These articles have been censored out of the Canadian media and thisone will be no different. America is now run by amilitary-industrial-congressional corrupt cartel that has placed itself at thebehest of the State of Israel. Stephen Harper has sold my country out to thismess of pottage. Disgust does not even to beging to describe my reaction.

This information is intended to thank the Guardian and write. Ye are the lifeline of these articles in the Canadian media under scrutiny, this is no exception. Currently run by an American military, corporate, union control of corruption in Congress, issued by the State of Israel commands. Stephen Hubble has betrayed our country, is no longer enough to describe my disgust to respond.

muttley79 RobertSims
I have relatives in Canada. Has it really got as bad as the American state?

I have relatives in Canada, he is really bad to become a U.S. state?

BillOwen muttley79
In some ways it is worse. I have contacted many Canadianjournalists and asked them to cover this story. They are not. Our media is 90% controlled by just 3 corporations. The CBC, which used to be good, has beentaken over by Harper's people and is a pale shadow of its former self.
Harper is a dictator, almost literally, he does what he wantsand destroys those who oppose him.
He said, "You won't recognize Canada when I am done withit."
Harper supports Israel with all his black heart and witheredsoul.

Some aspects worse. I contacted many Canadian reporters asked them to report the matter, which they refused. 90% of our media by the three companies control. CBC ago pretty good, was Hubble who took over after only a pale shadow.
Hubble is almost a dictator, he made whatever he wants to do, and to destroy those who oppose him.
He said that when I finished later you will not discern that this is Canada's Hubble with his black heart and soul withered support for Israel.

funny - last night when i read this i thought it was rather abig deal but this morning i cannot find a single other newspaper in uk, usa orscandinavia covering this story. odd.

Interestingly, last night when I saw this article that he would be explosive news. But this morning I could not find a British, American or Scandinavian newspapers reported the news.

CC0564 nechaev
Le monde
In French
Der Spiegel
In german
In Dutch
All normal Papers. I could go on.

(Note: He gives some national media reports related)

nechaev CC0564
any links to Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, Wall StreetJournal, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, Financial Times, The Times (London), Politiken, Information, Jyllands Posten or Berlignske Tidende?
'Coz those are the ones i checked about an hour ago.

These links do not include your Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal (behind a pile of newspaper name)
I checked an hour ago



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