What Is the NSA/Syndicate Crime Cartel’s End Game?

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Tracy Turner ~ 11/21/2014


From foxnews.com:


Size: The 1.5 million square foot facility

Cost: The mammoth center cost some $1.7 billion to build. 

Data Storage: The facility could hold as much as a yottabyte of information, equal to 500 quintillion pages of text.

Computers: As many as 1.25 million 4-terabyte hard drives, built into some 5,000 servers may fill the facility, an expert told FoxNews.com.

Power Use: The center will constantly use 65 megawatts of power -- enough to power 33,000 houses.

Staffing: Most of the 150 to 200 workers will be technicians to keep the power on and the PCs running”.

To what end? What is the end game of storing 2+ billion text-messages sent and received in the U.S.A. daily? What is the point of sniffing out and storing 188.4 billion emails per day, the vast majority of which are some flavor of spam, or worse just banal vanity? Everyday in the U.S. several hundred to several thousand U.S. Citizens are infected by NSA or the Mossad with Morgellons Disease – to what end? Morgellons infected as behavior modification or just brute-force punishment for not being brainwashed-by-TV sheep?

The NSA controls thousands of low-life, lower echelon NSA Crime Syndicate (Self-named) “thespians”. To what end game? What is the goal of spying on literally everyone, and organized harassment of many? What is the end game of amassing a yottabyte of information, equal to 500 quintillion pages of text against ordinary, run-of-the-mill Americans? The not-so-secret secret database center in Utah uses enough electricity to power 33,000 houses – it could be referred to as “Free-speech-behavior-modification”.

Most of what the NSA Crime Syndicate does, including infecting journalists with Morgellons Disease, falls under the broad category of psyops behavior modification. Targeted Individuals (T.I.’s) are put through urban/suburban or slightly modified rural fight or flight responses for deeds done or deeds about to be done (e.g., publishing an article on NSA, on powerful multinationals, powerful politicians, making fun of the MSM via the Internet, etc.

In plain English, the NSA is the Totalitarian Surveillance Wing of the U.S. Government. This leaves the NSA with two main end games: 1) Spy upon everything and everyone; 2) Create a mass of sheep via behavior modification aka Michel Aquino Devil Worship. The two unpublished un-admitted to but main purposes of NSA are counter to everything America once claimed it stood for. Torture as behavior control and mass spying on ordinary people are right out of the 1979 Stasi handbook(s).



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Oil Pricing Dips, Debt Bubble Burgeons

~ Tracy Turner 11/20/2014

Barrels of sweet, light crude oil (the most traded of all forms of energy) settled at $95.71/barrel today (Nov. 21, 2014). Many Americans are asking, what is up with the cheap prices of Gas?


Cheap to whom: you, the American oil companies, or the Saudis? The talking heads on TV, including the oil companies’ talking heads energynow.org, etc., keep talking about America becoming the “leader” in energy production. What they don’t tell us is that America’s oil reserves are deep-water off shore, or more than 1 mile (+5,280 feet) deep. Conversely, the Saudis have both plentiful and easily accessible oil – which they can sell for as low as $65-70 U.S. per barrel. “Coincidentally”, the Marcellus Shale break-even price is $65-70 per barrel. When the Saudis flood the world market with cheaper oil as they are doing right now, it hurts the U.S. oil, gas and coal markets. The nearer the price gets to $65 dollars, the nearer the “plentiful, energy now” shill groups get to not even affording their brainwashing ads on TV.


Viewed another way, which would you rather burn, a barrel of oil or a half-ton of coal or thereabouts? The coal and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) consortiums cannot compete with a $95 or worse a $65 barrel of Saudi oil. The mile deep Marcellus crude oil and LPG are not as accessible as Saudi light crude.


The oil sheiks sometimes appear eccentric and immature to westerners, part of the charm of men who are shrewd and even cutthroat in business. Gasoline (“Regular”) in California this week was $2.79 per gallon, the lowest it has been in several years. The low price is the Saudis in the process of semi-bankrupting U.S. oil concerns – bleeding them of stored up profits from over-priced gasoline and oil. The price is set by supply and demand via futures trading – right now everything Petroleum is and probably will continue to go down. The AstroTurf Energy Now! “Movement” advertisements on television are bound to go on hiatus as the Saudis push frackers to their “break even” point; keeping in mind “break even” includes payroll, equipment, liability insurance, EPA permits, etc.


The following is from the website, http://ourfiniteworld.com:

I would argue that falling commodity prices are bad news. It likely means that the debt bubble which has been holding up the world economy for a very long time–since World War II, at least–is failing to expand sufficiently. If the debt bubble collapses, we will be in huge difficulty.

Many people have the impression that falling oil prices mean that the cost of production is falling, and thus that the feared “peak oil” is far in the distance. This is not the correct interpretation, especially when many types of commodities are decreasing in price at the same time. When prices are set in a world market, the big issue is affordability. Even if food, oil and coal are close to necessities, consumers can’t pay more than they can afford.

The lower prices reflect what consumers can afford, not oil extraction prices. The same goes for cheaper food, it reflects short term what the market will bear, not what the food cost to grow. Lower food and oil prices reflect that wages are lower, unemployment much higher than admitted to and loans are scarce. The current low price bubble is a road flare of financial ruin around the bend.


Again, following bold text from http://ourfiniteworld.com:


Issue #1: Over the short term, commodity prices don’t reflect the cost of extraction; they reflect what buyers can afford.


Issue #2: Economic growth tends to produce a debt bubble


Issue #3: Repaying debt is very difficult in a flat or declining economy.


If we try to build a new system without fossil fuels, we will be really starting over, because even today's 'renewables' are part of the fossil fuel system. We will have to go back to things that can be made directly from wood and other natural products without large amounts of heat, to have truly renewable resources. 


A person wonders whether this stalling debt growth is affecting world oil and other commodity prices. 


Any economy that uses modern 'renewables' needs to be a fossil fuel economy, because it takes fossil fuels to make 'renewables,' and to repair the systems that they are part of, such as the electrical transmission system.


The combination of debt, inexpensive fossil fuels, and inexpensive resources of other kinds allows the production of affordable goods that raise the standard of living of those using them.


Businesses need to keep the total price of their products close to ‘flat’ despite rising oil prices, if they are to continue to sell as much of their product after the oil price increase as previously.


When oil prices rose, countries using a very high percentage of oil in their energy mix (such as the PIIGS in Europe, Japan, and United States) became less competitive in the world economy.


Now put yourself in the place of U.S. oil drilling operations and imagine your customer base, gorging on “cheap gasoline” every time the Saudis dump oil into the market. Both the SUV owner and the oil wildcats borrow money in a flat economy to cope with “cheap gasoline”. Only the Saudi Princes profit, everyone else contributes to the U.S. and world debt bubble and semi-bankruptcy of Dakotas oil drilling. Americans tend to grab credit cards to “stock up” on gasoline in their SUV’s. More flat economy hard-to-repay debt in a bubble ready to burst.


1. Bronson says the low oil prices are hurting Russia and Iran, both of which depend heavily on oil exports and require higher prices than Saudi Arabia does to meet all their domestic needs. (85)

2. Low Oil Prices Are Bad, Some U.S (69)

3. In the U.S., lower oil prices could slow the expansion of shale field exploration, a welcome development for foreign powers as skyrocketing American oil production has been one of the primary forces cutting oil prices this year. (68)

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*Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain




New York Times / CNN Fake Ebola “News”


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Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

This needs to be shared everywhere! Thank you! NSA hack: htt.....

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The so called "Ebola Crisis" is a SCAM for the VACCINE AGEND.....

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Peace be with you Monty. You are free to disagree - I wont c.....

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THE EBOLA DECEPTION: Vaccine Agenda Fully Exposed - Final Edition [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

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Fukushima Pacific Ocean Die-Offs

  Mass Die-Off of West Coast Sealife - Fukushima Radiation Or Something Else - Washington's Blog

washingtonsblog.com/.../fukushima-radiation-something-else-c... – Dec 2013  more

Regardless of how far out each salmon species ventures into the Pacific, each fish hitches a ride back to its home rivers and spawning grounds on the North Pacific current, the same one pulling the nuclear waste eastward.

  Unreported Animal Die-offs And Radiation Affecting United ...

globalresearchreport.com/...animal-die-offs-and-radiation...   –  more

... Pacific Ocean sea life, and even ... Radiation is causing massive die-offs of sea ... its way toward us in the Pacific. HOW IT ALL BEGAN. The Fukushima Daiichi ...

  Unreported Animal Die-offs And Radiation Affecting United ...

healthydebates.com/unreported-animal-die-offs-radiation...   –  more

Radiation is causing massive die-offs of sea ... shows the MONTHLY predicted spread and potency of radioactive Cesium-137 from Fukushima throughout the Pacific Ocean.

  Massive Ocean Die-Offs in Pacific Northwest | Fish FAQs

www.fishfaqs.net/massive-ocean-die-offs-in-pacific-northwest   –  more

Massive Ocean Die-Offs in Pacific ... reports of alarming ocean life die-offs along the western coastlines ... flowing from Fukushima through Pacific ...


www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiKJMN1S2_s   –  more


  The Death Of The Pacific Ocean - Rense

rense.com/general95/death.htm   –  more

The Death Of The Pacific Ocean Fukushima Debris Soon To Hit American Shores By Yoichi Shimatsu Exclusive To Rense.com ... Soon after the Fukushima disaster, ...

  Is Fukushima Radiation Causing Pacific Starfish Die-Offs ...

kuow.org/post/fukushima...causing-pacific-starfish-die-offs   –  more

Scientists seeking the answer to why starfish are dying off along parts of the ... Is Fukushima Radiation Causing Pacific Starfish Die ... Pacific Ocean.

  Northwest Oyster Die-offs Show Ocean Acidification Has Arrived by Elizabeth Grossman - Yale Environment 360

e360.yale.edu/.../2466 – Nov 2011  more

The acidification of the world's oceans from an excess of CO2 has already begun, as evidenced recently by the widespread mortality of oyster larvae in the Pacific Northwest.

  Northwest Oyster Die-Offs Show Ocean Acidification Has Arrived

readersupportednews.org/.../8616-northwest-oyster-die-offs-s...   –  more

"The acidification of the world's oceans from an excess of CO2 has already begun, as evidenced recently by the widespread mortality of oyster larvae in the Pacific Northwest. Scientists say this is just a harbinger of things to come if greenhouse-gas emissions continue to soar.".

  Deep Sea News - Is the sea floor littered with dead animals due to radiation ...

deepseanews.com/2014/01/is-the-sea-floor-l   –  more

The Pacific Ocean appears to be ... and the sporadic blizzard related mass die offs. ... Straight talk about the radiation from Fukushima in the ocean |

Bill to Turn off NSA Utah Cooling Water

Š  Utah lawmaker questions city water going to NSA - Watertown ...

www.wdtimes.com/news/national/article_8ff71220-b0bf-5dee...   –  more

... shut off to a massive National Security Agency ... to a massive National Security Agency data ... bill to cut off the water to the facility ...

  Breaking: Utah Bill to Cut Off Water Supply to NSA Data ...

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... bill to cut off NSA’s water supply. Can Utah shut down the new NSA data center by turning off the water? ... the facility functional. “No water ...

  Some NSA Opponents Want to 'Nullify' Surveillance With State ...

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Activists say legislation can cut water, kill snooping at the Utah Data ... turn off the water to the NSA's $ ... Utah lawmaker has came forward to ...

  Utah 4th Amendment Protection Act to have additional hearings ...

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... will be used to turn off the water to the new NSA data ... Utah Fourth Amendment Protection Act ... for the massive supercomputers there. Bill ...



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