Paul Walker, Roger Rodas and the Fast and Furious Cult of Bankruptcy & Death

(Fasterer & Furiouser 8 - Apple-Pie-ification of Roasted Car Occupants & Bystanders) ~ Tracy Turner

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Seen on 12/2/2013 at 11:43 AM: The owner of a Japanese Street Racer car emerges from a low-end motel in Pasadena, California. He starts up his racer, which howls in various low-rpm warm-up speeds. After warming up about one-minute, he hits the throttle hard several times; the sound sets off car alarms up and down the block and in the parking lot next door to the street racer. Although the owner lives in a low-end motel, the “muffler” on his car is worth several months rent or lease on a “real” home… Viva Paul Walker!


The Fast and the Furious originally débuted in 2001; in 1999 and 2000 combined there were 17-articles in the newspapers on street racing fatalities. In 2001 and 2002 combined there were 52 articles about street racing fatalities.


Even Walker’s friends and family wish to ignore the obvious: speedy, reckless driving and a tank full of gasoline.


When the original beatniks and Hell’s Angel’s (or their predecessors) first hit the social scene, Hollywood was quick to take the scarey-boogeymen and turn them into the James Dean-boy-next-doors. The freaky, Nazi-swastika on Charles Manson’s forehead becomes the friendly “girl” or playgirl-next-door tattoos on Angelina’s back.


The Paul Walker saga movies were and are Hollywood’s way of taking tattoos, shaved heads, Japanese (foreign) cars and making them “Paul Walker Apple-Pie”.


The crowd mourning Walker at the crash scene has rather missed the Hollywood-induced-boat: Gasoline-Flambeau’d Torso is Apple Pie. This unplanned stunt will sell movie-tickets, tee-shirts, 155-millimeter chrome-nickel-mufflers, high-amperage auto-igniters, DVD’s, Fast and Furious – the Soundtrack, etc. Deaths by punk with more horsepower than brainpower should surge to new heights. Ironically, the same media that constantly ask “how” and “why” now wish to avoid words like illegal speeding and gasoline. Gasoline-Flambeau’d Torso is Apple Pie must sell movie tickets, but must not stop Acura, Infiniti sales of tiny Nipponese racers. Nipponese cars endangering the lives of soccer mom and her offspring on freeways is Paul Walker’s legacy he cashed in on; is it any wonder he ran a charity with some of his blood money?


The Fast and Furious apologencia are quick to point out this is art; this is “like the beginnings of Bootleggers and NASCAR”. In the 1920-1930’s era of bootleggers and NASCAR, the average road had perhaps 4-7 persons per square mile; in 2010 the average East Los Angeles street racing area had 16,973.5 persons per square mile. Drag racing where there is 16,973.5 persons per square mile was Apple-Pie-ified by all seven John Walker’ Gasoline-Flambeau’d Torso-next-door movies.


Hollywood itself made money hand over fist from these movies; in return how many innocent families burned to death on the freeway? Paul Walker will be difficult to replace, as the requirements are:


1)    Clear Skin and White Teeth

2)    A Drivers License

3)    A blind eye to the mounting death toll of soccer moms, kids, dads out for a Sunday drive who burn to death when impaled by an “Apple Pie” Acura tee-boning their gas-tank

4)    The ability to break speed limits only for “good”; never for “selfish, profit seeking and egomaniacal reasons”

5)    A chain of corporate sponsors with over-priced cars with loud phallus-substitute-mufflers


Hollywood, being a faux-multicultural, social engineering parasite organism, needs to do focus groups on a female white with male black co-stars co-sponsored by Audi Racing, BMW Racing and Mercedes Benz Racing. Re-branding to death on US highways by German will take the sting out of the Paul Walker Nippondenso brand. The bad guy can drive a red Porsche. Unfortunately, the deceased are often unknowing, unwitting Dad’s and daughters, etc. Paul Walker fans often seem to lack the distinction between ‘game boy driving’ and real pedestrians on real sidewalks.


There is so much “remedy” to rely on: 1) Hollywood’s addictions to ticket sales and teaching “morals” to 16-24 year old males; 2) No shortage of actors with clear skin, white teeth and a driver’s license; 3) Automakers and manufacturers of after-market racing parts willing to sell their souls for sales. 4) An adoring public who seem to forget white teeth, clear skin and a driver’s license are ubiquitous coast to coast.


Aside from ordinary people elevating mundane actors to cult-canonized dimensions, follow the money. An ordinary actor/driver becomes the saint-anointed spokesperson for Nipponese starters, clutches and brake rotors. Hollywood is a fickle mistress, she may start “putting out” for Deutsch-kar Engineering and black are female drivers with clear skin and white teeth. 1,047 racing deaths from 2001 to 2008 for Paul Walker is the number to beat. Perhaps 2014-2021, Hollywood and Walker’s replacement can easily double or triple the number. With thinner, lighter gas tanks and faster cars, the previous fearsome, dreadful Nippondenso-shaved heads and tattoos may become the new Cinnamon-spiced Gasoline-Flambeau’d Torso as Hollywood-“American” Apple Pie… Live Walker was a mediocre actor; dead Walker is right up there with Apple-Pie-ified James Dean… Walker’s fans claim he “was very nice”… Nice, because he collected fat paychecks for pretending his movies did not cause over 1,000 deaths – nice? Or nice, he quit making movies that caused deaths – nice?


Hollywood needs to make causing death for profit the next big Apple Pie Extravaganza. A three-year-old kid gets taken off of life support from Street-Apple-pie-Racing… get lots of footage of the Lame Stream News videotaping fans saying, “how nice that is”… That actor is really nice to make seven sequels promoting more throttle than brain.


Kelly Johnson Pkwy & Herclules Street – Black Rubber Burnout Marks Prove Walker and Roger Rodas were in neighborhood to nonchalently sell girl-scout cookies door-to-door in a 612-horsepower Porsche Carrera GT: 5. Driver was not at fault; it is well known that Porsche Carrera Gt 5’s are possesed by the devil… Googlemaps.


All that is required are straight teeth, clear skin, a drivers license and an ability to look the other way while 1,047 soccer moms and dads and their kids die from Fast and Furious afficianados. The apologists cannot stop saying how “nice” the promoter of street racing assassination was; his biggest fans were part of a multi-billion dollar Fast’n’Furious Empire, aka Fast’n’Furious cartel. It’s a frickin’ brand, like mouse hats and mouse shirts; but it kills and cripples hundreds of innocents who unfortunately must share sidewalks and freeways with Street Racer Cartel ‘financial elitists’ and the 17-24 year olds lacking intelligence enough to see past the Fast’n’Furious Cartel propaganda. One kid dropped $30,000 into auto engine, air intake, exhaust and suspension tweaks to his car; he then was pinned behind the wheel where he bled out and died after hitting a utility pole. He died next to his Blaupunkt and nitrous oxide system. Was he, too, living alone in a low-end motel room at the time of his death?


Black Panthers Armed to Thwart Police Violence Apple-Pie-ified into Cliff Huxtable (Cosby) and Flip Wilson

By 1968, the Black Panther Party had expanded into many cities throughout the United States, among them, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Newark, New Orleans, New York City, Omaha, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C.. Peak membership was near 10,000 by 1969. The Black Panthers had armed patrols keeping police violence at bay (something sorely needed in circa 2008-2013).

Hollywoods response was to "mainstream black power" in the forms Apple-Pie-ified Flip Wilson and Bill Cosby. Through camera angles, hack writers, argyle sox and sweaters, the Black Panther Party's "Land, Bread, Housing, Education, Clothing, Justice and Peace" is replaced by Hollywood "racial do-gooders" into Argyle-clad buffon Dr. Heathcliff 'Cliff' Huxtable. Who was/is more effective at combating police violence, the BPP or "Huxtable" armed with an Argyle sweater?


The media's propensity to salute themselves, to cover the errors of their peers and rejoice in the Vehicular Homicide of Paul Rodas, the reckless endangerment of Rodas, Walker and their friends is currently over the top. Two boyscouts helping an elderly woman cross the street were mysteriously crushed and burned by a Porsche from Satan? Two financial titans of a death and bankruptcy "industry" that churns out vehicular felonious murderers suddenly met their maker? Two wealthy Hollywood elite who lacked the backbone to stand up for innocent victims of street racing thugs died by the very mechanism they embraced; felonious assault by street racer. Numerous insiders have stated online, "do not address the irony right now"... When a three year old kid was disconnected from life support, his family caught no "break" in life. Who the fuck is Paul Walker or Roger Rodas to catch some "break" that the 1,047 innocent bystanders killed by street racing thugs never caught?


While Hollywood and makers of popular illegal street racers and racer paraphernalia rake in their billions, most average "race car" owner spend more time polishing lacquer than they do with their sons and daughters. Phast and Phurious is a self-worship sport; look at me - I am my black lacquer, muffler and Nitrous oxide system.

If one replaces gambling addiction with pearl lacquer paint and Blaupunkts, the family dynamics are essentially the same. Paul Walkers "racing fans" have credit cards, not millions in the bank. The air intake system on a Honda or Accura costs what school clothes for the family for 5 years costs. The notion that city streets which are16,900 persons per square mile population dense are one's own personal racetrack is about as narcissistic as human thought can go. Walker routinely * verbally * disavowed himself from the very behavior he hypocritically died from; he and Rodas died of one of the the ultimate brands of Phast and Phurious hypocrisy spun by Hollywood hypocrites. Grab a shammy and the garden hose, go look at yourself in your car's alter-ego lacquer; you can play ball with the kids another day. You are what you spent on your ego/auto masturbation...

The Apple-Pie-ifiers Not Only Apple-Pie-ify latin and black street racers, Black Panthers, etc., they also Apple-Pie-ify themselves...


Paul Walker is "all that is good" in the movie business, the "savior" of all the race gangs and clubs that were made subservient to "an FBI Agent". Paul Walker is the racing community's "Argyle Sweater". Hollywood and the media itself have once more "de-balled" a segment of society via badly written hack writers. All sects, denominations, races and religions must be neutered with a "rebel without a cause". Hollywood simultaneously teaches us gender equality that belongs to women, race equality that has the Jews as the media gatekeepers, tolerance and fairness that ignores the Jaffa Mass Graves elephant on the TV. Palestinian genocide, Palestinian Apartheid laws and mass murder/mass land theft in Palestine is apologetically reduced to "those terrorists had it coming". Hollywood and the Lamestream Media never tire of justifying Jewish/Palestinian Apartheid Brutality. Gaza is flooded with sewage this Christmas and Gazan hospitals have no electrical power; the Jews will tirelessly make Hanukkah is magic TV shows that ignore the racist elephant in the room. Hollywood will wrap a ribbon and bow around its own racism and present it to all us "our guiding moral light". Paul Walker was a dim bulb of such Hubris; within one season someone else will have "his" job.





Vehicular homicide

Vehicular homicide (also known as vehicular manslaughter) in most states in the United States is a crime. In general, it involves death that results from the negligent operation of a vehicle, or more so a result from driving while committing an unlawful act that does not amount to a felony. In the Model Penal Code there is no separate category of vehicular homicide, and vehicular homicides that involve negligence. Both are included in the overall category of negligent homicide. It can be compared to the offense of dangerous driving causing death in other countries. All st... Read More »

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Paul Walker, Roger Rodas and the Fast and Furious Cult of Bankruptcy & Death