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Largest Alteration of the Earth's Surface caused by humans… Approximate location of maximum subsidence in United States identified by research efforts of Joseph Poland (pictured). Signs on pole show approximate altitude of land surface in 1925, 1955, and 1977. The pole is near bench-mark S661 in the San Joaquin Valley southwest of Mendota, California. (Ed. note - 20 to 30 ft. of topsoil loss is irreversible harm, a threat to 1/3 of all we eat in the United States (Peak Soil "Theory"). Sign in photo reads: "San Joaquin Valley, California BM 661 Subsidence 9m 1925-1977"

California is the largest economy in the United States and one of the few breadbasket states where in some areas 2-3 crops of corn can be grown per summer. Only Earthquakes, fires, floods, mudslides or volcanoes can dampen the golden spirit of Californians. Part of the Owen’s Valley aqueduct (read Los Angeles theft of Owen’s Valley water) is a tunnel through an earthquake-prone volcano with soil laced with Arsenic (Long Valley Caldera).


The following is from <>:

“We continue to run California as if the longest drought we are ever going to encounter is about seven years," said Scott Stine, Ph.D., a professor of geography and environmental studies at Cal State East Bay. "We're living in a dream world."

California in 2013 received less rain than in any year since it became a state in 1850. And at least one scientist says that based on tree ring data, the current rainfall season is on pace to be the driest since 1580. The question: How much longer will it last?

A megadrought today would have catastrophic effects.

California, the nation's most populous state with 38 million residents, has built a massive economy, Silicon Valley, Hollywood and millions of acres of farmland, all in a semiarid area. The state's dams, canals and reservoirs have never been tested by the kind of prolonged drought that experts say will almost certainly occur again.

Dr. Stine, who has spent decades studying tree stumps in the Sierra Nevada, said the past century has been among the wettest of the last 7,000 years.

Looking back, the long-term record also shows some staggeringly wet periods. The decades between the two medieval megadroughts, for example, delivered years of above-normal rainfall - the kind that would cause devastating floods today.

The longest droughts of the 20th century, what Californians think of as severe, occurred from 1987 to 1992 and from 1928 to 1934. Both, Dr. Stine said, are minor compared to the ancient droughts of 850 to 1090 and 1140 to 1320”.

Politicians and newscasters often do not know the difference between weather and climate and the difference between a drought and too many people filling swimming pools, taking 20-minute showers and having sprinkler clocks water every single day of the year.  Again, from <>:

“Through studies of tree rings, sediment and other natural evidence, researchers have documented multiple droughts in California that lasted 10 or 20 years in a row during the past 1,000 years - compared to the mere three-year duration of the current dry spell. The two most severe megadroughts make the Dust Bowl of the 1930s look tame: a 240-year-long drought that started in 850 and, 50 years after the conclusion of that one, another that stretched at least 180 years”.

The droughts from 850 to 1090 A.D. and from 1140 to 1320 pre-date the Catholic Missionaries farming and keeping records, in essence the lack of Euro-consciousness of the two mega-droughts created a mental bias that the state is more of a breadbasket than it will inevitably turn out not be during the next occurrence of mega droughts.

From: <>:

“The evidence for the big droughts comes from an analysis of the trunks of trees that grew in the dry beds of lakes, swamps and rivers in and adjacent to the Sierra Nevada, but died when the droughts ended and the water levels rose. Immersion in water has preserved the trunks over the centuries.

Dr. Scott Stine, a paleoclimatologist at California State University at Hayward, used radiocarbon dating techniques to determine the age of the trees' outermost annual growth rings, thereby establishing the ends of drought periods. He then calculated the lengths of the preceding dry spells by counting the rings in each stump.

This method identified droughts lasting from A.D. 892 to A.D. 1112 and from A.D. 1209 to A.D. 1350. Judging by how far the water levels dropped during these periods -- as much as 50 feet in some cases -- Dr. Stine concluded that the droughts were not only much longer, they were far more severe than either the drought of 1928 to 1934, California's worst in modern times, or the more recent severe dry spell of 1987 to 1992”*.

One of the big differences is from 1992 to 2014 the Sierra Nevada has had more rain and slush than “normal” and less snowpack. California’s climate is a turbulent, mathematically fractal climate with ever-varying weather and climate patterns. The two droughts and the past century of wetter weather are prime examples of turbulent weather patterns.

While another 220 year drought would impact all who eat /California grown food, their are four nuclear power plants built atop the most active faults in California. The Golden state is one man-made disaster after another.

* The differences in dates and drought durations in noted here but not explained in various articles using slightly different dates. The smaller drought is listed as 140 or 180 years in differing articles.



California / Southwest Megadrought


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Two megadroughts in the Sierra Nevada of California lasted between 100 and 200 years. Cook is among the first to suggest that the current drought in the West is a megadrought, which is typically defined as a widespread drought lasting for two decades or longer, ...



'Megadrought' could have catastrophic effects on California

California's current drought is being billed as the driest period in the state's recorded rainfall history. But scientists who study the West's long-term climate patterns say the state has been parched for much longer stretches before that 163-year historical period began.


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At least one California town has gone dry, and many are expected to follow soon. East Porterville, in Tulare County is now without water, as the wells that feed it have dried up.


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Now for the Worse News… When there's a water shortage in a place like California, it sets off a chain reaction of pretty scary scenarios. It's not so much that people will get thirsty, though that becomes a concern down the line.


Could California's Drought Last 200 Years?

The cracked-dry bed of the Almaden Reservoir near San Jose shows the strain of California's megadrought. The governor has declared a drought "state of emergency."


California mega-drought. Some have lasted more than 200 years ...

The past one hundred years in California have been among the wettest in 7,000 years. Some think the current drought already is a California mega-drought.



California Earthquake Nuclear Danger

Diable Canyon San Onofre


Op-Ed: A nuclear disaster waiting to happen: Diablo Canyon ...

But what about the Diablo Canyon plant in California? ... Diablo Canyon is the only remaining nuclear power plant left in California. In 2013, the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station ... When will the big one hit California? It may not take a big earthquake to cause a failure at Diablo Canyon.


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... -page report from NRC inspector Dr. Michael Peck says new fault line discoveries challenge Diablo's "presumption of nuclear safety." The California Public ... two coastal reactors atSan Onofre. It must do the same at ... and San Francisco, surrounded by earthquake faults ...



California Megadrought California Fire / Erosion


Californians brace for year of 'mega-drought'

Californians brace for year of 'mega-drought' California is preparing for what might be its worst year of drought since the 1970s. ... California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection director. In December and January, ...


Erosion and Sediment Control: Preventing Additional Disasters ...

Weyerhaeuser Company, San Diego, CA Introduction Wildfires are a common occurrence in Southern California and much of the State's biologic and ... fire accelerates erosion rates in California chaparral to such an extent that it must be considered the major


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... land subsidence, soil erosion, intense wildfires, humongous dust storms, and spread of disease. ... "In many ways it's a mega-drought." California State Resources. ... California Fire forces evacuation of campgrounds, ...


1,800 Years of abrupt climate change, severe fire, and ...

University of California Davis, 500 Main St., Winters, CA 95694, USA e-mail:, ... century megadrought (Acuna-Soto et al. 2005). In another example, ... An "Abrupt climate change-severe fire-severe erosion hypothesis" postulates that


California officials prepare for worst as historic drought ...

California is facing wildfires "outside of any normal bounds" as a historic drought turns drying brush and trees into a perfect tinderbox, officials have warned. The state recorded 665 wildfires from 1 January, about three times the average of 225 for this time of year, according to figures compiled


'Mega- drought' : Could California's drought last years? A ...

'Mega-drought': Could California's drought last years? A century? Sanden Totten ... She says a mega-drought lasts anywhere from several decades to more than a century. ... fire frequency increased and the size of fires increased."


A Tale of Two Droughts in Two States - Or Is It Really One ...

... may turn out to be part of a single decades-long "megadrought. ... There's increased erosion leading to desertification, ... California's growing predicament was dramatized on Jan. 31 when state officials announced that for the first time in its 54-year history, ...


At Least One California Town Is Now Bone Dry as Megadrought ...

At least one California town has gone dry, and many are expected to ... Residents now drive to the fire department with empty water jugs and pump water from the tanks ... California is beginning of the fourth year of the megadrought (new water year begin in October), with 2014 being the ...


California heading toward 'megadrought'? - KGTV ...

Fire Weather Warning issued November 23 at 1:20PM PST expiring November 26 at 6:00PM PST in effect for: Orange, ... According to scientists, these extreme conditions suggest we could be heading toward a "megadrought" in California and other parts of the southwest.




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