Rare Trees / Large Shrubs of Patagonia

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Wanted to raise awareness of overlogged germplasm - the plants on page are in danger of scarcity to extinction... They often end up as kitchen cabinet doors, etc. are even logged from "protected" areas.



Photo: chileflora.com



The tree species listed below have some protection from logging, but even the protected trees are being decimated by Beaver that were imported for the fur trade, logging (read that "poaching" logging) and by sheep and cattle grazing. Southern Patagonia spans parts of both Chile and Argentia.


Nothofagus obliqua - (Patagonian oak, roble or roble beech) (usually found in North America) is a deciduous tree from Chile and Argentina. It grows from 33 to 43° south latitude. The northern extent of this tree's range in Chile is considered to be the Vizcachas Mountains and La Campana National Park.


N. obliqua reaches a height of 50 meters (175 ft).[2] and 2 m (6.5 ft) diameter.

Description: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/ea/Nothofagus_obliqua.jpg/170px-Nothofagus_obliqua.jpg

N. obliqua

It has gray-brownish or dark brown bark. The trunk is often forked. It has alternate leaves somewhat curled between the veins and the serrated margin. It has separate male and female flowers, both are small and are surrounded by green colored bracts, and rather inconspicuous.

In Chile is called roble hualle to young trees, whose wood is soft and yellowish, and roble pellín to old trees, which have their reddish hardwood. It has a good figure, is valued for its durability, and is used in furniture and construction.

Nothofagus pumilio - (lenga beech in Mapuche language) is a deciduous tree or shrub in the Nothofagaceae family[1] that is native to the southern Andes range, in the temperate forests of Chile and Argentina to Tierra del Fuego, from 35° to 56° South latitude. This tree is in the same genus as the coihue. It regenerates easily after fires. The wood is of good quality, moderate durability, and is easy to work with. It is used in furniture, shingles and construction and sometimes as a substitute for American black cherry in the manufacturing of cabinets.


In southern Patagonia it grows to a height of up to 30 m (100 ft),[2] and attains a trunk diameter of 1.5 m (5 ft). In more northern regions it grows only at heights above 1000 meters (3300 ft) in the form of a shrub. The leaves are dark green, elliptic toothed and 2–4 cm long, with irregularly lobed margins, and turn to yellow and reddish tones in autumn. The fruit is a small nut 4–7 mm long.


Nothofagus betuliodes - Magellan's beech or guindo, is native to southern Patagonia. In 1769 Sir Joseph Banks collected a specimen of the tree in Tierra del Fuego during Captain Cook's first voyage. It is an evergreen tree up to 25 m (82 ft) with a columnar appearance. In its natural environment it tolerates cold winters and absence of heat in summer. Specimens from the southern forests resist temperatures down to −20 °C (−4 °F).

Nothofagus Antarctica -  (Antarctic Beech; in Spanish Ñire or Ñirre), is a deciduous tree or shrub native to southern Chile and Argentina from about 36°S to Tierra del Fuego (56° S), where it grows mainly in the diminishing temperate rainforest. Its occurrence on Hoste Island earns it the distinction of being the southernmost tree on earth. Nothofagus antarctica typically grows 10–25 m (32–80 ft) tall and has a slender trunk with scaly bark. The leaves are simple and alternate, growing 2-4.5 cm long, and often viscid, with a sweetly scented wax. The leaf color is medium green, turning yellow to orange in the fall. The leaves are broadly ovate to triangular, crinkly, rounded at the tips, irregularly and minutely toothed. The flowers are inconspicuous yellow-green catkins. The fruit is a 6 mm, very fragrant 4-valved capsule containing three small nuts.


Luma apiculata - (Chilean myrtle) is a species of flowering plant in the myrtle family, native to the central Andes between Chile and Argentina, at 33 to 45° south latitude. Growing to 10–15 m (33–49 ft) tall and wide, it is a vigorous, bushy, evergreen tree with fragrant flowers. The Chilean myrtle grows slowly, forming a small tree of around 10 to 15 m, rarely 20 m. Its trunk appears twisted and contorted and has smooth bark, coloured grey to bright orange-brown, which peels as the tree grows. It is evergreen, with small, fragrant, oval leaves 2.0 to 2.5 cm long and 1.5 broad, and profuse white flowers in early to midsummer. Its fruit is an edible black or blue berry 1.0 cm in diameter, ripe in early autumn.


Luma apiculata Synonyms include Eugenia apiculata DC., Myrceugenia apiculata (DC.) Niedenzu, and Myrceugenella apiculata (DC.) Kausel. Common names include arrayán (from a Spanish name for the related European myrtle), kelümamüll (orange-wood) (the Mapuche Native American name), shortleaf stopper, palo colorado and temu.


Schinus patagonicus - Habitat according to altitude: Medium altitude up to the timber line. Watering conditions: Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month).Somewhat dry areas where the drought may last 3 - 5 months. Precipitations of 400 - 800 mm. are concentrated in winter. Light conditions:Some shadow. Some protection against direct sunlight, some shadow from vegetation, filtering about 20 - 40 % of light.


Buddleija globosa - also known as the orange ball buddleja, is a species of flowering plant endemic to Chile and Argentina, where it grows in dry and moist forest, from sea level to 2,000 m.[1] The species was first described and named by Hope in 1782. B. globosa was first introduced to the United Kingdom from Chile in 1774, and is now commonly grown as an ornamental and landscape shrub in temperate regions. Unlike B. davidii, introduced over a century later, B. globosa is not invasive owing to its wingless seeds.


Image from: http://www.deviantart.com/tag/nothofagus

Diostea juncea - Medium altitude up to the timber line
Low altitude, interior valleys. Coastal mountains, 500 - 2000 m. Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month). Somewhat dry areas where the drought may last 3 - 5 months. Precipitations of 400 - 800 mm. are concentrated in winter.

Eucryphia cordifolia - (Ulmo) is a species of tree in the Cunoniaceae family. It is found in Chile and Argentina. It is threatened by logging and habitat loss. The natural habitat is along the Andes Range from 38 to 43°S, and up to 700 meters (2300 ft) above sea level. It is a very elegant tree with a thick trunk and wide crown and can become over 12 m (40 ft) high.[1] It blooms in February and March, depending on latitude and altitude. The fruit is a capsule about 1.5 cm (0.6 in) length.

Gevuina avellana - (Chilean hazel, avellano chileno in Spanish) is an evergreen tree, up to 20 meters (65 feet) tall. It is the only species currently classified in the genus Gevuina. It is native to southern Chile and adjacent valleys in Argentina. It is found from sea level to 700 meters (2300 feet) above sea level. Its distribution extends from 35° to 44° south latitude. The composite leaves are bright green and toothed, and the tree is in flower between July and November. The flowers are very small and beige to whitish, are bisexual and group two by two in long racemes. The fruit is a dark red nut when young and turns black. It can grow up straight or branched from the soil.

The name Gevuina comes from guevin, the Mapuche Indian name for the Chilean hazel.



Sources: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/











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Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism / Syjonizm nie ma nicjudaizmem!

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6 JFK Shooters, 3 Tied To CIA, Oswald not among them

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Bronek: I had heard of Mr. Lawrence when in Europe, amongst the intelligentsia. After decades his name was completely forgotten. The Warren Commission Report was eaten by the masses of sheeple. Still, multitudes of thinkers knew that Johnson was simply a rich low life. He married Lady Bird. Thus, he had $$$ and protection to initiate and continue his anti-majority behavior.  Years later his endeavors would prove  -perhaps-  fatal for the majority… The immorality of the CIA’s Malcolm Wallace was also read about, but deemed not true due to sources. Enjoy. – b

Saturday, December 28th, 2013 | Posted by Jim Fetzer

Six JFK Shooters, Three Tied To CIA, Named–Oswald not among them

by Sherwood Ross (with Jim Fetzer)


Description: 23 The four hits to JFKSix shooters who participated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, including three with ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), were named by a prominent critic of the Warren Commission Report (WCR).  Remarkably, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Warren Commission’s lone-assassin-designate, was not among them.

During an interview published this past Nov. 20th in The Santa Barbara Independent, WCR critic/researcher Dr. James Fetzer of Madison, WI, and Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign, revealed the names of five of those who appear to have been shooters, where he has identified the sixth separately:

(1) The first shot that hit, which struck Kennedy in the back, appears to have been fired from the top of the County Records Building by Dallas Deputy Sheriff Harry Weatherford. He used a 30.06 to fire a Mannlicher-Carcano (MC) bullet fitted with a plastic collar known as a sabot, which hit JFK 5.5 below the shoulder just to the right of the spinal column. This was a shallow wound with no point of exit.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/186ff-harryweatherford.jpg?w=400&h=321

(2) Jack Lawrence, a U.S. Air Force expert, who had gone to work for the automobile dealership that provided vehicles for the presidential motorcade just a few days before the assassination, fired the shot that passed through the windshield and struck JFK in the throat from the south end of the Triple Underpass.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/ae494-126jacklawrence.jpg?w=400&h=243

(3) Nestor “Tony” Izquierdo, an anti-Castro Cuban recruited by the CIA, fired the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head after the limousine was brought to a halt. He fired three shots with two misses using a Mannlicher-Carcano, which were the only unsilenced shots fired, from the Dal-Tex Building, which housed a uranium mining corporation, Dallas Uranium and Oil, that was a CIA front.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/f1b19-129statueoftony.jpg?w=400&h=331

(4) Roscoe White, a Dallas police officer with ties to the CIA, fired from the grassy knoll adjoining the motorcade route, but seems to have “pulled his shot,” Fetzer said, “because it would have hit Jackie, so his shot went into the grass.”  His son subsequently discovered his diary, but gave it to the FBI and it has not been seen since.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/2705f-130roscoewhite.jpg?w=400&h=236

(5) Malcolm “Mac” Wallace, who shot from the Dallas Book Depository, may have murdered a dozen people for Lyndon B. Johnson. “Mac” appears to have fired from the west side of the book depository at Texas Governor John Connally in the mistaken belief he was Sen. Ralph Yarborough, whom LBJ despised. Wallace’s fingerprint was found on one of the boxes in the “assassin’s lair” in the book depository from which Oswald allegedly fired.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/7778e-138malcolm22mac22wallace.jpg?w=400&h=225

(6) Frank Sturgis, later complicit in the Watergate robbery, who also appears to have been connected to the CIA, is said by Fetzer to have fired from the north end of the Triple Underpass the shot that entered Kennedy’s right temple. Sturgis is known to have ties to Meyer Lansky, a notorious crime syndicate kingpin, and confessed his role to a New York City Gold Shield Detective when he was arrested attempting to kill Marita Lorenz.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/88a64-131franksturgis.jpg?w=400&h=238

In his interview with the Santa Barbara “Independent,” Fetzer said “there were shooters at six different locations,” with a total of up to 10 shots fired, three of which missed. He asserted JFK was hit four different times: in the back from behind, in the throat from in front, and twice in the head after the driver had brought the car to a halt to make sure he would be killed. Another shot missed and injured bystander James Tague, while “one or more shots hit Connally.”


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/01432-124theapproximateshotscenario.jpg?w=400&h=302

By contrast, the Warren Commission concluded that a single bullet struck Kennedy in the back, exited through his throat and then wounded Connelly. Fetzer explained that the “magic bullet” theory propounded by the Warren Commission is not only false but provably false and not even anatomically possible, because cervical vertebrae intervene.

Ruth Paine, who appears to have been working for the CIA, arranged for Oswald to go to work for at book depository “just weeks before the assassination, which was part of the whole project to set him up as a patsy,” Fetzer said. Right up to the time of the assassination, Oswald was a paid FBI informant, collecting $200 a month, which explains why his W-2 forms have never been released by the government.

As for the motivation to kill JFK, Fetzer noted that he was threatening to shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces, that the Joint Chiefs believed he was soft on communism, that the Mafia was unhappy because Attorney General Robert Kennedy was cracking down on organized crime, that he was going to abolish the FED and cut the oil depletion allowance.

Fetzer said Vice President Johnson, who had forced his way onto the ticket with JFK in Los Angeles in order to succeed him when he would be taken out, “was a pivotal player” facilitating the assassination. LBJ sent his chief administrative assistant, Cliff Carter, down to Dallas to make sure all the arrangements for the assassination were in place.  And his close friend, J. Edgar Hoover, used the FBI to cover it up.
YouTube – Veterans Today -

Fetzer said further there where “more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting Kennedy up for the hit”: two agents assigned to the President’s limousine were left behind at Love Field; that JFK’s limousine, which should have been in the middle of the motorcade, was put first; that the motorcycle escort was reduced to four and instructed not to ride ahead of the limousine’s rear wheels; and after the first shots were fired, the driver pulled the limo to the left and stopped.

What’s more, Fetzer produced an AP photograph that appears to show Oswald standing in doorway of the book depository at the time JFK was shot. They may be compared with Oswald’s photograph taken later that afternoon in Dallas police headquarters. When questioned, Oswald told Dallas homicide detective Will Fritz that during the shooting he had been standing with Bill Shelley, one of his supervisors, in front of the building.


Description: http://piotrbein.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/7b07b-comparison.jpg?w=320&h=268

Note the missing left shoulder and the figure who is in front of and behind the man in the doorway at the same time, which are obvious indications the photo has been altered.  Facial features have been distorted, but the clothing is the key. “If you look at the height, weight, build, and the clothing he’s wearing—especially the highly unusual shirt and the t-shirt he has on—they correspond very closely to what Oswald was wearing when he was arrested,” Fetzer said.

For more proof that the man in the doorway (Doorman) was Lee Oswald, visit the Oswald Innocence Campaign on-line. While they altered features of Doorman’s face, the only other candidates for having been there were not wearing comparable clothing or did not fit the height, weight and build of the man in the doorway.  When you consider the totality of the evidence, no alternative explanation is reasonable.

“Guns and Butter: The Assassination of America, Part One

“Guns and Butter: The Assassination of America, Part Two”

In his Santa Barbara Independent interview, Fetzer said public opinion polls “have shown over the years that as much as 85 percent of the public has expressed disagreement with the Warren Commission and the lone assassin theory.” Fetzer elaborated on the points he made in great detail during his keynote address, “The Assassination of America”, for the Santa Barbara JFK conference that he organized and moderated, which is now available at jfk50santabarbara.com.

Fetzer is a former Marine Corps officer who earned his Ph.D. in the history and philosophy of science.  He has published 29 books, including three collections of studies by experts on different aspects of the assassination. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, he is also an editor for, and contributor to, Veterans Today.

Sherwood Ross is an award-winning reporter. He served in the U.S Air Force where he contributed to his base newspaper. He later worked for The Miami Herald and Chicago Daily News. He contributed a weekly column on working for a major wire service. He is also an editorial and book publicist. He currently resides in Florida.

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Israel decries ‘unfounded’ Amnesty International Gaza report on Zionist war crimes







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Description: udaism_Inside_Logo final.

Foreign Ministry says ‘decontextualized description of events’ ignores Hamas’s use of civilian infrastructure

ed note–besides the endemic and autonomic use of deception (lawyer-ese for lying) that comes as a package deal in all things Zionist and Judaic, remember as well that Israel can make this claim with a straight face and a clear conscience based on the Judaic teaching that Palestinians are Amalek, whom Jews have been commanded by their religion to destroy, as well as the fact that as Gentiles, those who lost their lives in Gaza were not humans, and therefore no murder was committed and therefore no ‘war crimes’.

Until humanity comes face to face with the reality that Judaism was/is/ and always will be a toxic, radioactive force that destroys all with which it comes into contact, we will continue to move closer and closer to the abyss.

Times of Israel

Jerusalem on Tuesday deplored an Amnesty International report accusing Israel of war crimes during the summer conflict in Gaza, saying the monitor used murky sources and focused on monetary costs to Palestinians rather than consider Hamas targeting of Israeli civilians.

In a statement the Foreign Ministry said that the international human rights group offered “a decontextualized description of events, while relying heavily on testimonies gathered by unnamed local ‘fieldworkers,’ who are not identified and whose credibility is never questioned.”

On Monday night, Amnesty International accused the IDF of committing several war crimes during the summer’s Operation Protective Edge campaign in Gaza and called for the charges to be investigated. In particular, the destruction of four multi-story buildings during the last four days of the 50-day war were in breach of international humanitarian law, the group said in a report.

But the ministry said the report “chooses to focus on monetary losses to Palestinian civilians, rather than investigate the systematic and deliberate firing of rockets and mortars at Israel’s civilian population by an internationally-recognized jihadist terror group.”

The Foreign Ministry pointed to apparent contradictions in the report, which had noted the measures the IDF took to avoid civilian causalities but then accused it of committing war crimes.

Safety measures the IDF employed included “advance phone calls, the dropping of leaflets, notice to residents to maintain a safe distance from the buildings, as well as “knock on the roof” warning missiles,” according to the statement.

“These measures are unprecedented in modern warfare, and Amnesty’s report explicitly states that no one was killed in the strikes,” the ministry added.

Despite acknowledging the steps the IDF took to protect noncombatants, the ministry charged,t Amnesty then made “unfounded allegations concerning the conduct of the IDF” by suggesting that Israel intentionally targeted civilians and their property.

“The IDF does not intentionally target civilians or civilian property; its activity is dictated by international law, is directed against military objectives, and abides by the principle of proportionality,” the ministry emphasized. It accused Amnesty of ignoring the IDF’s need to censor some information in order to protect its intelligence gathering methods and sources.

The ministry also panned the group for brushing off “clear evidence” of Hamas’s use of Gaza civilian infrastructure for its own combat needs.

“Amnesty’s inability to determine the military use of these sites does not indicate a lack of such use,” the statement said.

While commending Amnesty for saying that it intends to report on Hamas violations as well, the ministry noted that the current absence of such investigations, together with previous provocative comments from the group’s workers, call into question “Amnesty’s capacity to play a constructive role in covering this issue.”

The Israeli army has launched a series of criminal investigations into incidents in the war, including the shelling of a UN school that medics said killed at least 15 people and the bombing of a beach where four children died.

More than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the war between Israel and Hamas-led fighters, according to the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry. Israel maintains that about half of those killed were Palestinian fighters; Gazan officials say most were civilians.

On the Israeli side 73 people were killed, including 66 soldiers. Many of the casualties on the Israeli side stemmed from indiscriminate Palestinian shelling of Israeli towns and cities.


Goldstone’s forced redaction does not clear Israeli war crimesWith 4 comments

Amnesty International: Israel violates human rightsWith 6 comments

In Gaza Memorium--Israel soldiers speak out on GazaWith 4 comments

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  1. #1 by Mike on December 9, 2014 - 4:38 pm

Israeli Devils. Personally, I wish Tel Aviv would receive a tactical nuke when the Knesset is in session. I would dance in the streets and buy drinks for everyone! Rotten scum!

  1. #2 by Isaac on December 10, 2014 - 5:06 am

Since the illegal creation of this entity (which is not even a State) there have been so many genocides, massacres, unrest, revolutions, and all kinds of troubles. Israel is the poison of the world and it needs to be dismantled. Some one will nuke Israel before they nuke us all.



From: http://organized-stalking-and-mind-control.ch/gang-stalking-militant-judaism-and-organized-crime/

Organisiertes Stalking und Mind Control in der Schweiz und Europa

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Gang Stalking, Militant Judaism and Organized Crime

by organized-stalking-and-mind-control on 20. April 2013 at 06:49

Posted In: Organisiertes Stalking

Koennte sicher ein Grund sein…

“I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations” (Exod. 20:5; cf. 34:6-7; Num. 14:18; Deut. 5:9).

In researching the gang stalking Program I have been in communication with well over a hundred gang stalking targets. I have personally met with about a dozen gang stalking targets, and, have spoken on the telephone with over a dozen targets for a total of well over 100 hours.

Based on the above evidence, as well as my own personal family history, I believe that thousands of families in the U.S. have been targeted by militant Judaism for their families having had a history of known or believed anti-Semitic beliefs.

Groups that have conducted hate campaigns against Gentiles perceived to be “Amalek”, meaning the Gentiles who are anti-Semitic and must be destroyed in every generation according to Talmudic Law, are led by militant Judaic factions. These factions include the Jewish Task Force, Jewish Defense Organiztion (formally Jewish Dense League) followers of the late fanatical rabbi Meir Kahane, Chabadniks and their sympathizers, and front groups for criminal Zionism such as the ADL.

Based on my conversations with well over a dozen family members of gang stalking victims who were targeted because of known or suspected anti-Semitic family beliefs, I have come to some conclusions about this type of targeting.

Firstly, gang stalking victims who were targeted by the Program because of a family history of known or believed anti-Semitism, are generational targets. All of the targets who fall into this category come from families in which the entire family was targeted for gang stalking. This means that entire extended families were marked for destruction using gang stalking tactics, and, many members were fraudulently bilked out of inheritance by various schemes.

Secondly, this targeting was done in both regions of the country with a relatively large Jewish population such as the urban Northeast, as well as rural areas of the Midwest with relatively sparse Jewish populations.

Thirdly, this targeting was supported by members of the mainstream Jewish community who were neither fanatical and associated with Jewish militant groups nor Chabadniks. A network of Jews were established in private Christian schools, workplaces and elsewhere to observe and report on persons with anti-Semitic leanings.

Fourthly, organized crime, including, but in no way limited to, the Italian Mafia, were recruited to participate in the destruction of the targeted Amalek families. These racketeers were rewarded with illegal payola in the form of government contracts, permits, etc., as well as other benefits, including preferential access of their children to elite colleges for their participation in the “protection racket”.

Families were aggressively targeted on often specious evidence. This included cases in which children were targeted for wearing jewelry perceived as anti-Semitic such as Celtic charms somewhat resembling the Swastika.


There is silence about this issue because most people choose to keep anti-Semitic family beliefs in the closet. Many gang stalking victims are in Denial. Disinformation agents and agents provocateur foster internalizing the gang stalking phenomenon as a “personal issue”. This goes beyond the role of militant Judaism in gang stalking to the wider government cover-up. Generational victims, whose targeting has a nexus to the embarrassing issue of their families anti-Semitic beliefs, have an even greater reason to be in Denial than does the average gang stalking victim.

An example of someone whose life and career was derailed due to a family history of perceived anti-Semitism is the actor Mel Gibson. Gibson’s father publicly stated that the six million Holocaust deaths was an exaggeration. The Jewish dominated, liberal media seem to be somewhat bloodthirsty when it comes to families with perceived anti-Semitic leanings:


Reporter Rick Sanchez was probably profiled in a similar manner long before uttering the career-killing words “elite, Northeast establishment liberals”.


A recent ADL poll found 1 in 6 Americans have serious anti-Semitic beliefs. The number was twice as high 40 years ago when the ADL began polling Americans’ attitudes toward Jews. The current rate of Anti-Semitism found in polling done in Europe is higher than in America, and, even higher in Russia:

The ADL has a history of felony criminal activity, including offenses in which it has violated the civil rights of targeted individuals in illegal conspiracies with government co-conspirators:


The JDL has targeted anyone who questioned the official history of the Holocaust, and, has used violence and terrorism against Jews perceived to be “insufficiently Zionist”:


Sayanims are Jewish, one million strong, worldwide Soviet-style civilian spies for criminal Zionism:



Quelle: http://www.nowpublic.com/world/gang-stalking-militant-judaism-and-organized-crime

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From: http://ongangstalking.blogspot.com/2014/03/native-amerian-genocide-and-jewish.html?zx=73f1355855119794

Educational blog written by a target of organized stalking and harassment aka 'gang stalking'. Contains info Targets can use. ©2007-2014

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MK Ultra Universities and Private Companies

"Forty-four American colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like including Sandoz (currently Novartis) and Eli Lilly & Co., 12 hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and 3 prisons are known to have participated in MKULTRA.(mirrored from http://youtu.be/e8k0C88B0QE)" Novartis is contructing a huge building near MIT in Cambridge.

Summary Of Motive(s) For My 'Gang Stalking' Case

Please Read These Links




Sunday, March 23, 2014

Native Amerian Genocide and Jewish Racism


Jews in the FBI and Justice Dept? Are you serious?

That means that anyone that these people consider to be "morons" or are jealous of or are disliked by them are going to suffer through their conspiratorial networks. Is this why there was so much Jewish involvement in my gang stalking campaign, in Newton, MA and Brookline, MA especially?

This is probably why my father Daniel O---- also targeted for knowing too much about my mother's family being involved in the MK Ultra project, related so much to Native Americans in this country.
He used to claim he was Native supposedly but with all my great grandparents coming from Eastern and western Europe, is totally impossible. I suppose the facial structure from being Lithuanian and Polish is also Asiatic, probably some Tartar or other Asiatic DNA somewhere, as many Russians have.

Ironically people thought I was Jewish in my own hometown that didnt know me which is totally laughable.

If you are from the northeastern USA you dont realize until you frequent the south and northwest as well as the west coast, that the Native American DNA resides mostly in the old money people here in New England. Now that I know what a Native face looks like from seeing pure Natives out west- even some of the founding forefathers of the Revolution seem to look Native, which I am sure no one would ever want to admit to.

Its always disgusted me, the theatrics built to demostrate and keep in mind for us as a nation, the Jewish Holocaust, specifically that monstrousity near Haymarket/Govt Center in Boston thats along the roadway, part of which has constant smoking coming up through a grate in the ground, for dramatic effect.

Yet we stand on, and thats built on stolen land. Land thats never been healed.

When you see the Natives out west, you grasp the continuing pain and suffering not only of an entire people, millions if not billions of people but of the land itself. I suppose I have a skewed perception due to being houseless and have met many drunk suffering Natives. At OCCUPY in Albuquerque, NM I learned just how much pain remains in an entire race of people on this continent. Lets not forget all the rest of the Americas that are permanently screwed up economincally, religiuosly and socially due to being mostly populated by Native peoples. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Santa Domingo, Cuba, Central and South America.

Its not even my damn hemisphere for X's sake when you look at it realistically. What here is mine? What here do I come from?
The only bond I have with the Native peoples or the land is my slightly Asiatic bone structure from some indegenous Asiatic peoples, in some part of Eastern or western Europe. The "stone age societies" that the Jewish racist refers to Natives as. Which by the way, gives us strength, spiritual toughness, healing powers, psychic prowess, better health and strength etc etc than scrawny, weak, fragile regular Europeans-most of whom were made weak by the Inquisition, the Plague, the feudal systems etc.

This is yet another  reason to leave the USA. I myself feel like a Native American, my way of life being snuffed out- the End Of The Trail for me and every other TI.

And the Jews and everyone else for that matter in the USA treat me like crap and are just as uncaring and callous about the injustice thats happened to me.

clock 5:56:00 PM by On_GangStalking

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Hey really cool piece on the natives. You should look into russel means,john trudell, and aim(american indian movement)! Only when the wicked worldly system turns against the whites and makes them the next indians or blacks will they wake up. They dont care unless it happens to them.

3/26/14, 3:29 PM

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Harassment overt since 1996.2003 became 24/7,intensity became potentially deadly. Manageable circa 2008.Mother's documented radiation experimentee,MK Ultra related.Destitute,homeless due to being targeted. From Boston where an Ivy League school setting demands that everyone be smarter thus I have survived. Like other TI's ultimate goal of the harassment is suicide or institutionalization. Common 4 MK Ultra survivors.Cover story is I was involved in federal investigation of associates of former friends who are career criminals. However I NEVER RECIEVED A SUBPOENA. If u look carefully when Clinton apologizes for MK Ultra he never touches on mind control experiments. He also laughably talks about being responsible, owning up when caught doing something wrong-years later we see his true mode of operating with Lewinsky scandal. The military/private sector and intel agencies are continuing MK Ultra human experimentation in order to build an NWO. Anyone who's potential threat to that or has too much information on important people is targeted to keep us silent and discredit us.

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From: http://janebauer.blogspot.com/2008/01/jewish-conspiracy-and-gang-stalkers.html

22 January, 2008

Jewish conspiracy and gang stalkers

I have contacted with some lawyers and figured out one of them recommended me to vist Stadt Aarau. As I am a refugee and cannot contact with Swiss authorities, I think I should contact the place anonymously to check out if they really have a free consultation like lawyers for refugees.
Well, I did not visit the place and stayed at home to take some rest due to the flu. I am still sick and my brain is not really ready to play with perps. Good thing is that I already done what I supposed to do. Contact with the lawyer at Caritas and then some in local area. They insisted that a refugee from Japan is impossible to get accepted in Switzerland. Well, how about that Chess champion granted in Iceland? He was a US citizen and was targeted by FBI because of playing chess in wrong place. I found his articles about his criticism on Jewish conspiracy and his positive expression about 911. If these things are some triggers to the victims of FBI and gang stalking, then I must consider my situation for comparison. Let's see how much information is similar in my case.

Criticism of 911. I don't know how much US government concerned about me for my activist activities before and after the terrorist attacks. Before 911, I was an active student taking leadership programs and social science classes. I did not really do anything since I spent too much time reading books and Internet articles rather than working on particular group to do something. It was right after 911, while I was taking one of political science classes, I figured out the some changes in the atmosphere of the activists. I found some students were gone from the campus as some facilities were talking about that. Also, I found a foreign (Swedish – Cameroon born) physics professor died of a massive heart attack in his home in Palo Alto, CA. You know how many American scientists studying sensitive topics are died of heart attacks or disappeared. Then, I figured out that on campus anti-war protesting was some what mild. That was the time I kept distance from other classmate taking leadership programs.

My case? I criticized FEMA and the replacement of Mike Brown for the aftermath of Katalina. Well, my essay could be still on the web. The instructor used an Internet site for checking preasurism and recording purpose. If the US government decided to target on me, it would possible because of that. Strangely, I wrote that essay during Fall 2005 when I had problem with Chinese elderly at the volunteer site. One time right after the 911, I was talking about my plan to create website about Osama bin Ladin with my friends. It was the time people were talking about bin Ladin and CIA connection, and I was thinking to create a pro bin Ladin website with a name “Osama bin Ladin (CIA) Unofficial Fan Site.” This was nothing more than to share the similar materials people are discussing about the 911 conspiracies with the US government. What we know is that CIA owns some surface weapon companies and they are used to send goods abroad. CIA hires informants among any category of people.

Then, about the Jewish conspiracy, I don't know how much Jewish are involved in my case. Gang stalkers have perps from almost all the types of people of jobs and ethnicities. I really don't see the point targeting only one ethnic group responsible for the stalking. Well, what changed me is the activities of Mr. Kissinger and other pro-Israel lobbies with dual Israel-US citizenship. I don't know who is really handling the debt of the US or the loss from the wars in the Middle East. The US government got suffered pretty much from the post 911 policies and I am aware that some are criticizing the classical Jewish conspiracy for the cause. In my case, I am only working on the comparison with Bobby Fisher's case. I am neutral.

My case would be related with Jewish conspiracy, if I have to mention the name of the physical anthropologist who I got problem with in the past. Well, I recently figured out someone similar to her background is in a different department of the same university. That professor was a Canadian and I sent information to the Vice President of the United States. Later, perps at my apartment in San Jose were talking “Elizabeth is mightier than the President.” I don't know what president they were referring to. But they also said that “all anthropologists agreed” for the marriage of me and her. I don't know why it was necessary. Well, I might be scared at that time and might be asked to stick to her for my own security purpose. I figured out that she sent undercover cops to delete my claim on her past relationships with other famous anthropologists.
It was the same period that I was studying about the particular Jewish groups in East Europe. I was thinking to write a short story from my research. I cannot remember the name of the group but the name starts from S, Schekidim or something like that. There are some books available for study about them. When I was in El Camino Hospital, I heard that Dr. Weiss checked my DNA and found out that there are only 3% similarities with Jews. I don't know why people are checking me for Jewish conspiracy. There are some Jews like Hakka in China, but I don't know about it in Japan. The perps in my San Jose apartment also said that Dr. Weiss checked my parents' physical features and thought that they have no connection with Jews. Well, yeah I am 100% Japanese origin and my families don't have any marriage with foreigners at least several generations.

Then, the LLD99 instructor Rosenberg was a Jewish. I don't know that until she talked about it in the classroom as well as the lawsuit defending cost.

When I was in Paris, I was contacted with a converted Jewish perp. He is from Mexico and said that he only stays in Paris for few weeks. However, he gave me the phone number and the mailing address. How many travelers have foreign mailing address? He also showed me some letters from his Japanese friends in Japan. I met him at Hebrew food restaurant – Johnathan? At that time, someone in the restaurnt gave me a name card of “Messiah” lives in New York. Since that guy was weird, I avoided seeing him, however, I accidentally met him next day with his friends and had to join for coffee. I don't know why he is converted from Catholics to Jewish and avoided my conversation about Torah. He also mentioned about his divorce from his wife. Everything he said and acted seemed to against the teaching of Jewish religion. Well, it was funny to see him with the Jewish people with traditional black hats at the coffee shop in Paris.
Now? I don't know why Eritorean visitors in my heim were stating that “I like Jewish.” Yeah, that is what I corrected as my evidence when I asked them if they are still working for Christian religious right violation.

Gang stalkers are the people without real faith. They can mimic anything in order to get advantage from doing so. I don't know if their activities actually helping to build a Jewish based New World Order or not.

Posted by JB at 4:51 PM  

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