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Argentina and Monsanto GMO Pesticide Tango 

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Blacklisted Uncensored Alternative Alternative News - Monsanto GMO ADD ADHD Hyperactive


For the purposes of this article the word or name Monsanto is used loosely to mean: Bayer, BASF, Dow Agro “science”, Dupont, Syngenta and Monsanto. Three of the companies are bigger and therefore spew out more pesticides in tons per day than Monsanto – but even the smallest of the six follows the motto. The more these six companies traverse the gene-species God-given barrier, (do you ee any human-kangaroo hybrids around you?) the more each nation passes laws allowing these six company's wares within their borders, the less food diversity will remain, globally. Agricultural gene-spliced mono cropping is a global epidemic.


That motto is: stop growing the food God put on the planet which we are causing the extinction of, and grow our pesticide addicted crops and buy our pesticides. The image of the farmworker buying meals at inflated prices from the "company store" and being in debt for their sustenance works both for most GMO small farmers and for we, the consumers of edible-farmed GMO contaminated goods. Forget shelf-pricing, what will we pay over several generations for 4-8 or more gene-splices per crop "cultivar" aka GMO "hybrid"? These splices are polluting the crops of Organic Farmers and making natural or man-made traditional hybrids extinct. In Mexico, the birthplace of corn and Argentia the birthplace of potatoes gene-splices are "marrying" with crops that date back tens of thousands of years...


Before we go full bore into the heart of things, Organic Gardening publications and USDA oft quibble over “Organically Grow”. If you grow edibles with no harsh, man made insecticides on any scale, large or small, you are only part way there. Take away petroleum based Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) and use manure and garden waste instead, you will be in the Oranic ballpark. Additionally, using red worms (Vermiculture), Mycorrhizae inoculant (beneficial soil microbes), Lady Bugs, Ant Lions and Praying Mantis (beneficial insects) to achieve insect control with the foregoing and one has a really sustainable, healthy way to grow food.


Spot treating when needed with products like Vegetable-based Insecticidal Soap, Neem Oil, et al is a pretty picture of good farming, truck farming and homegrown health – yours and the plants.


Now imagine doing all of that in the inverse: poison, gene-sliced diabolical imitations of food in bastardized crop seed for profit… …Copious amounts of petroleum as both crop poison insecticides (by products of chemical warfare) and N-P-K fertilizers from oil refineries; farmers big and small indebted to the companies for seeds, chemicals and fertilizers that never bring the farm to profitability, long term. Just use good alternative search engines and search for Monsanto India Farmer suicides, as well as Chile, Argentina, et al.


But “the crops are legal” in many of the targeted nations. As is often the case, legalism and diabolism co-exist hand-in-hand, such as in the U.S., in Argentina and in India where the scam to make the God-given foods extinct or polluted with “patented” gene-splices goes on… Just because politicians accept money to make vexing the public’s food supply “legal” does not make it a good long-range plan.

Numerous articles state that pesticide deaths in Argentina have doubled with GMO mono cropping and pesticides. The word doubled is naive, pesticides kill two ways: 1) Chronic (long term) exposure, 2) Acute (bang, you drop like a stone now and need blood transfusions and saline). Stating an arbitrary 1.5x to 2x now ignores acute deaths from poisoning accidents and cancers yet to erupt later in people who only now "appear" healthy. Counting chronic deaths and cancers, the number of illness or deaths in Argentia could be much, much higher than all the copy cat articles. It is common for a whole family to die in rural, uneducated areas from pesticides.

Contries that just adopted GMO are unfamiliar with four main concepts which will get many sick, dead or both in that order. Danger (Skull and Crossbones), Warning and Caution are signal words many farmworkers cannot spell. Calibration has more words, concentrate, diluted load. Those not familiar with such words and what they mean are destined to both get sick or die and cause others to get sick or die. Google images: "potato sack methyl parathion bag". The whole family in the picture are dead, they stored food in a leftover pesticide large paper sack.

Danger skull and cross bones signals death or serious illness/organ harm are very likey if the chemical is not handled with great care. It is highly probable Danger materials (crop residue) cause ADD/ADHD & Hyperactive Disorders. Warning signals death can occur but less lethal than Danger materials. It would be a misnomer to believe Warning chemicals are "safer" as there is also chronic poisoning and getting tumors, lung cancer from life-long exposure. Caution can kill as well, but is less acutely toxic than Danger and Caution. A gardner eating dinner with TV and sleeping in an easy chair once died from caution pesticide soaking into his skin (dermal poisoning).

Diluted load is a differentiation between concentrated pesticide (highly lethal) and diluted pesticide (which is still highly toxic poison). Calibration has to do with metering out the proper amount of pesticides in pounds per acre or ounces per hundreds or thousands of square feet. Mis-application and poor decision making caused the Timic Water Mellon poisonings.

GMO spliced genes destroy food biodiversity and the pesticides used to grow them cause many health issues. The Canadian Centers For Disease Control have published that pesticide exposure in food and water and clothing causes ADD, ADHD and Autism in children. This single fact is telling us what all the other data tells us: humans suffer and/or die from pesticides.

Blacklisted Uncensored Alternative Alternative News - Monsanto GMO ADD ADHD Hyperactive

Everything from bees globally to Aztecc Corn species to Argentinian Potatoes is becomingg less diverse (read that more susceptible to diseases and insects). GMO gene splices cross the species boundary (in the plant/farm world, comparable to crossing a human with a zebra). Or rather, human - with a zebra, rhino, fewal pig and elephant genes spliced in…
Argentina, proportionate with its size, rivals India in pesticide mismanagement and criminal business practices….


Tracy Turner 12/26/2014



From: http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/monsanto-linked-deaths-thousands-farmers

Monsanto Linked to Deaths of Thousands of Farmers

Monday, March 3, 2014

Description: http://www.unknowncountry.com/sites/default/files/pesticides.jpg

Farmers in developing countries are dying in their thousands from a mysterious kidney disorder, which has been termed as "Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology" (CKDu).

The disease is running rife through farmers from the rice paddy regions of Sri Lanka, and in El Salavdor, it is the second leading cause of death among male adults, posing a greater risk to health there than diabetes, AIDS, and leukemia combined. A new study has now linked the unexplained deaths to the use of a herbicide patented by the giant biochemical company, Monsanto.

The CKDu originally manifested in Sri Lanka a couple of decades ago, and has spread rapidly throughout the country's farming communities where it now affects up to fifteen per cent of adults. Over the years, 400,000 people have been affected and 20,000 have died from the disease. The Sri Lankan Ministry of Health reported that the condition did not appear to follow risk factors normally associated with chronic kidney diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension or kidney inflammation.

The recent study, which was published in the Swiss-based International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, may now be able to explain how the CKDu develops: it has suggested that a widely used glyphosate-based herbicide can become a fatal brew once it is combined with the metals often contained in hard water or soil, and that the resulting toxic compounds can destroy kidney tissue.

Soil can contain metals such as arsenic and cadmium, and the metal content of hard water can be made up of many different elements, including calcium, magnesium, strontium, and iron. The study states that glyphosate, a molecule patented as a herbicide by Monsanto in the 1970s, can form “strong complexes with metal ions,” complexes that are capable of retaining nephrotoxic metals and delivering them to the kidney. Glyphosate is an toxic molecule in its own right, but is not harmful enough to cause the type of deleterious effect on kidney tissue observed in CKDu. Combined with other metal elements, however, it appears to become a deadly poison. The herbicide, known commercially as "Roundup," can be easily ingested via consumption of contaminated hard water, in food, or through the skin. The findings of the study, which was conducted by Channa Jayasumana (Rajarata University, Sri Lanka), Sarath Gunatilake (California State University, USA) and Priyantha Senanayake (Hela Suwaya Organization, Sri Lanka), indicated that up to 96 per cent of patients had consumed “hard or very hard water for at least five years, from wells that receive their supply from shallow regolith aquifers.”

"The phosphorous atom in the phosphonic group in the glyphosate/AMPA molecule can possibly be replaced by As (Arsenic)," an excerpt from the study explained. "Following dermal and respiratory absorption of glyphosate, it can form complexes with nephrotoxic metals and As derived from rice, vegetables and tobacco within the circulation."

Glyphosate-metal complexes (GMCs) are not evacuated via normal liver’s detoxification process, and the researchers believe that the toxic complexes may accumulate in the body over a long period of time, so that it could take many years before signs of the CKDu are observed in affected individuals. This hypothesis is based on the fact that agrochemicals have been used in the affected areas since the 1970s, but the CKDu did not begin to afflict the population until the 1990s.

The spread of the disease is thought to be due to the fact that glyphosate is easily ingested through a variety of different means, and also because, once it has reacted to form hard complexes, its half-life can increase from 47 days up to 22 years. This means that it can potentially accumulate in increasingly large amounts, multiplying the risk of exposure, a fact of even greater concern when one considers that it is used in copious quantities throughout countries like Sri Lanka.

The researchers noted that Roundup is used alongside triple-super-phosphate (TSP) fertilizer which contains arsenic and heavy metals.

"...Within a couple of weeks after the spraying of glyphosate farmers apply triple phosphate (TSP) to the paddy fields," said the authors. "Recent findings have shown that the TSP available in Sri Lanka is contaminated with significant amounts of Cd (Cadmium), Cr (Cromium), Ni (Nickel) and Pb (lead). Furthermore, it was also found that TSP used in Sri Lanka is a very rich source of arsenic."

According to the study, even the World Health Organisation had associated the CKDu with arsenic, cadmium and pesticide contamination, along with hard water consumption. It also proposed that other outbreaks of kidney disorders in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Andra Pradesh in India, could also be attributed to the use of Roundup.

A series of articles published in the journal Science last year claimed that developing countries need stronger pesticide regulation, and an international body to carry out regular pesticide safety assessments. The special report suggested that new technologies must be developed in order to make pesticides safer, ultimately producing crops that will not require pesticides at all.

Jeffery Dangl, a biology professor at the University of North Carolina, United States, and his colleagues, revealed advances in the understanding of plant immune systems and DNA sequencing that have allowed the production of crops that are less susceptible to pests and disease.

"We lose 20 to 30 per cent of our global food supply to pests and pathogens every year," Dangl told SciDev.Net. "If you reduce plant diseases and recover that, you could feed 20 to 30 per cent more calories to people."

The research could potentially have the greatest impact in developing countries, where currently there is poor regulation of pesticide use.

"One often sees farmers throwing chemicals on their plants, using their hands, and without proper clothing, and they often use fungicides and pesticides that are no longer allowed in the developed world," explained Dangl. "There's poor regulation and poor administration of the regulation."

Reducing contamination of the environment and food by pesticides would seem to be a very positive step forward in farming, though engineering such pesticide-resistant crops would surely require some genetic modification to achieve that result. This fact that could prove to be an emotive issue for those opposed to GM foods, an issue that has provoked strong reactions over the past few decades.

What are your views? Your thoughts are always welcome here at Unknown Country - subscribe today to join the debate within our unique community!

Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/news/monsanto-linked-deaths-thousands-farmers#ixzz3My3AM5Dj



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