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Michael Aquino, Temple of Set, Child Kidnapping, Satanic Cult

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Michael Aquino

See: Bill Schnoebelen   Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997)   Col. John Alexander  Vampirism

Is Jordan Maxwell really Michael Aquino?

[2009 Feb] Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation by Alex Constantine

[2007] The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks. Beyond the Dutroux Affair

[2006] Vatican Illuminati and the pedophile rings blessed by Satan

A Dialogue with the Devil by David McGowanDescription: ammy Davis Jnr with Satanists Anton Lavey & Aquino

MICHAEL AQUINO, a military/cult mind-control programmer 12: SCIENCE No. 12-EXTERNAL CONTROLS Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

U.S. Army Lieutenant, High Priest, Temple of Set. see: Satanic Subversion of the U.S. Military

Appendix I: The Programmers [The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler]

Famous Kidnapping Case Implicates Top Political Figures in Child Prostitution Network (The Johhny Gosch Case)

Another Cult member afraid of Michael Aquino

In November 2000, a new book was released, written by Noreen Gosch, entitled "Why Johnny Can't Come Home." This book alleges disturbing activities by Mr. Aquino and others, and alleges a political cover-up. She states that the FBI and local law enforcement did not do their jobs and actually hindered the investigation of her missing son. Ritual Abuse Victims Advocate Responds to Defamatory Article in the San Diego Union-Tribune January 1, 2001

Satanic cult leader, Michael Aquino's harassment and why...

Child Abuse at the Presidio

Franklin Cover-Up Paul A. Bonacci vs. Lawrenice E. King-1999 RA court case

Satanic subversion of the U.S. Military

Trance Formation of America by Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien

One of our primary mind control programmers was Lieutenant Colonel Michael Aquino. He was with the psychological warfare division of the US Army and founder of the occult "Temple of Set" that is proliferating on our military bases under the guise of a religion. He doesn't have any religious beliefs that I ever saw, but he used occultism as a trauma base for mind control. The only Satanic power that I ever experienced by Aquino was in the form of a stun gun. The high voltage that he administered to both my daughter and I, compartmentalized memories of programs for later access by certain government leaders and ClA-sanctioned drug lords that had the codes, keys and triggers to that program.  Sex, Lies, and Mind Control by Cathy O'Brien

The largest Satanic church to spin-off from the Church of Satan is undoubtedly the Temple of Set, formed by The Black Pope’s number-one disciple, Dr. Michael Aquino......Aquino not only claims to have Faith in the Fallen Angel but believes the Prince of Darkness spoke to him and gave him a further revelation from Hell. This communication from the Devil was eventually written down in Aquino’s treatise The Book of Coming Forth by Night (1985). In this text, the archfiend identified himself as Set -- the ancient Egyptian name for Satan -- and instructed Aquino to form a new organization called the Temple of Set (with members referred to as Setians) which was to act as a vehicle for the emergence of a new and bold Satanic Age. [2006] Satanic Crime. A Threat in the New Millennium by William H. Kennedy

It was reported to me and given in Federal Court, February 1999, by Paul Bonacci, that "Michael Aquino ... called the "Colonel" was in fact the man who came to Iowa, paid the kidnappers for taking Johnny, then took Johnny with him. This took place 14 days after the kidnapping. Bonacci stated this under oath in Federal Court. Judge Urbom ruled Bonacci was telling the truth.

    CHARLENE: As part of the research for your book, Why Johnny Can't Come Home, you invoked the FOIA (freedom of information act) and requested a paper written by Michael Aquino called: "From PsyOps to Mind War, the Success of Victory". The government refused your request based on so-called NATIONAL SECURITY. I've read although Aquino's paper was never officially published in any journals, it nevertheless enjoyed a measure of popularity as, allegedly, it was widely circulated in government/military circles. Fortunately, you managed to obtain a copy. What was the relevance of this document to the Johnny Gosch case and perhaps to all of us today?  

 NOREEN: This document written by Michael Aquino outlined the project of using "mind controlling" techniques. It spelled out how it was to be done. In researching for my book, I tried to access it as I had done with other reports on the internet. I received a message saying I would have to file a FOIA request. I filled out the paperwork, sent it and approximately 3 weeks later I received a letter from the National Security Agency that it would be a risk to National Security to release that information to me.

the mind control techniques were to be used on Americans, most all of it was of military purposes ... they experimented on prisoners, service men and branched out to runaway children, then finally kidnapping children for this purpose.  ........

Several weeks after receiving the letter from the NSA, I received a phone call from Linda Blood (former girlfriend of Aquino) she said "I understand you tried to get a copy of a report written by Michael Aquino and instead got a letter from the "NSA". I said "how would you know that"? She replied, "I know a lot of things... would you like a copy, I have one and will mail it to you". She did... and that is how I received it. I think Michael told her I had tried to get and put her up to calling me for some reason.  [2005] Noreen Gosch Speaks About - Jeff Gannon, Johnny Gosch And The Attempted Theft Of Her Book 'Why Johnny Can't Come Home' By Charlene Fassa

Noreen Gosch, mother of Johnny Gosch who was kidnapped 20 years ago when he was 12, testified at Mr. Bonacci’s hearing on his behalf on February 5, 1999 in this civil lawsuit against Mr. King. Ms. Gosch was responsible for the passage of legislation on behalf of missing children, and due to her efforts, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children was created. She carried out her own investigation about her son’s disappearance over the years and observed at this hearing that if the FBI had actually done their job in her case, it would have “opened up the biggest scandal in the United States, bigger than the Iran-Contra story.” Paul Bonacci gave information to Noreen Gosch about the kidnapping of her son, Johnny Gosch, and admitted to participating in his kidnapping.

    Ms. Gosch claimed her son, Johnny, visited her in March of 1997 and told her the exact same story Paul Bonacci had, and asked her to make these claims public. He said kidnapped children and others were being used by professional pedophiles and some of those children were victims of mind control. In Ms. Gosch’s book, “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home,” (2000) she wrote that he and three others claimed that Lt. Col. Michael Aquino was involved in Johnny’s kidnapping. (pg. 223) Ms. Gosch stated the following in the court hearing:

    “There was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearance. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He’s founded the Temple of Set. And he was also a very close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use this experimentation upon children …where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples so that when they’re questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence.

    They use these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of…they were taken to be used by professional pedophiles. People that have the money to buy what they want, take the kids wherever they want... and by splitting the children’s personalities they could then train each one of the personalities to do a different function. And the rest of the personalities within that host personality would not be aware of it or remember it.” [2009 Feb] Satanism and Ritual Abuse - Case-by-Case Documentation by Alex Constantine

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MICHAEL A. AQUINO, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. -Founder of the Temple of Set

Michael Aquino Revisited


THE TRUE "SS" SHAPESHIFTER SATANISTS AND THEIR GENEALOGICAL RECORD KEEPERSDescription: http://www.whale.to/b/images/aquinoworig333.jpgDescription: http://www.whale.to/b/images/aquinoorig333.jpgDescription: ichael Aquino (on right) with wife, Lilith Aquino, (on left) in Los Angeles during 1999 Los Angeles Conclave.

























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Gang Stalking, Government Style

Description: ang Stalking, Government Style

By Remington Alessi


“I’m just another white guy who wrote something people didn’t like online,” Evan Carroll sighs as he sinks into his armchair.

This all began when the Houston Police Officer’s Union posted Carroll’s home address, phone number, and employment information on their official Facebook page, accompanied with the caption, “For all of our Kingwood officers, apparently this person is extremely anti-police.”

Visibly tired, he has already turned away countless reporters, curious neighbors, and food delivery people, the latter of whom have been sent as part of childish pranks by an army of anonymous gang stalkers, many of whom are members of local law enforcement agencies. Police and civilians alike have driven by, leering at the front of Carroll’s residence; a random person tore up his parents’ yard; threatening phone calls have come in as often as four times per minute, and countless complaints have been filed against his real estate license with every professional agency available. This is gang stalking taken to an entirely new level.

Description: ntitledThough Facebook eventually removed the post, it was too late for the internet to forget. A virtual invitation to gang stalk Carroll rippled through right wing channels on the internet, being shared tens of thousands of times across law enforcement pages, with a local FOX affiliate even airing his phone number on the evening news. A photo below has been edited to exclude Carroll’s personal information, but the edits are mine, and were not done by the local news team.

At time of writing, neither the Houston Police Officers’ Union nor the Houston Police Department would respond or comment. One might wonder if there was a staff shortage due to members of both organizations taking time off in order to engage in gang stalking, as appears to be the case.

One might naturally wonder what Carroll could have said to set off this kind of reaction. On his own personal Facebook page, Carroll typed, “2 down, 49,000 to go. Not ‘an execution’ just a minor insurrection and a bit of humble revenge,” in response to the shooting deaths of two NYPD officers. Inflammatory as this may be, it could be interpreted as a less poetic way of conveying author Tim Wise’s sentiments on the matter: “If you treat communities like you are an occupying army don’t be surprised when folks assume you have declared war on them. And then don’t be shocked when some decide to declare war back.”

As so often is the case, this incident will most likely be used as a pretext to tighten security or otherwise add to the mission creep of the various government agencies assigned the task of protecting the shit out of us from behind every mailbox. It may be easy, at this point, to take the propaganda bait and blame the man engaging in political speech, as is so often the case. Certainly corporate media will even encourage you to do so. However, it is important to not shift the moral burden away from the army of oppressors who seek to control this country with violence and threats, because they are, as Dr. King once said, “the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today,” both then and now.

In the world of Facebook, all it took was some viral sharing by a few incensed individuals for the entire post to snowball, sparking a mob mentality and becoming a rallying cry for police from Houston all the way to New York to begin threatening to murder Carroll. Judging from the backlash Carroll has received, the participants closely resemble the police he opposes; hiding behind a lack of accountability, their responses are cowardly, crude, and childish, but they ultimately are the dying gasps of an army that has lost its legitimacy.



Nicholas Bluefin Stonybrook Radioactive Tuna L.A. Times Fisher

September 6th, 2014 Description: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/skins/custom/img/print.gif

By Tracy Turner

Description: http://www.thepeoplesvoice.org/TPV3/media/blogs/blog/44/nukekist.jpg

Direct quotes from L.A. Times: “A team of scientists who have been tracking radiation in Bluefin tuna since the 2011 tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Daichi power plant have a message for fearful American eaters: Stop worrying about the health effects of eating fish that carried the radiation from Japan to U.S. shores.”

Also from the same article, direct quote: “Pacific Bluefin tuna carried radioactivity from Japan's 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster all the way across the ocean to the shores of California, scientists reported Monday.” So, putting the two diametrically opposed opposites together we can extrapolate, any and all Tuna making the journey west from Japan to Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, California and/or Mexico are radioactive; but do not worry: after all, pro-nuke shills from Stonybrook are downplaying your tumor, cancer and leukemia risk with terms like “mildly radioactive”. What does “mildly radioactive tuna” actually mean? Is it blandly carcinogenic tuna, partially cancerous food, smoothly poisonous toxic meat, or just delicately toxic waste, radionuclide contaminated fish protein?

What are the over-funded and under-informed Nicholas Fisher Stonybrook studies really telling us via L.A. Times, not-the-first-nor last nuclear shills-wannabe writers? That delicately indifferently lightly moderately quietly blandly calmly compassionately genially gingerly imperturbably kindly meekly mollifyingly patiently softly soothingly temperately tenderly tepidly tolerantly tranquilly carcinogenic tuna is almost harmless to humans? Same as what was told to troops underneath the fallout from Operation Grapple, and operations Grapple X, Grapple Y and Grapple Z. Project Faultless http://wikimapia.org/1508709/Project-Faultless-Ground-Zero-CNTA was also “safe”…

The article: Our Nuclear Menace – Just as Darwin Would Have Predicted - Andrew McKillop http://21stcenturywire.com/2014/05/06/our-nuclear-menace-just-as-darwin-would-have-predicted/ gives one a feel how the single molecule in a bronchiole of Plutonium it takes to vapidly end your life is alchemistrally transformed by NY Times, LA Times, The Economist and the Wall Street Journal into “safe, green Thorium”… …replete with no mining and milling HAZMAT. Imagine 67 years of Uranium mining and milling HazMat Toxic Waste and bomb-test-down winders-illness suddenly vaporized into health and prosperity by the 1’s and 0’s that make up “green thorium”…

The next three shill-expose-italic paragraphs are their own respective property:

“Nuclear Matters” the front group for nuclear industry shills ...

Jun 3, 2014 - Nuclear Giant Exelon Launches Front Group to… ... wrote a Wall Street Journal column attacking a key federal wind tax break that Exelon ...

Š Huff-Watch: HuffPost shills for proven US-based front group ...

Sep 20, 2012 - HuffPost shills for proven US-based front group for Iran's mullahs ... The U.N. atomic agency has received new and significant intelligence over the ... August 30, 2012, Wall St. Journal, "Iran's Nuclear-Arms Guru Resurfaces":

Š spinbuster « nuclear-news

Aug 23, 2014 - These atoms and particle do not exist on the moon and the sun doesn’t ... Lets put that into perspective on St Patty’s Day some community s pour 25 ... “Nuclear Matters” the front group for nuclear industry shills .... To create a mile-long underground frozen wall to contain the destroyed power plant's radiation.

One of the ‘benefits’ of the “safe tuna” Stonybrook “study” is anyone needing an upper and lower G.I can (insert-tongue-in-cheek) bypass radioactive dye and simply eat a pound of delicately indifferently cancerous, lightly moderately malignant,

quietly blandly toxic, calmly compassionately, genially gingerly viporous,

imperturbably kindly vociferous, meekly mollifyingly deadly, patiently softly pestilential, soothingly deleterious, temperately tenderly detrimental, tepidly dangerous, tolerantly malicious, tranquilly miasmatic tuna to track their upper and lower human digestive system with Fukushima radiation in lieu of radioactive dye.

1. The dirty tactics of pro thorium trolls | Nuclear Australia

2. s tweet attacks from pro Thorium Nuclear trolls « (49)

3. How pro nuclear trolls, (especially pro thorium) operate on the Internet « (45)

from Stoneybrook website: “… …said Professor Fisher. “In estimating human doses of the Fukushima-derived radioactive cesium in Bluefin tuna, we found that heavy seafood consumers – those who ingest 124 kg/year, or 273 lbs., which is five times the US national average – even if they ate nothing but the Cs-contaminated bluefin tuna off California, would receive radiation doses approximately equivalent to that from one dental x-ray and about half that received by the average person over the course of a normal day from a variety of natural and human sources. The resulting increased incidence of cancers would be expected to be essentially undetectable.” - See more at: http://commcgi.cc.stonybrook.edu/am2/publish/General_University_News_2/Stony_Brook_s_SoMAS_Scientists_Find_That_Fukushima-Derived_Radioactivity_in_Seafood_Poses_Minimal_Poses_Minimal_Health_Risk.shtml#sthash.uWC400J7.dpuf

So, one dental x-ray has more Cesium-134 and Cesium-137 than does 273 pounds of top-ofits-food-chain-Bluefin swimming across from Fukushima to the Western United States? So says Nicholas Troll Shill Fisher. This writer has had one-half of one small can of Tuna since the 3/11/11 Fukushima Earthquake and Tsunami occurred… Man, humankind is the top of its food chain. Think of tuna as a pond full of chemicals and the thyroid in your neck as a sponge... your bone marrow as another sponge... your blood as another sponge. When the Stonybrook shill finishes his 273 pounds per year of "safe" tuna, then he will have equal credibility to the other trolls online...


Tracy Turner was born into two extended families of bookworms - one horticultural and one petroleum industry. Semi-retired from IT and Botanical Garden Plant Propagation, his main interest are science, news, politics national and world events. Urges anyone to ask several IT professionals about web censorship; which is becoming rampant. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are not free speech - they are places of monitoring, censoring and personal data harvesting. If you love freedom, become active in free speech and freedom of the press activism. Post Peak Sanity, Oil & Freedom; Pre Peak Thirst, Hunger, War and Ponzi Fascism aka 'Organic' Back Yard Urrban Tomatoes vs. New York Beekeeping by Tracy Turner - Environmentalist, Horticulturist, Analyst ~ Pasadena, Californa


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