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“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” Image from


3/11/11 – An 8.9 Earthquake hits Japan and knocks out three out of six of the Fukushima Atomic Reactors, followed by a Tsunami wave scientifically estimated to first hit the coast at more than 60-ft tall. The Black Plague of Europe did not have Fukushima Neptunium, Americium and Plutonium’s half-lives. The media quickly reduced the 60-foot Tsunami wave to as small as a 13-ft wave and the ‘threat’ as ‘safe’. Your thyroid, endocrine, lymph glands and bowels are immune to Fukushima because "you are an exceptional American"; just ask anyone with a "press credential" which of course excludes Brad Manning.


Put into perspective, 9/11 and Haiti Earthquake, Cyclone Nargis, Pakistani Earthquake, Hurricane Katrina and Sumatran Tsunami will all have a lower death toll than Fukushima, because Fukushima has barely began to kill. Fukushima kills humans, fish, forest ecosystems, rain on farms, watersheds used for drinking, farming, fishing and growing crops – Fukushima’s killing of these systems so far is a 1-2 with a 98-99 left for the chemical-radiologicals to ‘accomplish’. The media hushes up all of it.

Hegelian dialectics – within minutes, hours and days the news media had turned nuclear poison to anti-nuclear anti-poison. The state is God, the news media is the hidden fourth-branch of statehood therefore eat all the Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Kelp Supplements from the Pacific Ocean you wish, as we the Hegelian Dialectic have deemed profiteer nukes as 'non-nuclear'. The 'gods' have spake, the Deepwater Horizon was a 'non-oily' oil spill. Flammable fracking tap-water is 'safe to drink'. Bombing Bashir Al Assad for 'Crimes Against Humanity' is not about Lake Assad.

The Litmus tests of product safety is media silence (and/or media chants of "safe" and media implying activists are "nuts"), our ‘American defacto standard’. By extrapolation, safe-Fukushima chanted as 24 hour Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC brainwash mantras is Fourth Branch of Government’s “the truth”.

Only 4,000 Ukrainians died from Chernobyl; the scientists saying 40,000 deaths are “mad” scientists… Chernobyl Truthers equal kooks. 9/11 Truthers equal dingbats. Expect to see Fukushima Truthers treated likewise.

The ‘respected’ bastions of “rebellion”, Chomsky, Goodman, Dan Rather, and the ‘new breed gay rebels’ Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are highly paid, ‘respected’ by the well behaved, clueless and brainwashed. Therefore it is easy to guess that Syria does not deserve GBU-28’s ‘nuclear’ tipped bunker busters and easy to determine Fukushima is death and poison. If left-wing Gatekeepers tell you nuclear is not nuclear, than it is most definitely highly nuclear!

Flight 587 was not shot down with missiles according to the media; therefore it probably was. The smoking gun is the fourth branch of corrupt government, the media. Flight 800 was shot down by the US Government. Repeated media denials droning on, 6, 8, and 12, 24 times per day. If the media says a head of state is evil and his country deserves bombs, the man and country probably do not have enough NATO-ordered civilian-blood on their hands to suit NATO.

US bankers, lawyers, media moguls therefore set him up to be bombed. The media and the high financiers basically inform and sway dumb Americans to accept the next state crime wave. Imagine a crime family so big it cannot be imagined; gargantuan thefts of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Syria played out on a global, Platonic stage. The crime bosses are the Necons, Neolibs and NeoNews.

The news glorifies Obama as “winner of a Nobel Peace Prize” but will not refer to or publish Obama’s “teenage hit list” of “teenagers about to be drone-killed”. Much of what we as America “occupy” is so polluted with military chemical/radiological poison that “nobody” truly “occupies” said territories.

Much of the so-called “Mainstream Media” and the majority of the “alternative news blogs” censor 9/11 truth. Google Maps and Microsoft Terra Server still (8/26/13) serve up Fukushima maps that show a pre-3/11/11 “unbroken” six Atomic Reactors.


“American Democracy” itself is revisionist history. Syria’s false flag even was media/Obama ‘revised’ into Obama as overlord of ‘good guy’. When all the depleted uranium from the attack is metastasizing Syrian teenagers Lord Obama and his media jesters will “glow in their smugness” as Geiger counters in Syria go into the red “Dangerous radiation” readings. European imperialism will be News Agency codified into “American Democracy”. News Media revisionized into “healthy diet”.


Our Supremacists have news selection bias, news content warping bias and the spin of pure hubris and ego, pure greed into some self-deluded noble purpose. Winning Fukushima hearts and minds, the non-nuclear nuclear newscasts. If there were a torso and a pair of legs not connected, one would have a cripple; think of the media as the National hypocritical arse that connects Government, Business and NATO into viable organized crime. Nation Theft becomes Nation Building, dumping nuclear waste on invented, concocted enemies becomes defending us, growing opium in Afghanistan becomes bank bailouts, etc.


The media have numerous opiums of the people: Dr. Martin Luther King feel-good shows, feel good shows with single-mom-feminists who live some crescendo movie event. The media love violins and heartstrings, faux-feminism, American war veteran heroes, etc. If the Fukushima-polluted Pacific Gyre and Pacific Irradiated Seafood were in Israel, do you think the media would be so quiet about radioactive fallout danger, radioactive bleeding herring, Fukushima Strontium-90 rain, etc.?


If you project a sinister shadow Democrat on a projection screen, 99% of all Republicans in the country will shadow box for life. The inverse is true of Democrats, if Rachel Maddow and Ezra Klein project Republican shadow bogeymen on the screen, 99% of all Democrats will shadow box for life.


Hegelian dialectics semantics, “you are safe” translates to you are cannon fodder for the media organized crime machine. The media 'legalizes' and 'legitimizes' female perpetrated child and spousal abuse; misandry ideology oozes from audio, video, computers, pads and phones into most households in America, where various "men are Republican pigs, men are Liberal pigs" shadow boxes projected on the screen of the woman's brains. Every form of torture and abuse imaginable is then acted out as "women's rights".

Every problem the media and the duopoly create, they blame on straights, men, liberals, conservatives while maintaining 'citizen armies' of do-gooders out bashing men, gays, conservatives, liberals, etc. A well-disintegrated populace is so much easier to control. The emerging Men's Rights Activists have a deep hatred of all that is womanly, promising the duopoly and media will maintain mind control over a weak, splintered, quarreling (shadowboxing) society.


Media hypocrisy about media hypocrisy:


At the Gary Sinise Foundation, we serve our Nation by honoring our defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. “Lieutenant” Dan has become a “virtual veteran”, Lt. Dan Apple Polisher, the recruitment apple of ‘teacher’s eye’. Emoting media hypocritical thugism as patriotism, homeless veterans “did their duty”, drug addicted veterans “must be fought with the war on drugs”, Depleted Uranium deformed veterans babies “are victims of the war on terror”, ad infinitum media hypocrisy. The media are the devil and the societal moral gatekeepers, with the shadow-box-game of Faux Republican vs. Faux Democrat the new “American Baseball” National Distraction 'pastime'.


One of the post-journalism pastimes is to poke malicious fun at 9/11 Truthers, poke fun at VAX Truthers, poke fun at those not waving a flag for "Nation Building", etc. Those who search for and find truth are “social media” pariahs. Activism for persons is now sewn up by the media monopoly that jealously guards “their turf” and fill spaces where societal exposes belong with “capitalism jingles”.


Case in point, Al Sharpton and Barrack Obama “equality”:


Hundreds of hours of CNN video footage of Reverend Al Media Shill Sharpton “sticking up for” the “poor” and “downtrodden” President Barrack's “equality”. Reverend Al only sticks up for rich, black Oligarchs; the poor blacks can fend for their own “equality”… If Obama and Reverend Al cannot help the poor Blacks and Native American victims of Ecological Racism, maybe the Media Darling Jews will come to the rescue with "moral" support... The media makes a big spectacle of national fervor patriotism at "war time" and "sporting events". War is said to promote justice, sports to promote fairness and respect for rules. But the spineless media promotes moral turpitude. Billionaire Jews boil international affairs down into the Christian (now lower) middle class should blame their poverty on homeless Muslims overseas. US homeless became homeless paying for a war to create homeless Muslims abroad. If either sect blames billionaire Jews like Rupert Murdoch et al, it is anti semitism.

Radiation is non-radioactive; because Hollywood and New York would have us pretend so. Non-toxic 3H and Plutonium is the new "black". Persian Gulf illness is not caused by multibillionaire GE, Westinghouse and Duke using Marines, Navy, Army and Air Force men, women and their children to do their Nuclear HAZMAT disposal.

Media/Journalism is by nature advocacy. When news "advocates" for rich City Councilmen and Rich Realtors Developers to enact food and water for the starving and dying of thirst as "jailable offense" the news acts as partial profiteer rather than as impartial observer or advocate to the public. A media that hides facts and sides with Realty, Political and Police to drive up home prices via homeless starvation and dehydration is a worse than useless media. How much blood has been drawn from middle class, poor, homeless and those in the military in the name of engorging the wealthy with profit? Ironically, what is to prevent the public at large, under the Patriot Act and NDAA, from declaring all Four Estates "enemy combatants on US soil"?

When three branches of government and "media advocates" act as a "terrorist conspiracy force on US soil"... by what measure of morality, spirituality or law would they be "above NDAA" et al? A City Mayor advocating homeless starvation and dehydration and police shooting homess 46 times or once in the chest (for saying "bitch) are * acts of terrorism *. Using said laws on some and not on others and media silence about it are a blatant organized crime conspiracy. Expect it only to become uglier in a media boiling frogs manner, with some of the ugliest humans (media shills) on the planet 'splaining police state outdoor free range Auschwitz to us as "government media keeping us safe"...


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