West Bank Gaza Palestine & Israel - Massacres at Dier Yassin & Beit Hanoun

gaza suffering

The suffering of Gaza is palpable in these photos. Essay by Tracy Turner


Dier Yassin Massacre video - 4 parts

Before someone accuses another of having a racism and/or anti Semitism nose, one would do well to look in the mirror at the two racist ears sprouting from the sides of the accuser’s face. If Bibi had done that none of the bloodshed in Gaza would have happened. Self-appointed race hall monitors are often the first to shreik "anti-semitism", but their moral compass can simultaneously excuse any and all hebrew supremacy, war crimes, theft of the water rights of others, etc.

Yes, you think you see my racist nose, but you do not see the two racist ears growing out of your head as you glibly accuse others of what you yourself do not see in yourself. Is not a racist accusing another of racism a form of self-propaganda? One of the most childish acts humans commit is appointing themselves hallway monitors of the race views of others. Circa 2012, numerous people are putting on their own imaginary race hallway monitor badge, and performing litmus tests of the racial compass of others while they themselves get lost in whatever superiority they think their germplasm is composed of.

gaza suffering

IDF enforcing the 30 laws that apply to Palestinians but not to Sabras. Barack and Hillary support Israeli racism and apartheid government.

This writer cares more about the people in the tent cities, the dead, bleeding, hungry and thirsty than about Israel saving face. This writer cares more about the women and children killed by Israeli missiles than about "Israel's Right to be hypocritical about nearly anything and everything". Israel assassinated a Palestinian, but now wishes to pretend rocket launches started this. An Israeli bomb started this, used to assassinate a Palestinian man. In physics, a man was accelerated by a mass expanding at the speed of sound. In race, someone decided this man did not have a hallpass that matched their version of what his race was or was not allowed to do. Netanyahu played racial hallway monitor and killed someone for being out in the hallway. Now buses will keep blowing up in Tel Aviv, because Netanyahu thought he saw a racist nose on someone else when he should have been dealing with the racism pus seeping from his two ears into his brain.


A news feed of pyrotechnic bomb explosions is a bit Fouth-of-Julyish, still photos of holes from Hamas rockets justify all. But put a photo of a Gazan amputee girl looking out with sad eyes and holding up a blood-soaked, bandaged stump and most Israelis and American’s scream foul, propaganda! If the girl is Jewish from Tel Aviv, it is okay to put her on a blog or news feed, but the Gazan side of the struggle in living color is propaganda.


Does it matter what enclave of the world these death-wishers of the “Palestinian problem” live in, in a digital network world? What to do about the Palestinian problem? The question addresses only the nose on the other race’s face, but not the two ears on the cranium of the questioners. What to do about the Israeli problem, the two ears of Jewish racism towards Palestinians? Israel has a right to hypocritize itself translates into eight known dead militants, 92 dead innocent passersby, including a man and his son in a truck filled with bottled water doing relief work. 95% of Gazan water is not working or contaminated and the boy and man in the water delivery truck were picked off as part of the Palestinian problem. Writers who draw attention to this are accused of having succumbed to propaganda, but accusations of that nature are not propaganda.


The American Israeli media have turned these words (and more) into what the highly insultive media refers to as “dog whistle words”: Gaza, Palestine, Palestinian, Hamas, Fatah and Intifada. The media name-words-picture associates these with terrorism, whereby the 92 innocent dead, wounded and killed somehow “had it coming” for being linked to the “news” media dog whistle words.


Israeli and/or American TV news, newspapers and TV tend to show bombs exploding from a great distance and smoking wrecks of building, but do not show blood slicks 40 feet long, dozens of charred cadavers or the faces and eyes of amputees; such images and textual descriptions are terrorist propaganda. Terrorist propaganda is in and of itself a dog-whistle; racist term implying the dead and amputated deserved it.


gaza suffering
The Massacre of Deir Yassin, Palestine; April 9th, 1948 Irgun and Stern Gang

The people launching the rockets are not going to stand in the spot the rockets were launched from waiting for incoming retribution; the Israeli responses are therefore taking vengeance on predominantly those who had nothing to do with rocket launches, such as the man and boy in the bottled water truck.


Before Obama was reelected, there were rumblings on TV and in the blogosphere that America was a poodle on Israel’s leash. Nobody considered that perhaps Israel is America’s nuclear-armed US Virgin Islands, or Middle East Guam on steroids, or both. Israel is America’s Diego Garcia, plunked down squarely in the midst of Russia and Asia. Israel can also be looked at as America’s Cuba before Kennedy backed down the USSR with threats of a pre-emptive nuclear strike. Putin may not have manifested as Russia’s Kennedy, but that does not mean Russia will never present us with a Kennedy demanding we get our nukes out of their backyard.


Many American metropolises have charming neighborhoods with names like Little Havana, Little Tokyo, Little Saigon, etc. Israel is America’s “charming” “Little Police State”, reflecting the bigger American Police State. Sometimes late night television tells you to come vacation in “Little American Police State” Israel, but fails to tell you to bring binoculars to watch the rockets and missiles fly back and forth.


What should Israel do with the Palestinian "problem" is racist; it is beyond objectifying human beings. It is taking the genocidal act of criminal Israeli soldiers, the Deir Yassin massacre in 1948, and pretending it never happened. This writer assumes the Holocaust really happened. But look at how upset Jewish people get when someone denies the Holocaust? What about the Palestinian Holocaust, starting with the 1948 massacre of Deir Yassin Village? Deir Yassin is now an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Deir Yassin is one of the most shameful genocidal events in human history. Deir Yassin Village has been turned into an upscale place to live, the Deir Yassin Village into an insane asylum, the Deir Yassin cemetery filled with weeds.

US and Israeli video propaganda that shows fireworks from a mile away and uses a dog whistle like insurgent terrorists to describe 92 non-militant men, women and children killed is a 2012 version of Deir Yassin massacre, one more atrocity for Hamas to seek revenge for. Israel created Hamas when it committed the Deir Yassin genocide.

In Gaza this week two innocents were killed when a bomb struck a Dad and son in a truck filled with bottled water, but Westerners somehow think they had it coming. Western media libels Gazans until the public finds their very ethnicity suspect and less deserving of the breath of life. The survivors have no fresh water to drink. The Palestinians are victimized by Israeli military, by revisionist historians and by slanted news media.


Numerous online articles ask whose fault is Gaza, who let Gaza happen, etc. Many of the articles about Gaza reflect some of the most evil, insidious forms of racism one could ever see, with the authors of these articles ready to copy Bibi and monitor racism in others rather than self. Bloggers and news reporters who have never set eyes upon one single photo of the Dier Yassin Masacre either offer pithy advice, put the blame on the USA, or place the blame on the Palestinians for the current acts of war or genocide.


Many Jews and Israelis write about Gaza 2012 in terms of all of this being the Gazans fault, the same people who celebrate Jewish Independence Day and have no clue what Nabbka Day is. Reading American-Jewish versions of Gaza 2012 reminds me of black people talking about how prejudiced whites are. The very sentence excuses one for the very white prejudice being expressed. But the bombing of Gaza takes this to new level, look at how anti-Semitic those Palestinians are, they deserve the Air force bombs falling upon them.


This is racism taken to a level most of black and white America has left in the past (the bombings, etc., not the underlying attitudes). The biggest hypocrites are those who claim to condemn the Gaza bombings, but see any pro-Gazan points of view as some evil form of propaganda. Most of America is fed a huge helping of pro-Israeli propaganda daily, with the slurpers of the pro-Israeli hubris crying foul when someone expresses a sentiment such as "have you ever googled Nabbka Day? Anyone asking a some Jews have you ever googled Nabbka day is stepping on the racist-nerve Washington, Tel Aviv and their sycophantic access journalists try to hide. A simple question like have you ever googled Israelis attack refugees steps on the dysfunctional eggshells in the room.


While Gaza is being bombed and shot with missiles, certain "enlightened Jews" are "condemning" the carnage in Gaza. Apparently "condemning the carnage in Gaza" somehow washes away Deir Yassim, Nabbka Day, Israeli military attacks on Gazan refugee camps and other Israeli War Crimes.


In the Bible Luke 6,39-49 is about getting the beam (of wood) out of one's own eye before offering to remove the speck out of one's neighbors eye. Before you call me an Anti-Semite, get your own Anti-Muslim issues under control, your Anti-Gentilism under control. America today does to Muslims what it once did to blacks. Israel does to Palestinians for the last 64 years what America did to blacks for hundreds of years. While Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama sell warplanes, bombs and missiles to Israel to kill Muslims, anyone white who criticizes it is accused of white supremacism. Get rid of your Jewish Supremacism and Black Supremacism before you open your mouth and accuse someone else of what you yourself are. In the last two years of reading articles and comments on opednews.com, the two worst racists in the site are a Supremacist Jew and a Supremacist black.

gaza suffering
West Bank Gaza Palestine & Israel - Massacres at Dier Yassin & Beit Hanoun

If only for a moment, one quick minute, forget your notions of prejudice, of supremacy, both your own and that of others. For just a moment, remember when you were a child and had not been taught which color or creed or children could or could not be your friends. Most adults do not even try to remember when they had such innocence. Try to remember when it was okay for a white boy to have an Punjabi friend at school, that period when nobody in authority had made their own racism rub off onto you. Just dwell on that magic time in a child's life, just for a minute...

Now go to this link and look at what both Palestinians and Israeli's are putting in the lives of children. Is this what kids are supposed to see during that stage in life when it is normal and natural for Israeli and Gazan kids to play together? Is this what they are supposed to see? People who say either side "has the right" to do this to children, around children, in front of children are perverted in an extremely macabre sense. Nobody has the right to do this, to say otherwise gives it some license, some justification that only serves to satiate the minds of psychopaths.

21 November 2012, Netanyahu got on TV and spoke of Israel's right to turn the lives of Gaza's children into horrific slaughter. Obama got on television and told the world America supports Israel. Slaughtering women and children, and proudly, defiantly telling the world "it is your right". The dictator of America defiantly says he supports murdering women and kids. Both of you have asserted your insatiable appetites for blood, for Dier Yassin & Beit Hanoun massacres. So the world has two insatiable blood-letters, two homicidal psycho sociopaths with joysticks and drones and powerpoint. Both of you have the right to kill your own citizens just because you say they should be dead. So the two most powerful men on Earth are murderous cowards...

Bibi and Barrack just know the Palestinians are 'racist', therefore they need to killas many of the 'racists' as possible, to keep on massacring as many evil racists as they can massacre. This is what happens when you give a racial hallway monitor a gun or drone joystick.

gaza suffering

Bibi and Hillary promise you, you are now safe from terrorists who kill women and children, such as those in the US who supply bombs to Israel to kill this woman's six children. I, Hillary, am another blood-soaked racist like Madeline Albreit was and is. I, Hillary and standing here holding the hand of a monster and grinning like a cheesy cheshire cat over the blood and carnage. BTW, Bibi, Barrack & I are censoring the internet, blocking your access to photos of the carnage in Gaza. Our access journalists and government IT goons will hide everything you need to know. I, Hillary and Barrack support the Apartheid regime of Israel, with 30 laws that strip Palestinians of all the rights they should have as the original inhabitants of Israel.

Notice none of the news coverage shows that Israel started all this massacring in the first place at Dier Yassin. Watch the videos of Dier yassin on you tube before posting some lie that the Palestinians 'deserved' this, such comments are blatant racism. Shame on our so called President. Shame on the last President as well.

We support murderous genocide. After 64 years of getting slaughtered by Israel, what are the Palestinians supposed to do. One side has a right to murder, one side are terrorists? Those are symantic b.s. justifications. When is the IDF terrorism going to stop?

gaza suffering

West Bank Gaza Palestine & Israel - Massacres at Dier Yassin & Beit Hanoun

gaza suffering

Bibi and Hillary need to stand here with the cameras recording their speech, truth in advertising