Male Domestic Abuse Victims xxxx and Corrupt 730 740 Child Custody Evaluators

Roy Bradbury Custody Evaluator Suicide

by Tracy Turner      

Male Domestic Abuse Victims and Corrupt 730 740 Child Custody Evaluators Roy Bradbury 740 Evaluator Suicide Dr. Rudy Brutaco De-Listed by Medical Insurers; the NVAWPRC states that, "over 830,000 men are victims of domestic violence annually, about half the rate of women. This translates to one man subjected to domestic abuse every 37.8 seconds" (those reported).


Most of these things seem dominated by feminist women; this is the back side of the same coin... Mateusz was born in Europe, the son of an extremely famous male artist and an extremely intellectual mother. How does one watch Ernest Hemmingway, James Joyce and Ezra Pound have drinks on the living room balcony with Dad and Mom and not experience some twinge of an inferiority complex? I met Mateusz when both of his parents had passed, but the authentic letters from numerous famous people put into my hands periodically told me his story was genuine.


I met Mateusz when he was 43 and for about two years I heard him commiserate at how lonely his life had been, always in the shadows of famous, larger-than-life entities or listening to Mother weep while father was staying in the apartment of a female playwright... Mateusz's parents quarreled frequently, were socially engaged, or had affairs while poor Mateusz took care of his own upbringing. At age 45, he brightly, proudly announced that he was getting married to a woman he described as "intellectually brilliant". Not initially, but later on, she described herself as well read via classic novels and Grandma; had run away from home to avoid being barefoot, pregnant and toothless at 15. She claimed that many of the local girls got pregnant via rape by a drunken family member or neighbor - that some neighbors were relatives. Although she went on and on about ex-husbands six, seven and eight being "batterers" (spousal abusers)... We have gotten ahead of the story.


More than 4,000 domestic violence shelters take in women no fees, few questions asked, for emergency counseling and temporary housing. Despite a man reporting being battered every 37.8 seconds, almost no shelters counsel and house men as emergency battered. The numbers are staggeringly higher as most men are too ashamed to report to authorities and their abusers know this.


Mateusz and I were bachelor roommates; we both often had coffee or orange juice and discussed dating women. I moved out, married and got a divorce - my first wife was a psychological batterer, flaunted affairs, lied about the obvious, falsely claimed I was a menace to our child, whom she took the child to a unlicensed psychologist who exposed himself to our child, etc., etc. One night when achingly sore emotionally, I drove to Mateusz's to knock on the back door. Mateusz was a night owl, so this was not unusual and we were almost like brothers, emotionally.


Just before I knocked, I could hear Mateusz wife, Cindy, talking in a low, deep growl. The sound itself, not the words, is what stopped me from knocking. I had an impulse to leave, as I am not a voyeur... "Daddy, why don't you love me?" Cindy growled in a voice like Linda Blair in the Exorcist. I cannot recall but a few of the actual words, but I do recall the slapping sounds, and realizing that she was beating him. When I see comments on the Internet like women cannot be vicious and abusive, it sickens me. The sound of her voice and slapping sound changed. "Now I am going to use my hair brush on you, why won't you be hard and do me?" There must have been 20-25 hits with the hairbrush.


I contemplated knocking, going to the police and bringing them to the back door as witnesses, etc. Cell phones were not invented, yet...


I could not detect any discernible difference (the fact that a woman was abusing a male did not make it "okay") to the abuse; circa 2013; most women would probably or possibly dial 9-1-1 but most men would not.


Cindy at first seemed filled with generosity, charm, compliments, and was attentive and nice. Over time, she turned foul tempered, psychologically abusive, threatening, manipulated control, deliberately frightened Mateusz by threatening affairs, use sex, money and abandonment fears for subjugation, was cruel to their cats, physically abuse Mateusz. I once tried to discuss 'events' with Mateusz; the look on his face told me both he was embarrassed and he "did not enjoy abuse". His passivity was part of how he coped growing up; he was not a "willing participant" in being psychologically skinned, castrated and physically harmed.


Mateusz's Mother was a child-abuser (obviously) and a man abuser. His father's work took him all over the planet, "alone" with his world famous friends and doting female admirers. Mateusz grew up being docile so Mother would not abuse him; he picked a wife, out of dozens of other women, who fit the role of his Mother. Cindy appeared more pleasured by cruelty and inflicting punishment on Mateusz than by more traditional behavior and sexuality.


Some would say, "they deserve each other, it is mutual". Mateusz's life was lonely, painful and filled with betrayal. His closest friends either slept with Cindy or were thrown away by his "dearly beloved wife". Show me one piece of empirical evidence that he deserved a life of abandonment, betrayal and abuse. The feminist notion of women as the typical recipients of all abuse, and of men as those who instigate all punishment and betrayal is pure misandrist hubris. Cindy passed away and Mateusz never remarried. The abuse was not "mutual", at one point I discussed the situation, with fake names like in this article, with the police. They keep using the word "mutual" and pointing out he did not dial 9-1-1.


After Cindy passed and some years went by, I asked him why he never called the police. After some embarrassment, blushing, attempts to change the subject, he opened up and confided why he did not go to the police. She had told him she would hit herself with a bible and scratch her arms and press charges on him. She made it plain she could manipulate the police far better than he ever could. She made threats to this affect when he would not cave in on money matters. Lovely, God's grace incarnate always smelled like Gardenias (funeral flowers).


How many men in America do not dial 9-1-1 but have wives who threaten to dial 9-1-1 every time they cannot max out all the credit cards? How many women take their kids to unlicensed "therapists" to be sexually assaulted by a "shrink" who has not bathed in weeks? The words "child abuse" and "spousal abuse" in America have had the "woman’s movement" turn this whole topic into something foul, disgusting, vile that feeds on not being aired out in public. The "news media", aka the "lamestream media" is too busy kow-towing to misandry to not gay-abusers, female abusers, wife-abusers, etc. Jodi Arias in not some random event in a nation of females nominated for sainthood; rather, the misandry movement circa 1960-2013 has set up a probability of a plethora of Jodi Arias type events. Circa 2013, feminism is misandrist. Those who wish to disagree should find a man like Mateusz and a woman like Cindy and puzzle it out, methodically. Jodi Arias' defense was "the guy deserved it". Can you spell LameStream Media B-I-A-S?


Our whole society believes a woman like Cindy if she dials 9-1-1 with a Bible-buise on her arm or leg; a man like Mateusz will not call the police because he knows he will be ridiculed and there is no shelter to go to. This aspect of American society tells us as a collective nation, we breed mental illness. The Hollywood MSM will make a Jodi Arias movie to be a week-end “blockbuster” but will not document men like Mateusz. I guess Cindy’s defense is “the guy deserved it”.

Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Psychosis Industry, Judges, Police and Women's Advocacy groups seem to have a field day with this subject. Nobody seems to ask, is a child in a nearby bedroom listening to Mother beat Dad with a hairbrush, drawing blood and leaving infected welts behind a fit parent? Even if Father "likes infections and is a willing participant" is just the sound of it all child abuse? If the guy likes it so much, and since America is based on equality, can husbands beat their wives with hairbrushes and claim "they liked it, just rough sex"? It would seem the so-called feminists want their "equality" one-way.

The same goes for male-male domestic partners or marriages... the abuse happens but police and domestic abuse shelters do not take the situation seriously. Somehow straight or gay men dying at the hands of a sexual sadist are currently uncounted statistics or counted as "female numbers" when in fact they are male numbers. So much for the equality of the genders... This discrepancy and the attitudes that go with it will always have me believing feminism morphed long ago into misandry. The Jodi Arias trial was spun as a pathetic woman with violated rights rather than as a deeply flawed, disturbed woman who murdered a man. When it does not fit the modern media bias, it is spun as fitting anyway. If 50% of the domestic violence occurrences annually are women abusing men, and men are too embarrassed to come forward (like Mateusz), then the actual numbers of female batterers could exceed the totals for men.

Look at it this way, how many women do you know who would tolerate perpetual hairbrush infections on both forearms and both legs for 15-20 years? They know, dial 9-1-1 and the police will be sympathetic. All Mateusz knew was if he dialed 9-1-1 his wife had promised to bruise herself, scratch herself and press charges. Which of the two would the police believe, him or her?

Men know a guy in Central lock-down with a wife-beating charge are toast. A woman in central lockdown can simply say it was self-defense.

What I witnessed as a child at home was my Mother was 7-8 times as violent and vicious as my Father. She was 12-14 times more likely to initiate arguments or violence. My father had Korean War PTSD and was very violent; in this my Mother egged him on. Both of my older brothers and I were punched, kicked, thrown, dunked (but not drown) in swimming pools by him. My Mother used him as her "discipline enforcer" and simultaneously made him out to be "the bad guy", a concept we got from TV.

When my Mother was not able to pawn-off the "discipline" on the bad guy, she grabbed "tools" to beat us with, "mechanical advantage" items like belts, metal-tipped garden hoses, metal-tipped dog leashes and germ-laden hair-brushes were used to beat us 7-8 or more times more severely than did ever did. "How dare you make me do this instead of your Dad" would fly out of her mouth with spittle. To this day, she hates me for not speaking to her for 12 years, then having the briefest of "friendships" followed by 26 more years of not speaking to her. On her end, it is a deep, consuming hate-thing. On my end, most everybody I know or meet is much more pleasant and sane... Most people do not get the overall big picture - they offer trite advice like "just forgive her and go see her, again"... People that cruel and twisted do not become Nelson Mandella. They are still psychologically abusive - she still rubs salt in the wounds of my siblings, who are like barnacles from the life of abuse. But you and I both see the pattern of me impregnating a woman who took our son to Roy Bradbury for torture and sex abuse. I did not pick Bradbury, paid a mere $200 or so, not $10,000-$20,000 like most parents. Every effort I made to protect my son from Bradbury, the lawsuit-immune court sent my kid to the Bradbury's * home * for more abuse. The court broke the law, as did Bradbury. For the past 30-40 years, Father's lve for their children and Father's "instincts" for protection of their babies have been dwarfed by the courts Golden Cash 730/740 Cow... The Court is 730/740 Custody Evaluation Corruption.

Mateusz's Father was a playboy and an artist who was fond of his only son. Mateusz's mother took her rage at Dad out on the child. Circa 1980-2013, this is what is commonly referred to as "the superior parent". If Father is murdered, it is self-defense and he is put on trial in death. There is no empirical, scientific evidence anywhere that women are less violent; rather there is more emerging evidence they are adept at using human manipulation to cover it up...

The way they make her sympathetic as a female murderer in the media and court and roast men on the spit turns the stomach.

Put the Victim on Trial - He "liked" rough knife and gun "play"; therefore he "deserved it". Most women cannot even say the words "she murdered him". His sexual proclivity for French maid outfits means he "deserved murder". The womans movement is now the way this * thing * slithers in and out of her cell.

While one can argue Roy was a man, my ex-wife, a woman took our child to Bradbury. Any investigative journalist who tracks down the child-victims and parents Bradbury took ransom from will tell you:

1) Roy Bradbury, court-ordered therapist, smelled like garbage and had grease on his shirt-front from last week.
2) Unzipped his pants and exposed himself as "therapy."
3) Had so much 'mental stability' he blew his brains out with a side-arm.

Those who would say, but this guy is a man... My ex, who picked this guy and stood up for him in court after he began exposing himself, is a woman. Bradbury's wife, a woman, helped him molest and torture kids. There are hundreds of kids this man tortured, and the corrupt California family courts stone-wall, white-wash, alter or destroy records of court cases, etc. Mrs. Bradbury should do hard time in prison for torturing kids; instead she lives off of his accumulated 15-20k child ransoms. He could not pass the California Psychology Exam and had never taken an anger management course. His probationary license was expired, but he would swear under oath to be "a Fellow of Such and Such Organization... hubris, merde. Who stuck my kid in with this guy? A woman attorney, a mother-in-law with a tongue six-feet long and an ex-wife like her Mother...

One of the worst behaviors of several people come into play here: private school teachers, a pediatrician and my ex-wife. She collected letters and incidents to take to a pediatrician to over-medicate our son with SSRI's. Not one, not two, not even three - but four SSRI's as a cocktail. Each with its own schedule; none of the medicines on the market long enough to find out info like the Navy Yard shooter was on Trazodone. Each of the drugs given my son are implicated in numerous shootings (see SSRI Stories). My son had no diagnosis, but Rudolph Brutaco fed him near overdoses of drugs, too. This rat trap sleeps with his secretary, who comes out of his office sweaty and disheveled. The "medical profession" ruined my son's life and the court blamed us for it. My son was perfect, absoultely perfect before this greedy, lying, greasy bunch of hypocrites started feeding at the trough. What kind of a "Pediatrician MD" collects exorbitant fees as "an expert witness" on a child, aged 15-18? Society needs laws that poke into the finances and taxes of "Dr. SSRI Dope Pusher" sans "Expert Custody Decider"... A young man is better off with a mother who gets her kid molested by a fake, unlicensed "psychiatrist". Dr. Rudy Brutaco, do us all a favor and do a "Roy" on yourself... You "assisted" having Maury be feloniously assaulted by an unlicensed quack "therapy" pedophile while he was incapicitated from your scrip pad on 4-5 SSRI's... Dr. Rudy Brutaco 4 Venture #220, Irvine, CA 92618 (949) 753-1233

They gave the guy a lunch bag of cash - to molest junior and bribe the outcome of custody. The "superior gender". There is a point here, that over and over the court assumed the three women were "superior"; law enforcement, the California BBSE assumed three women and a criminal with a lapsed probationary license "had it all together". After my complains to court and BBSE, hundreds of families were cash extorted by courts, lawyers and the Bradbury's. Hundreds of children were traumatized by a lech with food grease all over last weeks dirty clothes. He wore clean clothes to court, no where else. All of the judges had gender bias and Bradbury-cash-re-election-bias. Most of the attornies were women who pumped up court-time billing hours via Roy-the-self-inflicted gunman. Evil comes in both genders.

Mateusz is a domestic abuse survivor of both his Mother and his deceased wife. My son is a domestic abuse survivor of his Mother, his Mother's Mother and their female attorney - all three dropped him off at Roy Bradbury's house were he cleaned swimming pools, scrubbed bathrooms, cooked, cleaned kitchens and was psychologically abused and sexually humiliated at 9 years old.

Hollywood and/or Oxygen Channel, et al, - circa past 2-3 decades: Woman meets charmer, charmer marries, then beats woman. Although she has never bought illegal government ID in the tenderloin in San Francisco, she magically changes her identity and magically picks a new, non-sociopath love interest. New love interest is both brave protector and knocked unconscious wimp. Woman picks up ex-husbands gun and empties it on the bastard-ex; thereby becoming braver, stronger, and faster than her new love interest - via the powder and the finger. Gag, vomit.

In the Hollywood Oxygen model of Domestic Abuse unreality, abusers are male architects with extraordinary good looks; victims are aerobic-body starlets with 1 ex-husnbands (not the normal 4-5 ex's). Hollywood Oxygen (implication bio-oxidation, warmth, breath of life) has no room in its budget for Mateusz sitting in a wheel chair wearing an Emphysema Oxygen Mask because he chain-smoked 28 years while Cynthia slapped, kicked, bit and smashed a hair brush into him. Hollywood does not have the brains or guts to portray the three women dropping my son of at the Bradbury's estate to be tortured by a court ordered 740 evaluator for court-ordered torture.

Hollywood can only portray male charmers turned monster, Hollywood does not do my ex-wife charmer turned abuser of our (then) 9-year-old son. Hollywood does not do Mrs. Bradbury helping her husband torture dozens, a few hundred children. Hollywood does not do San Bernardino, Pomona, Riverside, Orange and Los Angeles Superior Court houses with Judges, Head Judges, Bailiffs (County Sheriffs), Clerks, "in-house" Lawyers and Stenographers who assist the Bradbury's with the almighty brown paper bags of "in-the-childs-best-interests- cash... May you all burn in hell for eternity where you belong...

Roy Bradbury has a many lawyers clued in... Your client can buy custody and exclude the other parent for a hefty cash in a brown bag fee. Your client hits the child and the child wished to live with the opposite parent. Have your client and their parents bring me a lot of money and we will exclude the protective parent from the child or children's lives. Bring me the children, I love torture and sexual sadism with kids. Bradbury has a persistent apologist online, a white-washer. Rot in hell. Attorney Inez Northwood is one of the brown bag of money "court sherpas", with 25+ years of "service" to sex-slave children of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bradbury. Many parents still have their custody in front of Head Judge and his court-money-sherpas... They lose week-ends with their kids for speaking up. Human torture, human trafficking is a family court "in the child's best interest" affair. If one of these kids goes to court with an AR-15, it should not surprise anyone. My advice is to wait for a Joan D'Arc and a Bradbury looking at his face in his car mirror moment. The world should know why 'poor Roy' ate a bullet for justice... The world should know about those who paid vast sums to Roy to then enable him to unzip trousers with kids...

In Hollywood Hubris, US troops are heroes "protecting" Military Security Aparatchik Fuhrerland Profits the "Home"land. Hollywood does not do troubled court-ordered torture soldiers taking their haunted memories out on [insert slanderous arabic-nick-name-here] with US weapons of war. My 27 year old son is a victims of three psychopath women who insisted a 9-year-old boy "get treated" by a sexual-deviant predator "court-ordered 740 evaluator". Before the three women and the money-grubbing courts, my son would have made a great X-Ray Tech, maybe even an M.D. Now he is a tool, a minuscule cog of the military-psychotic-complex. Multiply me by many thousands of Fathers in America and ask yourself this question: "what kind of security system does "Head Judge" who never acknowledged me or my letters have? It is not a threat... I waited 20 years, and Bradbury put a gun to his own head. Maybe if I wait another 20, some other Karmic event will unfold. This is not Hollywood, you know? But does every man out there have my patience; is every kid like mine (multiply my son and someone's daughter by millions) going to take his angst to the middle east war zone...?

All American greed is directed at societal destruction.

Irksome, ironic, bittersweet Hollywood Oxygen moment... Although I stood up to the courts, head judge and the BBSE-abuse-enablers, it did not ultimately protect my child. A woman, who we shall call "Joan D-Arc"... did what I did, but with her own clever twist that eluded me. "Joan D-Arc"...

"Joan D-Arc" got herself past numerous rubber-stamp clerks, bailiffs, attornies and squarely in front of Head Judge, and said (quote) If Roy Bradbury is so qualified to treat my children, have him bring all of his diplomas, licenses and the accolades he brags of under oath and put them in my hand. After I see them in my own hand, and only then, will I believe him qualified to treat my children. (end quote).

The court gave Roy Bradbury (numerous people, then, called him "doctor", but his expired license stated he must be supervised to do probationary MFT work) a date and time to produce said documents. The night before the deadline he shot himself in the head in a car two miles from the torture factory he called "home". This article is a synopsis of phone calls and emails of 5-6 other parents whose children were victimized. Out of the 5-6 parents interviewed, 3-4 are stuck quarreling among themselves. All of the judges involved stone-wall, erase, deny, offer "to review" case findings, etc. All hide behind a shroud of both secrecy and immunity from lawsuit. The BBSE, to the best of my knowledge, shredded my complaints - numbering over a dozen.

But the lady I call "Joan D'arc" did manage to use her wits to get Roy to eat his own bullet. Do you think this comforts my son and "Joan D'Arc" and her children even a little? None of us hear Hollywood violins playing our heart strings...

The Superior Court and Roy Bradbury smeared numerous parents with the psychobabble label "parent alienation syndrome", much like Freud recommending nasal surgery to cure a woman's "hysteria" (melancholy during menstrual cycles). Roy Bradbury and the courts tunneled into the spiritual sinuses of parent after parent, child after child much like the near-death experience of Emma Eckstein.

The Head Judges, Sycophantic (Syphilantic?) Judges did and still do their best to both practice Sigmund Freud's Puritanism as a coverup for the worst "price-gouging" in America. Twenty thousand dollars is a lot to pay to see your kids on weekends and holidays. The subject of corrupt judges, 730/740 'evaluators' (wearers of Harry Potter's sorting hat) and corrupt minors counsel, your corrupt counsel and opposing counsel is never on TV or in the big blogs or papers.

The sociopaths running these rackets are "humanitarians" with a sociopathic pretense of no interest in where the $20,000 goes... Pay up or you are a bad parent! is the mantra of the sanctimonious shills.

Some of the huge problems with media bias and feminist ideology dominating much of life - female criminals are not executed. Just one quirky example. Susan Atkins (who I happened to meet, just once, long ago) petitioned over and over for early release for cancer and each time more and more people became sympathetic to let poor, cancerous Susan "go free". Richard Ramirez is dead, from cancer. There was no large following of sympathizers to let Richard "go free". I am glad they died inside, in the same way I am glad Roy died in his car, alone. They all deserved it.

Jodi Arias did not plead out, did not plead guilty or nolo contendere. Explain why she is not on death row? If the guy had done all that blood-curdling, enraged actions to her he would surely be executed. Women are equal, but only until it does not work in there favor? So, equal is not really equal, unless it is working in a misandry direction? Television sometimes tells us "women are better". They are better at avoiding detection, capture, trial and execution for murder and many other non-capital crimes. Jodi Arias should not go to death row, she sells humanitarian Tee-shirts. Many on the "payroll" of the California custody court system are similar "humanitarians".

Everything she, her parents, her attorney and Roy Bradbury said I might do to our son Maury, she ended up doing to him. When I got custody, they turned the juice of "what I might do" up so high they gave him back to her with unhealed bruises. She moved him in with her parents, the court gave them my "parental rights". The next six years, they were like a yoke on he, the plowing ox - emotional vampirism, control; when he turned 18 they told him how to vote and he bolted into the military. Maury is now 6'4" tall, 245 lb; most of what I was accused of "potentially" doing, she actually did. I made a pretense, pre-forgiveness gesture at lunch three years ago. Linda Turner is someone I will finish forgiving from my coffin, someday. She did her best to turn Maury into her; to indoctrinate her inner ugliness into him. Women have railed for equality for 30-35 years in ever more strident, militaristic fashion. Maury's Mother is equal to or exceeds the worst Dad's on the planet...

John A. Clark in Pomona Superior appointed himself Cain and labelled me Abel. When attorney Northwoods was on a "It is Dad's fault Mom beat junior" tangent, Clerk John A. Clark would tell the bailiff it is Mr. Turner's fault Mrs. Turner beat Maury. John A. Clark had a way of filing Mrs. Turner's papers for free in the court house, but Mr. Turner had to get in line with his checkn-book and then be admonished by Clark for coming to court ill-prepared and making everyone tardy. This is normal at Pomona Superior court - good parent, the wife in the short dress - bad parent, the guy trying to protect his son from an abusive Mother. One day I mailed a complaint with numerous dates, times and circumstances of Clerk John A. Clark's "fair hearing" behaviors. Every time he saw me after that, he said, "I'm sending you to another division, you don't like it here".

To any apologists... Send your kids over to Mrs. Bradbury's house in Brea - she is just as praciticed, skilled and qualified as Roy at child slavery, child torture and psychological abuse and humliation. Mrs. bradbury still has an estate in Brea, California paid for with ill gotten gains. How many of the slave-torture-sex-abuse children are now adults or almost adults and remember their way back to her Brea estate? John A. Clark, now a clerk in the courthouse near Malibu, loved both of the Bradbury's and their "style" of "child psychology". Why? What was in it for him, personally?

J. Krisha Murdy said, "question all authority, even mine". Frequently I ask myself, "why is this politician?" or "why is this television commercial" or "why is this request for donation in my mail box oe email inbox"? Why did John A. Clark love Roy Bradbury? Why did (deceased) Judge Bach love Bradbury? Why did every Judge, Commissioner, Divorce Attorney Hack, Court Clerk, Bailif and Court Stenographer love Bradbury. In Bradbury's favor, he apeared to have shaved, washed his hair, doused himself with aftershave and put on right out of the package new shirts for court (no food grease, aftershave instead of rotten meat smell)... But what was to love about a corrupt, 740 unqualified, unlicensed "child custody evaluator" who strove to prevent Maury from backpacking, going to Hawaii, going to Yellowstone, etc.? What was the pay-off, the reward to Bradbury's plethora of Pomona Superior Court apologists, enablers, sycophants and "supporters"? What is a sycophant of a child molester "psychologist", be they on County Court payroll, opposing counsel or merely the child-beating parent and her relatives? English lacks a word for such people.

My article about three men pissed on by women is not popular by subject. One is supposed to pretend such things did not, do not happen and will not happen again. The women insist that it be ignored and forgotten. Where is your chivalry? When it is time to vote, Grandma wanted to tell Maury how to vote - her old school women's lib kicking in. Her husband is fully neutered. Yield to my woman's movement, my jerking my hips disdainfully, my woman enraged filled with hatred movement. Bud, the monthly Bill's are here, time to pay and be "chivalrous". Bud, did you pay the dinner tab yet, I want to leave. Chivalry for dinner tabs and monthly bills, compliance to Star Trek Borg when the womans' movement snaps its misandry fingers. They want it both ways. When a Father beats his son, they all want prison. When Mom does it, it is Dad's fault. That is the essence of the movement, circa 2013. The court jesters can pay mortgages and drive flashy cars egging that on...

Parents like me go through hell, the stress from this plus the number of years that burden was with me caused strange, unforeseen health troubles. Multiply my woes by about something to a large power and you have an idea what these cash-mongers put my son through. There are a large group of women who made this about themselves, Mother's blah, blah. This is about all the corrupt 740 Evaluators, judges and lawyers, hundreds or thousands in California alone. Understand I did not write this for me... I wanted people to understand my ex-wifes fury at my girlfriends and life since her was fury she took out on my son. She is a biological mother, but not a soul and spirit mother. What one can call, "an egg donor"; I learned the phrase from "the woman's movement"...

Whatever I now am, Lee B. Ragins, Inez Northwood, Commissioner Curtis, and other greedy bastards from the courthouse formed me into. I hate America with every fiber of my core; it started in the courthouse as numerous materialist liars said "in the child's best interest". Those who say it most know what it means, least. While the search for Al Quada continues, thousands of children and teenagers, sexually molested by Roy Bradbury via Superior Court order, march around Southern California, like ticking time-bombs, set to go off one day at court...

Male Domestic Abuse Victims and Corrupt 730 740 Child Custody Evaluators Roy Bradbury 740 Evaluator Suicide Dr. Rudy Brutaco De-Listed by Medical Insurers

Tracy Turner was born into two extended families of bookworms - one horticultural and one petroleum industry. Semi-retired from IT, Analyst endeavors and Botanical Garden Plant Propagation. Among his many interests are science, news, tracking political corruption, national and world events. Urges you to ask several USA IT professionals about web censorship; which is becoming rampant. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are not free speech - they are places of monitoring, censoring and personal data harvesting. Also, just because you see your words in print online, it does not equate to "free speech". Do you believe Google and Bing blacklist Michael Taylor's online words as often as said censors blacklist your online "free speech"? If you love freedom, become active in corruption watch, exposure; free speech and freedom of the press activism.



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Male Victims Get Lost in Domestic Abuse Data *

Male Victims Get Lost in Domestic Abuse Data. Current Stories:. *Local Navy ... " There are male victims, of course, but the majority of victims who come ... Male Victims Get Lost in Domestic Abuse Data. *MSP Reports for St. Mary's

Male victims of domestic abuse: Beyond belief | Washington Times * neighborhood/ steps-authentic-happiness-positive-psychology/ 2013/ may/ 23/ male-victims-domestic-abuse-beyond-belief/

WASHINGTON, May 22, 2013 - According to the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center, over 830,000 men are victims of domestic violence annually ...

Who? Similar cases elsewhere:

Psychologist sued for implanting memories - The Angry Dad Here is another story about a corrupt psychologist: US psychologist, Mark Schwartz, has been accused of carelessly hypnotizing a patient, Lisa Nasseff, 41, in order ...

The Angry Dad: Traditional Jewish Ethics I found Stephen Doyne's own web site, and his Yelp page. All four reviews give him the lowest rating. One says, "This man is a charlatan.

Initial food for thought for the women's militant lib crowd: Women can do anything better than a man. If a woman cannot abuse a husband and son, than Danica Patrick cannot drive and win races. One cannot have it both ways... Women can do anything better than a man. Includes Jodi Arias was/is better at avoiding execution than a man. Will you buy one of her Tee-shirts? Inez Morthwood is better at spending her tax-free Roy Bradbury paper-bag cash kickbacks than a man. Female Head Judges better at white-washing Roy bradbury torture / sexual battery of children cases than male Judges, etc. Women cannot have it both ways; they get away with more crimes than men...

Where? Southern California

What? Court ordered torture, slavery and sex-abuse

Why did you get this? Your journalism is way above the "cut".

The bigger why? Corruption happens where journalism dies and morphs into greed and lies - like journalists afraid to or not "allowed" to interview judges and cops turned "god".

What is wanted? Investigative journalism, the real thing, not the new MSM money-grubbing thing?

Why? This is what happens when nobody investigates, publishes honestly:

Who? This story can be corroborated via similarities of:

Fran female, smarter than God


g. Bear 916-263-2699 one of the children, treat with tenderness and respect. None of these people needs suspicion, judgement, incredulity, etc. If that is what you bring to this, go home, we do not need you.

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Nick said...

I went through 9 years of having to deal with these people. Someone here talked about the case of Carol Rishton vs. Bradbury. I happen to know this case very well because Carol Rishton is my mother. I had to see Bradbury every Thursday evening in his office in Covina, and it was miserable to say the least. My parent's divorce was brutal, and it focused mainly against my mother who was being accused of being a bad and unfit parent, and the focus was also on my weight. I have always been a big kid, and even though I was very active and ate healthy I was always the same. Every time I talked to the guy he would take everything I say and mix it to fit him and the court. During the whole process I was being mentally and physically abused by my father, and yet they still said he was the good person in this whole case. When my mother had full custody of me, there would be times where my father would sit in front of my house for hours just stalking us, waiting for us to get home. My father was a very sick man, and I am extremely grateful to not have to see him anymore. My attorney at the time was Ms. Stettner who wasn't there for me at all, and always was side by side with Bradbury and Tucker man. I asked many times to let me stay with my mother and all they would say is that they know what was best for me and living with my father is the best thing to do. They made many false accusations against my mother and my grandparent who at the time did everything they could to help my mother. My mother and my grandparent ended up loosing everything they owned because the system bleed them dry. I am now 19 soon to be 20 and I live with these memories everyday. I am always depressed and have extreme anxiety attacks at times just to leave the house.

isllandchic said...

I just returned from a day in court and was disciplined and chastised by the judge because it was brought to her attention that I participated in this blog. I lost a weekend because she said that I displayed poor judgement in blogging about this complete psychopath we call Bradbury. He is a demented old man who has no morals or scruples whatsoever. He has single handedly put my child in danger. It's amazing how much credence he is given by minors counsel and the Judge, as though he were some god to them. Unbelievable how "educated" individuals who supposedly stand for truth and justice are so manipulated by this sick-0, ill mannered, demented old geezard. I have no more faith in our justice system or the courts or minors counsel. To me it's all a sick game where the kids are really not the issue. The objective of their game is: keep as many atty's, psych's and commissioners employed as possible and really, sho gives a damn about what is truly in the child's best interest. They are a group of sick selfish people who disguise themselves as caring humanitarians. You are the worst violators of human decency that exists...because you turn a blind eye to the truth and are lead by the nose by foolery and money. Shame on you all!!! And you know who you are.

You may contact Governor Jerry Brown by mail at:

Mailing address:

Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173 Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160

email... A hand-written (not computer-printed) letter that is not scanned is best. If you wish to help, send two or more, one apiece:

Governor and Board of County Supervisors Los Angeles, * Pomona *, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino County Supervisors. The Supervisor who never even wrote back about my son's torture and psychological damage is Mike Antonovich. Each parent lives in a County Supervisors jurisdiction. So far, whitewash, stonewall, money and corruption, ignoring child torture goes unabated. In fairness, our angst over this was before Jerry Brown returned as Governor.

I confronted a head judge about 2 years ago, hand-delivered letter to her bailiff. She read 2-3 lines, told the bailiff I wanted to "blow up the court". He had his hand on his gun when I had my hand on the exit door - he was preparing to shoot me on her word. I told him I did not want to "blow up" anything, that she had lied to him. He searched me, marched me upstairs uncuffed but with hand on gun to emphasize the point. He and a detective who was already there and another bailiff all read my letter 5-6 times. They asked me numerous questions. they kep going into chambers, coming out, asking more questions. Finally, they said, "she gets your point", you can leave now, accompanied by us. I was marched to the exit with the hand still on the gun. Nothing in my letter was hateful, there were no threats in it. The woman was so filled with her Republican locking people up under the Patriot Act routine that she had never considered herself as "the new Gestapo". The idea in black and white in front of her popped a gasket. The three cops with their hands on their guns simply nailed home my point in the letter, as did her "grab him, he will blow up the court house". I made no such claim or inference; I merely compared her and her staff to the Gestapo...

From '' - Dr. Brutoco is very confident and appears to be knowledgable. He looks at whole life of patient and considers all aspects. He is very friendly and easy to talk to. On the negative side, he will not bill any insurance, so you have to deal with the hassle...which may be quite difficult with a mental health issue. I don't know if there was a clinical reason, but the Dr. insisted I remain on medications with side effects that were more incapacitating than my condition. My simplified evaluation would be that he is good, but expensive. cash only (this is a common "quack" maneuver), insists on overmedicating with SSRI's, side effects worse than initial condition "but he's good". Like a teflon frying pan, shit does not stick to him.

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Male Domestic Abuse Victims and Corrupt 730 740 Child Custody Evaluators Roy Bradbury 740 Evaluator Suicide Dr. Rudy Brutaco De-Listed by Medical Insurers