The “AMERICAN ARMY”…. You’ve Never Heard Of

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By: Brett Redmayne-Titley.

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Freedom of assembly, sometimes used interchangeably with the freedom of association, is the individual right to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests. The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, political right and civil liberty - Rush probably jokes when it is Occupiers getting beaten and maced, next it will be Preppers and Oathkeepers. Theses denied "rights" belong to 350 million Americans; less than 10,000 - 40,000 'people ' (Plutarchs, Oligarchs, Fascists?) violate these rights that belong to us all. Sovereigns Government, but not sovereign people... ~ T. Turner


After firm handshakes all around, Dan T. and Gene R., who I had strong reasons to believe were both retired military, settled into the task at hand. I was in their company for the day on business unrelated to politics or the military. During the one-day business meeting, Dan and Gene revealed that they were indeed career military. Dan with the Army, Gene retired Navy. I attempted to politely avoid political discussion in the interest of decorum. Friendly shop-talk, however, soon turned to American politics, and its military.


As a journalist I am unreservedly opposed to the militaristic, authoritarian, and seemingly fascist direction America’s governance is rapidly turning to, and the use of its military to do it. I routinely stab the point of my pen into the foreheads of idiots whose ignorance allows America’s fate to continue. I routinely scrawl encouragement in my articles, begging the millions of concerned Americans to rise up and seize back their democracy, just as often as my screams of outrage can be calmed into the craft of writing.


I am unabashedly progressive. I insist on the truth. I am direct, persistent, and I don't take fools lightly. Give me bullshit and not facts, and I don't care who you are, friend, acquaintance, passing citizen, or current business contact, I will throw it back in your face... period!


Two hours later at a local pub, we clashed our third round of beers together in a boisterous toast. "This country is going to hell!", I offered just a bit too loudly in confines of the cramped bar. "Damn right it is," agreed Dan. “Quite frankly, I’m in favor of ringing America with an expanded Navy to protect us, and bringing home all the troops from the wars around the world. It’s time our Military went back to protecting our Nation. But…the real question right now in America is…," and he lowered his voice, " are you prepared?"


I previously authored the article, “ Live From DNC/Charlotte: Tired of Talkin’…. Time for Walkin ".(See Link: Here) Here I proffered the view that America, at this historical juncture, has only two vital political choices left. Either, seize their rights under the First Amendment to join me, and the rapidly growing groundswell of American outrage, in using any means by which to rise up, en masse, rip out the remains of American democracy from the politicians, and restore it.


Second choice: The Second Amendment.


I asked Dan and Gene to comment.


At 6'4", and a stout 280 pounds, Dan would make a fine nose tackle. He slams his glass down in agreement, since it is empty, looking intently from under a beat-up bleached out baseball cap. Paul’s career Army and has been stationed in many posts across the American empire for close to twenty years. He holds multiple patents that are in regular use by the military, and does regular business with Army brass. He knows a lot of insiders and has been filling in the blanks for me.


"That's a good way to put it," he says while eyeing me over the brim of the foam atop a freshly poured beer. The question is, he says firmly, “are you prepared?"


Being prepared runs the gambit from eliminating one’s personal debt, eliminating unnecessary possessions,  putting assets into gold or silver, and stocking a sensible amount of supplies and provisions away just in case. It means having the presence of forethought to realize the dire reality of America’s real social and political condition. It also implies being prepared to protecting those possessions, and freedoms, from a growing government incursion.


As a journalist I keep my ear to the ground and my nose where it is not wanted. I had heard and read rumblings of a growing movement within the American military called, "Oath Keepers."( See: This quiet, passionately pro-American, pro-Constitution, pro-democracy, and rapidly growing American military undercurrent is the voice of reason against the swelling sea of political, financial, and corporate dominance of American society, via their willful ignorance of the Constitution, and the arbitrary use of the American military to further their own selfish un-American corporate greed. They have the simplest of promise.



“ I Do Solemnly Swear (Or Affirm) That I Will Uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, Against All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic…Pledging My Life , My Fortune, and My Sacred Honor. So Help Me God.”



Good. Everyone who swears this oath, on the Constitution of the United States, warrants that this oath will never be violated. Their motto is, ““Not on our watch!” This pro-American oath has been sworn by hundreds of thousands of active military and veterans, police officers, national guardsmen, TSA officials, firemen, and peace officers across America. The Oath is further defined in ten separate parts:


1.    We will NOT obey any order to disarm the American people.

2.     We will NOT obey any order to conduct warrantless searches of the American people, their homes, vehicles, papers, or effects – such as warrantless house-to house searches for weapons or persons.

3.     We will NOT obey any order to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal.

4.      We will NOT obey orders to impose martial law or a “state of emergency” on a state, or to enter with force into a state, without the express consent and invitation of that state’s legislature and governor.

5.      We will NOT obey orders to invade and subjugate any state that asserts its sovereignty and declares the national government to be in violation of the compact by which that state entered the Union.

6.      We will NOT obey any order to blockade American cities, thus turning them into giant concentration camps.

7.      We will NOT obey any order to force American citizens into any form of detention camps under any pretext.

8.      We will NOT obey orders to assist or support the use of any foreign troops on U.S. soil against the American people to “keep the peace” or to “maintain control” during any emergency, or under any other pretext. We will consider such use of foreign troops against our people to be an invasion and an act of war.

9.      We will NOT obey any orders to confiscate the property of the American people, including food and other essential supplies, under any emergency pretext whatsoever.

10.   We will NOT obey any orders which infringe on the right of the people to free speech, to peaceably assemble, and to petition their government for a redress of grievances.




Any American should take comfort in these assurances from these patriots who, thankfully, still understand the necessity of the protections of the constitution applied to the people they are duty bound to protect. As a journalist I especially like number ten, having seen multiple examples of American aggression towards peaceful First Amendment assemblies, and protesters, by cops who had presumably NOT signed the oath. I believe that this aggression will only get worse.


The fact that so many Military members see America’s direction as being as threatening and unconstitutional, as I do, was reassuring. The fact that they have so well- articulated this direction by the restrictions in the Oath, is chilling. It should ignite the light bulb for any remaining American that still thinks America’s growing fascist direction is the exclusive fantasy of progressive wackos like me.


I had mistakenly interpreted the Oath, when I asked Dan and Gene to comment on the effectiveness of Oath Keepers. I had thought that those who take the oath would lay down their weapons under such extreme circumstances.


"Wrong!" said Paul, giving me a sudden penetrating glance. "We’re not laying down our weapons for anyone!" Gene was also keenly eyeing me closely. Quickly forgiving my small indiscretion, he offered support saying, "Yeah. You're absolutely right about the Oath. But if you don't have your weapons you're not going to fight back. That's what the huge recent increase in gun sales is all about."


Gene’s a retired Navy fighter pilot. Of a Bantam weight’s build, and just as feisty, at sixty Gene is looking as youthful as his days in the cockpit. He is  presumably just as assured and straight talking. Asked, if he has ever landed on an aircraft carrier he shrugs a guess, "a 1000 times?" Any fighter pilot who lands on an aircraft carrier has achieved one of the Navy's highest achievements as this training is reserved for the absolutely best Navy pilots.


Like Dan, Gene knows his politics and likes talking about it. For a progressive journalist the chance to talk to two career military veterans, who understand the minutia of the world sociopolitical and military landscape, and American domestic hegemony, is rare. As we talked anyone listening, and someone must have been, would have been surprised that all this general agreement on America’s condition was met from two separate ends of the conservative/progressive political spectrum.


From presidential politics to foreign policy, from Israel to Mali, Kenya to Palestine, from the realities of America’s broken internal fiscal agenda to NDAA , and domestic drone surveillance to drone assassinations of Americans without trial, Dan, Gene and I filled in the blanks of each other opinions. I told them about the Trans Pacific Partnership treaty (TPP : see LINK) and it’s treasonous intentions, the recent FBI report authorizing the assassination, if necessary, last year of the supposed leaders of the various Occupy camps across the country, and about another FBI study that concluded that American citizens and their massive private, and growing, arsenal could never defeat the US military, should the populous finally fight back.


Gene interjected, frowning, “They’ve got that one wrong,”. Gene is quite likely correct. Looking at the totality of a potential armed push back by the American public truly shows the dire consequences about to befall this country, if the nation does not soon wake up. 


There are approximately 21.5 million veterans of all ages and ethnicities in America. Estimates put Oath Keepers membership in excess of 200,000.Within these ranks are every military rank from all three branches of the military, and the intelligence service. From Gunny Sargent to Admiral, from Army Chaplain to Naval Captain, Marine Corp. General to enlisted man, America’s veteran corp. remains full of a vast wealth of very expensive and thorough military training. All these men and women were trained to fight. They remember their training. They remember that they are, first and foremost, American’s sworn to protect the constitution and the American people. That never changed.


Few thought, on the day they took their first Oath of Military service, that the day would come when rather than providing protection from foreign adversaries they would actually heed the words,  “… and Domestic.”


By all current reports Americans hold over 320 million non-military fire arms of all makes, models, and calibers. That figure is only the guns that are accounted for. Actual numbers are higher. With the current gun buying surge across America, this number is ever rising. Many for these people buying these weapons, whether they are aware of Oath Keepers or not, have very similar views on our Government’s authoritarian intentions. They are also becoming prepared.


Multiply these weapons by the number of American veterans who are prepared and you  have a potential, highly trained, and well- armed, militia ready, willing, and waiting to protect Americans from their own government. Was this not the wisdom of the inclusion of the Second Amendment? It is no wonder that Gene is smiling.


As much as I am assured by Dan and Gene’s confidence and willingness to do their proper duty, I am, in turn, horrified.


As a student of foreign policy I am well aware that a vast portion of the world is in flames, under martial law, due to a popular, collective demand for real democracy. Sadly, this demand has yet to reach the bellies of an American public. But it will come. And our Government will act against our people in the same manner it encourages, militarily supports, and openly condones in so many countries.


Just like Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Kenya, Honduras, and a growing list of intended American imperial conquests, the American government seeks to subjugate, militarily, our population into submission. However, a whole lot of well trained, well- armed, Americans have seen this day coming. An American people’s Army already exists on American soil. And they are prepared.


Well, all good conversations, sadly, come to an end. I had a plane to catch the next morning, and it was getting late. We shook hands again, promising to stay in touch and talk more next time. I hope we do.


Our conversation had been enlightening, optimistic, supportive, but at the same time terrifying. To discover that so many American active and retired military are of like mind to just as many passionate pro-American progressives holding a currently radical viewpoint, was heartening and gave me, as a progressive journalist, renewed strength of my convictions.

Knowing that former members of America’s military had already sworn an oath to protect me, and other Americans, from the very real threat of being shot, or incarcerated without a warrant, by my own government was reassuring.


Is this not the real definition of what the duty of the American military once was?


Collectively this shows once again to all Americans the direction, and the unfortunate outcome, for a near future America. American’s are "prepared" to take up arms and fight. In finality, America you have only, I repeat (please listen!), you have now, only two remaining constitutional choices. You will choose one, or the second will be thrust upon you.

Take back and use your First Amendment rights to stop the madness of our broken political system and demand positive change. Or….?


God help America should our government step beyond the threshold of the ten pledges of the Oath Keepers, since these will be the line in the sand for all Second Amendment carrying Americans, once the Government crosses it. Maybe Gene is correct in his confidence of overcoming the established military. God forbid if that FBI report is correct. Either way the result will be bloodier than the Civil War, just as apocalyptic, and spell the darkest days in the history of America, should it remain a nation when the sands of time have finally cleared the wreckage.


It’s your choice Americans. I have made mine. And you?



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