American Assassination of Freedom

Tracy Turner - 9/1/13

Secret Killing Secret Laws Secret Prisons Secret Courts Secret Surveillance Secret Agendas Government Media Collusion

US Constitution Freedom Free Speech Bill of Rights
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Warrantless searches – Like all of the laws mentioned in this essay, no oversight to prevent abuse, the ‘excuse’ for the law is supposedly 19 dead terrorists. Why govern 326 million Americans with laws designed for 19 dead guys? Sorry, forgot, you are not allowed to criticize the government – one million Google “takedown requests” per month do not target some valuable new version of War and Peace, the million per month takedowns target government criticism. Warrantless Surveillance is essentially a no warrant search of your digital life – your penance for 19 dead Arabs sin “with box cutters and jet fuel”. Building 7 fell down; therefore your data is ours.

US Constitution Freedom Free Speech Bill of Rights
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Assassination of U.S. Citizens – You are not allowed to criticize government actions, including the government killing you, a friend or family member. If the government says you are dead, you are dead. No ‘appeal’, no ‘due process’. But certainly the Courts and Congress will have oversight over the Presidents “extraordinary assassination(s)?" No, that would amount to “criticizing the government” which “is not allowed”. Obama’s NDAA basically says the government owns the lives of every man, woman and child in the US; we on the inside of our bodies are just lessees. Our bodily lease can be revoked at any time with no warning and most people are 'fine' with that, in the sense that police have curtailed most protest in the US.

Indefinite detention – Life behind bars with no criminal charges, no defense counsel, no right to face your accusers, no due process weighing evidence. Again, Congressional or Court oversight is not allowed, as “criticizing the government” is “not allowed”. Obama has "a choice" to put anyone in a miltary prison or a For Profit private prison; to try them via tribunal or in court or not at all. To put them in a Mexican Prison or Turkish Prison at will. Everything at once seems civilized, normal and like El Salvador during the Juntas; the times of the disappeared.

Arbitrary justice – Rest assured, these rules do apply to you, they just do not apply to judges, senators, congress, Bush’s, Obama’s, Clinton’s, Koch’s, etc. One rule applied two ways for two different classes of persons. Great heaping measures of justice are meted out to anyone rich, powerful and/or with corrupt media influence. Two systems of justice for two castes of persons: one system rewarding, financially enriching for government insiders; the other system punitive, financially draining for all government outsiders.

US Constitution Freedom Free Speech Bill of Rights
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Immunity from judicial review – All four branches of government (media, Congress, President and Supreme Courts) are not subject to any Citizenry Review Board. When the media lies, censors the news to back the Presidents arrogance and illegality, no Judges, Congresspersons or Citizens review board looks into the malfeasance committed. The media presents most events in their prime Orwellian doublespeak. The court rubberstamps all but the little people, who have to pay the lawyers overtime pay and may end up working a For Profit Prison slave-job anyway.

Continual monitoring of citizens – You are not allowed to find or discuss shortcomings in government policies (examples: DIME munitions, DU munitions, White Phosphorus munitions, Gulf War Illness, Atomic Veteran cancers, Agent Orange veterans, deformed children of Vets exposed to chemical/radiological poisons). If we were allowed to discuss these things openly, NSA would not be reading my keystrokes as I type this, storing my emails and listening/logging my phone calls.

Extraordinary renditions – Anyone, anywhere, can be kidnapped, incarcerated overseas, beaten and tortured at any time. None of us have the right to gather at for instance Zucotti Park and protest this. 6-8 friends or protestors in Zucotti Park holding a vigil against the Extraordinary Rendition law will be beaten, tased and gassed by police. All police violence against protestors is no freedom of association in the USA. Blogs and videos on the web or on YouTube with the subject being police brutality of protestors are subject to random, arbitrary removal. Police in America now act more like Animals than like humans. These attacks were specifically designed to de-claw Occupy and to de-populate the protests against government crimes.

Secret evidence – Barrack’s entire case for starting a war with Syria hinged on “secret evidence” that we the public are not adult enough to view. Imagine a D.A. telling a courtroom full of jurors that you or a loved one is a murderer, that the evidence is compelling but said 'evidence' is too complicated and too frightening for public purview? Hitler had secret evidence that “Jews were bad” that “only he and the Waffen SS understood”. Israel has secret evidence that “Palestinians are bad” that only "some Israelis are able to understand". How many Americans wished we could have screamed from off camera, ‘shove your secret evidence in that secret place the Sun does not shine!’

US Constitution Freedom Free Speech Bill of Rights
Police Violence against protestors is a "political force" aka "a lobbying effort wherein the Washington DC inner sanctum uses tax-payer dollars to arm a paramilitary police force to "convince the protestors they are not against war, not against pollution, not for reform". Where is the police's 501-c-3? Using New York and Oakland cops as a violent lobbying force violates so many laws it boggles the human imagination. But the people in these photos are not "free people" with "a bill of rights". Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters who died or will die in war, die for this particular "mass oppression", this "coast to coast bondage of free speech and free assembly". The bill of rights is now plastic handcuffs, baton blows, choke holds, perhaps a tear gas round shot into a human head. Image from Google Images Composite

War Crimes - For every person in America familiar with Depleted Uranium, DIME and White Phosphorus munitions, there are hundreds totally in the dark. Americans do not have the freedom to have anyone in government admit they are covering up genocide. America covers up its shame adeptly.

Government Media Collusion– Think of an organized crime drug cartel and merely replace the product drugs with the product bogus, brainwashing information. "When the Government Accountability Office ruled that these fake news reports in fact, constituted illegal covert propaganda, the White House simply issued a memo declaring the practice to be legal". "In 2005, the Bush White House admitted to producing videos that were designed to look like news reports from legitimate independent journalists - and then feeding those reports to media outlets as prepackaged reports, ready to air on the evening news". Government Media Collusion under Obama simply seems more oiled but doubly odious.

US Constitution Freedom Free Speech Bill of Rights
Police LRAD Weapons used on civilians causes permanent hearing loss. Pittsburg Woman Files Lawsuit. What would you rather have, your hearing or a lawsuit? So our exercising first and fourth amendment rights has the government using LRAD weapons and Drones against us. In honor of 19 dead Arabs, of course. Image from

Secret court – More than FISA Courts are secret, America has become filled with secret courts: no-fly-list secret courts, Obama teenager-drone-kill-PowerPoint-list court, judges who send foul mouthed drunks to For-Profit Prison because “a terrorist threat came out of their mouth”. Two East Los Angeles brothers drinking a 12-pac of beer at a barbecue exchanged heated words and a few fist blows. Although this was ‘normal’ to the two brothers, a 9-1-1 operator, East LA police and courts made the two brothers go to For-Profit Prison (Terrorist Threat Under the Patriot Act). Nobody in this scenario had the spine to do the right thing; aka stop a For Profit Prison Complex Corporation from profiting on said two brothers. What do two brothers who drink and box have to do with Al Quada or 9/11? Both men are (legal) hispanic Fathers of police officers, Grandfathers, Catholics at the time of their 'terrorist branding' (Joe McCarthy echoes). Now both men and their families have the word "terrorist" associated with them for life. Their true "sin" or "lawbreaking"? Both made a verbal threat to punch each others lights out, aka "a terrorist threat under the "Patriot Act"... How many PTSD Veterans have gone to prison for mouthing a vulgar threat at a beer and pork barbecue?

Laws like NDAA, Patriot Act and upcoming TPP tend to De-Spine those that “count”: Media, Judges, Cops, D.A.’s, Senators, Congressmen and even Presidents. They all lose spine and cave in to whatever evil force screws over the populace. Our media is either bribed, or threatened, or both. But the media lacks the spine to do anything. When the media was up to bat to cry foul at the police brutality against Occupy, the media did the spineless thing of sticking up for the Waffen SS Cops. Even Superior ‘Family’ Courts have secret kangaroo ‘findings’ and are rife with pay to play corruption.

The FISA courts merit little attention, slightly more since the NSA Snowden Prism fiasco. Every level of court in America enables the mores to have more and the lesses to have less (with no public or media oversight). There are no statistics on how many home or business DoJ forfeitures start with warrantless surveillance. But selling your so-called American freedoms (or auctioning your American Dream home) away is colossally profitable business.

Thousands of blog articles 'predict' some future 'bloodless' or 'UN armed coup' to occur in the US; armed insurrectionists to seize guns and food hoards. The authors of these usually seem to have missed everything that was 'already seized', including America's freedom and privacy. But we do have cops with fully automatic A4 assult rifles and armored HumVees to take down Occupiers, mentally ill persons, homeless encampments and children's lemonade stands.

This is where Cheney, Rice, Obama and Hagel rattle their 9/11 amulet and remind us this was done by 19 Arabs. Bush and Obama did not destroy the US Constitution, 19 Dead Arabs did it. Oakland Police shooting a war hero in the head with a tear gas round did not destroy rights of association and free speech, rights to redress grievances; 19 dead Arabs destroyed those rights. Each dead Arab or each dead US shooter will reach out from their grave and grant an all too powerful government more power.

Out of the Ashes of Destroyed America Will Rise Banal

Banal AKA The Hunger Gams

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