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Huffington Post & Salon.com Lamestream MSM biased misandrist misandry feminist myth perpetuators
The Lame Stream Media Nurture the Myth That "Nurturers" Are Not Violent Like Misandrist-Tainted Men

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by Tracy Turner



Food for Huffington Post and Salon.com misandry thought; women batter men, batter children and batter each other in Lesbian relationships. The Lamestream MSM perpetuates the myth that violence is near completely monopolized by men. Ignoring medical studies and the like to spin misandrist yarns to indoctrinate others that women are angelic is dishonest.

Both of these publications routinely post articles about: 1) Women's Rights, 2) Gay Rights and Marriage, and 3) Men's Rights as seen (frequently) through the lenses of women writers. Why are 2/3 of the men's rights articles in Huffpo and Salon written by women?

Where are the rights of battered US children? Where are the rights articles of Palestinian children, women and yes, men? Or are has the word "rights" become the new dog-whistle word for elitism, exclusivity, domination and blatant hypocrisy. If rights belong to everyone, they are true rights. But exclusive, conditional and elitist rights are what the Jewish Slave sellers had at Culloden Point, Long Island, NY. Exclusive elitism that walks on others is not rights; that type of human abuse is cannon fodder for more Nine Years War and more Omagh, ask the British. Women's rights that trample their children, boyfriends, husbands, community members, etc., are not rights. Israel says Gaza is not genocide, but merely massacre.

A pendulum has been pushed so far it will not push in the same direction, anymore. The British once pushed troops into Northern Ireland until that pendulum could be pushed uphill no longer. They then suffered the Nine Years War. When they forgot their defeat, they tried to Occupy Omagh. The Northern Irish turned Omagh into a bomb factory and sent their "British Rights exclusive elitists" home in pine boxes. These two events were preceded by the elitist claiming the "rights" to harm others and cause suffering to others; aka egomaniacal thinking.

The foregoing is a disturbing analogy; so is the transcript of the Jodi Arias trial. America and Israel claim the rights to commit war crimes, genocide, to use WMD and break International Law, etc. Intelligent, thinking people know the government(s) are turned barbaric. The "news" covers up the barbarism, making them genocidal accomplices after the fact. Much of the populace is in denial, with a growing amount of people waking up. There are so many police shooting, brutality and abuse of power videos and articles it overwhelms. Our forefathers did not want a continent of India 7 caste system; our current "leaders" have paired it down to the 7th and the 1st and a smidgeon of 2nd caste.

This much negative energy, including women in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan, our elder veterans of other wars and men in the last three Gulf Wars do not come home with vapid PTSD and go on model parent and spouse auto-pilot. The TV and "news" Lamestreamers make everything a "Dance With the Elites". Somewhere, in the next 30 seconds, a woman is going to physically harm and psychologically abuse a family member - because she is equal. 2880 times per day, a woman physically and/or psychological batters a family member.


Nowhere does this page imply male abusers of spousal partners and children do not exist. But the very absence of this topic on news blog after news blog perpetuates a myth, the core of which is (cannot call the fair gender "birthers", here) that Mothers are naturally born with the better parent genes. Prove it! Prove that women have the biased MSM's falsely implied "guardian angel gene"... The implicit implication here is Medias unjust fascination with “bad males” and “angelic” females. Cutting edge research suggests sociopathic females are more adept at getting away with crime than sociopathic males. But there is evidence of female brutality and torture; you just shall not find it on Joan and Arianna’s Rags. Impudent, maybe but the last 40-60 years of man beat, woman and children victims is not doing our society as a whole much good.


That is like saying a man cannot malicious gossip, that only women slander people, or that white people do not eat fried chicken and watermelon.


Huffingtonpost.com spreads feminist myth ideology, partly via omission, such as Google search - host: huffingtonpost.com Female Attackers - Child Abusers – Women Batterers. Results were four articles; none was about the subjects below. But they did have this news on Huffpo if you are interested: “Turtle Beaten To Death On Wisconsin Golf Course”. So women, gays and turtles have rights in an Arianna World. No bias there...


Salon with the same Google search has a “How abusers get away with targeting Indian women” article. Literally 100% of these two “news” organizations are devoid of Mothers Who Beat or Torture Their Children Articles, so we have ‘helped’ Huffington Post and Salon deal with their Misandrist natures.

Huffington Post & Salon.com Lamestream MSM biased misandrist misandry feminist myth perpetuators
Publication such as huffingtonpost and salon (circa 2013) has 2/3 of their "men's rights" articles authored by women. In such an environment, female serial killers, female rapists, female spousal batters or killers and women who murder their children do not exist. After once talking to Susan Atkins face-to-face, the media's indoctrinations of 'rights for women' that do not belong to us all is both hubris and apartheid rules. Put another way, rights for women and gays are pushed down our throats by TV, "alternative" Mother Jones/David Corn CIA media and by court-ordered decree. What the majority votes for or wants does not count; democracy ids now you eat what we push down your throats. Does this include no research into women sociopaths and media apologists who define Jodi Arias to us as "misunderstood by her jury". Of the smattering of core Hollywood "values", is women's rights to get away with murder one of the new "values" the elites wish to push down the throats of the "ordinary" masses?


Š  Child Abuse - Women are the overwhelming majority of perpetrators ...

forums.avoiceformen.com › ACTIVISM CENTRALStats Warehouse

Nov 2, 2012 - 10 posts - 6 authors

The most likely perpetrator of child injury or death is the child's mother. .... hand child custody to batterers who employ false claims of Parental ...

Š  Breaking the last taboo: sexual abuse by female perpetrators


by R Koonin - Related articles

Jan 23, 2004 - There are inherent risks involved in discussing child sexual abuse by female perpetrators. Acknowledging abuse by women may be used as all ...

Š  [PDF]

Female Perpetrators of Intimate Abuse - UBC Forensic Psychology ...


by DG DUTTON - Cited by 37 - Related articles

KEYWORDS Female batterers, domestic violence. Compared to the extensive literature on male perpetrators of intimate abuse (Dutton ... female perpetrators is scant. ..... partners (e.g., child abuse histories, substance abuse/dependence, per-.

Š  IPT - Female Child Sexual Abusers: A Critical Review of the Literature


Many studies depict female abusers as socially isolated, loners, alienated, ..... The percentage of female perpetrators of extrafamilial child sexual abuse was four ...

Š  How Do Female Perpetrators Sexually Abuse? | Blooming Lotus


Aug 10, 2010 - They can fondle the child, just as a male abuser can. Many (but certainly not all) female abusers give children unnecessary enemas. Some will ...

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... I cut stories out of the newspaper about female perpetrators. In a majority ... It was an overwhelming experience and ... with women. The abuse ...


Š  Women more likely to be perpetrators of abuse as well as ...

Women more likely to be perpetrators of abuse as well ... were female. Although women were the ... Child abuse was the single biggest determining factor ...



Š  The Invisible Boy: Revisioning the Victimization of Male ...

www.canadiancrc.com/the_invisible_boy_report.aspx   Cached

Some research reports that boys are more likely to be abused by ... in the child abuse field. Because women were the ... Women as perpetrators of child ...


Š  CHILD ABUSE IN AMERICA - National Child Traumatic Stress …

nctsnet.org/nctsn_assets/pdfs/articles/​child_​abuse_​america.pdf Š PDF file

The overwhelming majority of perpetrators of violence against children were the parents of the ... girls. Child Abuse & Neglect. 19(9):1157-1169. 89.

Š  SEE IT: Two women caught abusing pregnant seals on California ...


Feb 17, 2013 - SEE IT: Two women caught abusing pregnant seals on California beach. San Diego police have increased security along the Children's Pool ...

Š  One-month-old baby 'raped and battered' in Gravesend: Man and ...


Could be one Britain's worst ever child abuse cases ... Suspects: A man and woman who were arrested over the alleged attack are both from Gravesend, Kent.


Š  Nazi women exposed as every bit as bad as Hitler's deranged ...


Now a new book in Germany called Perpetrators: Women Under ... the party — were female. Women also made ... or no work experience, although SS ...


When a boy is sexually abused by a woman ‘people do not ...

The attack in September was one of three child sex abuse cases to reach a D.C ... adult female attackers and ... woman charged with sexually ...



UK–Sex attacks by women on UK children soar перевод

январь 2010REPORTS of women carrying out sex attacks on children have soared in the last five years, a UK charity said. But they do.” The UK has been stunned by a number of high profile sex abuse cases involving women in recent months.


Š  Childhood sexual abuse linked to later heart attacks in men перевод

сентябрь 2012Men who experienced childhood sexual abuse are three times more likely to have a heart attack than men who were not sexually abused as children, according to a new study. The researchers found no association between childhood sexual abuse and heart attacks among women.

sciencedaily.comreleases/2012/09/120906123240.htm копия ещё

Š  8Heart Attacks In Men Associated With Childhood Sexual Abuse перевод

Interestingly, there was no connection between women being sexually abused as children and heart attacksAuthors are unsure why abused women do not have higher odds of heart attack, like men do.




Woman accused of encouraging attack on child | Volusia County ...


Woman accused of encouraging attack on child 10-year-old attacked in woman's home, officials say ... Tags Volusia County abuse child.

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Female Attackers - Child Abusers – Women Batterers / Murderers Huffington Post & Salon.com Lamestream MSM biased misandrist misandry feminist myth perpetuators