TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership – Is It Really that Bad?

By Tracy Turner
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TPP Threatens To Remove A Bill of Rights From 40% of the Planet's Residents and Give An Enhanced Bill of Rights to Multinationals

If you read the statement of SIFMA on Japan negotiations in the TPP, then look at exactly what (not who, but what) SIFMA represents – it gives you a feel for TPP expanding the ‘rights’ of securities firms, banks and asset managers. In plain English, TPP expands the rights of the uber rich and reduces the rights of the ordinary. SIFMA Statement on Japan Joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. ... "that for a 21 st century ... should remain an integral part of our current trade agenda." ... In very plain English, Japanese TEPCO, which built 150 nuclear reactors on top of a volcano, should enjoy a bill of rights that strips you and I of our Bill of Rights...

Most Americans do not bother looking at the official positions and talking points of Green Peace and the Sierra Club on TPP. The Sierra Club's introduction paragraph: "An Explosion of Fracking? One of the dirtiest secrets of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement. The United States is quietly negotiating an expansive trade agreement with ten other countries that could dramatically increase exports of liquefied natural gas to overseas markets without any domestic oversight. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, therefore, could increase dirty fracking and carbon emissions; put sensitive ecological areas at risk; and increase natural gas and electricity prices, impacting consumers, manufacturers, workers, and increasing the use of dirty coal power". More Here by Sierra Club. Read GreenPeace New Zealands' position on TPP.

Read Trans-Pacific Partnership: Agenda 21 Meets Global Corporate Takeover – by Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism here: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Agenda 21. Also this Naked Capitalism article sheds some light on TPP.

The Teamsters Union is calling TPP the largest trade deal in human history. The Communications Workers of America and 23 Senators sent President Obama a letter asking him to protect Communication Workers Jobs in America. Is TPP the new way for Democrats to fund election bids (replace labor unions with Asian multinational campaign donors) and fund re-election in political races? Are the Democrats essentially selling out American products, jobs, unions, workers, people and consumers rights to Asia in return for Asian campaign money? Are the Democrats and Republicans selling Free Speech rights away in return for fat checks from Asia into their campaign coffers?

The fact that most of TPP (other than one leaked chapter, TPP Investment Chapter) remains shrouded in secrecy in America cannot bode well for the middle class and those struggling with financial chaos in our post-9/11 security-industrial complex. Americans do not have their rights protected by our government in secret meetings by “trade representatives” who only represent big business. Obama, the Congress and the courts appear neck deep in a secret plot to give the rights of the American people to Asian businessman with fat checkbooks.

What will TPP mean for the average Canadian, American or Mexican (NAFTA citizens)? Further degradation of good jobs in the job market, worsening income inequality, polluted ecosystems with depleted natural resources and weakened social services. Long term, TPP will mean less schools, libraries, hospitals and emergency rooms, less firemen and less police. TPP will ultimately push a paradigm shift of pay-per-use of police and fire services. NAFTA caused such a paradigm shift but on a smaller scale; TPP will cause a massive shift of poorer people paying more for 'social' services.

Like NAFTA, TPP is showing the bait of "trickle down" economics which will rapidly be replaced by the hook of decades of personal liberties and economic erosion of ordinary persons. In Mexico, Canada and the US, 30-50% of the countries workforce will probably end up in menial, unstable and/or part time jobs. People's lives will be lived precariously with money running out well before the next paycheck. Politicians and Asian business people will be those who fare well under TPP.

The small amount of news coverage on US news, BBC and the larger Internet news websites frequently applaud TPP or hide its downside. The website shows many activists protesting against TPP. The US Trade Representatives Office states it hopes 40% of the planet may end up “covered” under TPP, which would give a three-lawyer tribunal power over 40% of the people of the Earth. No likelihood of an abuse of power there, with three corporate-paid lawyers in charge of 40% of the Earth’s population. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) calls the TPP a triple threat, threatening: “free speech, Internet privacy and due process”. It is a no-brainer to add massive Internet Censorship (in addition to current) to the preceding three threats.

Raul Burbano, Kristen Beifus and Manuel Pérez-Rocha wrote this article: Facing the Threat of the Trans-Pacific Treaty. This 'treaty' excludes the residents of all of the countries involved - it is a Kleptocracy/Oligarchy/Plutarchy treaty.

So which is the greater or lesser evil, losing free speech and Constitutional rights? Losing financial and socio-economic well being? Or having Asian Pharmaceutical companies represented by three attornies who do not care if defective Asian drugs killed or maimed you or a family member?

According to the AFL-CIO, the NAFTA trade agreement cost Americans 700,000 jobs. NAFTA, CAFTA and TPP are high water marks for Corporatism and Globalism. Deals like TPP lock the entire country into a deal that generally benfits the Monsanto-like corporations and hurts individuals. These deals frequently lead to environmental degradation (over-fishing, over-logging, mining with Cyanide or Lead Arsonate above watersheds, etc.). These deals often hurt native, indiginous people the most (here in the US, these deals will probably ressurect Uranium mining on Indian reservations).

TPP will replace the ACLU, the AFL-CIO, US EPA, the USDA and US Food and Drug administration with a three-lawyer tribunal ruling 40% of Earth's inhabitants. No room for corruption, there, either. 19 rounds of talks are over - Obama signing is guaranteed. Japan is hedging, they want all they can get before signing.

The US Trade Deficit has alreay hit astronomically high numbers and this TPP agreement will put America into even more foreign debt while destroying American people’s rights, jobs and overall well-being. Trade deficit will exceed one-trillion dollars in the first 1-2 years of TPP. The carrot is the same carrot promised under NAFTA – trickle down economics. The reality is that the Bill of Rights for 40% of the planet is being replaced by a multinational corporation ‘Bill of Rights’…

Watch the video and just imagine Canada and Japan filling their swimming pools full of New Zealand milk... During the Vietnam War, people in many countries, people became vivid, vital antiwar and ecological activists. The public intolerance for war, napalm, agent orange and for government secrecy became the new normal.

There are 23 chapters in the Transpacific Partnership Agreement; from its inception to November 2013 the only public "transparency" is one (1) Chapter leaked by a whistleblower. A US proposal for a copyright chapter in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) would harm consumer rights in the 21st century.

International forums and meetings where security personnel shoe-away the public and journalists while government "trade delegates" kow tow to corporate lawyers dispenses with consumer rights while rendering the optimal atmosphere to increase the rights of copyright owners and corporate monopoly cartels.

Lack of transparency at each TPP event has been enacted by security personnel, the cartel arbitrations are ambiguous, and the disputations easily dismissed or forgotten by a public unjustly kept in the dark by US Department of Commerce rubber-stamp minions. *Caveat Opinion * - Not Leaked Proven Data - Expect TPP to be used to enforce International News Blackouts via the "World Wide Web". Imagine country "A" uses police and real bullets to break up worker strikes; "copyright infringement TPP law" is used to keep customers in Countries "B through Z" uninformed and buying widgets from Country "A", who killed striking widget workers. Countries "B through Z" citizens do not have "written permission" to views country "A" news. Anything digital requires a slew of IP's to circumnavigate the global network. Propaganda and corporate sales, military will own terraquads of IP addresses; an Occupy or Anonymous clique, none worth owning. BTW, the US military bought up most of the Class "B" IP's long before the web became popular. It's 2013 - think of it as Big Brother is 15 years old, 240# and Six-Foot-Four, juicing steroids, kickboxing and just bought some fishnet hose and garters. Uncle Sam is twisted.

Again, *Caveat Opinion * - Not Leaked Proven Data - USA "Activist 13" starts an antiwar blog... UK Activist 1969 starts a blog for Gaza/Palestinian drinking water rights. Countries "A-Z" use TPP to "own the copyrights" of the Internet IP Addresses required for anyone to read, see, upload to or download from either Activist Blog. Both Activists are "shut down" - not by seizure of their web spaces, not by seizure of their IP's, but by refusal of all the Countries involved "to allow" usage of * their * copyrighted IP addresses. Entities like Go Daddy, NetSol, Internic, Level 3, etc., are forced to not serve up webpages to anybody of activist sites. Conversely, Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds, Fox News, et al have web pages coming out of the toilet paper dispenser in every commode, world wide. Welcome to TPP Big Brother - more spy and lie, no reality or truth. The Internet's Jonathan Postel was a great human being; imagine him having nightmares in his grave... He walks into a convenience store 7/11, the e-chimes are accompanied by a bio-metric Homeland Security identity e-verify rectal scan. "Good morning, Mr. Postel, would you like some Freedom that's been waiting for you? The TV in the corner shows Activist 13 and Activist 1969 live-feed of arrests for web-terror.

There is a way to attend TPP events and influence the final TPP deal: Monsanto and Walmart Monopolize Covert, Classifed TPP Confabulations!

Circa 2000-2014, the new normal is that it is okay for a three-attorney tribunal to rule 40% of the planet like Uber-Kings, as long as Chrysler can sell a few cars in Tokyo and no Canadian swimming pools are filled with New Zealand milk... Read more on TPP here.

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TPP: Trans-Pacific Partnership – Is It Really that Bad?