Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Toothless EPA
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~ Tracy Turner


Pesticides have been around since the earliest of times (Sulfur dust, blue Copper oxide crushed into water, sprinkled on grape leaves to stop mildew, soap and water insect control, Neem Oil, etc.). For those wanting an evil roast of modern pesticides, they are a spin-off of military chemical warfare research and field experience. If we banned all pesticides globally overnight, 1-2 billion of us would soon starve or we would need to go back to many or most pesticides - because crops have been bred into pesticide addiction. Organic farmers use a different strategy that most of the world remains ignorant of - mycorrhizae hyphae and plant pest resistance. The flip side of the coin is an EPA that assumes plants that evolved millions of years with no pesticides must "need pesticides"


Caveat emptor: Pesticides are sold with Caution, Warning and Danger skull and crossbones. The last will easily kill you, if abused. Caution will kill you under certain circumstances; Warning should be handled as if it is a Danger product. Going organic has the advantage that birds, lizards, toads, frogs, snakes, bees and other wildlife make a home in pesticide-free properties. A few holes in the leaves are small price for being inundated with wildlife in home gardens. If you need pest advice, ask a licensed advisor, this article is merely an educated guess on Colony Collapse Disorder causes.


EPA Laxness Neonicotinoides – Billionaire pesticide manufacturers contributing via lobbyists to campaigns bought the EPA’s denial. In the 1970’s-early-1980’s, the EPA demanded tests that put small companies with great, low-toxicity products out of business and the big companies went billionaire. Companies like Ciba-Geigy and GreenLight made more sense than Bayer or Monsanto. FIFRA (Federal Insecticide Fungicide Rodenticide Act) mandated under Federal Law that applicators / operators / advisors must choose the least toxic product to do the job. There lies the problem, the antagonists pledge Neonicotinoides to be “nearly harmless”. But to bees they are a platoon armed with Glocks and AK’s. Neonicotinoides are 50% plus why bees are on the spiral to extinction – good enough reason to ban them if one could only get the money out of the way of the useless EPA. It is common knowledge that money has put the US EPA into a denial stupor regarding Neonicotinoides.


88-Ingredient Fracking Fluids – Would you eat honey laced with 88-fracking fluid chemicals? The EPA thinks bees are okay with it in the Marcellus Shale region of America… More EPA denial…


Air Pollution – Literally all metropolitan areas have smog and soot, whole articles are written about it all the time. It impacts the bees as they have the tiniest of lungs and a very fast, like-eating-candy metabolism. Smog shortens and weakens their productivity and cuts their short lifespans even shorter. Automakers and other sources buy AQMD denial – with the “smoking gun” purported to be barbecues.


Bees Overworked / Habitat Encroachment – Considering that up to 70% of the Earth’s food is bee pollinized, humans are taking very poor care of bees. Apis melifera and other species fall into the categories of domestic (professionally kept bees) and feral. Professional bees can spend an “endless summer” riding trucks, big rigs and even jets to wherever the next crop is about to bloom. Domestic bees pick up diseases and varroa mites from other hives. Feral bees are just as affected by poisons and have more and more habitat turning into golf courses, mini-malls and cookie-cutter homes (that last often laced with store-bought pesticides). Diesel Exhaust (Trucking Bees) is the previously mentioned air quality. Other causes of bee hive poisoning:


Š      Coal Mining/Burning (puts heavy metals and Selenium in streams)

Š      Exterminator Pesticides

Š      Farm Pesticides (Animal and Vegetable)

Š      Gray Water Sewage

Š      Home Pesticides

Š      Nuclear Bomb Test Fallout

Š      Paint, Varnish & Wood Preservatives

Š      Pharma Drugs

Š      Radiation Nuke Plants Downwind

Š      Mining Sludge Runoff

Š      Petroleum distillates, solvents, used oil waste, etc.


All of the above fall under the umbrella of water/nectar quality. Bees fan water to cool the hive, use water to make the honey the right viscosity. They drink water like most living creatures, but all the bullet points above are water issues that keep getting worse. Clearly the survival of both bees and humans is imperiled. Without bees, humans would face a certain extinction level event. Up to 70% of the plants used as food globally and up to 90% of flowering broadleaf plants will go extinct if or when bees go extinct. 90% of flowering plants includes shade, lumber (shelter), aesthetics, fragrances, spiritual plants, fiber, dyes, cloth (cotton, linen, etc.), medicines, cosmetics and of course food.


The main smoking gun for Bee Colony Collapse Disorder is Neonicotinoides, but all of the pollutants in this article are found in Colony Collapse Disorder bees wax (brood comb and honeycomb). Bees need pure clean water and clean habitat and humans and their wastes are taking over. Articles that close with groceries may cost more miss the bigger picture: we may go extinct because 90% of flowering broadleaf plants may go extinct.


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