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Olive Biodiesel Biofuel Bioenergy - 5,000-Year Longevity of Olive Trees makes Olive Biodiesel more practical, economical, lucrative than other biofuel crops. It is possible this is the key to reversing Bee (Apis mellifera) CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder)
Up to 5,000-Year Longevity of Olive Trees makes Olive Biodiesel more practical, economical, lucrative than other biofuel crops.

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The more the ego-war-centric US and the rest of the planet adopts to Olive Bio-diesel, the less economic incentive for war will exist. If humanity will not do so to prevent war, will humanity do so to prevent human extinction?

Put another way, 40% or more of Earth's bees (Apis mellifera) are already extinct; Apiculture (bee-keeping) and Olives go hand in hand. No Olives, no bees. Factory food-farming is a pesticide-riddled "habitat" for bees. Groves of Bio-diesel Olives are a disease and insect-free environment (read that pesticide-free habitat) for bees.

The more Olive Bio-fuel is invested in, the more there will be safe places for bees to flourish as the pollinate the Olive blossoms. If bees go totally extinct, 40% of all foods will go extinct with the bees. Humans in a bee-less planet would have -200 years to decline to mass extinction levels within. Olive Culture, Bee Culture are the physical and spiritual diametrically opposed opposite of Depleted Uranium warfare for oil.

Conversely, maintaining the US-Pentagon-Bankster-Depleted- Uranium-War complex "as-is" *is* bee extinction. Bees cannot survive in an Olive-Culture-environment buggered up with 2,000 radio-isotopes from Fukushima, Chernobyl, our previous 1,300 Atom Bomb above ground tests, etc. GMO Factory farms are extincting bees, as is fracking and oil refining/oil spills.

Some scientific pundits point at solar, at Liquid Aluminum batteries, etc. but ignore the cost of this infrastructure in factory-farming. Olive Bio-fuel is as near as it gets in nature to being its own infrastructure, of being its own costs. Do you want corn-fed beef from Liquid-aluminum battery-costs or from a 50-year old, bee-pollinated olive tree? Which costs less and pollutes less? Which combine harvest faster, a solar combine of a bio-diesel combine?

Olive culture and Apis mellifera are factors that cost out to food and human extinction or non-extinction.

In 40 years, oil http://www.worldometers.info/ will be gone. What will fuel farm equipment and the inefficient, globalized "food distribution" system next? Everything proposed has some merit, but name a bio-fuel plant that can live up to 5,000 years that is not an Olive? Name one plant with less input required and higher output? Solar and wind requires metal-mining. Olive trees are their own, self-contained, organic infrastructure. Does anyone believe God,Jesus, Allah or Buddha would give us such a bee-saving, energy-giving plant and expect us to ignore it while waging globally-polluting wars?

How many barrels of oils, tons of coal, cubic feet of natural gas does it take to forge a HumVee, a Bulldozer (for mass graves and to topple Palestinian Olive Trees)? How many more energy resources to forge an MRAP vehicle? How much petroleum is required to make an Improvised Explosive Device to annihilate an MRAP? Those resources come out of 40-years worth of factory-farm petroleum used for us to eat. Wars cause much of the bee-killing global pollution - the GWOT (NATO's Global War of Terror) is the single largest energy consumption and single largest pollution emission in human history. One observation:

Past/current Bees + Past oil pumped = 7.2 billion persons (2014)

Future extincted bees (GWOT + all other pollutants) + no oil = 0 persons (2054)

Olive Bio-diesel + Increased bee population = 15+ billion persons

1) The effort 'should have' started under John or Bobby Kennedy (or LBJ) to prevent the mass food shortages (impending for two decades with 2034 being roughly in the middle of said two decades).

2) The US/NATO GWOT / Wars of "Liberation" have consumed about 15-20-years worth of the world's oil reserves since Vietnam and particularly since 9/11.

3) Why do most of us eat Argentinian Grapes, when grapes grow nearly anywhere? Because it is cheaper to move them around the globe? Ask a farmer how he feels about exotic crop pests and diseases being moved around (via oil-consumption "globalization") while he cannot sell his own crops... Local meat and produce does not globalize pests and diseases. Floating Arab oil in oil-burning tankers to the U.S. is better than local Olive Bio-fuel jobs, how? ==================================

Wind energy requires a large aluminum or carbon-fiber mast and blades; solar requires panels. Both wear out and turn into more junk. An olive tree does not wear out in one or even in 6-12 human generations. Liquid aluminum batteries for farming? Which costs less, an olive cutting, clone or seed - or mined aluminum? Which can be made the most plentiful for billions of persons? Which costs less, a Hydrogen Cell, or 100-switches (thin branches) of Olive, heeled into a moist tractor scoop of compost until they grow a good mass of roots?

For those not in the know, ancient Palestinian culture was Olive Culture - based on cooperation, redemption, forgiveness, sharing, generosity, sharing and storing knowledge - all characteristics supposedly monopolized by the Judao-Christian-warmongering- complex. How is it the "New World Order" has come to mean mass surveillance, mass suspicion, Western WMD and taking what is rightfully belongs to someone else?

Olive Culture is a *peace culture*, the U.S. unending "Wars of Liberation" are the antithesis of Olive Culture. A hypothetical future olive grove with water polluted by natural gas fracking, uranium mining, GMO-factory-farm pesticides, oil spills and refinery fallout, Fukushima fallout would be less than worthless. The same hypothetical with clean, pristine water for the bees and olive trees would not only have a productive future, but the hypothetical bee-hives are income (sales of honey, royal jelly, bee's wax and pollen). Such a healthy hypothetical could reverse Bee Colony Collapse Disorder and boost all farm profits in the sector of farming that is bee reliant. Which is less expensive and works better, honeybees or NSA-drone pollinators?

Continued Bee Colony Collapse Disorder equals human extinction. Growing Olive Bio-diesel on a massive, local and global scale could possibly save humanity from the certain-extinction course we are currently upon. If Apis mellifera goes extinct, Homo sapiens will also go extinct. Bees could live without us, but we could not live without bees. This is a conundrum that (cartoon-TV) "tech" (the Big Six Pesticde Companies) will not resolve. No bees, no humans. What do bees like that has millions and millions of flowers and a potential to live up to thousands of years? If you guessed wind, nuclear, solar, hydrogen, oil, natural gas or GMO pesticides, you guessed wrong. Bees like clean, non-polluted water and olive flowers. It should not be lost on anyone that humanjs also prefer clean, non-polluted water and the 40% of dining-table foods which are honey bee pollinated...

Next time someone asks you for an alternative to coal, nuclear or fossil oil energy, talk to them about olive tree biodiesel energy.

Olive tree-based biofuel. Why Olive-based biodiesel? Plant a grove of olive trees ONE time, harvest biodiesel for 200-400 Years.
  1. Olive Trees live 200-2000+ years, sometimes much more, the oldest olive tree on Earth is nearly 5000 years old (low input / high output).
  2. The oil can be catalyzed cold or processed hot into Bio-Diesel. The remaining pulp can be fermented into ethyl alcohol. The wood chips of the pruned limbs can be turned into methanol. The pits (stones, seeds) can be burned as biomass fuel to generate heat or electricity (substitute for coal).
  3. They can be grown with minimum water as they are drought tolerant
  4. They can be grown in the extreme Southern US, South America, China, Australia and Africa, mainly in the deserts but also in areas of the tropics that are not overly saturated with water, areas between 30-45 degrees latitude in both hemispheres and the winter freeze is above 19 degrees F.
  5. The oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear energy industries all lie to politicians, lie to the public. An olive Tree-based energy industry would not have dirty secrets to hide and lie about.
  6. Olive Trees beget more Olive Trees: seedlings, cutting wood (cloning), meristem for tissue culture cloning, transplantable root-suckers, etc. 100 acres of mature olives provides infrastructure to produce many more acres of propagated new trees.
Why Olive Bio-Diesel is better than all Bio-fuels... Imagine how much wealth (jobs) would stay in America if we cancelled literally all of our oil contracts with the Middle East and kept that money here... By growing all of our fuel energy domestically, we could keep more money and jobs onshore. Lose much of our fiscal deficit, create a whole new industry in America.

Growing the right biofuel energy could capture so many tons of CO2 Greenhouse Gas that most people cannot fathom the amount, with the CO2 negative just a built in, costless side-effect. Olive Trees are naturally occurring CO2 storage filters, solar powered.

Olive Culture, growing Olives to produce Biodiesel, Ethanol is economically more feasible than all other Biofuels combined. The world's oldest Olive Tree is between 2,000-5,000 years old! Plant once, harvest for hundreds, possibly thousands of years.

The long life-span of Olive Trees makes the economic model far more feasible than all other plant-based biofuels such as corn ethanol. Corn lives for months then dies and needs replanting. Olives live at least 200-300 years before the need to replant arises.

Olive Trees are CO2 negative and O2 positive. Olive Trees can live as long as 5000 years before dying, with many farm trees living hundreds of years. Fuels that can be made from Olive trees include Bio Diesel, Methanol and Ethanol. Olive Bio-Diesel can be farmed on most of the farmland of California, the U.S. deep South Bible-belt states and Florida.

Olive Trees are drought tolerant, requiring minimum drip irrigation, are naturally immune to most insects and most diseases. Drought tolerance, insect and disease resistance and long-life-span make olives the most low-input, high-output biofuel plant there is.

The world will run out of oil by 2054, but between now and 2054 oil will become one of the most expensive substances known to man. It has become a finite resource which we use much too fast. Olive bioenergy is a renewable resource, olive biodiesel derived from an perennial crop. America needs to grow Olive Trees on a scale and magnitude similar to when we once built hydro-electric dams. Currently we have a few olive trees for fruit and culinary olive oil; we need to expand those current trees many thousands of percent into a new bioenergy source.

Super-High-Density(SHD) Varietals of Olives can be planted to yield 495 gallons of biodiesel per year per acre. When Columbus landed on Hispaniola in the Americas in 1492, his crew planted 3 orange trees. As of 2013, Oranges are so commonplace in the Americas farmers are removing older trees. We need to make Olives more commonplace than oranges in all the climates suitable for Olives. The U.S. is going to run out of oil; the U.S. can plant millions of acres with Super-High-Density(SHD) Varietals of Olives and produce 6,750 gallons of biodiesel per acre for 200-400 years or more. This is the least amount of labor method to produce biofuel.

Other noteworthy biofuel/biodiesel crops are: Jatropha curcas, Castor Bean, Millettia pinnata, Jojoba, Moringa oleifera, Algae, Citrullus colocynthis, Simarouba, Flax, Madhuca indica and Calophyllum inophyllum.

Vain Attempt Around Goggle Censorship     Fukushima Plume Gate coverup

Another 9/11 Came and Went ~ Without Any Truth


By Tracy Turner


Another 9/11 came and went but this one had special songs played in New York. Nobody answered us about the Dancing Israelis, BlackWater murders including of US Citizens on American soil. Nobody told us why US soldiers were electrocuted in Iraqi and Afghani showers, electrified by Dick Cheney’s Halliburton. If some of us did not know better, 9/11/14 was Pearl Harbor Day at Disneyland; replete with malts, coffee lattes and rock stars.


Most of the country has either never learned of or wishes to quickly forget what a Fallujah Depleted Uranium Congenital Heart Defect was. Surely no more deformed Fallujah births occurred during the Sir Paul concert for New York…


American’s need to be grateful for the 40,000 titanium arms and legs among The veterans of Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, the 2003 Iraq War and the GWOT, the Global War On Terrorism. If 30,000 men and women who served in GWOT now have titanium arms and legs it begs the question: when will the terror stop? When Lucky Larry got his insurance payouts and Dick Cheney’s Halliburton stock paid of in droves why did the GWOT gravy train need to go on and spread to Libya, Syria and Ukraine?


Before fighting a Global War on Terror, every politician in Washington D.C. should be required to look every U.S. Veteran with a physical or psychiatric V.A. claim in the eye and shake hands. Then these same dysfunctional members of our extended U.S.A. family should be required to watch Charlie Wilson’s War backwards, so it has a happier ending then us, the U.S. being worse than the Russian’s were. Or re-run the part where we won’t spend $100,000 on a school for orphan children. In order to have terrorism, you need orphans and the U.S.A. is just too good at making orphans then not feeding, clothing and schooling them.


This article from 9/11/14 says it better than anyone, probably: http://www.informationliberation.com/index.php?id=15459


When is Amy Goodman going to stop lying about where she was on 9/11? When will Rob Kall stop twitching and having conniptions about the Dancing Israelis atop the white van, flicking their Bic's? When will Dubya tell us why all the Bin Laden’s flew through closed airspace on 9/12/11; even Michael Moore wants to know. There are so many questions about 9/11; this is worse than the Kennedy Brothers. The families of the deceased deserve to know all of the real truth about who was where, who knew what and why all the unanswered questions get journalists and 9/11 Truthers retributed against with Morgellons, death, blacklisting, blackballing, etc.


My curiosity about 9/11 and world events led me to write several web pages, this one on Gaza/West Bank: http://olivebiodiesel.com/idf-courage/ and this one on Prism http://olivebiodiesel.com/altnews/11012013.html


I also wrote this: http://olivebiodiesel.com/altnews/12182013.html 9/11 Dancing Israelis Building 7 Detonations Chertoff Deportations. Shortly afterwards, I was infected with Morgellons as retribution. All I wanted to know is what really happened on 9/11. If 9/11 happened the way we are expected to believe, why the retribution(s) assaulting 9/11 truth journalists? I was told via emails, “You are anti-Semitic and want to blame it all on the Jews”. Actually, I wanted to see all the 9/11 Gentiles deposed on TV by a 9/12 Day after Truth grand Jury: Condi Rice, Dick Cheney, Dubya, Ashcroft as well as their lawyers and bankers. We need to have a new Grand jury look for lies and holes in the “box-cutters” out-smarted the world’s only super-power lies on national television. The 40,000 titanium arms legs and those in their graves deserve the truth, not rock music…

When is TV going to stop pretending the 9/11 Truth movment does not exist and has no validity when it is thousands of times more valid than the dead Kennedy's...





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