Mae Brussell, the GodMother of Targeted Individuals



by Tracy Turner


In the fiction serial X Files, the three characters known as the Lone Gunmen are very loose, fictional representations of true-to-life Mae Brussell (May 29, 1922 – October 3, 1988). Mae was a radio personality sometimes written up almost solely as a JFK assassination conspiracy theorist, but there are many other articles both by and about Mae Brussell.


How Nixon Actually Got Into Power, THE SLA IS THE CIA, and the must-read Operation Chaos and the Assassination of John Lennon are just a few of her works aside from the John F. Kennedy Killing.


Mae Brussell read numerous newspapers, magazines and circulars she subscribed to from the government printing office. Government officials often listened to her broadcasts and subscribed to her mimeographs. Project Camelot, the Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination, and From Monterey Pop to Altamont. OPERATION CHAOS: The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture is more Mae Brussell must-reads.


Mae’s articles and research tell us how we ended up with the George Bush Patriot Act AUMF, 9/11 Truth Movement minus truth and NDAA and Potentate Obama; Mae’s Suspicious Deaths research explains many suspicious deaths including Mae’s own, that of Steve Kangas, John Lennon audio, Jonestown CIA Mind Control Experiment, etc. For those who like audio with headsets, go here. Mae was a prolific writer and her work and insight rather made the backbone of today’s conspiracy writing.


People often ask where Mae “got her source”. Reading newspapers and magazines, but many newspapers and many magazines often persons with good memories begin to see patterns and often begin to “read between the lines” in ways the newspaper did not intend for them to… One article about Mae said she often read 75 newspapers and magazines per week; in the digital age one can do 75 deep web searches per week. The old adage is a picture is worth a thousand words. “Who is in charge of Iraq in 2014” on the deep web search yields both propaganda and newsworthy articles. A mere, simple one-search for “oil company map Iraq 2014” in Google images yielded this map. Sometimes less is more or going from text search to video, maps, images searches helps find exactly what you are seeking. Are we fighting ISIS in Iraq or do Iraqis merely want their oil back?


Some reading this are conspiracy writers, others readers and perhaps a few wish to make the leap from reader to researcher/writer. For this last, a recommendation, take these comma delineated search terms (one-at-a-time) and search this search page without using Google or bing search these terms: Chertoff Deportations, Building 7 Detonations, Shanksville No Debris Field, Pentagon where are titanium plane motors, dancing Israelis, white van with mural 9/11, bush flies bin lades home, pentagon flight path of plane, pentagon size of hole in rings, we have to pull building 7, white van explosives NY 9/11. Afterwards, you will never look at government the same…


There are a lot of people writing and reading about Targeted Individual Scandals; Mae and many of her written and audio broadcasts were the original Targeted Individuals.

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Complacent Beverly Hills housewife Mae Brussell had quite an ... In August 1977 (broadcast #282) Mae ...


Operations & Projects – below from -

Blue Beam
Mind control killings 
Phoenix programme (Vietnam war)
Phoenix project
Operation Garden Potter (re Martial Law)
Operation Red Rock (Vietnam war)
Paperclip (1945 Nazi import)
Operation Jefferson (Anthrax)
Operation Northwoods (Cuba)

Operation Pique

Operation Keelhaul

REX 84 (US Concentration Camps)

Operation Tailwind

Agent Orange


False flag



GRILL-FLAME (Remote Viewing)

Time travel

Mockingbird The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA (eg:  Godlike Productions)

Operation Cloverleaf (Chemtrails )

MK Ultra
Project Monarch



Oklahoma City bombing

Mind altering projects went under the code names of Operation Chatter, Operation Bluebird/Artichoke, Operation Mknaomi, Mkultra, and Mkdelta. OPERATION CHAOS The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture by Mae Brussell, November 1976

Project Pegasus

Projects above – from -

mae brussell targeted individual john f. kennedy assassination government broadcasts written operation targeted kennedy subscribed mimeographs project paperclip operation chaos project chaos operation camelot newspapers magazines officials printing office circulars listened nazi individual reading writing scandals audio individuals original people must-reads monterey connection numerous altamont chaos counter-culture sixties camelot representations

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Extinction Via Biotic Pollinators' Water Pollution

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NSA Crime Syndicate


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