What Would You Do WWYD ~ Shill Journalism?

(AKA – Are Your Morals Better Than An Access Journalist Who Criticizes the Moral Public Rather Than the Murderous, Immoral Government?)

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American Media... Is Not the Term 'American Media' a Misnomer?

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What Would You Do if you took your kid to the Mall and saw Santa smoking out of a Crack Pipe? Today, our paid, contrived actor and focus group narrative is going to focus on fake paid Santa actors and fake irate citizens in a Mall smoking fake crack out of a fake crack pipe… Today our fake team of fake journalists are faking issues that are all too really narrow... We will leave the broad, deathly problems alone and focus on mundane fake crack smoke...

Many of our viewers wrote in and asked us to do a segment on the Air Force Nuclear Launch Codes being accessible to a known Psycho Sociopath (Obama), so we are going to watch Santa smoke crack at the Mall instead…

http://whitehouse.gov1.info/launch/ … Real bleeding edge – videotaping Santa smoking fake crack in the Mall.


Thousands of viewers wrote in asking us to investigate Monsanto Occupied Government:

David Beier
MONSANTO POSITION: Head of Government Affairs for Genetech, (Now Monsanto)
FEDERAL POSITION: Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to Vice President Gore

William Conlon:
MONSANTO POSITION: Worked for Monsanto’s Legal Team
FEDERAL POSITION: Department of Justice

Sam Skinner:
MONSANTO POSITION: Worked on Monsanto’s Legal Team
FEDERAL POSITION: Department of Justice

Robert Fraley:
MONSANTO POSITION: Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
FEDERAL POSITION: Serves as advisor in public agencies, including the USDA, among others

Michael A. Friedman:
MONSANTO POSITION: Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle &Co. (Merged with Monsanto)
FEDERAL POSITION: Acting Commissioner of the FDA

Marcia Hale:
MONSANTO POSITION: Director of International Government Affairs
FEDERAL POSITION: Assistant to President Clinton and Director of Government Affairs

Arthur Hull Hayes:
MONSANTO POSITION: Consultant to Searle’s (merged with Monsanto) Public Relations Firm
FEDERAL POSITION: Previously was FDA Commissioner

John L. Henshaw:
MONSANTO POSITION: Director of ESH Quality & Compliance
FEDERAL POSITION: Senior Advisor to U.S. Secretary of Labor

Rob Horsch:
MONSANTO POSITION: Vice President of Product and Technology Cooperation
FEDERAL POSITION: Advisor to the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy

Michael Kantor:
MONSANTO POSITION: Board of Directors, also represented Monsanto as a lawyer
FEDERAL POSITION: U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Gwendolyn S. King:
MONSANTO POSITION: Monsanto Board Member
FEDERAL POSITION: Commissioner of SSA 1989-1992

Richard J. Mahoney:
MONSANTO POSITION: CEO of Monsanto for 14 years
FEDERAL POSITION: Serves as Director of U.S. Soviet, Japanese and Korean Trade Councils, a Member of the U.S. Government Policy Committee

Margaret Miller:
MONSANTO POSITION: Oversaw the Approval of rBGH, was a top Monsanto scientist
FEDERAL POSITION: In, 1991, Margaret was appointed Deputy Director of the FDA

George Poste:
MONSANTO POSITION: Sits on Monsanto’s Board of Directors, previously a Monsanto Animal Specialist
FEDERAL POSITION: In 2002, Poste was appointed head of Bioterrorism division of Homeland Security

William D. Ruckelshaus:
MONSANTO POSITION: Member of the Monsanto Board of Directors
FEDERAL POSITION: In 1970, he was the first Chief Administrator for the EPA, later the acting director of the FBI, then Deputy U.S. Attorney General

Donald Rumsfeld:
MONSANTO POSITION: Previous CEO of Searle (merged with Monsanto), he successfully had ASPARTAME legalized while in that position.
FEDERAL POSITION: Appointed to Secretary of Defense in 1975, then appointed to Secretary of Defense again in 2002

Suzanne Sechen:
MONSANTO POSITION: Worked on Monsanto-funded rGBH in connection with her graduate work at Cornell University
FEDERAL POSITION: FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data

Robert B. Shapiro:
MONSANTO POSITION: Previously the President and CEO of Monsanto, Chairman and CEO of Nutrasweet, and Chairman and CEO of Monsanto
FEDERAL POSITION: Previously Served as President’s Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and on the White House Domestic Policy Review of Industrial Innovation

Islam Siddiqui:
MONSANTO POSITION: Former Vice President of CropLife America, which represented Monsanto
FEDERAL POSITION: Chief Agricultural Negotiator for the Office of the Trade Representative

Michael Taylor:
MONSANTO POSITION: Former Attorney for Monsanto for seven years, previous h Head of the Monsanto Washington D.C. Office
FEDERAL POSITION: Former FDA Deputy Commission for Policy. In 2010, appointed by the FDA as a senior advisor of the FDA Commissioner

Dr. Charles Thomas:
MONSANTO POSITION: Previous Monsanto Researcher in charge of the Manhattan Project, creating the atomic bomb. Later, became Monsanto’s Chairman of the board.
FEDERAL POSITION: Previously Served as a consultant to the National Security Council and as a U.S. Representative of the United Nations’ Atomic Energy Commission

Clarence Thomas:
MONSANTO POSITION: Former lawyer for Monsanto, a notorious chemical polluter. Thomas would later cast the decisive vote in 2000 on the Supreme Court, ratifying the stolen election that put George W. Bush Jr. into office
FEDERAL POSITION: In 1991, was appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

Anne Veneman:
MONSANTO POSITION: Previously served on the Board of Directors of Calgene, a Monsanto Biotech subsidiary
FEDERAL POSITION: In 2001, was appointed Head of the USDA

Jack Watson:
MONSANTO POSITION: Former Staff Lawyer with Monsanto in Washington D.C.
FEDERAL POSITION: Chief of Staff to President Carter

Seth Waxman:
MONSANTO POSITION: Hired by Monsanto to prosecute two Farmers who fought against Monsanto’s Seed Policies in 2002
FEDERAL POSITION: Former U.S. Solicitor General

Dr. Virginia Weldon:
MONSANTO POSITION: Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto
FEDERAL POSITION: Previously, was a member of the FDA’s Metabolism & Endocrine Advisory Committee

Rufus Yerxa:
MONSANTO POSITION: Former Chief Counsel at Monsanto
FEDERAL POSITION: In 1993, was nominated as U.S. Deputy to the World Trade Organization

Toby Moffett:
MONSANTO POSITION: Monsanto Consultant
FEDERAL POSITION: U.S. Congressman (D)

Dennis DeConcini:
MONSANTO POSITION: Monsanto Legal Counsel

Josh King:
MONSANTO POSITION: Director, International Government Affairs
FEDERAL POSITION: White House Communications (Clinton)

Carol Tucker-Forman:
MONSANTO POSITION: Monsanto Lobbyist
FEDERAL POSITION: White House Appointed Consumer Advisor (Clinton)

Linda Fisher:
MONSANTO POSITION: Vice President, Government & Public Affairs
FEDERAL POSITION: Deputy Administrator EPA (Clinton, Bush)

Lidia Watrud:
MONSANTO POSITION: Manger, New Technologies
FEDERAL POSITION: USDA, EPA (Clinton, Bush, Obama)

Hillary Clinton:
MONSANTO POSITION: Rose Law Firm, Monsanto Counsel
FEDERAL POSITION: U.S. Senator (D), Secretary of State (Obama)

Roger Beachy:
MONSANTO POSITION: Director, Monsanto Danforth Center


Our response, later in this hour is a piece on teenage coffee shop dine’n’dash patrons stiffing a restaurant for the price of a meal…


But let’s get back to the Mall, What Would You Do if you saw Santa smoking crack at the Mall? Would you call SWAT? Would you call Homeland Security? Would you sit on his lap and take a puff, too?



In 2013, we had more than 200,000 viewers like you write in asking us to do a “What Would You Do” on Federal Employees / Lobbyists / Death-Torture-War-Pollution 1000 Businesses revolving employment door and the 40,593+ revolving door corrupt employees short-circuiting freedom and democracy. http://www.opensecrets.org/revolving/search_result.php?priv=I


Now, as much as we would love to do a 4-minute segment between Polluter 1000 Advertisements, we discovered this fake scenario of teens that fake skateboard wipeouts while wearing football pads under baggy clothes. What Would You Do if your friend’s video went viral on social media and you knew football pads under baggy clothes ameliorated the skateboard wipeout scenes? Look at this guys face – he obviously is not fat, that big behind are “cheating” football pads. What Would You Do? Expose the hoax? Make your own viral skateboard wipeout video?


By the way, we decided to epose on the revolving door between polluters, banksters, Pharma and government as http://www.opensecrets.org/revolving/search_result.php?priv=I we could not find anyone to interview. So we ask you to espouse our over-developed morals and just trust us to expose a growing number of skateboard video frauds…



In 2012-2013, over 240,000 viewers like you asked us to address the revolving door between Big PHARMA and Government… http://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2013/10/04/the-government-knows-its-a-medical-killing-machine/ with an additional 398,000 of you asking for a Government study of SSRI Mass-Murder suicide Pills… http://olivebiodiesel.com/altnews/09292013.html


So we are going to show you just how responsive we are to the public at large with a special, advertisement-peppered, repetitive footage to build faux-suspense post-journalism segment on restaurant Dad’s who refuse to go wimp when Mom and Daughter demand Women’s Rights… Are you a “sperm donor”? Do you, too, refuse to go wimp when your wife and/or daughter spastically demand you surrender your rights to theirs? If you were a restaurant patron in the next both, would you dial 9/11 or Homeland Security on your cell? Would you make a video on your phone to shame the errant sperm donor with a viral video of him erroneously thinking he has rights, too? Our fake-crisis actors and hidden cameras go under cover to bring you more hate misandry from our Yiddish owners – which we will blame on the whipped upon males in our videos via clever editing and omission. We cannot discuss SSRI Mass Murder Suicide Pills, as our sponsors aren’t paying us for that. But we will bring you 'bad Dad sperm donors' with the silly notion that they, too, count in life…

So you find yourself another access journalist at one of the 4-5 Jewish-owned companies screeching "American" values. Do you quit your job and do something independent and meaningful? Or do you bend over for ABC and make an ass of yourself being ABC's puppet? What Would You Do? We can expect John Q's future over the FCC and/or "Justice" someday, enforcing ABC's monopoly on pseudo-truth; striving to keep the same 7-8 shill "media" titans enamored in their own sick egos and media monopoly...

Several million of our viewers wrote in and asked us to do a segment with FDA officials about the 250,000 iatrogenic deaths each year instigated via PHARMA profiteering * and * the revolving lobby door between government / cabinet positions and PHARMA. Nearly 780,000 viewers just like you asked specifically for us to expose who in Congress and the Cabinet owns which PHARMA stocks... In response, next week we will run a special on rude Sizzler waiters serving cold steaks and cold shrimp...

Truth in Advertising: "Hero" John Quinones is indoctrinating us with the morality of Samuel I. Newhouse, Gerlad Levin, Michael Eisner, Edgar Bronfman Sr., Edgar Bronfman Jr. (News Media Me and Mini-Me), Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman and Peter Chermin. Quinones and ABC's rhetorical "What Would You Do" merits no question mark as it is the most rhetorical of questions.

One of your junior, junior editors manages to get into your office to make a face time pitch for some broadcast time; you are (pick one or all) Newhouse, Levin, Eisner, the Bronfmans, Redstone, Dammerman and/or Chermin. The "littleperson" editor pitches the idea of doing an exposé on deaths via the drug companies. Each of you must choose - do you remain silent and profit from drug ads and cover up the totality and commonness of deaths; or speak up and protect the public (health interest) from iatrogenic deaths?

Since hell will freeze and thaw thousands of times before any Lamestream Broadcast employee speaks up at any time on any media anywhere about PHARMA-murders, the answer is these men favor drug company advertising revenue over human life. But they will hire shill like Quinones to bend over and perform for them live on primetime... Some in our society worship the low-life junior seen on TV; others wonder what it is like to be the whore of bigger whores and look thyself in the mirror...

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