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Breaking News, Analysis & Opinion - Israel's Jaffa Tel Aviv Mass Graves Genocide

- Image from

Nobody Prayed For These People: Diggers Find Nakba-Era Mass Graves

by Abby Zimet

Workers at a cemetery restoration project in Jaffa have discovered six mass graves with hundreds of skeletons of Palestinians killed during the 1948 Nakba and the 1936 uprising, thus corroborating oral testimony by eyewitnesses of massacres and hasty burials in Jaffa and the surrounding area. Israeli commentators are already frantically arguing the victims could have been killed by the British, other Arabs, or pretty much anyone else as long as they weren't Jewish. Awful. Warning: Grisly images.

From ‘Carmen’: Additional reference sources:

BTW, the Palestinians have been saying this for over 70 years but they lost that PR war before they’d even begun to fight it.

Editors Note: Grateful acknowledgement that breaking story, photo and links above were directly submitted via email by ‘Carmen’ aka ‘Trailing Begonia’… Links below were found by me but only after being tipped off to the Jaffa Mass Grave story by Carmen:

Window into Palestine Blog May have been machine-translated to English; but it gives a purely Muslim perspective:

Israel and US Jews have always maintained ‘the Palestinians are remebering it all wrong’. The wikipedia entry on Deir Yassin has been so thoroughly ‘Jewified’ the bloodthirsty Palestinian women and kids ‘attacked bayonets with their bare hands’. What could the Irgun and Stern Gang do, except commit genocide? Sarcasm aside, the Jews are already blaming this on ‘other Arabs’ or ‘the British’. Image from:


The Work of 'The Chosen', Systematically 'Forgotten' by AIPAC Propaganda

Mass graves from 1948 Arab-Israeli war discovered in Jaffa
The remains of hundreds of Palestinians killed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli
War were discovered in six mass graves sites in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa. An official of the Kazkhana cemetery said on Friday that the gruesome finding took place on May 29, when ...
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Mass Graves Discovered in Jaffa
Fate alone led to the discovery of mass graves
in Jaffa, some of which date to before the Palestinian nakba of 1948. These graves contained the remains of hundreds of martyrs, including youngsters, and with them hundreds of stories that the occupation ...
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Mass grave with Palestinian bodies found near Tel Aviv
A very dark chapter in Jewish history has surfaced in Israel
, with reports of the finding of scores of skeletons of dead Palestinians found buried at a site near Tel Aviv. Al Jazeera reported on June 1, 2013, Mass Palestinian grave found in Tel Aviv ...
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Mass grave of Palestinians found in Israel
"The Kazkhana cemetery has exposed the historical facts that Israel
has tried to hide and erase for over 65 years relating to the massacres committed by Zionist gangs," a statement from the al-Aqsa Foundation, an international charity considered "a ...
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Mass Graves of Palestinians Killed in 1948 War Discovered in Jaffa
Bahrain News Agency
Occupied Jerusalem, June 01 (BNA) - The remains of hundreds of Palestinians killed in the 1948 Arab-Israeli
War have been discovered in six mass grave sites in a Muslim cemetery in Jaffa, al-Aqsa Foundation for Endowment and Heritage reported.
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Mass Palestinian grave found in Tel Aviv
The remains of dozens of Palestinians killed by Israelis
in fighting during the war of 1948 which led to the creation of the state of Israel have been found in a mass grave in Tel Aviv's Jaffa district. An official at the Muslim cemetery there told AFP ...
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Palestinians Uncover Nakba Mass Graves
The remains were believed to be the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the Israeli
-Palestinian war of 1948. Nakba, Palestinian, Israel, graves. JAFFA – Bringing backs memories to terror and fear that spread in 1948, six mass graves have ...
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Arab-Israeli War Mass Graves Found - World War II Forums
War Mass Graves Found - posted in Post War 1945-1955: Six mass graves features the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed during the ...

Mass Grave Of 600 Palestinians Killed By Jews In 1948 | Israel
The cover up of israeli
war crimes literally fell thru the ground yesterday when ground gave way at a cemetery in Jaffa, Israel and revealed the corpses of some ...

There are six graves with bones from at least hundreds of bodies. More will probably be found. Most accounts of the ‘settlement’ of Jerusalem and Israel leave out Nabbka, Deir Yassin and Beit Hanoun; both past and current ‘news’ of Israel and US Middleeast are so filled with propaganda pus as to be bile in the throat to many.  It is not Genocide if you splash prefume on it and wrap a pink bow over it, once sanitized it is merely ‘freedom’.

American and Israelis cringe at articles writen about any amount of non-propaganda:  Image courtesy of:


Forgotten Guatemala: Genocide, Truth, and Denial in Guatemala's Orientemore

by Debra Rodman





Possible Pandemic: Is MERS the New SARS?
National Geographic
Does modern life make us more susceptible to modern pandemics
? We asked virologist Nathan Wolfe, author of The Viral Storm and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, to explain what we know and don't know about this deadly new virus. Wolfe, the ...
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Justice Via Property Seizure – ‘Courts’ of Monarchs


Drugs, gun and stolen property seized
A search of a West Kelowna apartment by RCMP resulted in a significant seizure
of drugs, cash, stolen property and a gun. After a month long investigation and several arrests the Kelowna RCMP Drug Unit, Target Team and Special Enforcement Team was ...
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Horses seized from Ramona property
KFMB News 8
Fire personnel provided the animals with water and neighbors gave feed, but the conditions led animal services officials to post a notice stating the horses were subject to seizure
, a county official said. Animal services personnel inspected the ...
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City committee approves seizure order for vacant hotel; owner still hopes to ...
CTV News
City committee approves seizure
order for vacant Exchange District hotel; owner still hopes to hold onto property. After years of delays a city committee has finally agreed to take control of the vacant St. Charles hotel in Winnipeg's Exchange Distict.
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Sheriff's department makes tens of thousands of dollars by selling seized property
Mountain Home
, MO - The Baxter County Sheriff's auction held this morning for seized firearms, vehicles, and other miscellaneous items was very successful. Acting pursuant to court orders, Sheriff's Office personnel catalogued and prepared to auction ...
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Kim Dotcom Win: Court Orders FBI To Return Property
The Inquisitr
As a result of the accusations and indictment, Kim Dotcom's home
was raided by the New Zealand police Special Tactics Group in 2012. Dotcom's property was seized and is being held by the FBI. As reported by Stuff.Co.NZ, New Zealand High Court Justice, ...
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Mr Big crony held in Ř1.7m drugs seizure
Gardai from Store Street seized
Ř1m worth of ecstasy in a raid on a house in north Co Dublin. Cannabis herb worth Ř700,000 was also discovered in the house on The Strand, Donabate, on Thursday night. The criminal in custody is closely linked to gang ...
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ACLU: Feds to destroy data seized from supporter of Army private in Wikileaks ...
Minneapolis Star Tribune
The ACLU said the government also agreed to hand over numerous documents related to the use of the seized
data and questioning of House, a founding member of The Bradley Manning Support Network. "The seizure of David House's computer is a chilling ...
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Feds defend Llenroc seizure
Albany Times Union
"The duration of the offense alone supports imposition of a forfeiture
judgment in excess of the statutory maximum fine (of $250,000)," assistant U.S. Attorney Gwendolyn E. Carroll wrote in a memorandum filed recently in U.S. District Court. "Here, the ...
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Fake branded cigarettes, food items from China seized
Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon (left), BOC Intelligence Group chief Danny Lim and intellectual property
rights lawyer Zsae de Guzman on Tuesday show samples of fake branded cigarettes seized at a Manila warehouse. NIĄO JESUS ...
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Four arrests over Edinburgh crack cocaine seizure
BBC News
Four arrests over Edinburgh crack cocaine seizure
. Four men have been arrested after police seized crack cocaine from a property in Edinburgh. Officers raided an address in the Waterfront area of the capital on Thursday and seized drugs estimated to be ...
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Victoria police raid in Esquimalt at centre of property seizure debate ...
Victoria police raid in Esquimalt at centre of property seizure debate.


Property Grab – Asset Forfeitures


Government forfeitures
San Francisco Chronicle
Federal asset forfeiture
is both an effective crime-fighting tool and a civil-liberties nightmare that has victimized many innocent citizens. Take a look back at some of the biggest cases involving corporations, kingpins and civilians. Take a look back ...
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 Sheriff wants DOJ to release drug forfeiture assets
Burlington Times News
GRAHAM — Sheriff Terry Johnson wants the U.S. Department of Justice
to unfreeze more than $500,000 in federal drug asset forfeiture proceeds owed to his department so he can resume buying equipment needed to effectively enforce the law. The DOJ ...
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Government forfeitures - Houston Chronicle
Government forfeitures
. May 23, 2013. Federal asset forfeiture is both an effective crime-fighting tool and a civil-liberties nightmare that has victimized many ...



For-Profit Prisons – America’s ‘Growth’ Industry


For-Profit Prison In Mississippi Allegedly Put Inmates In 'Barbaric' Conditions
Huffington Post
Inmates at the East Mississippi Correctional
Facility near Meridian live under "barbaric" conditions, in filthy quarters without working lights or toilets, forcing them to defecate on Styrofoam trays or into trash bags, the American Civil Liberties ...
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Mississippi sued over for - profit prison where inmates sell leashed rats
Officials at a corporate Mississippi prison
will have to answer for alleged human rights abuses that took place in one of the state's for-profit correction centers now that two major-league civil rights groups have filed a lawsuit addressing the issue ...
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Mississippi sued over for-profit prisons that risk inmates' 'death, loss of limbs'
Press TV
A class-action lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes how a “perpetual state of crisis at the East Mississippi Correctional
Facility puts inmates at a “grave risk of death and ...
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A Silver Lining: For-Profit Prisons Will Let You Keep Pets!
Wonkette (satire)
The lawsuit describes a facility where prisoners
are often locked in filthy cells and ignored even when they are suffering from serious medical issues. Many cells lack light and working toilets, forcing prisoners to use trays or plastic bags that are ...
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Mississippi Sued Over 'Barbaric' For-Profit Private Prison (Video)
Opposing Views
The state of Mississippi was recently sued for alleged human rights violations at one of the state's for-profit prisons
. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) have sued the state over the “perpetual state ...
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Domestic Spying


DOJ may have to release US secret court docs on domestic spying capability
DOJ may have to release U.S. secret court docs on domestic spying capability. Summary: The U.S. Justice Dept. may have to release a secret court opinion that determines when a U.S. resident is spied upon by the federal government. Zack Whittaker ...
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Radioactive Plume


Radioactive fallout from explosion at plant killed thousands
This is Staffordshire
A plume of smoke, radioactive material and debris rose a mile into the air. This was then blown west, mainly to Belarus, although other areas were also ...


Trash Gyres


Pacific gyre
An area known as the north Pacific gyre
was discovered around 15 years ago by ... “Every time I came on deck, there was trash floating by”, he said.

Upcoming: 5 Gyres Lecture On Plastic Pollution
The US-based 5 Gyres
Institute has travelled to the five subtropical gyres ... of trash” – where plastic pollution accumulates and impacts marine life, ...


Government Over-reach, Abuse of Power


Abuse of power by IRS must stop
Massillon Independent
This abuse of power
is unacceptable and unconstitutional, and it must stop. The tea party movement began organically in 2010 in response to government excess. Since then, it has attracted millions of Americans. The tea party consists of individuals who ...
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Gowdy: Abuse of Power in Washington On Par With That of Imperial Rome
National Review Online (blog)
Appearing on Sean Hannity's radio show, Gowdy was asked when government abuse of power
was as bad as it is in the Obama administration today. “Maybe Rome,” said the South Carolina representative. He also accused former IRS commissioner Doug ...
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I am fighting abuse of power, Ugandan General declares
Sudan Tribune
May 30, 2013 (KAMPALA/JUBA) – An army officer, who recently fell out with the Ugandan government
, now says he is fighting against power abuse in the country. JPEG - 17.6 kb; General David Sejusa (New Vision). Gen. David Sejusa, currently in the UK, ...
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'Pat-downs typical abuse of power by US'
Press TV
'Pat-downs typical abuse of power
by US'. Tue May 28, 2013 4:33PM. Share | Email | Print. Humiliating pat-downs by agents of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are “typical abuse of power” by the U.S. government, an American analyst says.
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IRS and other scandals argument for limited government
Headline Surfer
DELTONA -- There are times in the history of mankind where it takes a tragedy or gross abuse of power
in order to wake enough people up for a real change to how society operates. In fact, every reaction of the public generally comes from an atrocious ...
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Are the Harper Conservatives Unraveling?
Huffington Post Canada
Too often, opposition parties -- or third parties -- campaign against corruption and abuses of power
only to be co-opted into many of these same acts once in government. For a long time, it seemed Stephen Harper and the Conservative government were ...
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" Republicans Suddenly Decide to Care About Big Government Overreach "
Brad Blog (blog)
But it will be even more of a shame if the Big Government abuses of power
under the Obama Administration are dealt with as special cases that occurred in a vacuum. They did not. They have been happening for years, under the Bush Administration and now ...
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GMO’s – Big Six Pesticide Companies

Monsanto – History of ‘Feeding’

Astroturf Agenda:


Rats fed lifetime of GM corn grow horrifying tumors, 70% of females die early ... (blog)
'This study
finally shows we are right and that it is urgent to quickly review all GMO evaluation processes,' he said in a statement. 'National and European food security agencies must carry out new studies financed by public funding to guarantee ...
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There's yet another new study
out, this time in the Journal of Hematology and Thromboembolic Diseases connecting Bt toxins to blood disorders.

From Agent Orange to Pesticides and Genetically Engineered Crops ...
Center for Research on Globalization
The infamous “Agent Orange”, used in Vietnam to destroy jungles, ... the safety of their GMO products – namely GE corn and recombinant bovine growth hormone ...


Fusion Center Domestic Spying


Oregon Fusion Center: House of spies or terror-threat prevention?
Kansas Watchdog
The Oregon Terrorism Information Threat Assessment Network is one of several Federal Fusion Centers
spread across 77 US cities that collaborate with local ...

Spy center missed bomb suspect, watched JP peace activists
Jamaica Plain Gazette
BRIC is one of many state and local “fusion centers
,” or anti-terrorism intelligence-gathering centers, around the country. Shortly before BRIC's spy files ...

Arizona police stalk human rights activists
The NarcoSphere
The absurdity of this spying
on activists is magnified by the report on the ... I'd like to see people learning about their local fusion centers and the ...


Obama IRS-Gate


CONFIRMED: IRS Gave Preferential Treatment to Malik Obama's ...
But now there is evidence that the Barack
H. Obama Foundation is linked to terrorism and genocide. malik sudan. Malik Obama speaks at the Munadhamat ...





DeWine files civil lawsuit in synthetic drug case
The Pike County Daily
So far this year, the Attorney General's Office has filed eight civil lawsuits
against Ohio businesses accused of selling synthetic drugs. BCI has also assisted local law enforcement in serving more than a dozen synthetic-drug related search warrants ...
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First Actos Lawsuit Verdict Overturned
Legal Examiner
While thousands of Actos lawsuits
have been reviewed and are awaiting trial, two more diabetic drugs are under investigation for their potential links to cancer. Researchers recently discovered that patients who treat type 2 diabetes with Byetta and ...
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Lawsuit challenges synthetic drug law
(YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add wish's video to your playlist. Sign in. No statistics available yet. Report. Published on May 29, 2013. A federal lawsuit challenges the new law passed to keep synthetic drugs off store ...
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Southeast Missouri county settles lawsuit over synthetic drug raid at ...
The Republic
DEXTER, Missouri — A southeast Missouri county has agreed to pay $50,000 to the owners of a convenience store to settle a lawsuit
over a raid that confiscated what authorities called synthetic drugs. The store, Tootie's 225 in Dexter, sued Stoddard ...
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Lawsuit by Florence doctor over dismissed 2010 heroin trafficking charge is ... (blog)
HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit
by a Florence-based psychiatrist and his wife against the City of Huntsville and drug squad agents stemming from the couple's "trafficking heroin" arrest in March 2010 at a Huntsville hotel.
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Eli Lilly and Co. files patent infringement lawsuit against Israeli maker of ...
Indianapolis Star
The Indianapolis drug
maker on Friday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals Ltd. to block it from selling a generic version of Axiron. Perrigo is a major generic drug company whose customers include Wal-Mart, CVS, ...
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Daughter Sues Type-2 Diabetes Drug Makers for Mother's Death
California woman files wrongful death lawsuit
against drug makers for her mother's death from pancreatic cancer.


Fukushima News


Stricken Fukushima nuke plant struggles to keep staff
Asahi Shimbun
Keeping the meltdown-stricken Fukushima
nuclear plant in northeastern Japan in stable condition requires a cast of thousands. Increasingly the plant's operator is struggling to find enough workers, a trend that many expect to worsen and hamper progress ...
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Fukushima Prefecture's population grows for first time since nuclear accident
Asahi Shimbun
--The population of Fukushima Prefecture increased over the previous month for the first time since the 2011 nuclear disaster, prefecture authorities said May 24. As of May 1, the population had increased by 746 over the previous month.
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UN asks Japan, operator to help nuclear power plant victims
Times LIVE
Japan's atomic energy industry remains in crisis more than two years after a powerful earthquake and tsunami triggered meltdowns in three reactors at the Fukushima
Dai-Ichi nuclear plant. Over the weekend, the Japan Atomic Energy Agency reported a ...
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Fukushima Nuclear Evacuees Claim Higher Compensation
RTT News
More than 10,000 residents of Japan's Namie town led by their mayor Tamotsu Baba on Wednesday sought higher monthly compensation for their displacement caused by the 2011 Fukushima
nuclear disaster, Japanese media reported. They filed a petition ...
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Fukushima disaster radiation still contaminating water
The disaster exclusion zone around Japan's Fukushima
nuclear power plant is being lifted. All areas within 20 kilometres of the site were closed off after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. That cordon will now shrink and be replaced with a series of ...
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Row rages over safety of Japanese nuclear plant
Deutsche Welle
Twenty-six months after the disaster at the Fukushima
Dai-Ichi nuclear plant, virtually all of Japan's nuclear reactors remain off-line. Caused by a magnitude-9 earthquake that triggered a colossal tsunami, the crisis at Fukushima has shaken public ...
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At least four exposed to radiation after Japan laboratory leak: Agency
Daily News & Analysis
The incident highlights how Japan is still struggling with nuclear safety issues after the 2011 Fukushima
disaster and comes as Japan debates whether to re-start dozens of commercial nuclear reactors that have sat idle since the crisis. A file photo of ...
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Rezoning offers little hope for Fukushima evacuees
Asahi Shimbun
MOTOMIYA, Fukushima
Prefecture--Masasuke Takadama hopes to someday place the ashes of his son, who died in the tsunami two years ago, in the family grave not far from the crippled nuclear plant. His home in the Nakahama district of Futaba, ...
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Fishing in Fukushima | Photographers Blog - Reuters
By Issei Kato
Commercial fishing has been banned near the tsunami-crippled complex since the March 11, 2011 tsunami and earthquake disaster.
Photographers Blog



Japan must continue efforts to deactivate Fukushima nuclear plant
Although Japan has made progress towards stabilizing the damaged reactors of the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear plant crippled by a devastating earthquake two ...

IAEA RANET Capacity Building Centre in Fukushima Begins Work
27 May 2013 | Fukushima
City, Japan -- The designation of the IAEA Response and Assistance Network (RANET) Capacity Building Centre, which will ...

Radioactive Cesium Recorded at 10 Spots in Pacific Ocean After ...
Radioactive cesium from the Fukushima
plant was found at 10 points in the Pacific Ocean, including a location as far as 1300 miles from the plant, less than a ...


Earth Desertification


Researcher urges FG to include date palm in ATA to combat ...
By ojiego
Mr Chukwuemeka Eke has urged the Federal Government to include date palm in its Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) to ensure food security and combat desertification. Eke, a researcher with the Nigerian Institute for Oil Palm ...

Vanguard News


Palm Oil and TRF destruction | Catherine Bartram • Humanities and ...

May 4, 2013 ... May 2013 ... Why Global Energy Diplomacy Matters Desertification → ... Read here to find out more about Palm oil and rainforest destruction: ...


Ground Reality: How India destroyed its Oilseeds Revolution, and ...

Feb 4, 2013 .... Palm oil plantations on the other hand have been found to environmentally destructive. Worldwatch Institute has shown how palm oil monoculture adds to desertification, and also acerbates global warming by releasing 10 times ...


Your Supermarket is Selling Rainforest Destruction! Get the Facts ...

May 16, 2013 ... Palm oil touches our lives every time we take a trip to the supermarket. Palm oil and its derivatives are used in a ubiquitous array of packaged ...



Public Guardian Corruption


Santa Clara County Public Guardian Corruption | Facebook
Santa Clara County Public Guardian Corruption
. 24 likes Š 10 talking about this.


Human Children As Lab Rats


Children in Anthrax Experiments?
National Review Online (blog)
That is why, beginning with the Nuremberg Code–which led to the USA's Common Rule and international legal agreements, such as the Helsinki Accords–great efforts are made to ensure that human experimentation
protocols protect participants' safety, most ...
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Ocean Acidifcation


Climate Change: Arctic Ocean Rapidly Acidifying
Energy Collective
After three years of ongoing research by an international team of scientists, a study commissioned by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme for a first-ever comprehensive assessment of Arctic Ocean acidification
was presented last week at a ...
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Daily Kos: Ocean Acidification (OA): The Quiet Tsunami of ...
By (runningwaterspr)
Why Ocean Acidification (OA) Matters To California. by Kriss Perras Running Waters | The environmental organization National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) states OA is the "quiet tsunami of environmental degradation." Within a few ...



Bees – Colony Collapse Disorder – CCD – Pesticides


Bye Bye Bees?
“It is clear to me that pesticides
have caused CCD in my hives,” says beekeeper Marianne Olive. “It's important to educate people on the dangers of pesticides and the harm it causes to honey bees, the micro-organisms in the soil and to all insects ...
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More evidence links a family of insecticides to bee colony collapse | Ars Technica

More evidence links a family of insecticides to bee colony collapse

Sat, 20 Apr 2013  | Cache  | 


Activist Post: 'Noid Rage & Angry Birds: EPA Sued over Declining Bees, Called on to Stop Bird Deaths

the country, including Ohio , where bees are needed to pollinate more than 70 crops, including apples, pumpkins and berries. Bee die offs there were rampant last spring. (Bayer, by the way, sponsored seminars for


Honey Bee Deaths Higher Again in 2012-2013 Winter - Earthfiles

we don't have enough bees in this country to meet pollination demands.” ... May 31, 2013 Niwot, Colorado - In early May 2013, the U. S. Department of ..... CBD Press release: Imidacloprid: Long-term risks undervalued, August 2, 2010: ...



The Truth Denied - Neonicotinoid Clothianidin Pesticide kills over 80 ... › HomeGMO

3 days ago – The Truth Denied article - Explaining Bayer,Bees,birds,Body electrician,cancer causing methyl iodide,crop spray clothianidin,Dr. Wil Spencer ...



Š  Tell the EPA to Immediately Suspend Clothianidin: The Pesticide ...

A study released by Europe's leading food safety authority, EFSA, has labeled the pesticide clothianidin as an “unacceptable” danger to bees. ... March 12, 2013 ...

Š  EPA Defends Approval of Bayer's Bee-Killing Pesticide ...

May 17, 2013 – scikbees1. EPA Defends Approval of Bayer's Bee-Killing Pesticide – Clothianidin: A Multi-Species Killer/Deformer – Neurotoxin in the Nicotine ...



Š  MPs call for neonicotinoid ban to protect bees - 05/04/2013 ...​2013/138468/​...ban-to-protect-bees.htm

... -party committee of MPs has urged DEFRA to suspend the use of three neonicotinoid pesticides linked to the decline of bees. ... clothianidin and ... 03 Jun 2013 ...

Š  Canadian beekeepers welcome EU neonicotinoid pesticide ban - …​2013/05/​canadian-beekeepers-welcome...pesticide-ban

... owing to the lack of sufficient information and data. Clothianidin may pose a risk to honey bees and other pollinators, ... ©2013 The Western Producer ...


Death of the Birds and the Bees Across America | Global Research


Death of the Birds and the Bees Across America

Tue, 15 Jan 2013  | Cache  | 


Activist Post: EU Bee-Killing Pesticide Ban Crumbles Under Corporate Interests


failed to back the ban in the vote, arousing suspicions that they catered to industry interests - manufactures Bayer and Syngenta, and Big Ag groups in denial. Hungary and Romania led the opposed votes. Outspoken activist

Sun, 21 Apr 2013  | Cache  | 


Every Man, Woman and Child in America Should Watch This Video Several Times. While Some Have, Most Are Clueless. The Rest of Us Are Ridiculed For A Belief in Physics Over Media Spin...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shield Law Sponsor Not Sure Bloggers "Deserve" Free Speech Rights

"You can sit in your mother’s basement and chat away, I don't care," says Lindsey Graham (R-SC) but then asks if "they [bloggers] deserve First Amendment protection?" when it comes to classified information.


J.P. Hicks
Activist Post


The Longest Menage a Trois in American History: Government-Corporate-Media

SOA Exterminating American Homeless


MossadGate Prism NSA


U.S. Mossad Operatives and Operations

There Is No New World Order…

Unilateral Bombers vs. Unibomber: Ten Heads of state vs. Theodore Kaczynski



Monsanto's Enlist Corn Is As Safe As Agent


  Hidden Internet - Deep Web - Invisible Internet - Ogooglebar


Hypocrisy 101 by Professor Hollywood Chabad Lubavitch Indoctrination




US Pyrrhic Victory War On Terror


OPERATION CHAOS CIA War Against Counter-Culture


NSA Government Over Reach vs. Privacy Rights    


NSA Drones - Nano UAV - Micro UAV - Insect Spider Beetle Drones    


Fukushima PlumeGate II


NSA Brass/Buckeyball Extermination Vacuum Shell


Pesticide Corp Gluttony Trumps Bee Health

Fixing the “Broken” Social Safety Net ~ Death by Social Security Parasitic Kleptocracy



America/Israeli Colonialization by Nuclear Blackmail

BioDiesel from Olives  


National Security Agency Extrapolate Postmodum Prosum    

Psychotic Land ~ Conflict America – 1


Psychotic Land ~ Conflict America – 2

NSA Crime Syndicate




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