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"The Operation of the Machine" — Mario Savio Dec. 1964 ~~~ Obama Prism NSA Domestic Spying - Deja Vu Cointelpro Redux - Video from Youtube

Prism Domestic Spying

Disclosures on NSA spying alarm lawmakers, tech companies | Reuters

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper took the rare step of responding in detail to stories about PRISM. / online spying leak could harm Silicon Valley The spy who came in for your soul Related Topics

Sun, 09 Jun 2013  | Cache  | 

"Welcome To the Machine" — Song Title - Pink Floyd. Window above from: The Ixquick letter is not a paid ad - it is simply the only search engine we are aware of attempting to separate your web searches from Uncle Sam. Is it fool-proof, guaranteed, NSA-proof? Those who need to ask such questions are naive. But someone is trying to not hand your rights over without protest over like all the big name brand portals. This website uses Ixquick where once stood Google and Bing; both are disgusting on to many levels to explain here, now... Not an ad, Ixquick is a conscious choice and works well for journalistic research - as much as the whole damn censored Internet DNS backbone allows... Please see graphic below, courtesy of "Mr. Ixquick" showing the familiar names and how they prostituted their customers to NSA Prism...

The CIA: Criminals in Action (July 15, 2008)

[51] [52] Interference in other countries Domestic spying Does the CIA spy on Americans? / [..] the CIA had secretly funded the National Student Association (NSA) as a front group in the battle to win the allegiance o [..]

Sat, 02 Mar 2013  | Cache  | 

Friday Church News Notes, Vol 14, Issue 19 | Friday Church News 2013

to Expand Domestic Use of Spy rdquo; Wall Street Journal , Aug. / agencies such as the Information Awareness Office, National Security Agency, (NSA), CIA, and FBI spend bi [..]

Thu, 30 May 2013  | Cache  | 

Way of Life Literature

to Expand Domestic Use of Spy rdquo; Wall Street Journal , Aug. / agencies such as the Information Awareness Office, NSA, and the FBI spend billio [..]

Thu, 30 May 2013  | Cache  | 

"Just Another Brick In the Wall" — Song Title - Pink Floyd. Prism (Prison?) Window above from:

Somewhere, J. Edgar Hoover Is Smiling
Slate Magazine
The program they exposed was called COINTELPRO (short for ... Under COINTELPRO, federal agents engaged in a jaw-dropping array of abuses—not only widespread ...

Obama Betrays Us and I'm Angry
... 'As an African American I am insulted by the clandestine surveillance programs of NSA, which echoes that of Cointelpro during the days of Martin Luther ...

Big Brother, Drowning Dangers, and the Future of Online Shopping
Slate Magazine
The US has a long history of “intelligence abuses,” dating back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover and COINTELPRO. Gage, a professor at Yale Law School, ...

Slate Magazine


Obama Fukushima Tepco Plumegate Cover Up
"Everyone is safe from Fukushima" - Obama cannot read maps -

Tepco Fukushima Plumegate


Uncovering Plume-Gate | Fukushima Radiation Cover Up 

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Fukushima operator admits culpability
Herald Sun
JAPAN'S Tokyo Electric Power has conceded the Fukushima disaster played a part in a farmer's suicide, lawyers said, its first admission of culpability in such a case. The utility, known as TEPCO, has reached an out-of-court settlement with the bereaved ...
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Fukushima: more cancer cases confirmed
Independent Online
Fukushima's survey examines people who have no symptoms across the board and it is hard to evaluate it because there are no comparable data,” an unnamed Environment Ministry official was quoted as saying. “We need to take a careful look at it.”.
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Fukushima: Radioactive Groundwater and Leaking Storage Container Reported
Nature World News
The latest news from Japan's beleaguered Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant includes announcements of radioactive water leaking from a newly built storage tank and groundwater around the plant testing positive for radioactive cesium. Tokyo Electric Power ...
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Fukushima Governor Seeks Scrapping Of All Nuke Reactors
RTT News
The Japanese government has been asked to scrap all nuclear reactors in the Fukushima prefecture, where one of the two nuclear power plants had a disastrous accident two years ago, displacing tens of thousands of residents. Fukushima Governor Yuhei ...
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I Will Embrace GMO’s When Pigs Fly


Scientists say new study shows pig health hurt by GMO feed
(Reuters) - Pigs fed a diet of only genetically modified grain showed markedly higher stomach inflammation than pigs who dined on conventional feed, according to a new study by a team of Australian scientists and U.S. researchers. The study adds to an ...
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Damning New Study Demonstrates Harm to Animals Raised on GMO Feed
Huffington Post
Just when you thought the market for controversy over genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was completely saturated, a new study published in the Journal of Organic Systems finds that pigs raised on a mixed diet of GM corn and GM soy had higher rates ...
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Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) shown to cause organ damage in new ...
A new peer-reviewed study released today by Dr. Judy Carman of Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia shows that pigs were harmed by the consumption of animal feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs That Says Genetically Modified Food Makes Pigs Sick
San Francisco Chronicle
A new study that links genetically modified (GM) foods to stomach inflammation in pigs, is misleading and flawed, according to multiple scientists who weren't involved in it. The study was conducted by researchers who have close ties to anti-GMO groups ...
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Study: GMO Feed Linked to Health Dangers
Boise Weekly
In the shadow of the recent discovery of genetically-engineered experimental wheat in Oregon, a new study is casting serious doubts on GMO grain. The research found that pigs fed a diet of genetically modified soy and corn are significantly more like ...
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Pigs fed GM grain suffer health problems, study says
Chicago Tribune
Pigs fed a combination of genetically modified soy and corn suffer more frequent severe stomach inflammation and enlargement of the uterus than those who eat a non-GM diet, according to a new peer-reviewed long-term feeding study published Tuesday in ...
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Researchers: GMO grain appears to harm pigs, raising questions of human safety
Inside Costa Rica
In the abstract, the researchers note that Australian regulators don't require animal studies on GM crops, while the United States has only a voluntary regulatory system. This is a particular concern with crops that are “stacked” to have multiple ...
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It’s Not Big Brother, It’s Only Big Orwell Orchestrated Dissent

(Is Surveilled 'Freedom' Free?)

Surveillance scandal signals a creeping police state
Bangkok Post
Even before an unlikely freedom fighter named Edward Snowden revealed his hand in the firestorm of a story about massive US government surveillance, Diane Feinstein, Peter King and other congressional mouthpieces for the US security state did their ...
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Bulger trial featuring surveillance video, photos
Lompoc Record
A retired state police lieutenant has returned to the witness stand for a second day in the racketeering trial of reputed Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger (BUHL'-jur). Lt. Robert Long on Thursday identified Bulger in video surveillance conducted ...
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Internet is Intelligence Agencies Virtual PRISM for Total State Surveillance ...
The Market Oracle
Whilst the Egyptian protests triggered much noise from media whoring politicians and commentators in response to Egyptian Police State tactics such as cutting off of internet access and mobile phone communications between the demonstrators. However the ...
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GOP senator introduces bill on NSA surveillance
GOP senator introduces bill on NSA surveillance. Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013 1:59 PM EST. Updated: Friday, June 7, 2013 1:59 PM EST. Most Read StoriesMost ReadMore>> Š Lexington man killed on rain-soaked Virginia interstate Š Lexington man killed on ...
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Cash for surveillance network expansion divides council
MELBOURNE City Council will accept $250,000 from the State Government to expand its CCTV network as senior police said the cameras were vital to fight crime and handle big crowds. But the issue sparked heated debate at a meeting this week, with four ...
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Surveillance photos released in Nevada State Bank robbery
KRNV My News 4
(KRNV & -- Reno Police have released surveillance photos from Monday's robbery of Nevada State Bank in hopes of catching the female suspect. The robbery happened around 11:15 on W. Liberty Street. The suspect is described as a white ...
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Surveillance cameras capture theft at White River State Park
Fox 59
INDIANAPOLIS – Police say a man walked into a maintenance shop at White River State Park and stole $7,000 worth of tools. Surveillance cameras captured images of the man walking into the shop through an open garage door on the morning of Tuesday, ...
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Delaware police hope surveillance photo will help in stolen car case
Delaware State Troopers now hope surveillance pictures could help them nab the person who stole a car from a Newark convenience store's parking lot. Investigators are also calling on the public to take a close look at the photographs in order to ...
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Don't Worry About Surveillance: In Britain, Everything's Okay
Under the guise of fighting the so-called 'war on terror', combating weapons proliferation and gathering economic intelligence, institutions such as GCHQ and the NSA are, in reality, operating a highly intrusive Big Brother Police State Surveillance ...
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Police State – Law and Order Without Justice


Turkey: Epicenter of Police State Violence
Center for Research on Globalization
For over two weeks, daily anti-government protests rocked Turkey. Police attacked peaceful demonstrators intermittently. They've done so brutally. Turkey's notorious for police state viciousness. It's a democracy in name only. Prime Minister Erdogan is ...
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Ibadan violence: Oyo ACN commends police for quizzing Ladoja
Nigerian Tribune
It made this known in a release issued by its state publicity secretary, Honourable Dauda Kolawole. The ACN lauded the police for not looking at personalities in the process of investigating the violence, stating that this would avail the police ...
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Bedford police chief, state reps. to host forum on gun violence
Bedford Minuteman
State Rep. David Linsky, D-Natick, who has proposed legislation to reduce gun violence, will be joined by Bedford/Burlington Rep.Ken Gordon and Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno in a public forum moderated by Rev. John Gibbons on Monday ...
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Police Warn Against Violence In Anambra
Leadership Newspapers
The Anambra Police Command has warned against violence in the state following Saturday's sit-at-home order by suspected members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB). Mr Emeka Chukwuemeka, the Public ...
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Too much violence directed at police
West Virginia Public Broadcasting
In a statement, State Police Superintendent Jay Smithers decries what he sees as increasing violence against law enforcement officers. After 40 years in law enforcement, Smithers says he can't recall a time when there was so much violent behavior ...
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"Ok 2 Say" hotline hopes to eliminate violence in Michigan schools
Dwayne Gill with the State Police says they believe the anonymous hotline could save lives. Gill says a Secret Service report indicates that with incidents of school violence around the U.S., in 81% of those cases, someone knew something, other than ...
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Police investigate ASU football player in domestic violence case
KPHO Phoenix
An Arizona State University football player faces charges after allegedly slamming a wooden board through his girlfriend's car window, police said. The Tempe Police Department said Nduka "Junior" Onyeali, 22, got in a fight with his girlfriend on May ...
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Salisbury police, Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center win anti-violence grant
Wicked Local
A second round of violence prevention funding has been awarded to the Salisbury Police Department and the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center, state Rep. Michael A. Costello and state Sen. Kathleen O'Connor Ives announced today. The Salisbury Police ...
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Why use violence against peaceful protesters?
Open Democracy
As a result of this malaise, the state has developed an automatic reflex to respond to protests with violence rather than accommodating diverse views or negotiating with demonstrators, especially when leftist groups organize protests. Istanbul ...
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93,000? Only 3x US Driver-Text Deaths, 8x US Gun Deaths – CIA/Al Quada, Take a Bow


Syria death toll at least 93000, says UN
BBC News
At least 93,000 people have been killed in Syria
since the start of the conflict, according to latest United Nations figures. This represents a rise of more than 30,000 since the UN last issued figures covering the period to November 2012. At least 5 ...
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How do we save coral reefs? By stopping deforestation on land ...
By Jaymi Heimbuch
New research shows a connection between soil errosion and pollution from deforestation, and the decline of coral reefs.
Latest Items from TreeHugger



'rainforest connection' aims to use cell phones to stop deforestation
If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? Sure does, and a company by the name of Rainforest Connection hopes one of its cell phones will be around to  ...


BushBama Duopoly War Crimes


“Arrest Obama When He Visits”: South African Lawyers Ask for War Crimes ...
Center for Research on Globalization
“Arrest Obama When He Visits”: South African Lawyers Ask for War Crimes
Investigation and Prosecution. The Muslim Lawyers Association in Johannesburg wants US President Barack Obama arrested and tried for war crimes when he arrives in South Africa ...
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Lawyers demand genocide charge against Obama
Morning Star Online
South African lawyers asked prosecutors yesterday to arrest US President Barack Obama on genocide charges when he visits the country later this month. The Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) lodged a complaint with the national director of public ...
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President Obama nominates human rights and genocide expert Samantha ...
President Barack Obama nominated Samantha Power to be the next U.S. ambassador to the United Nations (U.N.), reported the Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly). Power previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for ...
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Samantha Power, Activist And Former Journalist, Obama's Pick For UN ...
Samantha Power, the sometimes-controversial human rights expert and former advisor to President Barack Obama, has been named by the president as his pick to assume the post of U.N. ambassador, which was recently vacated by Susan Rice. Up until earlier ...
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Samantha Power, un-nominee, highlights Obama's genocide problem
Jewish Post
Just weeks after President Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009, the International Criminal Court indicted Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for spearheading the Darfur genocide. He was charged with sponsoring the Arab militias that were ...
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Is West now looking past Darfur genocide to engage Sudan?
Yahoo! News
Is West now looking past Darfur genocide to engage Sudan? President Omar al-Bashir is charged with mass deaths, but he may not last forever. Are Barack Obama and John Kerry starting to count on that? Christian Science Monitor By Mike Pflanz | Christian ...
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Lakeside Grad Picked to be U.N. Ambassador
Power covered the atrocities in Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia and her 2002 book on genocide, A Problem from Hell: America and the Age of Genocide, earned her a Pulitzer Prize. Power worked on President Obama's 2008 presidential campaign and ran ...
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Syria poses challenge for new US envoy at UN
Sioux City Journal
Fiery human rights advocate Samantha Power has famously taken presidents to task for refusing to use military force to stop genocide. But as the U.S. ... Rice was named President Barack Obama's national security adviser at the same ceremony. "To those ...
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Obama's Atrocity Prevention Board's Silence: Where is the Action and ...
Canada Free Press
Over the past several years U.S. President Barack Obama has touted his administration's concern vis-ą-vis crimes against humanity and genocide and for its transparency. Pathetically, his administration has fallen sorely short on both fronts. There's ...
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Ha’aretz Propaganda – Corrupt Media


Ha'aretz Manipulates Child Casualty Figures
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America
In an editorial last month, Ha'aretz dismissed the findings of an Israeli government report which concluded that the Israeli army
did not kill Mohammed Al Dura in 2000, and which cast doubt on the notion that he was killed at all, as "dubious," "barely ...
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G8 Summit Abuse of Power Police
London Show Off Right To Freedom of Association and Free Speech - G8 Summit Abuse of Power London Police -

G8 Summit


G8 summit: Irish trade unions call in human rights monitors
The Guardian
Ireland's trade union movement has taken the unprecedented step of asking human rights monitors to oversee the largest anti-G8
demonstration of next week's two-day summit amid fears that the right to protest will be swamped by Northern Ireland's ...
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Riot police move in on anti-G8 UK protesters | The Raw Story
By Reuters
LONDON (Reuters) – Police in riot gear moved in on a central London building where activists had planned an anti-G8 protest through the British capital on Tuesday before next week's summit of world leaders. The demonstrators had said ...

The Raw Story

Harper jets off to London ahead of G8; will meet Queen, British PM ...
Prime Minister Stephen Harper leaves for Europe this morning ahead of next week's G8 summit in Northern Ireland. - Top Stories - Public RSS

EXCLUSIVE: Anti-G8 squatters have enough provisions to survive a ...
ANTI-G8 squatters involved in a stand-off with police in central London have been stockpiling food, beds and electrical equipment for days, the Express can reveal.
Daily Express :: News Feed

Harper to Lobby Obama On KXL at G8 - The Price of Oil
By Andy Rowell
Next week at the G8 meeting in Northern Ireland world leaders will focus on three main themes, summed up by 3 words beginning with T: trade, tax and transparency. But now you can add a fourth T to the list: tar sands.
The Price of Oil

Riot Police Tackle Anti-G8 Protesters In Soho | Londonist
By M@
Over 100 officers, many in riot gear, are in the Beak Street area, where protesters have taken over a former police station. Footage from the BBC shows the police breaking in to the occupied building to apprehend those squatting inside.


Ocean Acidification


Ocean acidification killing oysters by inhibiting shell formation, study finds
"The failure of oyster seed production in Northwest Pacific coastal waters is one of the most graphic examples of ocean acidification
effects on important commercial shellfish," said Dave Garrison, program director in the National Science Foundation's ...
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Study: Ocean acidification killing oysters by inhibiting shell formation
Albany Democrat Herald
CORVALLIS – For the past several years, the Pacific Northwest oyster industry has struggled with significant losses due to ocean acidification
as oyster larvae encountered mortality rates sufficient to make production non-economically feasible. Now a ...
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Arctic Ocean acidification – kids' stuff?
Deutsche Welle (blog)
June 8th is World Oceans
Day, so I am taking the opportunity to draw attention to the increasing acidification of the Arctic Ocean. CO2 makes the seas more acidic when it is absorbed from the air. This process is faster in cold water, making the Arctic ...
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The Big Easy's $1 Million Plan to Recycle Oysters
In fact, oyster remains act like a Tums for the ocean; they release base as they dissolve, a buffer against acidic conditions created when carbon dioxide disperses in the sea, Waldbusser told TakePart. Ocean acidification
has hurt oyster production in ...
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Rapid adaptation is purple sea urchins ' weapon against ocean acidification
Eureka! Science News
In the race against climate change and ocean acidification
, some sea urchins may still have a few tricks up their spiny sleeves, suggesting that adaptation will likely play a large role for the sea creatures as the carbon content of the ocean increases ...
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Mystery behind oysters and ocean acidification revealed
A new study by researchers at Oregon State University (OSU) has determined why oysters are so sensitive to ocean acidification
-- and it is not necessarily that acidic water dissolves their shells, but rather that water high in carbon dioxide alters ...
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Reducing climate change and ocean acidification
MetroNews Canada
Take a moment to make change on two little-known but all-important issues: global warming and ocean acidification
. Carbon emissions from human activity are changing the Earth's climate, leading to rising sea levels, and contributing to more frequent ...
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Use of BP spill response money, global warming, ocean acidification are focus ...
Pelicans fly by an island impacted by oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in Barataria Bay Sunday, May 23, 2010. Natural resource restoration in the aftermath of the spill was one of the topics discussed this week during Capitol Hill Ocean
Week in ...
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Gulf Of Maine At High Risk From Ocean Acidification
New Hampshire Public Radio
Commercial oyster cultivation has become the poster child of the impacts of Ocean acidification
. Juvenile oysters melt away in just slightly acidic water, and on the west coast farmers have been struggling as climate change has resulted in more and ...
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Police Cowardice, aka Police Brutality


Police brutality threatens restart of EU-Turkey talks
BRUSSELS - French, German and EU officials have criticised Turkey after a week of "shocking" police violence
. Markus Loning, the human rights supremo in Germany's foreign ministry, said in a statement on Thursday (6 June): "The large number of people ...
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More police brutality means more protesters in Turkey
Middle East Online
In the capital Ankara, which has seen several nights of violence
, crowds also took to the streets, a photographer saw. The early morning police intervention in Taksim Square surprised protesters, many of whom were still dozing in nearby Gezi Park ...
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PPP condemns police brutality in Faisalabad
Pakistan Daily Times
LAHORE: Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Secretary Information Qamar Zaman Kaira has lashed out at Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, accusing him of employing brutal
tactics to suppress civil liberties. He was criticising the chief minister over the ...
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CCC holds hearing into alleged police brutality
ABC Online
Western Australia's Corruption and Crime Commission is holding a public hearing into alleged police brutality
at the Broome lockup. The inquiry is examining two instances of alleged misconduct by the same officer in March and April this year. CCTV ...
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Fresno sued for police brutality after man's death
Sacramento Bee
FRESNO, Calif. -- The family of a Fresno man who died after his arrest two years ago has filed a federal lawsuit alleging excessive use of police
force. The Fresno Bee ( reports the family of Raul Rosas Jr. has sued the city of ...
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More police brutality complaints in JHB
Eyewitness News
JOHANNESBURG - Eyewitness News has received a string of fresh complaints of police abuse
, bribery and alleged false arrests in northern Johannesburg. One case led to the arrest of two officers accused of stealing a bag full of expensive electronics ...
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Police brutality at UN Plaza
On Monday, 6 May 2013, I was devastated to be caught up in a shocking situation, not only me but also the residents of Katutura who reside near UN Plaza, and kids who played there. Two young boys were beaten severely simply for not obeying when a ...

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The Voice Online
A Gaborone man is battling for his life in his house after he was allegedly beaten to a pulp by police
at the weekend. The 24-year-old Oankgoga Montsho who was still reeling in shock told The Voice early this week that his crime was sleeping in a ...
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2 Papua New Guinea police officers charged over slashing, beating of 70 men
Washington Post
SYDNEY — Two police
officers in Papua New Guinea have been charged in connection with the beating and slashing of around 70 men in the South Pacific island nation's capital, officials said Thursday. The officers were arrested and charged this week ...
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Retired Detroit Teacher Says She's A Victim Of Police Brutality ...
By wahooper416
Debra Pernell-Simmons says she was demonstrating on behalf of a female inmate who had complained of mistreatment, when she was suddenly tased.
CBS Detroit

Hundreds March Against Alleged Police Brutality in Manteca | KTXL ...
By Cecilio Padilla
More than one hundred people marched through Manteca Sunday, protesting the controversial death of Ernesto Duenez, fatally shot 11 times by a Manteca Police Officer during an altercation 2 years ago this week.

CM Punjab seeks report on police brutality towards female protesters
By (Web Desk)
Police abuse female residents protesting against loadshedding in Faisalabad.
The Express Tribune

The crackdown | Turkish police brutality exposed | New Europe
The unrest in Turkey has caused concern in Brussels and beyond that the country is not headed towards the EU but is becoming, as demonstrators say, more authoritarian.

Turkey: EU-Turkey Conference Minimizes Overt Police Brutality ...
He kept referring to protesters as vandals, plunderers and terrorists, even though it is well documented that in absence of police there is completely no violence, no harassment or any kind of disturbance. The women's organizations and LGBT ...

GREYDOG's myFDL diary



12 Shocking Examples of Police Brutality...Just This Month | Alternet
Decades of the drug war have warped the priorities of many police departments. The results can be tragic.

Urgent Call for Active Solidarity Action to Stop Police Brutality in ...
Urgent Call for Active Solidarity Action to Stop Police Brutality in Turkey! by Cigdem Cidamli. Dear comrades, friends, sisters, and brothers of our movement!


Peak Soil aka Solyent Green


Peak soil: industrial civilisation is on the verge of eating itself
The Guardian
The oil
-food price link comes as no surprise. A University of Michigan study points out that every major point in the industrial food system - chemical fertilisers, pesticides, farm machinery, food processing, packaging and transportation - is ...
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Empire Collapse – Ghost Empire – Good Riddance, Rome


Ghost Empire
Gold Seek
The collapse
of the world's earliest known empire was because of drought. The Akkadians of Mesopotamia forged the world's first empire more than 4,300 years ago. The Akkad's seized control of cities along the Euphrates River and swept up onto the ...
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1204: The collapse of civilisation
Neos Kosmos
If anything, the Crusades hastened the demise of the Byzantine Empire
and its ultimate fall into Moslem hands. This had devastating effects on the whole of Europe. Not only did it let the Turks into Europe; it subsequently led to the Balkan problem and ...
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Stephan Lendman on Domestic Illegal Spying

Edward Joseph Snowden revealed what's vital to know. He exposed unconstitutional spying. He did so courageously. 

The 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act protects federal employees who report misconduct. Federal agencies are prohibited from retaliating against those who do so. Don't expect rogue Obama officials to act responsibly.

Whistleblowers may report law or regulatory violations, gross mismanagement, waste, fraud, abuse of authority, and/or acts endangering public health, welfare or safety.

Unconstitutional spying violates core rule of law principles. Doing do gravely compromises public health, welfare and safety.

More of Article


"The Operation of the Machine" — Mario Savio Dec. 1964 from



US Census, 2020 – Imagine

Obama Fukushima Tepco Plumegate Cover Up

"Best Propaganda Word - 'Radiophobe' - A more Serious Offense Than Mere 4.6 Year Poison Half-Life" Thyroid Cancer Children In Fukushima Are 'Radiophobes' -

By Tracy Turner – 13 June 2013


Image from



Knock, knock? Who’s there? US Census, 1860 A.D. Is there anyone resident who is:


“Idiot,” “insane,” “deaf,” “dumb” or “blind”. Black, white or mulatto, imbecility, true idiots only, convicts prisoner, convict, homeless child, or pauper?


Knock, knock? Who’s there? US Census, 1880 A.D Is there anyone resident who is:

Race, described as white, black, mulatto, quadroon, octoroon, Chinese, Japanese, or Indian?


Knock, knock? Who’s there? US Census, 2020 A.D Is there anyone resident who is:


Known cyber-terrorist, hacker, hacktivist, Lulzsecist, Anonymous-member or sympathizer, Islamist, known Occupier, World-Can’t-Waitist, Government infiltrist, journalist who does not conform to left-wing gatekeeperism, libertarian shunnist of mainstream right, those who criticized a black President, those who are not either with us or against us, those not taking court-ordered Big PHARMA drugs, disgruntled veterans, whistleblowers, those convicted of treason for exposing government corruption and malfeasance, Vietnam Syndrome elderly, critics of Monsanto, conspiracy theorists, those who do not worship gays, those who do not worship Hollywood, anti-commercialists, anti-conformist, anti-consumers, off-the-gridists, those convicted of producing their own food, energy and/or products, preppists, anti-papists, anti-anti-constitutionalists, those convicted of mental illness, those convicted of high-maintenance illness (resource wasters), males who have not denounced manhood, boys who refuse feminizing classes, male-rightists, males convicted of bastardism by their ex-wives, males convicted of femme disrespectivism, anti-Televisionists, anti-Padists, anti-TelePhonists, those convicted of tampering or altering a humanoconformist-media implant device, former inmates of for profit inmate-conformist colonies, former inmates of Big Pharma Drug Titration facilities, anti-volunteerists (those failing to donate quota of Monsanto farm volunteer hours), critics of an erected official (not typo), critics of multinational usury corporations, those who speak ill of banks, writers of corruption exposes, and/or musicians and/or lyricists off-the-Hollywood grid?


Any residents of this domicile who are not registered either Republican or Democrat or both? Step out here, we need to get your biometrics and register you on the ‘do not fly list’. No. Sir, both would have been fine but neither is not an option, as we see it…


Before we go, anyone reside here, who is a 9/11 or 7/7 truther? I am… Oww! Don’t worry, sir, it’s just Haldol, here’s a free sample pack and here’s a voucher to see a mandatory doctor; a member of our US Census Special Services will be back in three weeks to set you straight on the ‘real’ 9/11 truth…


Time may go by, but you are either in the middle of the herd or you are a repressed, disenfranchised, ostracized outsider.


Remember: You cannot criticize a black, ethnic other or female President – only white male Presidents can be bashed by anyone.


Those who criticize US genocide overseas are blindly misguided souls who have forgotten great accomplishments like Napalm, Agent Orange and Agent Blue, the Atomic Bombs (all 900 plus above ground ‘tests’ and DU (Depleted Uranium) munitions. Never forget, the Grand Coulee Dam and Love Canal atones for the foregoing. You must take pride in Chinese pad and phone-assembler suicides and other American ingenuity.


Never forget, your car will make you someone that you are not. Of course, you can complain about $4.00 per gallon gas until hell freezes, just never write or speak of DU munitions. Free speech only applies to whining about pricing of fuel for your Buick Concave with 16-oversized cupholders – are there really 16 GMO-corn-syrup Pepsi-drinkers inside? Being a downwinder from Fukushima and 106 other “radiophobia” venting, belching and plume-creating sources of cancer is fine; my God just don’t make gas $5.


Those on the right may speak of civil war for Sturm Ruger’s sake – threatening to kill Americans for the sake of Sturm Ruger or Smith and Wesson is patriotism; but one man spilling the beans on millions upon millions of illegal domestic spying acts is a treasonous offense he should be hung for. Whistleblower is a euphemism for the new Quadroon; those who threaten civil war regularly are higher forms of human, whereas a mere whistleblower is a lowly form of sub-human.


Writing a webpage or article like this on the left gets people like Vidya Ishaya and Rob Kall abusing Bill Gates-owned MSN-abuse-bots, de-listing webpages in and even some de-listing in Google (who bleeds dissent out of Youtube with a fine-toothed comb)... But web pages filled with innuendos about murder, civil war and armed insurrection are not removed from Bing (I am against said being de-listed), the point is the right does far less censorship than the left, the extreme left is wiped off of the map censorally, while hypocrites point at China, screaming “censorship”!


Make it a habit to quote Google or Bing end quote these terms; watch how fast what you find disappears: Free Speech, Censorship, Fukushima Plumegate, Satelitegate, Mossad Jaffa Mass Graves, CIA Reagan Guatemalan Mass Graves, US Iraq Mass Graves, US Afghanistan Mass Graves, US North Korea Mass Graves, Left Wing Gatekeepers, Rob Kall, Fake News Media, Controlled Dissidence. Writing or speaking of these matters carries repercussions, being labeled a kook, right-wing nut, 9/11 truther nut, anti-Semite, etc. Having links to Jaffa Mass Graves websites is having links that will soon go 404 not found dead. But your deodorant, shoes, clothes, where you got your hair cut will get you seduced. The mind-numbing tedium of a broken machine is everywhere; pointing out the death, hypocrisy, crime and usury is verboten. Organizations like opednews or project censored are not dissidence; they are places to corrupt and become infected by; rather like a sucker or licorice stick for a starving African boy – he will still die but the appearance of the licorice stick calms social outrage. So do Google and Bing erasing Jaffa Mass Graves and the “bleeding edge news” refusing the stories and photos. But both want to “massively increase budgets”.


Both in 2008 and in 2012, people referred to Obama as “the lesser evil”; the duopolists who brought you Jaffa-gate, Satellite-gate, BP-Plumegate and Fukushima Plumegate. Yes, you pulled the right lever, whoever you voted for because all 4-5 candidates probably would hide, obfuscate and derail public awareness of Jaffa-gate, Satellite-gate, BP-Plumegate and Fukushima Plumegate cover-ups in all forms of media.


The point of all this? Lottery balls! Just stuff ping-pong balls with all of the candidate’s names into a popcorn air-popper and whoever falls out first is the new Senator, Representative or President. No campaign spending, no financial favors, just let a lottery ping-pong ball decide. Most or all of the winners will still sell their souls to Smith and Wesson and Monsanto, AT&T, Apple and Microsoft; but it will spare all of us from the bad TV and pulling the lever on a rigged voting machine. It will save time; a rigged ping-pong ball takes less time than having the polls open all day. The billions normally spent on campaigns can just be given to the Rothschild’s as a gift check, from “We the People”…


US Census, is anyone living in this domicile a radiophobe? Ma’am, hold still while I inject your Haldol, untreated raiophobia can be far worse than 4.6 billion year radio-half-lives… Think of all the good America does…


Š  “Project Sunshine” – used people as radioactive guinea ...

Project Sunshine” – used people as radioactive guinea pigs. ... in a news release titled “Babies and Stillborns Used in Nuclear Experiments,” revealed that:


PROJECT SUNSHINE AND THE SLIPPERY SLOPE Sue Rabbitt Roff Cookson Senior Research Fellow ... Atomic Energy Research Establishment, the programme claimed."

Š  Worldwide Effects of Atomic Weapons: Project SUNSHINE

Title: Worldwide Effects of Atomic Weapons: Project SUNSHINE Subject: A presentation of a 1953 estimate of the fallout problem. The report discusses the various ...

Š  Bethe on SUNSHINE and Fallout (1954) | Restricted Data

Hans Bethe on why it was safe to declassify Project SUNSHINE, a study of the global effects of nuclear fallout.



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