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Government Liver Flukes Blowflies and Leeches Edition

Cooking, Drinking Bathing and Farming Water Is So 1980’s - 2013, Frack Is In!

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Plastic Turtle (photo above) ...courtesy of

Government Graft - Corrupt Judges

California Public Guardians Steal Your Life, Property and Money


Š  Massive Growth in Wastewater from Fracking Industry перевод

The scale of fracking operations in the region is so vast that the wastewater it produces threatens to overwhelm the region’s disposal capacity, according to new analysis by researchers at Duke and Kent State universities.

oilprice.comEnergy…Growth-in-WastewaterFracking копия ещё

Š  Analysis of fracking wastewater yields some surprises перевод

январь 2013But the scale of fracking operations in the Marcellus shale region is so vast that the wastewater it produces threatens to overwhelm the region's wastewater disposal capacity, according to new analysis by researchers at Duke and Kent State universities. Population Growth.

sciencedaily.comreleases/2013/01/130122102104.htm копия ещё

Š  Population Growth перевод

21 июня 2010The rate of population growth has a strong correlation with the effectiveness of the dominant fuel source at any given point in history. Congress Releases Report on Toxic Chemicals Used In Fracking. Water Scarcity in the US. The Real Population Problem.

8020vision.com2010/06/21/the-real-population копия ещё

Š  Are Fracking Wastewater Wells Poisoning the Ground beneath Our... перевод

Leaking injection wells may pose a risk--and the science has not kept pace with the growing glut of wastewaterProfitsup, do you know the number of wells used for fracking waste water injection?

scientificamerican.comarticle.cfm?id…wastewater копия ещё


Fukushima – Arnie Gunderson


What CA Can Learn from Fukushima - Pt.3 - Arnie Gundersen ...
This is Pt. 3 of EON's direct coverage of the public forum, held June 4, 2013 in the San Diego ...

Fukushima Nuclear Accident MAN Made & Possible in USA: Arnie ...
Fukushima Nuclear Accident MAN Made & Possible in USA: Arnie Gundersen
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Chernobyl Lessons


At Chernobyl, danger lurks in the trees
The Daily Climate
For 27 years, forests around Chernobyl
have been absorbing radioactive elements. A fire would send them skyward again – a growing concern as summers grow longer, hotter and drier. By Jane Braxton Little The Daily Climate. CHERNOBYL, Ukraine – Most ...
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Chernobyl's Trees Pose a Huge Environmental Threat
The explosion and meltdown at the Chernobyl
nuclear power plant in the Ukraine in 1986 is one of the worst nuclear disasters in history, releasing vast amounts of radioactive waste upon Eastern Europe. In order to try and restrict the spread of ...
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Erin Brokovich of China – Chemical Pollution Overseas


Wei Dongying, the "Erin Brockovich" of China, says in spite of gov't vow to ...
CBS News
The dubious distinction has been given to villages where industrial pollution
has been linked to high rates of disease. Cancer mortality rates in China have risen 80 percent over the last 30 ... "In recent years, toxic and hazardous chemical pollution ...
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Edward Snowden – Prism – NSA Abuse of Power


NSA's abuse of power
Berthoud Recorder
Let's be absolutely clear about the news that the NSA
collects massive amounts of information on US citizens – from emails, to telephone calls, to videos, under the Prism program and other Fisa court orders: this story has nothing to do with Edward ...
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The NSA has been intercepting SSL traffic too, no one is safe from their ...
Email to a Friend | Font Size: AA. NSA's PRISM system is quite the beast indeed, but now it is being revealed that the US security agency have been intercepting SSL traffic too - which is meant to be a secure link - after all, it stands for secure ...
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Edward Snowden News: NSA Prism Whistleblower Tricks 24 Journalists Into ...
NSA Prism
whistleblower Edward Snowden purchased a plane ticket to Havana when it turned out he was actually headed to Ecuador. This didnt stop 24 journalists from chasing after him, only to find out they were on the wrong flight (Photo: Twitter/ Max ...

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Q&A: NSA's Prism internet surveillance scheme

BBC News
A surveillance system launched in 2007 by the US National Security Agency
(NSA). A leaked presentation, dated April 2013, states that it allows the organisation to "receive" emails, video clips, photos, voice and video calls, social networking details ...

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BBC News

Snowden's NSA Prism Leaks 'Helping al-Qaida Create New Tactics'
Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups have begun changing their means of communication following Edward Snowden's disclosures about NSA's Prism
surveillance programme, according to US intelligence experts. The leaks have given extremist groups more ...

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What is Prism? Secret government data collection program explained
PC Advisor
As speculation about Prism
began to mount James Clapper, the director of US National Intelligence, confirmed that the NSA had gathered data from the large technology sites, but offered the justification 'Information collected under this program is ...

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US Prism fugitive Snowden on spying charge
The Sunday Times
THE fugitive whistleblower who leaked details of secret American and British government
spying programmes has been charged with espionage by the US authorities. Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency (NSA) worker who disclosed ...
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Quitting the cloud over PRISM
iT News
government than the US, and to a certain extent he may be right. The response by local cloud service providers in Australia has been somewhat more muted, with little evidence they are rushing to capitalise on the uncertainty created by the PRISM ...
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Why Don't Americans Trust the Feds On Surveillance?
Why the federal government's
lack of transparency is creating so much distrust is not just that it cannot be relied upon, but also because the public is doubting both its competence as well as whether government officials truly have the public's best ...
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PRISM Leak Source Edward Snowden Charged With Espionage
He leaked several top secret documents related to the NSA's secret PRISM
program, recently he also leaked evidence of UK GCHQ's alleged fiber optic cable tapping program called Tempora. It was expected that the U.S. government will bring criminal ...
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Snowden's a fool for ideas, but unlikely spy
Boston Herald
It would make things so much easier for everyone if Edward Snowden
were working for China. And that's certainly a possibility. His decision to flee to Hong Kong — a Chinese vassal — was an odd one, given that China is hardly a bulwark of transparency ...
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Putin: Edward Snowden in Moscow airport but will not be extradited
The Guardian
Putin said Snowden
remained in the transit area of Sheremetyevo airport and vowed that Moscow would not extradite the whistleblower to the US. He also insisted Russian security services had no contact with Snowden, a claim greeted with suspicion.
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Why Snowden Asked Visitors in Hong Kong to Refrigerate Their ...
Before a dinner of pizza and fried chicken Sunday, Edward Snowden insisted that everyone put his cellphone in the refrigerator, but its ability to block surveillance has nothing to do with temperature.
The Lede

Daily Kos: Open thread for night owls: Demonizing Edward Snowden
By (Meteor Blades)
To get a different perspective on Snowden and his disclosures, here's a portion of an interview that ABC—the Australian Broadcasting Company, not the Disney subsidiary—did today with Thomas Drake, another former N.S.A. employee, who, ...

Daily Kos

Ben & Jerry's Co-Founder: Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Ben Cohen, the co-founder of famed ice cream brand Ben & Jerry's, has officially joined the chorus of executives and activists voicing their support for two of America's most famous whistleblowers.
The Full Feed from

Snowden's Whereabouts: No Laughing Matter -
Edward Snowden's cat-and-mouse game with U.S. authorities provided commentators some light relief from the serious issues stemming from his leaking of U.S. intelligence surveillance secrets. Read more…
IHT Rendezvous

Putin says Russia will not extradite Snowden, confirms he's in ...
By Meghan Kelly
Last week, the U.S. charged Snowden with espionage and revoked his passport, hoping the Hong Kong government would extradite him to the U.S. It didn't, and Snowden reportedly reached out to Wikipedia founder Julian Assange, who ...



Free Speech (Includes the Lack Thereof)


Facebook Censors State Rep. Who Encouraged Whistleblowers
Facebook, who seems to have joined in on the effort to stop any government
employees from exposing corruption, has continually been engaged in political censorship over recent years as well. Last Month, without explanation, Facebook suspended the ...
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Barrack Obama Genocide – War Crimes


Arrest Barack Obama, says Muslim Lawyers Association in South Africa
Economic Times
JOHANNESBURG: The Muslim Lawyers' Association in South Africa has called for the arrest of US President Barack Obama
on war crime and genocide charges when he visits the country from Friday. The Association has called for Obama's arrest because ...
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Court Corruption / Corrupt Judiciary


SHC CJ says lawyers trying to protect corrupt judges
The Express Tribune
The event, organised by the Sindh High Court Bar Association (SHCBA) and Hyderabad District Bar Association, was attended by a large number of judges
of the SHC, district and session, civil, anti-corruption and other courts as well as hundreds of lawyers.
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Prevalent Corruption In US Justice System
Personal Liberty Digest
Before I began investigating legal cases as a journalist for the US~Observer, I had no idea how corrupt
the justice system has become in many of America's States and counties. I soon learned that in such places the American system of law has begun to ...
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Cuyahoga County corruption defendant Anthony O. Calabrese III gets 9 years for ...
Plain Dealer
AKRON, Ohio — Attorney Anthony O. Calabrese III, the son of a judge
and a prominent target of the six-year investigation of corruption in Cuyahoga County, was sentenced Thursday to nine years in a federal prison. Calabrese, 40, did not speak as U.S. ...
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Travers Duncan fails in second bid to block ICAC
Sydney Morning Herald
The circumstances of the granting of this and other exploration licences by then mining minister Ian Macdonald has been the subject of a long-running corruption
inquiry. Two months ago, Supreme Court judge Cliff Hoeben ruled that ICAC commissioner ...
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Vince Russo seeks early end to probation in Cuyahoga County corruption ...
Plain Dealer
CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Vince Russo, son of the convicted former Cuyahoga County auditor Frank Russo and a person caught in the county corruption
scandal, has asked U.S. District Court Judge Sara Lioi to allow him off probation a year early. Russo, of ...
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Corruption In The Judiciary
Freedom Newspaper
Gambia will never see a more corrupt
Chief Justice than Abdou Karim Savage and Lamin Jobarteh. Savage is a very rich man but he is behaving like a very poor man. Justice Lamin Jobarteh was also well known to be accepting bribes to destroy cases and ...
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Nigeria: Subsidy Bribe Scam - Farouk, Emenalo Ask Judge to Hands-Off Trial
The embattled lawmakers who are facing corruption
charge entered against them by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission, ICPC, accused the judge of misappropriating the law when he held that the anti-graft agency ...
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Judiciary has weaknesses: judge
However, the judiciary was like parents and lawyers were its children, the chief justice
said at a dinner hosted in his honour on Monday. In reply to a question, he said “regulators have become partners in corruption” and that there was a nexus between ...
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Corrupt Soldier Arrested For Duping
The accused, Corporal Bugu Ibrahim, was yesterday put before an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Justice
Patience Mills-Tetteh, a High Court judge with additional responsibility as a Circuit Court judge, to face trial on four counts of defrauding ...
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Ex-Border Patrol agents get at least 30 years
Uniontown Herald Standard
The sentences are among the longest given to border law enforcement officials for corruption
. Houston said he gave the severe sentences to deter other agents who have been entrusted by the American people to protect the border. The judge called their ...
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The bench against the bar: Lawyers abstain from courts in most parts of Sindh
The Express Tribune
Talking to The Express Tribune, SBC vice-chairperson, Mohammad Akil, said that the lawyers had decided to boycott court
proceedings on two accounts – concern over widespread complaints about corruption in the lower judiciary and promotions of judges ...
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Public corruption cases vacated on appeal based on judge's misconduct
KFOX El Paso
A public corruption
case could soon be headed back to trial after a U.S. Court of Appeals vacates the plea deal. In 2009, Adrian Pena was arrested in connection with a public corruption case. He pleaded guilty to those charges and was sentenced to six ...
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Absence of justice breeds chaos, corruption: Justice Ejaz Afzal
South Asian News Agency
for Senior Civil Judges
/ Civil Judges/ Judges of the Family Courts from all over Pakistan including Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit –Baltistan here at the Federal Judicial Academy, Islamabad, on Monday. . He said, “One has deep regrets over what is ...
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Scandal Leads to Czech Leader's Exit, Hague Judge Questions Court's Judgment
Transitions Online
The move comes after days of political turbulence stirred by the arrest of Jana Nagyova, Necas' chief of staff, in the country's biggest anti-corruption
operation in the last 20 years. Nagyova has been charged with bribing lawmakers and ordering ... A ...
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Appeals court vacates West Texas corruption ruling
Houston Chronicle
The appeals court
says U.S. District Judge Frank Montalvo's condition that a separate civil case involving Pena be resolved before he accepted the plea induced Pena to cooperate with the government in the investigation and plead guilty, rather than ...
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County corruption | Vince Russo asks end of probation
AKRON -- Faced with a job opportunity that would require travel outside Northeast Ohio -- according to court
records -- convicted Cuyahoga County corruption defendant Vincent Russo has asked that a federal judge end his two-year probation a year early.
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Ex-border agents sentenced for human smuggling
U-T San Diego
Comments. SAN DIEGO — A federal judge
sentenced two former Border Patrol agents who ran a human smuggling ring in San Diego to 30 and 35 years in prison Friday, one of the harshest sentences given to border law enforcement officials convicted of ...
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Mass Arrests


Oakland, Alameda County to pay protesters $1 million
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
Oakland and Alameda County have agreed to pay more than $1 million and reform their crowd-control policies to settle a lawsuit filed by 150 people who were arrested
together - and then held for hours - while protesting the sentence given to the BART ...
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OSCE PA President on Turkey: mass arrests not emblematic of democracy
I welcome the dialogue the government entered into with several protest leaders last week and I regret that violence continued after these discussions. Mass arrests
and the use of force to disrupt demonstrations are not emblematic of a democracy nor ...
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Brazil Is Waking Up; Mass Arrests in 'Moral Monday' Protests; Bulgarian ...
In These Times
Mass Arrests
in 'Moral Monday' Protests: This Monday, 1,000 protesters rallied outside the North Carolina legislature in Raleigh to protest extensive Republican legislative attacks on workers' rights, equal access to education, healthcare ...
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NLG Wins $1 Million & Reforms for OPD's Illegal Mass Arrest of Oscar Grant ...
Bay Area Indymedia
With nothing major to point to in order to justify the mass arrests
, the official excuse for the actual kettling on 6th Avenue came over the corporate media wires shortly thereafter, that a protester had grabbed a police officer's gun and holster as ...
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Daily Kos: Mass Arrest Lawsuit Settled - OPD Costs Oakland's ...
There was no reason for these mass arrests
, not the least of which was because OPD's Crowd Control Policy - negotiated back in 2005 in response to even ...

$1 million payout in 2010 Oscar Grant mass arrests in Oakland ...
$1 million payout in 2010 Oscar Grant mass arrests
in Oakland. Source: San Francisco Chronicle Oakland and Alameda County have agreed to pay more than ...

Turkish police conducting mass arrests - Breaking News
Turkish police are conducting mass arrests
of participants of anti-government protest rallies. Read More. Posted by SSS666 at 6/19/2013 09:48:00 AM ...



Mass Graves


102 bodies identified in Bin Jawad mass grave
Libya TV
The identity of 102 bodies found in a mass grave
in Bin Jawad, near Sirte have been announced by the Ministry of Missing Persons and Martyrs. In a press conference on Wednesday, the Head of Laboratories and Investigations Department at the Ministry, ...
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Around 150 unidentified bodies found in unnamed graves in IHK
Kashmir Media Service
Srinagar, June 23 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, a local human rights forum, the Voice of Victims (VoV), has revealed the presence of around 150 unidentified bodies in scores of unnamed mass graves
that have been discovered in Beerwah area of Badgam ...
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Kashmir Media Service

VOV urges world bodies to take notice of IHK graves
Kashmir Media Service
Srinagar, June 24 (KMS): Secretary General of Jammu and Kashmir Voice of Victims, Tufail Altaf Butt has hailed the work of members of Voice of Victims latest report of 150 unidentified bodies in unnamed mass graves
in Beerwah in Badgam. Tufail Altaf ...
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Three-man commission to investigate Matale's mass graves - DailyFT
President Mahinda Rajapaksa has appointed a three member commission of inquiry into Matale's mass graves
, Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunge said  ...

Beijing to explore the largest mass graves unearthed Tang exquisite ...
Beijing BEIJING, June 22 (Reporter Yu Li Xiao) After nearly a year of rescue excavation in Beijing Fangshan Tang Dynasty tomb epitaphs 22 officially opened .


Human Mass Extinction (Older Article, But Worth a Re-read):


Humans on Verge of Causing 6th Great Mass Extinction - LiveScience
Mar 2, 2011 ...
Earth is facing mass extinction within centuries if humans stay on our current track.



Mass Fish Die Off


mass-die-off - Lopun aika - Blogit
State of Oklahoma. Salt Fork of the Arkansas River. Mass Die-off
(Fishes). State wildlife and environmental officials are investigating a die-off of thousands of fish  ...


Coal Mining Pollution


Coal Mining polluting village water sources
Karen News
The Karen National Union (KNU) and villagers from the upper Pawklo area of Southern Burma are in agreement that a Thai coalmine operating in Tha Nay Kler area, has to protect environment and make sure that local water sources are not polluted
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Environmentalists file 2 more lawsuits over polluted runoff from reclaimed W ...
Washington Post
The new complaints focus on two Mingo County operations, the former Southeast Ridge Mine
and a former Chafin Branch Coal Co. site. The lawsuits say state and federal regulators are doing nothing to end water pollution from old surface mines after they ...
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Singapore fumes as air pollution hits 16-year high
NBC 29 News
miners that combines the world's best technology in a single West Virginia complex - and may save lives.Full Story. Orange flames lick at the roof of the coal mine, heat building and visibility dropping as smoke begins to fill the underground ...
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Leave Something for Our Kids to Trash
Huffington Post
The air quality in Singapore reached hazardous levels this week, breaking all previous records for air pollution
. Reports on social media had pigeons dropping dead like the proverbial canary in a coal mine. The cause is massive forest fires burning in ...
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Reclaimed W.Va. Mine Owners Face Water Pollution Suits
Law360 (subscription)
Law360, New York (June 20, 2013, 7:40 PM ET) -- Environmental groups lodged a pair of Clean Water Act suits in West Virginia federal court Wednesday, accusing the owners of two former mountaintop removal coal mines
of discharging toxic substances into ...
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Hardship: More coal decline
Charleston Gazette
West Virginia politicians focus solely on the fourth cause, accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of a "war on coal
" -- but pollution is just one aspect of the picture. The latest Coal Age magazine contains a commentary by National Mining ...
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The Surveillance State


Adjusting to the surveillance state
The League of Ordinary Gentlemen
For whatever reason, this has not been shared on any of the blogs I frequent despite it being instructive on the future of the surveillance state
. The Wall Street ... The government and corporations have tools to help understand everything we do ...
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The Rise of the Surveillance State (As Predicted in 1967)
But Miller foresaw the dangers of networked computing, an irresistible temptation for the development of a surveillance state
by any tech-savvy government left unchecked by its people. There are further dangers. The very existence of a National Data ...
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" What's the Real Target of our Privatized Surveillance State: Terrorism or ...
Brad Blog (blog)
As reported by The New York Times on Monday, Booz Allen "has become one of the largest and most profitable corporations
in the United States almost exclusively by serving a single client: the government of the United States." The company "reported ...
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I mentioned this movie, because a police state
, with no regard for the rights of its citizenry, had to be established for the transition into a state of complete surveillance. The National Security Agency (NSA), or No Such Agency, as it was once ...
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Protect privacy: Snowden affair highlights the dangers of the surveillance state
Times of India
If US tech companies are secretly collaborating with the government to spy on the rest of the world, if UK intelligence is being gathered to advance the cause of domestic oil companies and banks, then China can also claim a free pass for corporate
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The Surveillance State: In Britain, Everything Is Not Okay!
The Surveillance State
: In Britain, Everything Is Not Okay! By Colin Todhunter .... But, most important, look no further to see who owns the major corporations and banks and who sits on the bodies that hammer out major policies (3)(4)(5). It is the ...
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Britain's Surveillance State: The Secret Ops of the “Government Communications ...
Center for Research on Globalization
violence and mass surveillance is now part of the changing agenda of liberal democracy that is no longer able to hide behind the pretence of being liberal or democratic. The mask has slipped and we are right to be concerned. “The world has ...
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Breaking News, Analysis & Opinion Liberal Progressive News - world, peak water, corruption,
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snowden, government, bank, opium, surveillance, afghanistan 
county orange, county los angeles, county riverside, pomona superior court,
ocean plastic, desertification, judge, plastic trash gyres, plastic trash is forever federal, superior court, 
vietnam, agency, crimes, edward snowden,
prism, environmental, 
arrests, nations 
people, mens rights, father's rights, court law abuse, corrupt custody evaluator, 740 730 custody abuse, male domestic abuse victims
Ahhh... Hawaii... Paradise.... Plastic Trash (photo above) ...courtesy of all of us, photo from Husbands, wives and children come and go, but our friend plastic is forever...


Agent Orange (Most Toxic of So-Called Rainbow Herbicides)


Vietnam dioxin story wins best documentary at New York film fest
Thanh Nien Daily
A film about the daily lives of Vietnamese Agent Orange
victims in Ho Chi Minh City won the top prize for documentaries at the New York City International Film Festival Friday. “The Tale of An Phuc House” by Bulgarian director Ivan Tankushev beat out ...
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Vietnam veteran with Parkinson's disease receives specially-made bicycle to ...
Ann Arbor resident Asuki O'Neill climbs on her new AmTryke in Jackson Wednesday, O'Neill developed Parkinson's disease after being exposed to Agent Orange
in Vietnam. Andrew Kuhn | Courtesy of MLive. An adaptive bike was presented to Ann Arbor ...
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Jackson's disAbility Connections presents Ann Arbor veteran with adaptive bike
The Jackson Citizen Patriot -
Ann Arbor resident and Vietnam
War veteran Asuki O'Neill climbs on her new AmTryke in Jackson Wednesday, June 19. O'neill developed Parkinson's Disease after being exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam. The AmTryke will help O'neill travel around town ...
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Agent Orange movie wins New York film fest award
The Tale of An Phuc House, which focuses on Vietnamese
children living with Agent Orange (AO) problems, won the Best Documentary Film at the New York City International Film Festival that concluded on June 21 evening (Vietnam time). Directed by ...
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Vietnam veteran fighting for life
Martinsburg Journal
veteran Tyrone Harlan is fighting for his life after Agent Orange exposure. "I was just 19 when I was drafted - and believe me, I was drafted because I never joined nothing in my life -and was used to having fun partying. But that sure did ...
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Vietnam War casualty Daniel Shea of W. Amwell honored at the Wall in ...
Hunterdon County Democrat -
Shea died in 2011 from Parkinson's disease, caused by prolonged exposure in 1966-67 to Agent Orange
, a defoliant used extensively in Vietnam. Sgt. Shea was a photographer for the 1st Infantry. “He loved the Army,” said Mrs. Shea. “He would have been ...
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Traveling Vietnam Wall draws thousands to Lindbergh campus
South County Times
Another member of the church group believes many of the Vietnam
veterans exposed to the chemical Agent Orange during the war should be listed on the wall as well, because some died from the effects of Agent Orange after returning home. Gloria Puricelli ...
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Ontario Agent Orange report may ease WSIB backlog
HazMat Management Magazine (subscription)
Dr. Leonard Ritter, a leading Canadian toxicologist, is offering to assist Ontario's WSIB adjudicators about health problems related to the use of herbicide 2,4,5-T, the main component of the infamous Agent Orange
used during the Vietnam War. In 2011 ...
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SGT. SHAFT: Daughter of veteran with Lou Gehrig's disease seeks VA help
Washington Times
Six months ago, they finally diagnosed him with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) and said it was caused from Agent Orange
from serving in Vietnam. He finally got a wheelchair a month ago but still hasn't received a vehicle to use it in. He can ...
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Effects of Agent Orange downplayed: MPP
Timmins Press
You're allowed to be in contact with so much Agent Orange
before you get sick – I can't believe I'm even saying that.” Agent Orange is a herbicide mixture used during the Vietnam War and also by provincial and municipal governments to control brush.
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Rainbow Herbicides from Vietnam, only old news if you are not part of the food chain


Agenda 21


Agenda 21: Practical policy or a United Nations takeover?
Hanford Sentinel
HANFORD — As local governments work to promote sustainable resources, some concerned citizens equate the policies to a United Nations platform called Agenda 21
. The 1992 non-binding resolution encourages nations to use fewer resources and ...
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Council learns about Agenda 21, sirens
Van Wert independent
It was an informative night for Van Wert City Council, as members heard presentations on the United Nations' Agenda 21
, as well as an update on the city's siren system from Van Wert County Emergency Management Director Rick McCoy. Council also ...
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The Smoking Gun: The Direct Link Between Agenda 21 and Local Planners
The New American
Today, thousands of Americans have taken up the fight. And anti-Agenda 21
activists are storming planning meetings, demanding answers. State legislatures and even some county and city governments are passing legislation against it. It seems the Agenda ...
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Inventory And Control Of All
Payson Roundup
UN Agenda 21
/Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all human beings in the world. Inventory and control ...
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The Style Agenda, June 21 - 27, 2013
Join Paul Smith for an eighties disco in his Floral Street store, Covent Garden, on Friday 21
. Bringing Nottingham's Music Exchange - Smith's hometown record shop that helps homeless people gain retail experience and training - to life in London, the ...
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Obama to speak to donors and activists involved with nonprofit promoting his ...
Washington Post
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to speak to donors, alumni of his campaign and Democratic activists involved with a group promoting his second-term agenda
. Obama loyalists and former staffers in January converted his re-election ...
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but in an email sent October 2011, three months earlier, from Susanna Sutherland to, and titled “Agenda21 Talking Points,” are these statements: Bill said you were under Agenda 21/ICLEI fire and asked me to note talking points to ...
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JP Agenda, June 21, 2013
Jamaica Plain Gazette
Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council, agenda
to include presentation from ISD about new rental registration & inspection program, Tues., June 25, 7pm, First Baptist Church in Jamaica Plain, 633 Centre St. White Stadium community meeting, plans to to ...
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Agenda Cultural de la Diputación de Málaga del 21 al 27 de junio
-Exposición 'Obra gráfica en la colección de Diputación. Del 18 de mayo al 21
de junio. Salón de actos del Ayuntamiento de Cómpeta. -Exposición 'La Generación del 27 y su época'. Del 17 al 30 de junio. Salón de actos del Ayuntamiento de Comares.
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Activist Post: The Multiple Prongs of Agenda 21
Agenda 21
is an action plan or blueprint of a desired future. This desired future is shrouded in feel good environmental protective development and innovation or ...

Agenda 21 Violates Both The 5th & 14th Amendments Of Our ...
Agenda 21
Violates Both The 5th & 14th Amendments Of Our Father's U.S. ... PLAN BAY AREA is an aggressive implementation of UN Agenda 21′s ...


Fresh Water Supplies – Thank God When They’re Gone, One Can Drink Oil and Gas


US EPA ends probe of Wyoming water pollution linked to fracking
2011 EPA report linked fracking to drinking water pollution
. * Critics said EPA improperly constructed wells for study. * Wyoming to take over fracking investigation. By Ayesha Rascoe. WASHINGTON, June 20 (Reuters) - The Obama administration on ...
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Water quality training Aug. 21 in Hamilton to focus on Leon River
AgriLife Today
HAMILTON – A Texas Watershed Stewards Workshop on water quality
and availability issues related to the Leon River will be held from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Aug. 21 in Hamilton. The no-cost workshop is open to anyone interested in improving water quality in the ...
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OC, Del. beaches ranked "superstars" for water quality
Baltimore Sun (blog)
The New York-based environmental group rates the Atlantic beaches closest to most Marylanders "superstars" for water quality
, awarding them five stars for ensuring the health of bathers, along with 11 other beaches nationwide. Ocean City has gotten the ...
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Residents unfazed by water pollution allegations
Northwest Herald
Both property owners have always used bottled water
for drinking since locating to the old industrial area along Ritz Road and Railroad Street, just west of the city of Marengo's borders. Both were warned never to drink the well water for its poor ...
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Study reveals fracking can cause water pollution
Mail & Guardian Online
The other side, led by residents and lobbyists such as the Treasure the Karoo Action Group, say that it will damage the ground water
and biodiversity of the already water-scarce region, which is one of the most biologically diverse in the world, and ...
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Stormwater Professional Certifications Offered at National Water Pollution ...
Wall Street Journal
MYRTLE BEACH, S.C., June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Water
protection experts will gather in Myrtle Beach August 18 - 22 to explore the newest pollution prevention technologies and discuss which strategies are most effective in minimizing surface water ...
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Savings ahead for water pollution control
The Advocate
STAMFORD -- After a year and a half of scrutiny and controversy, the Board of Representatives is poised to approve a $10 million refinancing of 2003 bonds in a move city officials expect will save the Water Pollution
Control Authority $972,000 ...
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EPA Drops Study Citing Link Between Fracking and Water Pollution
Ring of Fire
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has abandoned a 2011 study that linked Wyoming water pollution
to hydraulic fracturing. The draft report was the first time a federal agency acknowledged the possibility of a connection between fracking and ...
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Air pollution regs unexpectedly benefit water quality
A steady stream of regulations to reduce air pollution has had the side effect of making air pollution controls one of the most effective means of controlling water pollution
because it has dramatically lowered the amount of biologically available ...
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EPA faces lawsuit over beach pollution
Although dozens of South Florida beaches undergo routine testing for water pollution
, the beaches that pass may not be as clean as they seem, according to a coalition of environmental groups. The Natural Resources Defense Council, Clean Ocean Action ...
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W/T Land and Cattle settles with EPA for water pollution violations
(Boise, Idaho. June 21, 2013) W/T Land & Cattle, Inc., has reached a $42,000 settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for discharging pollutants to the Boise River without a Clean Water Act permit. W/T Land & Cattle is ...

ExcitingAds! Environment



EPA won't confirm fracking water pollution connection | The Asbury ...
The Environmental Protection Agency is abandoning its plan to confirm hydraulic fracturing is linked to groundwater pollution
in central Wyoming.

Northwest Herald | Marengo residents unfazed by water pollution ...
MARENGO – Some of the six property owners affected by allegations that a manufacturer in Marengo Township polluted
their private wells with cancer- causing ...

EPA Halts Study Linking Fracking with Water Pollution - AllGov
EPA officials said they will not finalize a 2011 draft study that found contaminants in the groundwater of Pavillion, Wyoming, were consistent with chemicals used ...



Peak Water


Forget peak oil—start worrying about peak water – Quartz
May 20, 2013...
are sucking dry the aquifers that irrigate their crops and supply their drinking water. ... Forget peak oil—start worrying about peak water.


The Era of Peak Water is Here - Peak Resources
Resources sees that change is coming. The last hundred years have been a time a great richness, but we are running out of natural resources quickly.


Peak Food


Peak Oil? What About Peak Food? | Peak Resources
The fight over the labeling of GMO foods
has become an almost daily news item, here in the United States. The argument from consumers is to know what their ...


Peak Farmland


Peak Farmland? -
Mar 22, 2013 ...
“Humanity now stands at Peak Farmland, and the 21st century will see release of vast areas of land, hundreds of millions of hectares, more ...



World OverPopulation – Just keep Over-Breeding…

12 billion people by 2050? перевод

The world's current population 8.0 billion in 2013 -- could reach 12 billion by 2050, if contraceptive use does not increase. Thankfully supplies of fresh water, farmland and farm tractor fuel will increase with the population…

ecoglobe.chpopulation/e/pday8711.htm копия ещё



Corrupt Politics


PolitiFact Florida: Democrats wrongly link state's No. 1 corruption ranking to ... (blog)
Florida Democrats
play up the significance of "one" in a Web video designed to get members fired up about taking on Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. A segment riffs off a clip of Scott saying, "Florida won't stop until we're No. 1." The words "Um, right ...
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Is Rick Scott's Florida No. 1 for corruption? Dems say so (blog)
Rick Scott's State of the State address. More than a Year ago. Democrats
pre-but Rick Scott's State of State speech. 3 Months Ago. PolitiFact Florida decided to check out whether it's fair for Democrats to link Scott with the report on corrupt ...
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Pols say they were unaware of corrupt firm's 'secret' campaign contributions
Asbury Park Press
The biggest recipients of Birdsall's campaign cash in Central Jersey were the Middlesex County freeholders and the county's Democratic
committee, which collected from Birdsall a total of $189,000, of which just $14,400 was in secret donations. During ...
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Julia Maskivker: Do lobbyists corrupt the core of our democracy?
Tallahassee Democrat (blog)
In the exciting world of democratic
theory, democracy is understood in many ways. For example, some believe democracy should be seen as a process of deliberation involving representatives and citizens. In this framework, deliberation implies the ...
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War Crimes

Letter airs UN war crimes tribunal doubts
The Australian
THE chief prosecutor of the UN Yugoslav war crimes
tribunal has voiced concern at the "destructive" effects of a critical letter written by one of the court's judges that suggested the US may have tried to influence verdicts. The letter, which leaked ...
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German prosecutors open preliminary investigation of US man who was ...
Washington Post
The U.S.
Department of Justice has used lies in immigration papers to deport dozens of suspected Nazi war criminals. But the department had no comment on the German decision to investigate Karkoc when contacted Monday by AP in Washington. Karkoc's ...
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Bangladesh orders war crime trial of top UK Muslim
Fox News
DHAKA (AFP) – A Bangladesh war crimes
court Monday ordered a British-based Muslim leader and a US citizen to be tried in absentia for the murder of 19 intellectuals during the 1971 independence war, prosecutors said. The country's much criticised ...
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Iraq, Libya, Syria: Extensive US-NATO War Crimes. How the Media Buries “The ...
Center for Research on Globalization
A natural counterpart to the burying of evidence of 'our' embarrassing crimes
is the hyping of the crimes of official enemies. Thus, the media would have us believe that as many, or more, people have died in Syria during two years of war than have died ...
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SA groups want Obama arrested for war crimes
Mail & Guardian Online
The Society for the Protection of our Constitution also sought an arrest warrant for Blair when he visited South Africa in 2012. In November 2011, the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes
Tribunal found Blair and former US president George W Bush guilty in absentia ...
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UN expert: More arms for Syria mean more war crimes
Chicago Tribune
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Increasing the flow of weapons to Syria's government and rebel forces will most likely cause an increase in war crimes
in a two-year-old civil war that has killed more than 90,000 people, a U.N. human rights investigator ...
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Karkoc among many who slipped through US net
Los Angeles Times
Estimates of the number of former Nazi war criminals
who entered the U.S. after World War II range widely from 1,000 to 10,000. Above: Heinrich Himmler, center, head of the Gestapo and the Waffen-SS, reviews troops of the Galician SS-Volunteer Infantry ...
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Secrecy squabbles disrupt US Guantanamo hearing in 9/11 case
Reuters India
GUANTANAMO BAY U.S. NAVAL BASE, Cuba (Reuters) - S ecrecy disputes disrupted a pretrial hearing on Thursday in the Guantanamo U.S. war crimes
tribunal for five prisoners charged with plotting the September 11 hijacked plane attacks in 2001.
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Should or will the UN look into war crimes of the US and others ...
Terrorism is one thing, whistle blowing another and war crimes
another. Maybe ... Your "question" is an excuse for your rant. ... The normal procedure for dealing ...


CIA Narco Terrorism


Afghan opium production levels top world
VIENNA, June 26 (UPI) -- More than 70 percent of the world's illicit production of opium
last year came from cultivators in Afghanistan, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime said. "Afghanistan's large-scale drugs economy is another source, driver and ...
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21 Kilos of Opium Seized From Afghan Sailor
RIA Novosti
TASHKENT, June 23 (RIA Novosti) – Authorities have seized 21 kilograms (46 pounds) of raw opium
and more than a kilogram of heroin from an Afghan man who sailed his boat up a river into the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan, an Uzbek customs official ...
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New UN Report Says Afghanistan Remains Top Opium Producer
The UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) says that Afghanistan
continues to remain the world's top cultivator and producer of opium. In its annual report, issued on June 26, the UNODC noted that Afghanistan produced 75 percent of the world's illicit ...
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Helmand police kill opium smuggler
Central Asia Online
LASHKAR GAH, Afghanistan
– Police June 25 clashed with three drug smugglers, killing one while the other two escaped, police said. Acting on a tip, police intercepted their vehicle in Washer District, Helmand Province, which prompted a shootout, 1st.
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Afghanistan: Is It Really the Endgame?
Huffington Post
When the Obama administration sent an additional 30,000 troops into Afghanistan
in 2009, the goal was to secure the country's southern provinces, suppress opium cultivation, and force the Taliban to give up on the war. The surge failed: the southern ...
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Iran calls for a halt to attacks on Afghan civilians
Tehran Times
5- We are concerned about the prediction as reflected in the 2013 Opium
Risk Assessment regarding the possible increase in opium poppy cultivation particularly in north and north-east of Afghanistan. As indicated in the report if current trends ...
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Opium Keeps Burma in International Spotlight on World Drug Day
The Irrawaddy News Magazine
There is much work to be done, as Burma remains the world's second biggest producer of opium
, after Afghanistan, according to the World Drug Report 2013 from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). The UNODC launched the report to ...
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Drug-related crimes on the rise in Xinjiang
China Daily
Hou Qin, presiding judge at the court, said the major opium
farm in Afghanistan lies close to Xinjiang. Law enforcement on drug control in the war-torn country is weak and, as a result, production has expanded rapidly, with the opium production area in ...
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Afghanistan Remains Epicenter of Refugee Problem
the Diplomat
In Iran, on the other hand, there has long been concerns about the border with Afghanistan due to the inflow of narcotics from the war-torn country. The UN has estimated that 60 percent of Afghan opium
transits Iran on its way to other markets. However ...
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Afghanistan Leading Producer and Cultivator of Opium Globally ...
has retained its position as the lead producer and cultivator of opium globally, with 74 percent of the world's illicit opium production in 2012, ...

Taliban thriving on Afghanistan's opium economy - South Asia Monitor
By Gaurav Kumar The nature and extent of insurgency in Afghanistan
has been predominantly shaped by the opium economy. The dynamics of the opium ...


Israel’s “Humanitarian Effort” aka Naggingly Atrocious Reputation


Israel's long history of killing children
The report also stated that "hundreds of Palestinian children have been killed
and thousands injured... as a result of (Israeli) military operations, especially in Gaza." Indeed, Israel has been killing Arab children since before the Jewish state's ...
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Israel deliberately murders Palestinian children: Khalid Amayreh
Press TV
Palestinian kids are killed
, are murdered knowingly and deliberately by the Israeli armed forces and if the Israeli troops succeed in concealing evidence, indicting evidence, they just escape with impunity. This is what is happening with most cases of ...
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Israel Tortures, Kills Palestinian Children
"Palestinian children arrested by (Israeli
) military and police are systematically subject to degrading treatment, and often to acts of torture," the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) said in a report cited by Reuters on Thursday, June 21 ...
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Israeli guard shoots and kills Jewish man who shouted 'Allahu Akbar'
Daily Bhaskar
Jerusalem: A Jewish man was shot dead by an Israeli soldier
in Jerusalem after he shouted 'Allahu Akbar', which means 'God is Great, on Friday. The guard mistook the man in his mid-40s for a Palestinian militant and fired a number of shots at him.
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Israeli killed by guard at Jewish holy site in Jerusalem
An Israeli soldier
touches the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City January 21, 2013. REUTERS/Ammar Awad. JERUSALEM (Reuters) - A security guard shot and killed a Jewish Israeli man on Friday at one of Judaism's holiest sites in Jerusalem, the Western ...
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News Archive » 2013 (External Link – Claim Is “Environmental Science” But It Is Possibly or Probably European Union-Centric “Science”)

Here you will find all articles that have been published in the weekly Science for Environment Policy News Alert.

Browse archives by year and month below.

Archer Midlands Daniels Sued

ADM , Others Sued Over Alleged Corn Syrup Health Dangers
Law360, Chicago (June 20, 2013, 1:38 PM ET) -- Archer Daniels Midland
Co., ... in a $5 million product liability lawsuit in New York federal court on Monday ...

Food companies sued in federal court over high fructose corn syrup
Legal News Line
The named defendants include Archer
-Daniels-Midland Company, Cargill Inc., Ingredion Inc., Penford Products Company, Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas LLC ...

Ocean Acidification

Marine science: Get ready for ocean acidification
Since 1850, the acidity of the surface ocean has increased by almost 30%, and could double or triple further by 2100 as the growing human population leads to higher CO2 emissions. Ocean acidification
will cause marine ecosystems to undergo major ...
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Natural underwater springs show how coral reefs respond to ocean acidification
Science Codex
Ocean acidification
due to rising carbon dioxide levels reduces the density of coral skeletons, making coral reefs more vulnerable to disruption and erosion. The results are from a study of corals growing where underwater springs naturally lower the pH ...
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Acid Seas Make Corals Feeble
LONDON—Ocean acidification
will make coral skeletons more feeble and coral reefs more vulnerable to battering by the seas – but it may not kill the corals, according to new research from the University of California, Santa Cruz. The Californian ...
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New Report from Bipartisan Commission on How to Better Manage Our Oceans
Natural Resources Defense Council (blog)
The report calls on the Administration and Congress to take action to better measure and assess the threat of ocean acidification
, better understand the potential impacts, and develop mechanisms to address the problem. This is incredibly important, as ...
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Oceans and the Great Barrier Reef – news and resources round up
The Guardian (blog)
Threats include climate change, coastal developments, agricultural runoff, ocean acidification
and outbreaks of crown-of-thorns starfish – and are not helped by mining companies treating the Great Barrier Reef as a dumping ground for waste. Here are ...
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Ocean Acidification Threatens Ecomonies And Marine Life | June 24 ...
Evidence for ocean acidification
abounds, but what that means for different organisms has been hard to pin down. A recent study finds that at least one coral  ...

Ocean acidification is chemistry, not conjecture - The Conversation
As a scientist working on the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems, one of my duties is to communicate my work. My main goal is to convince students ...

Banker’s Corruption

World Bank Corruption Deceit and Greed
Guardian Express
Thomas Jefferson wrote in a letter to John Taylor in 1816: “And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking
establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding ...
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Pope Francis launches inquiry into the Vatican bank in wake of corruption and ...
Daily Mail
Pope Francis ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Vatican bank
today, after fresh accusations of corruption and continued questions about its secrecy. Francis named a commission to investigate the bank's legal structure and activities 'to ...
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Sierra Leone slaps travel ban on bank workers, taxmen in corruption probe
Reuters Africa
Authorities in the West African state have arrested 13 people working in banks
and the tax authority as part of an investigation that has underscored deep-rooted corruption in a country attracting investment as it recovers from years of war. "If they ...
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Investigators Search Bank Indonesia Overnight in Century Probe
Indonesia's anti-corruption
commission searched the central bank's premises through the night as part of a probe into the 2008 PT Bank Century bailout that has dogged President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's second term. “The search finished in the early ...
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I am not corrupt, says Ezekwesili
The Guardian Nigeria
NIGERIA'S former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili, has dismissed insinuations that all Nigerians, especially those who have held or hold public offices, are corrupt
. Using herself as an example, the former Vice President of World Bank's Africa ...
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KPK claims progress in Bank Century probe after BI raid
Jakarta Post
The Corruption
Eradication Commission (KPK) said on Wednesday that the raid at Bank Indonesia's (BI) headquarters was pivotal in its efforts to resolve the Bank Century's bailout case. “The results of the raid were very useful in ensuring the quality ...
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World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal ... - Reddit
economy, 17, 21 Years as World Bank Senior Council - Blows Whistle on World Bank Corruption
. 12. fringediscussion, 3, [World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on ...

World Bank whistleblower exposes endemic corruption & money ...
Abby Martin talks to Karen Hudes, former senior executive at the World Bank
, about her ...

Financial Collapse – Roman Banks Burning…

Gold Price Crash, Panic Deepens on World Financial Markets
The Market Oracle
Andre Damon writes: Global stocks plunged Thursday in the biggest one-day sell-off so far this year, after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the US central bank might consider paring back its cash infusions into the financial
markets within ...
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Financial crisis yields influx of old cash
Houma Courier
of the nation's financial system is showing that modern business cannot get along without the Banks. “They are as essential to the arteries of commerce as the heart is to the veins of the body. Close up the banks and trade everywhere stops ...
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Does The Decline In Gold Signal An Imminent Financial Collapse?
Gold and Silver Blog (blog)
Financial crashes and economic collapses
are not inevitable, but they seem more likely in the next few years, starting later this summer. Preparation might appear to be a waste of time and resources, but lack of preparation could result in the loss of ...
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Anglo Irish still offering insight into banks' crisis
Financial Times
Today, there is considerable public anger in Ireland over the failure of the authorities to successfully prosecute anyone for the financial collapse
or to hold a public inquiry into the banking crash. Five years after the crisis began, three Anglo ...
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Peak Soil Desertification

Peak Soil Desertification, Between Us and Extinction
The Market Oracle
One third of the earth's surface is covered with grasslands that are facing the threat of desertification
. According to a study by the United Nations, 20 percent of our farmland, 30 percent of our forest and 10 percent of world's grassland are ...
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Namibia Commits to Fight Desertification
The government has strengthened its efforts to find lasting solutions to address challenges currently facing the country such as drought, land degradation and desertification
. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism together with the Ministry of ...
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Govt US Fight Against Desertification, Drought
GOVERNMENT will do its best to ensure that solutions to issues of desertification
, land degradation and drought yield fast and provide positive results for local communities. Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga made this vow during the ...
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Major UN Conference On Desertification Coming
He was speaking at the commemoration of the 2013 World Day to Combat Desertification
, under the theme - Don't let our future dry up, that took place on Monday this week at Okandjira in Ovitoto. Herunga said the ministries of tourism and that of ...
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Great Green Wall Project to Check Desertification - Mailafia
"The rate of desertification
in the country is reported to be high with the attendant destruction of farmlands and livelihoods, particularly in the affected states. Also, the country is losing about 2,168sq km of rangeland and cropland to ...
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South Sudan vows commitment to find a solution to desertification
Sudan Tribune
June 26, 2013 (JUBA)- South Sudan will do its best to ensure solutions to issues of desertification
, land degradation, drought yield and to provide positive results for local communities, pledged environment minister on Tuesday. "The Ministry of ...
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UN Secretary General issues statement on World Day to Combat Desertification ...
"The consequences include impoverishment and the risk of local conflict over water resources and productive land, said the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon, in his message on the World Day to Combat Desertification
'&' Drought which is observed on ...
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Checking desertification requires united action
The New Indian Express
These pressures alone play a major role in promoting desertification
. In addition, the demand for natural resources, including those which have to be mined, are bound to lead to the loss of forest cover and the destruction of plant species. Fighting ...
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Foundation for Ecological Security bags UN award
Hindu Business Line
On the World Day to Combat Desertification
(June17), the Foundation for Ecological Security (FES) has been selected for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)-instituted Land for Life Award 2013. The award was for Anand, ...
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UN: Don't Let Our Future Dry Up
Sudan Vision
The death toll out of drought exceeds any other natural disasters, like tornado or tsunami,” said Dr. Yukie Hori, Coordinator of Awareness Raising, Communication and Education at the UNCCD, U.N. Convention to Combat Desertification
. It's estimated that ...
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Climate Change – Schlimate Derange…

Point of No Return - The massive climate threats we must avoid


January 2013 The massive climate threats we must avoid Point of No Return #1 Executive summary 4 #2 The world’s biggest dirty energy projects 10 #3 Calculating the impact of the dirtiest energy projects 16 #4

Tue, 22 Jan 2013  | Cache  | 


California Public Guardians - Conservator Abuse – Ruth Hull


Court – Judicicial Corruption – Corrupt Judges, Clerks, Bailifs, Attornies and 730 740 Custody Evaluators – aka ‘Family’ Liver Flukes Blowflies and Leeches Courts

Š Male Domestic Abuse Victims and Corrupt 730 740 Child Custody Evaluators...

The subject of corrupt judges, 730/740 'evaluators' (wearers of Harry Potter's sorting hat) and corrupt minors counsel, your corrupt counsel and opposing ...


Š  Can I sue the 730 Evaluator for making false statements to ...

Can I sue the 730 Evaluator for making false statements to the court and over charging. Evaluator claimed certain facts were investigated and these were the basis for ...

Š  “730 Evaluation”: a joke with no laughs |

A 730 evaluation is when you ... used an interesting word when describing “730 evaluations” and that word is CORRUPT ... determined by the evaluator, ...



I’ve heard about this corrupt, biased California custody evaluator for a while. ... who was a court appointed expert for so-called 730 evaluations, ...

Š  The Truth About The Family Court: ANOTHER CORRUPT CUSTODY ...

I’ve heard about this corrupt, biased California custody evaluator for a while. ... who was a court appointed expert for so-called 730 evaluations, ...


Š  Family Court Crisis-Abusers Getting Custody!: ANOTHER CORRUPT ...

I’ve heard about this corrupt, biased California custody evaluator for a while. ... who was a court appointed expert for so-called 730 evaluations, ...



Š  Martha C. Jacobson Bad Custody Evaluation

Martha C. Jacobson, Ph.D., bad custody evaluation, custody evaluations, Laura Hohnecker, Martha Jacobson, Juliette Lippman, child custody, parenting evaluation ...



Š  Child Custody Evaluations: Reevaluating the Evaluators ...

child custody evaluation, child custody evaluators, research and studies on joint custody, sole custody, child custody evaluations and evaluators, politics, science ...

Š  Misconduct in Virginia Family Courts: Corrupt Custody ...

Labels: Corrupt Custody Evaluator Janelle Burrill is going to be in handcuffs soon... No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home.


... child custody battle, children's rights, corrupt custody evaluators, corrupt judges, corrupt bastards, corrupt psycholo on january 20, ...

Š  Who Is Lombardi Chester County Family Court? Talk About ...

In Lombardi’s final ruling, he appointed the infamously corruptcustody evaluator” Dr. Bruce Mapes for our 3rd “custody evaluation”, ...

Š  Custody Crime & 3 Ring RICO Criminal Circus

(According to the National Conference of State Legislatures: CA has the least accountability for Public Corruption than any other state.) Keep in mind that ALL of these actors are CRIMINALS who engage in acts of Public Corruption and other crime.(Public corruption involves a breach of public trust and/or abuse of posit...


Plastics Pollution – Earth’s Oceans

DNV Designs Ship to Combat Plastic Pollution in World's Oceans

Plastic pollution in the ocean is everyone's problem. (PRWEB) June 06, 2013. By the end of this decade there will be an estimated 230 million tons of plastic ...

Rise Above Plastics | Surfrider Foundation

Ocean gyres concentrate plastic pollution in five main areas of the world's ocean and various research groups are bringing back alarming data documenting ...


Trash Gyres...

Noticed some Internet Myths starting to form... could be ignorance, plastic industry shill bloggers or both. One online myth stated * the * trash gyre is nowhere near as large as Texas... The words "the trash gyre" belie the fact there are at least five trash gyres. Does this "myth-teller" work for BP? The oil spill is only 100 miles across, the ("one and only") trash gyre is smaller than Texas (if you do not measure from water surface to the ocean floor... The plastic is big pieces, bottles full of air on the surface and plastic confetti, probably enough little pieces to line up end to end to the Moon and back. Comments sections of blogs are often filled with shills, dumb and dumber. The opening picture on this page could be described as "just a little piece of plastic"... But it is a big, life-threatening piece to marine life. I like eating Rock Cod, Rock Cod eat plastic and die, so I adapt and eat GMO-corn fed farm fish. Consumerism and conformity have bred people who eat big Macs, the burger part grown by a burger farmer with a plantation of burger trees. That pink foam container your home burger-fruit came in does not belong in the water after beach barbecue! Got it? Not making fun of you, corporate blogger shills are often the dumbest people on the web... Comparing plastic confetti in ocean water to Texas is comparing a person to an orange. Ocean, fish, we eat fish, plastic bad.


From (click!):

Bottom of Form


Will the five plastic gyres above heat up or cool down climate? My 2Ę Guess Is Hotter…



Oh, the feel of plastic grit in your toes at the beach…




Tracy Turner was born into two extended families of bookworms - one horticultural and one petroleum industry. Semi-retired from IT, Corporate Analyst and Botanical Garden Plant Propagation. Among his many interests are all sciences, news, tracking political corruption, national and world events (corruption). Urges you to ask several USA IT professionals about web censorship; which is becoming rampant. Twitter, Facebook and Myspace are not free speech - they are places of monitoring, censoring and personal data harvesting. Also, just because you see your words in print online, it does not equate to "free speech". Do you believe Google and Bing blacklist Michael Taylor's online words as often as said censors blacklist your online "free speech"? If you love freedom, become active in corruption watch, exposure; free speech and freedom of the press activism.

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Psychotic Land ~ Conflict America


NSA Crime Syndicate


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Obama NSA and the Rise of Statism


Pesticide Corp Gluttony Trumps Bee Health


Explosion of Fracking


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