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EXPOSED: Health Threats of ‘Safe’ Levels of Radiation Covered Up

The Six Trillion Million Dollar Biosphere
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UK Veterans, American Veterans - Nuclear Guinea Pigs

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EXPOSED: Health threats of ‘safe’ levels of radiation covered up

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EXPOSED: Health threats of ‘safe’ levels of radiation covered up by Anglo-American establishment in nuke test; vets fight for pensions

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 by: Anna Bragga
Tags: Christmas Island, atomic bomb tests, veterans
(NaturalNews), Christmas Island Atomic Bomb Tests, radiation, the atomic bomb, nuclear arms, nuclear fusion, nuclear test, nuclear explosions, nuclear warheads, nuclear testing, nuclear proliferation, nuclear radiation, atomic bomb test, atomic bomb testing A pensions case has become the site of a vicious battleground between the Anglo-American establishment and a British scientist in a row over accepted safe levels of radiation exposure.

It began in 2011 when a group of 16 veterans of UK nuclear bomb tests in Australia and Christmas Island applied for pensions on the grounds that their illnesses (and those of their children and grandchildren) were most likely caused by particulate uranium inhalation.

In a tale with more twists than a John Grisham novel, the veterans have had their appeals quashed after being forced to change their firm of solicitors and their expert witness – international radiation authority and Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, Dr. Chris Busby, who has a track record of winning five similar cases in a row.

The veterans, originally represented by Rosenblatts Solicitors, had commissioned Dr. Busby to provide evidence. But Rosenblatts suddenly pulled out of the case in December 2012 after funding provided by the Royal British Legion dried up. Washington-based Hogan Lovells International – a firm with a history of representing government and pharmaceutical companies, quickly filled the gap.

Coincidentally, at the very same time, Dr. Busby had obtained access to secret nuclear test reports by the Ministry of Defence (MoD), revealing information of significance to the case. He had also by then written 12 reports showing new evidence of the link between internal radiation exposure to uranium, the main component of all the bombs and a range of ill health effects.

Dr. Busby states:

“Evidence from photographs taken at Christmas Island showed that the Grapple Y bomb had sucked up enormous amounts of sea water which rained out as black rain. The black rain was black because the bomb, according to a secret document, was made of 4 tons of uranium.

It was the uranium particles that were the most likely cause of the cancer and other health problems in the veterans and the genetic damage and malformations in their children and grandchildren. This was exactly like the uranium effects in Iraq and in the Gulf War veterans and their children.”

A victory for the vets would destroy the current radiation risk model and open the floodgates for more claims

If the court were to allow the evidence, a victory is more likely, setting a legal precedent for some 900 other veterans waiting in the wings.

Three weeks before the case was due to be heard, Hogan Lovells dropped Dr. Busby as an expert witness and replaced him with a nuclear physicist with no track record on the health impacts of radiation. The veterans weren’t consulted and left with no alternative but to accept the new arrangement. The evidence in the MoD’s reports was excluded from the court’s decision-making, and the current radiation risk model, which offers obsolete and incorrect evidence about the effects of uranium inhalation, was used instead.

All the cases were lost, but two separate appeals have been lodged. Despite attacks on his name and reputation, Dr. Busby is adamant about continuing the fight for the veterans. He concludes:

“Should this appeal go unchallenged it would have the effect of knocking on the head any chance that future veterans will have to show that their illnesses were caused by their exposures. Millions have died because of this cover up of the effects of internal radiation, and millions more will die if we don’t succeed in destroying this risk model.”

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Anna Bragga is a freelance journalist and owner of public relations company, Conscience Communications


Who Is Trayvon Martin? Trayvon Martin Case Injustice…

One Cannot Help Wonder If a Black "Neighborhood Watch"-Man in Florida Can Be Exonerated For Shooting Half-Hispanic Teenager?

Op-Ed: Proudly Shooting Black Kids in the Rosewood Genocide State

By Ruth Hull

In 1923, white racists in Florida destroyed the town of Rosewood, justifying their siege and slaughter by pretending the Blacks were the racists and the Whites had a right to defend their values by killing. Not much has changed.

If a big Black man shot an unarmed White kid, imagine what the trial would look like. The big Black man would probably do whatever it took to avoid a trial and public outrage. He certainly wouldn’t think he could pull off a defense that a White kid with a candy bar put him in fear for his life before he shot the boy. That would be a ludicrous defense. So why is the news media making the big armed White man who shot the unarmed Black kid into a victim? Maybe it’s because most of the news media is owned by big white racists.

You would think that Harriet Tubman and William Edward Burghardt Du Bois would be rolling over in their graves at the idea that the prosecution of a big White man for the killing of an unarmed Black child is a racist prosecution. Racism is when you have the power (the gun) to harm a helpless individual (as in unarmed) and choose to follow that person around and shoot him because he’s Black. Would Zimmerman have been following Martin if he were white? Racism is not charging the white guy who killed the unarmed Black child because with first degree murder with special circumstances. Yes, according to the State of Florida, Trayvon Martin was a child. Martin wasn't much different than your kid. He had plans, dreams and friends. He might have grown up to be the doctor who would save your child's life one day.

It is interesting that, when George Zimmerman had his neighbor Jonathon Manalo call Zimmerman's wife, Zimmerman was eager to have the neighbor tell the wife that he (Zimmerman) had shot someone. Was this a warning to the wife? Was Zimmerman a particularly violent man who had just finished another fight before following and shooting a Black kid? Did he ever shoot or mistreat anyone his own size? Was the call actually a warning to the wife to not mess with her big powerful husband? It’s amazing that anyone dared to testify for the prosecution in a community that where residents see Blacks as the enemy. The only cold hard fact we have to go on and can trust is that an armed White guy, who seemed cool and calm, shot an unarmed Black kid, who only had a candy bar and a cell phone.

The whole tenor of the trial shows what is wrong with racism in America. To those who don’t believe racism is alive and well, look at all the people defending and excusing the killing of an unarmed Black kid by an armed big White guy. And why was it initially so hard to get Florida’s 4th Circuit’s state’s attorney to charge Zimmerman with second degree murder when a Black man shooting a White kid would have been charged with first degree murder with special circumstances in most jurisdictions in this country? Has anyone else noticed that the prosecutors don’t seem to be trying that hard to get a conviction?

The trial reminds me of the big men who beat up their little wives while claiming that the little wives deserved the beatings. I’ve been on the other end of those beatings and I’ve been told that I provoked the beatings. Among the numerous beatings I received was one where I wound up bleeding from the head, unable to stand and very dizzy after having had my head slammed against a door again and again. I was told by my husband that anyone would kill me because I had stolen lettuce from the refrigerator. In my defense, I took the lettuce to feed to my vegan daughter, whom my husband had said would not be allowed to eat that night but I tossed it back after I was told at high volume that I would die. My husband was shocked when the judge slapped him with a permanent restraining order after he explained that I had taken his lettuce. Similarly, Trayvon Martin is being treated as having provoked his own shooting by a man who followed him around with a gun and later shot him.

From the testimony of Jonathon Manalo, Zimmerman was calm. Manalo’s description of Zimmerman’s reaction to the incident is reminiscent of someone who had just thrown out the garbage.

The news media’s reaction to the Zimmerman trial reminds me of the reaction of the town of Sumner, Florida, to the false reasons the White townspeople felt justified in destroying the whole town of Rosewood, full of innocent African Americans, including women and children.

Did an innocent Black kid deserve to die just because he was a Black kid who wandered through the wrong neighborhood? Have Florida and America not progressed at all since Rosewood? The verdict will be indicative of how ingrained racism is in America. Are you a racist? Where do you stand on this issue?

BTW, this is one of those times when I’m kind of ashamed to be white.

Watch the clip to the Rosewood movie showing the mindset of those who defend the killing of Trayvon Martin. If you get a chance, rent or buy the movie Rosewood. It’s an important part of the history of today’s racism in Florida and America. Are you like the people in Sumner or do you care about what happened to Trayvon Martin?

Read more:

TPP – TransPacific Propaganda (Partnership)

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement Would Harm Our Environment
Huffington Post
Proponents say that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement would be a platform for economic integration and government deregulation for nations surrounding the Pacific Rim and facilitate free trade to counter China's financial influence in ...
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Trans Pacific Partnership is a Threat To National Sovereignty
The proponents of the Trans Pacific Partnership argue that the TPP would bring huge benefits to Malaysia “with as much as US $ 40 billion (RM 128.4 billion) in annual export gains and US $ 25 billion in annual income gains by 2025.” Small and medium ...
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Stopping the Trans-Pacific Partnership: Global Revolt Against Corporate ...
Using the friendly term, 'partnership,' the administration is negotiating a sweeping free trade agreement, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which could potentially involve the entire Pacific Rim as well as a sister agreement with European nations ...
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We Can Resurrect Them Bigger, Fatter, Smellier and Fishier, we have the technology (the fact that they died from tech escapes most of the tech-minded). Image from

Die Off – Fish

Editors note: As a teenager, I predicted we would live to see mass fish die-offs. Most of the media is running stories about “reviving” extinct species (propaganda) during a time all of the yellow canary in the coal mine species (fish and shellfish) are having massive, unreported by media die offs. The fish die offs (probably tens of millions of fish) on Iran’s coastline are some of the most censored photos * not online *. Iran blames the US military for killing the fish. About 18 months ago, photos and reports from Iran showing millions of dead fish were taken down or DNS-blacklisted - like it had never happened. Western news never covered this die off that I am aware of. Of one thing there can be no debate - one cannot "clone" 10-million new fish to "replace the dead". Most of these 'clone extinct this or that' articles are truly a comic relief act while the family is marched to the gallows.

 Mass die offs and extinctions are not the same thing, mass die offs can lead to extinction. See Extinctions below.

Fish die-off hits Frances Short Pond
Arizona Daily Sun
In recent years, the typical culprit for the die-offs has been the monsoon rains, when temperatures and humidities rise about this time of year. Arizona Game and Fish officials attributed the fish kills to heavy rains likely washing fertilizer into the ...
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Fewer fish dying in Canandaigua Lake
The fish die-off on Canandaigua Lake that raised concerns in recent weeks appears less worrisome, officials say. “We are seeing an overall decline in the number of dead fish washing up on various beaches around the lake,” Canandaigua Lake Watershed ...
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Hundreds of fish die in Canandaigua Lake mystery
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
The banks of the Finger Lake have resembled a fish graveyard for the last several weeks. Cleanup of the shoreline is ongoing, but so far the cause of the die-off remains a mystery to local and state authorities. “All indications are telling us that the ...
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State officials say cause of fish kill in Little Calumet River in NW Ind. may ...
Greenfield Daily Reporter
MUNSTER, Indiana — State officials say they may never know what caused some 200 fish to die off suddenly in the Little Calumet River in northwest Indiana late last month. The Times of Munster reports ( ) the state Department of ...
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Canandaigua Lake die-off leaves state DEC fishing for answers
Finger Lakes Times
... number of dead fish are washing up on the shores of Canandaigua Lake — but no definite answers. The die-off began in late May or early June. Kevin Olvany, program manager for the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Council, said the Department of Environ.
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Experts confused by dead fish on Canandaigua Lake shores
Elmira Star-Gazette
The banks of the fourth-largest of the Finger Lakes have resembled a fish graveyard for the last several weeks. Cleanup of the shoreline is ongoing, but so far the cause of the die-off remains a mystery to local and state authorities. “All indications ...
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Hundreds of fish die in Canandaigua Lake mystery | Star-Gazette ...
State officials are investigating what is causing a die-off of fish in Canandaigua Lake. Hundreds have washed up on the shore, like this one in Kershaw Park ...

Krill Die Off

Scientists study massive krill die-off on coast
Scientists study massive krill die-off on coast. FILE - This July 19, 2010 photo released by the Point Reyes Bird Observatory and NOAA shows a krill from the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off the Northern California coast. Millions ...
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Rainbow Herbicdes – Agent Orange

Agent Orange clean at Navy Seabee base is the focus at public meeting
The Vietnam-era herbicide known as Agent Orange remains on land at the Navy Seabee Base in Gulfport, more than 40 years after it was first brought there. Tuesday, a public meeting is scheduled to update residents on the continuing efforts to cleanup ...
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S. Korea court orders US firms to pay up over Agent Orange
Fox News
SEOUL (AFP) – South Korea's highest court on Friday upheld a ruling ordering two US Agent Orange makers to compensate 39 Vietnam War veterans, while sending another decision back to a lower court for review. The Supreme Court recognised the ...
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Veterans Sick From Agent Orange-Poisoned Planes Still Seek Justice
Huffington Post
After a fleet of C-123 airplanes dropped more than 10 million gallons of Agent Orange to destroy enemy cover and crops during the Vietnam War, the military found post-war work for the planes in the U.S. Air Force Reserve. Retired Lt Col. Paul Bailey ...
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Sunshine Coast council sprays dunes with 'Agent Orange' mix to control weeds
Herald Sun
The council is under fire for using the herbicide 2,4-D _ one half of the toxic defoliant blend Agent Orange from the Vietnam War _ that is under review by federal authorities. For the past three years, the council has been experimenting with an off ...
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Crisis Displaced Persons

300000 driven from homes in Darfur as crisis of displacement deepens
Free Speech Radio News
An estimated 300,000 people in Darfur, Sudan have been driven from their homes in the first six months of this year, according to the UN. That adds to the country's crisis of more than two million internally displaced people. Many face dire conditions ...
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Nigeria: Farmers/Herdsmen Clashes - 3000 Lives Lost, Still No End in Sight
The latest crisis has created a huge refugee situation in Guma with well over 7,000 displaced persons, mostly women and children, now camped in Gbajimba, the local government headquarters; yet the fight still raging in the remote villages. Speaking on ...
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Somalia: Humanitarian Crisis Takes Hold in Kismayo While Rivals Vie for Power
All sides of the conflict have to make a serious effort to protect civilians, reduce losses among civilians and allow humanitarian aid to reach those in need." Most of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) have sought refuge in villages near Kismayo ...
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The Norwegian Refugee Council comes to Yemen's help
Yemen Post
The Norwegian Refugee Council announce on Friday it will help Yemen deal with its Internally Displaced People (IDPs) crisis by providing shelter for 600 families. Two years of political instability and a terror insurrection led by al-Qaeda in the south ...
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Pharma Guinea Pigs


Human guinea pigs of India
Daily Star Online
Testing pharmaceuticals
on humans is a mandatory and expensive step for drug companies who must prove to regulatory authorities that treatments have no dangerous side-effects in order to bring them to market. The Confederation of Indian Industry ...
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VOX POPULI: From the pharmaceutical industry, a blatant betrayal of public trust
Asahi Shimbun
But the expression "the quartet of death
" refers to high blood pressure, diabetes, excess fat in the blood and obesity, which, if someone has them all, greatly raise their risk of stroke or coronary. Of the lethal quartet, high blood pressure is the ...
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Nulcear Downwinders


Anti-nuclear power plant movement mushrooms in Wellfleet
Wicked Local
A new group, modeled after Cape Downwinders, the grassroots organization created to project the lives and welfare of the residents of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket against the threat from the use of nuclear energy at Pilgrim Nuclear Plant ...
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Pilgrim nuclear plant activists gain ally
Peake, like many Cape Downwinders, believes the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station should be shut down and had stated previously that she hoped the bills would provide legislative fodder to prompt Gov. Deval Patrick to ask the Nuclear Regulatory ...
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We Can Resurrect Them Bigger, Fatter, Smellier and Fishier, we have the technology (the fact that they died from tech escapes most of the tech-minded). Image from


China Syndrone Fukushima Meltdown

(What Did They Expect, Nukes on a Volcanic Island?)


RAGING Radioactive Cesium! China Syndrome ... - YouTube
Cesium SOARING, Tritium RAGING, "decontamination MYTH/LIE" graphic visuals from ...

Fukushima breaking news; China syndrome, cancer death of the ...
Fukushima's operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co., has acknowledged problems are mounting at ...

RAGING Radioactive Cesium! China Syndrome ... - YouTube
Help us spread the word - Subscribe to Pod Shelter and Like Us!!! DISCLAIMER: Pod Shelter ...



China Syndrome At Fukushima Plant, Japan: Corium Reaches ... CESIUM LEVELS SOAR IN FUKUSHIMA PLANT ...


Future China Sydrome For China


90km from Macau: Controversial nuclear fuel plant starting construction soon
Macau Daily Times
The project has drawn criticism from the public, with detractors voicing concerns of radiation and possible nuclear pollution. According to the Jiangmen municipal government's website, the authorities launched the public consultation last week to gauge ...
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Nuke Plant Plans Spark Fears in Southern China
Radio Free Asia
Residents of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong have hit out at plans to build a nuclear fuel processing plant near Jiangmen city, which have sparked fears of nuclear pollution in the densely populated area. The local government announced last ...
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China Syndrome For India


Increase green belt, pollution board tells Kudankulam N-plant
Business Standard
The Tamil Nadu Pollution
Control Board (TNPCB) has asked the Kundankulam Nuclear Power Project (KNPP) to increase the green belt at the site to 25 percent of the land from the current six percent. The pollution control board will also inspect the KNPP ...
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Nuclear Downwinders

DEVELOPING: Maxey Flats Radionuclides Still Migrating, Remediation Method ...
However, following a 2012 EPA report that requested additional testing by the Kentucky EPA, plutonium contaminated water still migrates to off site locations. Based on the plan, a permanent cap was in the planning stages for natural stabilization of ...
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NEWS ANALYSIS: Fukushima Continues: More than two years after the initial ...
It's Not a Cover-up If Governments Gather No Useful Information, Is It? Apparently there is no comprehensive, Fukushima-related radiation testing being carried on by the U.S., Canadian, or other governments whose people are directly affected. Nor is ...
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We Can Rebuild Them Bigger, Better, Faster and Fishier. Image from

World Water Wars


World Water Wars: In The West Bank, Water Is Just Another Conflict Issue For ...
International Business Times
Desert water Bedouin Falah Hedawa draws water from a rainwater collection cistern in the Rashayida area, in the desert between the West Bank
town of Bethlehem and the Dead Sea. The cisterns dotting the desert beyond Bethlehem, many of them restored ...
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Coral Bleaching


Coral reefs in severe state of degradation
The Nation
Coral reefs at a popular marine national park, which covers the famous Phi Phi Island, have reached a severe level of degradation due to bleaching, a survey revealed. "Bleaching has affected up to 70 per cent of the coral reefs around Hat Noppharat ...
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Severe coral damage prompts DNP to limit dive tourists to Phi Phi Island
Phuket Gazette
PHUKET: Coral reefs at the popular marine national park that covers the famous Phi Phi Islands near Phuket have reached a severe level of degradation due to bleaching, a senior government official revealed yesterday. "Bleaching has affected up to 70 ...
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Tropical Far North high risk for Great Barrier Reef pollution
The Cairns Post
THE Wet Tropics has been identified as the highest risk area for water pollutants entering the Great Barrier Reef leading to coral bleaching, a new report has found. A group of 12 scientists from James Cook University, Central Queensland University, ...
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California Inmates Hunger Protest


Tens of Thousands of California Prisoners Launch Mass Hunger Strike
The Nation.
On Monday, July 8, prisoners at the Security Housing Unit (SHU) in California's Pelican Bay State Prison
began a mass hunger strike to protest long-term solitary confinement. It is not the first time such an action has taken place. In 2011, prisoners ...
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We Can Rebuild Them Stronger, Better, More American and Fishier - Even Weaponized. Image from


EPA – Nominate Them to be Re-named Government Pentagon Big Business Schill Protection Agency


Residents grill EPA over Superfund site
St. Louis American
In 1973, radioactive
waste from the Manhattan Project were dumped in West Lake Landfill. Since 1990, the site has been under the jurisdiction of the EPA as a Superfund. Since the last public meeting held in January at the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton ...
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The Olive Branch of ‘Peace’


Palestinians say destruction of olive groves is an Israeli 'terror campaign'
The National
AWARTA, WEST BANK // Israeli settlers have felled more than 1,000 olive and almond trees that have been cultivated for generations by Palestinians
, say villagers in this verdant hamlet. The destruction of trees in Awarta highlights the challenges faced ...
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Mass Die Off & Extinctions Articles

John Stoltenberg: Mass die-off in the making with climate change
Capital Times
In my opinion, we have all of the makings in place for a mass die-off of the human race from around 7 billion people to considerably less than 1 billion via war, famine, disease, exposure, atrocities, and fascist capitalist indifference, incompetence ...
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Editors Note: Huffington Post is Pushing the TV Show Brink, which proves two things: 1) The Media would film men with shovels cleaning out outhouses if a demographic with money paid their cabTV bill and sat though the consumerism/conformism commercials, and 2) There is always some who will not question who the “we” is in “we can farm corals” or “we can hand plant sponges” or “we can hand-sow Salmon eggs in Salmon-extinct rivers.

Hand-sow 15,000 square feet of blue-grass seed and hand-dress 15,000 square feet with steer manure, then imagine 15,000,000 square miles of shoreline waters of varying depth. Which 'we' is going to hand plant coral, sponge and salmon, the TV audience?

 Needless to say, the ‘Brink’ TV advertisements were not placed here. The preponderance of ‘Brink’ and ‘Jurassic Park’ mentality and absence of raw data and raw numbers of die offs and extinct species is just more truth being the first species to die in modern times. Even if we magically brought back Wooly Mammoth, such an animal would be genetically inbred and unable to cope with oil pipelines, oil spills, wind and water-carried Fukushima pollution and 88-fracking chemicals in the water. Tech and research magic will not stop hundreds of species including the eight-leopards from vanishing forever. Turning Species Extinction into feel good TV with ads for gas-guzzler ego-cars should be criminalized.

Near extinction of frogs worries NGO
Times of India
... with rains but surprisingly this time these species have not so far been heard. This is a serious matter concerning the biodiversity and should be looked into immediately as frogs are a vital part of food chain and their extinction may cause ...
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When all species of tropical mahogany, Koompassia excelsa, Shorea gibbosa and Dipterocarp become extinct, we can simply de-extinct them with tech, or de-tech them and ultimately re-tech them. Once the new forests are doing well, logging companies can re-extinct them. De-Extinct, re-extinct... tomato, tomato...


Despite shrinking sea ice, feds won't list ribbon seal as endangered
Alaska Dispatch
The state, along with the North Slope Borough and the
Alaska Oil and Gas Association, recently filed litigation challenging the decision to list the bearded seal as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The state and other agencies contend that ...
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NABU International: “Hobbit of the Seas” Can Be Saved (press release)
"But the
New Zealand Government has been recalcitrant with regard to its responsibility to protect the rarest and smallest dolphin species of all. Unless New Zealand rethinks its position immediately, Maui's dolphins will become extinct within a matter ...
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8 Beautiful Species on the Verge of Extinction

Editor: Silicon India's writer puts childish, anthropomorphized values on what is mass tragic extinction (fluffy-furred animals with expressive eyes are worthy of an article but slimy, fishy Herring are not?) and which species 'deserve' resurrection. Let us hope capitalists and politicians everywhere do not merit 'resurrection'. When 100 tons of Herring die on the shores of Iceland, which scientists are 'resurrecting' them and with who's checkbook? Do leopards, not a human food source, deserve more protection and more 'resurrection' than Herring, an important staple food to Northern humans? Putting childish values on species ignores that food chains (webs of natural life) are made of hundreds of inter-related species.

The more links are extincted out of the food chain, the sooner Homo sapiens goes extinct. Human extinction is inevitable; the big question is how soon or far away will it occur. Scientists who point to the 7.x billion of us here now as our "sheer numbers as safety net" are pointing to the broken neoprene rope of a species addicted to bungy-jumping. Numerous writers focus on 'resurrecting' species * we extirpated * or said writers pontificate on how * we might use resurrected species as a new capitalism industry *. Said articles remind me of a child whistling in the dark to act unafraid while gangsters nearby polish their guns.

In the 1980's, writers wrote about 'saving rainforest species' for medicine, disease cures, etc. Now that we are, in 2013, hundreds of thousands of extirpated rainforest species down the road, whose time (labor) and money shall 'resurrect' the destroyed species?
They are seven different sub
species whose appearance and geographic locations are not same. In that, African Leopard is the most common and extensive while the others like Amur Leopard, the Anatolian Leopard, the Barbary Leopard, the Sinai Leopard, ...
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The Six Trillion Million Dollar Biosphere

By Tracy Turner
In large part borrowed from:

Image from:

We Can Rebuild Her

"Broken biosphere built anew, polluted spirit lingers, torn in two."

"Earth, biosphere. A planet barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild her. We have the technobabble, the very same technobabble that destroyed her. This time technobabble will only technobabble for good; this time technobabble will have no cyanide runoff killing fish, only the extracted gold from the goldmine. We promise, no more technobabble toxic runoff... Biosphere 2.0 will replace a small fraction of what we destroy, inevitably paid for by you, the victim... what could Possibly go wrong with business as usual?

We have the capability to build the world's first second third fourth fifth great age of squander and environmental carnage... (stone, bronze, iron, industrial, technobabble ages) cybernetic technosphere. Earth will be that cybernetic carnaged organism. Better than she was before. More disposable, more easily violated, more used up with new ways to rape her visage...." — The Six Hundred Trillion Million Dollar Biosphere... Multiple use, multiple pollutants, housing tract/iron ore pit, shopping center/gas fracking derricks, Nuke plants atop volcanoes, etc.

A miscreant biosphere is defeated and suffers a horrific TV-imagineering annihilation. Their biosphere is shattered beyond repair. No Planet Could Survive That!

But later, she returns! Only this time, she's a cyborg! She's got more resources to exploit, and she's less human so it's OK to be more brutal fracking, nuking, GMOing, oiling, overharvesting and toxic wasting her. Think of the possibilities: A drunk driver kills himself and 12 other people in a horrific New Years Eve car wreck. The CIA-financed "Mother Jones" makes the case that we not let the drunkard driver go extinct, rather we revive his DNA...

Imagineer the villian pesticide manufacturer Monsanto killing California Condors. Monsanto simply imagineers funding for green Act Ivists who help Monsanto genetically engineer cyber-bio Condors that never die, they just need new batteries. Stronger, faster, better, completely resistant to even harsher pesticides than ever before. Gentlemen, we can resurrect whatever we destroy (and this is capitalism country, what is in it for Fortune Polluter 1000 companies?).

For over a century, ranchers have bred Bison and Cows to create what cowboys refer to as 'beefalo'. In a joint venture, Syngenta and BASF are pleased to announce Cowson, genetically half cow, half bison. The great plains states can once again have herds of Cowson that take more than a day to cross the train tracks or interstate highway. The bison counterpart, the new resuscitated species we can now build into great numbers for future destruction is 1,200 pounds heavier with meat than a mere bison. Unlike Bison, Cowson are ideal for keeping lawns short in rurban Chicago, Omaha, Des Moines, etc. Imagine loading up an antique Sharpe's buffalo gun or an A4 and slaughering a Cowson right on your front lawn. Some people just take the tongue (considered a delicacy) and leave the rest for the crows.

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We can resurrect dinosaurs, we just cannot feed America's homeless. We can leave Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha extinct, but we must wake up the old, hairy elephants. Image from

The big six pesticide companies want you to know how green they have become. Using their latest DNA/RNA recombinant technology, Ansel Adams and John Muir have been bio-resurrected to complain about fracking and Cowson slaughter. The six companies were deeply concerned that there was a shortage of environmental persons and groups that could not be 'bought off'. Muir and Adam's were once considered green and above reproach - though the new Muir and Adams are dependent on Monsanto for daily gene injections. But a valuable point has been made, when the Dodo bird goes extinct, tech simply mass produces genetic taxidermic specimens of Dodo. When environmentalists as a species turn bought off by the Pentagon or coerced by government / coprporate threats to family, clones of John Muir, Ansel Adams, et al can simply be rolled out of a gene-mill and aired on ABC7 on Sunday night...

We can un-extinct them, re-combine their DNA and make them Agent Orange tolerant, Roundup ready, Syngenta well-water-resistant, able to withstand high doses of radioisotopes and PCB-tolerant. In the time and dollars it takes to ressurect one extinction, one hundred other species will go permanently extinct. Ka-ching, can you spell j-o-b s-e-c-u-r-i-t-y?

We have our very own Jinxa Gass out in California in Yosemite Valley with the clones of John Muir and Ansel Adams, sponsored by Monsanto. Jinxa?

"I'm standing here with Ansel Adams who is about to make a glass plate of a group of cloned wolves drinking out of the Merced River. Ansel, I did not know there were wolves in Yosemite?"

"Well, Jinxa, these are California grays with some of the DNA filled in by Monsanto, who runs this 'new' theme park. And this is now known as, "Monsanto Valley", Yosemite is such a dated name", don't you think, John"?

John Muir piped up, "We not only have wolves back, but we have people like Dick Cheney and other sociopaths in all the time, wolf hunting here in Monsanto Valley. Cheney bagged 7 wolves guarding their lair just below Tehipite Peak". Selling Wolf hunting tags here is how Monsanto recoups their money from resurrecting the wolves..."

liberal progressive news alternative news
We can resurrect dinosaurs, we just cannot stop trashing the planet. Image from

"Where are you two headed next " Jinxa interrupted.

"Oh, we only are cloning one-headed-wolves, the "two-headed-chimera-wolves" stuff is just theoretical, right now... John Muir elbowed Ansel and gave him a shut-up look...

"We are flying a Monsanto LeerJet to Monsanto Bay, Maui to photograph Dick Cheney and his family spearfishing for rekindled fish species, beach barbecuing

..."what are Chimeras"? Jinxa asked, but both men ignored her question.

...rejuvenated mammals at Disneyland, Maui", Ansel replied. Imagineer the flavor of extinct mammals and extinct fish, revitalized for a Cheney beach barbecue. Cheney and family are some of the first to start the re-extinction process over. Cheney shot a formerly-extinct Dolphin and had his Maui porters roast it in an underground fire pit. They are the first family to taste prehistoric dolphin since cave people.

The Cheney's bought over ten-thousand re-extinction lottery tickets to win spots on the re-extinction hunting and fishing teams. Dick is a good sport, he threw all their campground trash into the bay...

Stronger industrial poison resistance, easier to hunt, harvest and exploit, better tasting than previously extincted species - new Biosphere 2.0; because the first biosphere was just too easy to pollute, over-harvest to extinction.

Gentlemen, thanks to 'our' foresight, we can rape, plunder and pillage the Earth, like never before, safe in the knowledge that we are budgeted to restore one out of every hundred species we extinct. Think of it as a "Gentlemen's Noah's Ark in reverse. No, Teddy Roosevelt is not rolling over in his grave, he's soaking up nutrients in the revival chambers... Jessica Simpson could not say "conservationism" without stuttering, ol' Teddy just rolls it right off of the tongue. This articlette paid for with funds from Fortune 1000 Extinctors.

Which baits the question, who paid for all the studies, web space, glossy magazine endorsements and TV to turn 'species resurrection' into a household word and make conservation obsolete? Somebody rich * paid for * 'this' revivalism of man-destoyed DNA as America's next 'theme park, cartoon, movie saga prequel, sequels and sports team' campaign, including the anti-anti-resurrectionist campaign. Be sure to be wary of the clueless chick magnet hunk and beautiful airhead female who is really a genius official spokespersons, hosting an "It Was Just Decanted" weekly TV series on freshly decanted species, 49 minutes of advertisements and 11 minutes of re-run footage leading to the (anticlimactic) newly decanted specie moment.

Beautiful Brainless Airhead Who Is Really A Genius, "This Chimera is the first Pentagon cloned composite animal to be decanted".

Clueless Chick Magnet Hunk, "This Chimera Mark One is supposed to have Male Lion and Alligator Jaws, Horse-Galloping Legs, A Pit-Bull Brain, Velociraptor Front Claws and the Hunting Instincts of Wolf and Velociraptor"...

Beautiful Brainless Airhead Who Is Really A Genius, "This Chimera is the first Pentagon cloned composite animal to be decanted, we are so lucky to be here in the same room. They are letting me bottle feed it so I am going to be the imprinted Mommy figure...

Jinxa Gass, ABC777 News, so is it like a mountain, you have to do this, because it is there?

The Beautiful Brainless Airhead Who Is Really A Genius and the Clueless Chick Magnet Hunk looked stumped briefly, then the Beautiful Brainless Airhead Who Is Really A Genius chirped, "it just is not fun making taxidermy stuffed animals extinct, we are the first in human history to re-extinct animals and re-extinct plants and insects. Imagine squishing a dragon fly dead, that went extinct a million years ago. It is such a rush!"

Clueless Chick Magnet Hunk's face lights up... "I bought a cabin at Big Bear and bulldozed all the junk Incense Cedars and 80-year old junk Manzanita away, I am growing a GMO-cloned pre-historic Araucaria forest..."

"What for?" interjected Jinxa Gass.

"To chop down with my new Stihl Chain Saw and burn in my fireplace, I will be the first human to chop down an extinct Araucaria since the cave people... Man, what a rush!"

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A major character, possibly even a popularly nasty Big Extinct, has been Killed Off for Real, pronounced dead, extirpated, extinct and buried. However, the established laws of the universe allow for De-Extinction, a Sufficiently Advanced Alien, Applied Phlebotinum, Deus ex Machina or similar agency to intervene and subvert what naturally follows dying. Namely, staying dead. (In some cases, an explanation isn't even bothered with.)

Maybe the writers "scientists" were running short of new ideas and decided to recycle some old (Great Auk Pinguinus impennis, Tarpan equus ferus ferus, Banks Island Wolf Canis lupus bernardi, California Golden Bear Ursus arctos californicus) characters. Maybe the actor has recently acquired some indecent photographs of the producers Monsanto Geneticists. Maybe the new writer was devastated his predecessor killed extincted the character cute, anthropomorphized Caribbean Monk Seal Monachus tropicalis and left inner-city Ginat Norway Rats alive. Who knows? He (She) is now penciled-in Back From The Dead!

The form of afterlife can vary pretty widely. They may "simply" be resurrected or reincarnated (usually as a sentient pet animal), physical or mental alterations optional; or we may now have a ghost, or vampire... zombie, angel, godling, demon... haunted car... okay, that last one will be hard to top (except with a Love-matic Grandpa!). Bringing someone anthropomorphized animals back from the dead by supernatural genetic cloning means is generally treated as being a negative 'the next big prime time TV show' thing because of how unnatural profitable to the shows sponsors it is.

We Can Rebuild Them Faster, Better, Clam-ier and Bigger. We have the technology... Image from

If a character cannot come back from the dead entirely, they may show up as a Spirit Advisor or Mentor Archetype, letting them be literally dead, but allowing them to interact with the living (think of Obama's Drones as his personal "Spirit Eagle Guide").

...The character's resurrection from the dead could result in a situation of Unwanted Revival, such as 100 tons of Brazilian Fish coming back to life in an Olympic Swimming pool and then re-extincting. When the same "me scientist, last week me no spell 'um, but now me are one" mentality contemplates Trinity, Hiroshima and Fukushima, it "always seemed like a good idea at the time". Turning an extinct Panda into the new "digital smart age" Lazarus * might * require resurrecting several extinct varieties of Bamboo, for instance. Most of the "let's turn this or that Teddy-Bear-like animal into a modern Lazarus" articles make no mention of resurrecting the corresponding habit plants, food plants that would be required for said animal. Perhaps the resurrected Pandas can learn to eat Happy Meals and be a corporate Mascot...

Some of us hate to admit it, but animal resurrection via science is beginning to make sense, in the same way armed drones over America 'makes sense'...

Scroll down (above window) and watch farm soil, oil, gas, coal "future" supplies running out, watch desrtification eat up usable land and population mushroom...

Most of what passes for news these days is subterfuge away from the counter numbers above (math is so boring compared to American Idol and Wealth-Envy). The MSM take desertification, overpopulation and turn it into a reality game show. All of the 'best' farmland in America is 200+ years over-farmed (depleted). While writing this, 6,491,196 hectares of farmland had turned to desert, with one-new-hectare of desert being added in a little under one second, globally. New farm soil forms an inch every 10,000 years, but human activity has farm soil loss working against us. Tech will not make new farm soil; tech will destroy old, Ice-age-era farm soil.

We can resurrect turtles, fish, bi-valves, kelp beds, coral, sponge and shellfish; we have the tech to resurrect them all from the dead. Why can't we replace Anderson Cooper with Joey the Watchman?


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