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Are You A Democratic News Duopolist or A Republican News Duopolist?

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We Must Defend Ourselves and Spread Democracy... Video emailed to me by Joan M.

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Are You A Democratic News Duopolist or A Republican News Duopolist? - tongue-in-cheek op-ed

America is an enfant nation and as such, may not have invented the proper word or short catchall phrase needed. We need a word that means: once believed you could be anything, even President, in America – but now knows it is a bald-face-lie.

 If it were true, my wife would not have Uranium-in-our-drinking-water-induced-cancer… she would be something else as her core identity. We drink, bathe and cook midway… Here’s a map: of where my wife’s cancer came from, we live directly in the middle of military Uranium “A” and “B”, Rocketdyne Nuclear Reactor ‘partial meltdown’ or ‘partial China Syndrome’ (A) and Aerojet Gau-8 Firing Range, live fire with Uranium bullets (B). 

On a lighter note, this map (C) shows where both my cat and I got our Thyroid disease (from Ammonium perchlorate, Rocket Fuel) dumped by Jet Propulsion Laboratory: (drinking AP causes Thyroid disorders). If you knew someone soiled a stream you would not drink. Most of our lives we had no idea these three contamination sites polluted our “government approved” water. Senators, Congressman, etc., have been and are too busy getting rich to deal with the organ damage and cancer from the military banking corruptioneers.

Some would say this article is peacenik and naïve; others might call it a rerun of the military banking complex. 90-98% of those reading this believe whole-heartedly that if Republicans just outlawed gays and abortion (and killed more “foreign others” via military joystick), God would be happy. There's 49.9% of (stereotyped) America.

Somehow, Democrat sociopathy is (imagineered to be) vitally better than tea-leaf sociopathy... Both fairly slather themselves in the ointments of our side is intellectually smugger - as if smugness itself will ward off cancer, thyroid ills or whatever military poison claims your carcass.

An equal opportunity Presidential hater, I hate Clinton, Bush and Obama nuclearly and equally. Depleted Uranium cowards and genocidal criminals do not impress this one. The news media loves to pit black and white, Dem and Repub, man and woman into CointelPro-like cat and dog shows. Cultural ancestors, Black Irish (Celt) have been at fighting the slaving powers that be (Vikings, Normans, British) longer than mere American blacks. Other ancestors in Spain fought the Moors. My point is not to diminish the past plight of blacks in the Americas; but at some point it must be let go. For me to cry in 2013 about what British and Moorish people did to my ancestors 400-500 years ago rather misses the boat (Obama). Is white America going to do the same thing with 9/11? 700 years ago your people did X or were framed with a false flag Y.

Which is more macho, killing 7 million Arabs or letting it go? My perception of the fundamentalist Right is weld up some more Depleted Uranium Shock and Awe and send the runoff to my shower, coffee pot and kitchen tap. This is not my area of smarts, I just figure I weight 20x more than four dead cancered cats, so I outlast them by 5-10 years.

The right says Obama was the worst President - which wiggles Bush off of his justly hook. The left all too readily does the inverse, denying the 'black Bush' (lacking the laconic drawl when he genocides). Brothers and sisters, may we please call both of them a dead draw? There's no tie-breaker...

Others would argue that the Republican national and international obsession with the three national sports of gaydom, abortiongate and genocidegate are impinging on Democratic ‘Tech’ resolving Global Warming, a fourth national-international obsession sport which may be vaporous or real. But mostly both “vastly” differing-same “sects” agree on beer, sex, American idol-worship, News as Foxed or OutFoxed, etc. Vast, insurmountable differences which could lead to another (fearmongering) Civil War – ignited by fire sticks (guns), pieces of high-tech iron that usually rusts badly as its owner ages.

May we violate US treasury laws and coinage-up DenialMonger? DenialMongers love spewing the label fearmonger at any who come to close to uttering the word ‘denialmongers’. Denial mongers blog denials of Uranium’s part in cancer, denials of JPL / Amonium perchlorates part in four family members having Thyroid disease. Denial mongers blog about Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Chemical Corridor (Louisiana) yet spew the pologist rhetoric; genocide is reduced to ‘defending ourselves’, Uranium cancer is reduced to ‘too much red meat lifestyle’, Obama/Bush et al are reduced from War Crimes to strong leader, etc.

Everyone in America lies to self and others, but amongst both leftulars and rightulars are the every present ready to tongue and keyboard-lash others with the dreaded accusation of ‘fear monger’. Diane is a fear monger, she should have drank her radium-tainted Kool-aid with more patriotism and stoic rightularism, uttering the sound, "I'm not afraid of radium, gulp, gulp"... Diane is a radiophobe, her fear of Uranium caused blood cancer, not the actual Uranium. Those who spin and spew DenialMongering online (if not actual paid shills) are usually dumber than bonafide media idiots.

One normally could or would now launch into mass graves; how many died, who wears titanium legs, what it cost in dollars and who is at fault (Al Quada and the Taliban). Each issue is a 24-hour cycle, perhaps the newsists’ goal is to inundate us with the psychiatry of the current, ‘pertinent’ propaganda (this is the Republican’s fault for being warmongering, this the Democrat’s fault for being soft on the Demon Seed and being pantywaist. My son, a Democrat with ecological leanings, did numerous tours of duty in Iraq.

Digressing back to the bolt from the blue enumeration, the number of titanium legs is dreadful enough to depress (once per news cyclist) as is the mass graves. Republicans and Democrats mostly just want war and “good jobs” welding Shurikan Warheads and whatever; or the domestic preoccupation with rubber bullets and the like as “good jobs”.

If one steps back from the yeah-nay-gay-wrestle, etc., one can remember America’s roots. What is it America does best, better than everyone else? No, not converting backwards ethnics into prosperous mainstream “Americans”… Go to TV, it will tell you, America has numerous locations where once there were mere weeds, birds and wetlands, but now there is “The Happiest Place On Earth”, rather oxymoronic, as there is multiple “Happiest Place On Earth”. Aside from appearing facetious, the “Happiest Place On Earth” does its fair share at creating pollution – creating more death than a mere small town SWAT team.


Army That Poisons Together Metastasizes Together -- Cruelly and Unusually

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - I

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - II

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - III

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - IV

Stratocratic Venom Stings Self -- Military Pollution - V


But the Military Banking Security Complex kills in a way that not only fills mass graves abroad and at home, but fills graves for eons of time into the future.

Being one of the great-unwashed masses, it is not clear to me what comes next. Does Jesus 1.0 come back, and sucks in a deep, filtering breath of Carbon, and exhales O2 ? That would definitely be Liberal Jesus 1.0… Or does Jesus 2.0 come back and drop Thermobaric Hellfire Missiles, replete with exothermic high-energy Depleted Uranium warheads and take out the Banks (remember J 1.0 hated money-changers) and Drone-strike the Pentagon and Homeland Security (a sort of Trifecta blow to US corruption)?

Somehow I get lost on this topic, inadvertently spinning off into tangents, does Jesus (1.0 or 2.0) shop Wal-Mart, does he enlist and shoot at Al Quada or does he hack and hijack a Drone like a wicked EarthFirster and blowup the Military-Banker-Homeland-Security employment ‘paradise’? Most of my life various fundamentalists expounded authoritatively on what Jesus (1.0?) was or was not. Perhaps He will soon return, sign up for military via the carrot of college funds, go awol and be sent to a For-Profit-Prison; wherein he does a Nelson Mandella patience and tolerance of Gandhi spiel for 35 years. Personally, I prefer he steal drones via WiFi and assassinate Presidents, Admirals, Generals and weapons contractor CEO's. An eye for an eye.

And keep doing it for 1000 years of "peace" via North America littered with our own DU fragments. Perhaps He shall say something profound, "...the ghost and Dad are tired of the dumb Gau-8 NRA blogs and bloggers". This is calmly broadcast on all frequencies worldwide as Jesus (this would be my version, v. 3.7.9) "we are all sick of dumb NRA Gau-8 blogs glorifying 4.6 billion year half-life cancer and he strafes America; only Jesus 3.7.9's Warthog never runs out of ammo, as this is God's Warthog and God's Gau-8 that strafes America for 1000 years so that "Earth has Peace". Who is to say that my Warthog Pilot / Drone Pilot Jesus is less "real" than the plastic Jesus Beta 0.4 Version, glued to the Fundamentalist's SUV dash?

One has to wonder, because if he does not show, all that Air Force Chromium hexavalent (Chrome-6) and Anniston, Alabama Ammo Depot poison is going to kill Democrat and Republican kids alike… Although the warmonger/fearful pantywaist Repub/Dem wrestling on TV was wildly entertaining, it does not filter lead, chrome, plutonium, uranium, benzene and PCB’s out of your kid’s water… Perhaps this is a clue that Jesus 2.0 will have “darwinized” into a fish-like countenance who swims and filters poisons out of water. May he re-arrive and swim near my house soon…

One of the small, important creature comforts in our lives were four cats, all four of which are communists (from a purely Republican perspective). All four cats were communists for two reasons: 1) They required clean drinking water which was government-subsidized with 'free' Uranium; and 2) the cats required healthcare, oncology care, kitty Obamacare.

Diane is a communist as well, she requires health-oncology care too, from drinking the same nuclear drinking water as the cats.

The six article links above are nothing special, unless you live downstream, downwind or happen to eat produce or drink water, safely bottled near one of the mentioned locations.

Digressing again to “what is mystical, magical and precious” about America and Americans – what is it we do best? What is our main, most famous goods, product, service or export? Space – we go into Space on a Soviet rocket… Like the Chinese astronauts…

We kill better than anyone… Some analysts and accounting firms put the US/Israeli death count at seven million, and it was not a hoax-number like the Jews six million number (prophesized * before * World War II). Aside from the opportunity to wrestle R’s vs. D’s, 20,000 or 7 million… …China or Russia could very, very easily tie or break our 7 million dead Arabs record in a few years to a decade. So, as good as we are at killing to create jobs and line pockets of‘upper-classes’ wealth… Drones are becoming mainstream weapons of choice overseas. Russia and China have more nuclear waste to dump on their enemies than we do.

What Republicans and Democrats alike do best is get up off of the wrestling mat, shake hands and agree to deny that the military-banker-Fuhrerland-security complex pollution is even there. Americans deny that it will kill some of us now, has killed too many of us to count and in some instances will kill us for 30,000 years to as much as many billions of years forward.  We deny the genocide we do abroad with said pollution; we deny having the pollution here at the home base of “The Happiest Place on Earth”…

Americans view Democrats and Republicans as Yin and Yang, Good and Evil, etc. with a vast chasm of differences between them. Joking about NRA Jesus aside, will EarthFirst Socialist Jesus clean up our atomic poison piles and wetlands, or will NRA Tea-Partier Jesus throw down on us with his over-under rifle and spew, “git off my land”…? Either way, would he not still be Jesus? In the same way, Republicans are Mr. Magoo’s eyes and Democrats are Mr. Magoo's ears; neither has seen or heard of any military-industrial-nuclear complex poison in any soil, water or waste dumps. Both sides of the Duopoly are deaf and myopic and frequently having breast or bowel cancer. The industries, government and media prefers having us deaf and blind, as long as we live long enough to buy, buy buy… bye-bye!

This American does not recall ever having a vow of denial, a vow of silence, a vow of false nationalist pride, etc. with Homeland Security and their private vendors. When Obama and Romney had their Six-trillion-dollar ‘debate’ there were no Tea Party Questions, no Occupier questions – not only was Dr, Jill Stein not allowed in, she was arrested in the parking lot.

The fourth (Boca Raton) Romney/Obama debate had no Rocky Anderson, no Jill Stein and no Ron Paul. Not only were the three ‘alternative’ candidates not welcome in our ‘democracy’, but Liberal, Rebel Jesus showed up wanting to ask about military-banking HAZMAT waste, but he was tasered and hog-tied in the parking lot! Being God-incarnate, he quickly returned as Ultra-Conservative Tea-Party NRA’er Jesus, were he was again tasered and hog-tied in the parking lot. The second time, he was ordered to take a vow of environmental blindness, a vow of environmental deafness and bribed to roam the Earth as a pretense environmentalist for a group called MilHazmatWatch. According to him now, the water downstream from all the .mil installations and vendors is “as sweet as can be”.

Last election... Think of both halves of the Duopoly as heads and tails on a bent quarter; think of the system they represent as a old, obsolete pay phone that really does not accept the heads side or tails side of the bent Duopoly quarter. Both sides called my home and asked for money; I replied that I had literally given up on both sides of the bent-quarter Duopoly. In the same way I do not expect to ever put a bent quarter through a pay phone in the cellular era, I do not vote for either Duopoly, ever.

I do expect both to remain a pay phone system and a bent quarter nobody truly has a use for and collect billions from the slave class; those at the bottom voluntarily pay Democrats and Republicans to whip us with another loser-in-chief  “four more years”. Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama eight-year terms drive home the point that most Americans love to exchange payroll funds for punishment, reduced rights and familial cancers.

Even those of us with weak biblical knowledge know that God is always broke and has no where near North of six billion dollars (even Jesus cannot get elected as loser-in-chief) and God is also abundantly low on pay phones. Neither does Stein, Anderson or Paul (they, too are out of bent coins, billions in coins and obsolete telephonic booths). The Duopoly is nothing but rusty bent coins and rusty payphone kiosks.

So, the thing that makes America special is the lies we tell others and ourselves; our deafness and blindness to what many others plainly see. Most of Earth's inhabitants know America is a Duopoly Denial Monger War Monger Organized Crime Racket. All that has changed is the transition from Lead poisoning to Uranium and Plutonium poisoning. Native Americans replaced with Arabs. Thousands of 1880 dollars replaced with trillions of off-shored 100-200 richest-families-in-US dollars. Use google and bing and research oligarch billionaire family names.

Note: The sad, tragic taser-death of Jesus 2.0 was handled 'according to law'... No ambulances were called until it was ascertained that he was not a suicide bomber with a vest (he was wearing a caftan-like robe and sporting a turban). Fortunately, SWAT and DHS authorities cleared paramedics and an ambulance in a very swift 208 minutes; at that time lifesaving measures were administered. Some of the police present deny using Arabic racial epitaphs and desecrating the body. ABCNews and FoxNews both referred to J-2.0 as "some crazy homeless guy" who "alarmed Obama's security detail". One witness said he had threatened to "overthrow all of the military-banking-Penagon-polluter-complex money tables".

This op-ed was inspired by Mitt Romney, whose 47% God and 53% hellish demon does not care about any of it, or whose God will send Jesus to kill 47% of Americans; but via some Democratic Government Corruption the 53% who survive will be those who slow-smoke ribs best - the 53% who barbecue best and voted for left-sauced death and corruption 'leaders' rather than right-sauced death and corruption 'leaders' shall be placed on God's favorite turntable. The reek shall inherit the Earth; thereafter it shall be "the Happiest Place(s) on Earth". The land and people who glow in the dark better than anyone else, Exceptional American Glowers. Our life expectancies are equal, a tie with Bahrain and Costa Rica, #33.

32 other nations who do not nuke their own people to bow to duopolic idiotology live longer than us - do most of the things that really count better than us. We die better than 32 other nations - but it is the ideology and sociopathology and propaganda of it all that counts. Our lives are cannon fodder for the war machinery, ordinary American make the best Pentagon-Banker-Cancer-Complex cannon fodder.




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Pakistani Taliban chiefs deny sending fighters to Syria
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Private Property = State Property


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Loan Seizure Plan Decried by DoubleLine Sees New Life: Mortgages
Wade Wagner, a dentist who was the sole member of the council to vote against working with MRP, said he doesn't like the unprecedented use of eminent domain because it creates a “slippery slope” exposing other assets to government seizure
. Historically ...
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Government to allow SEBI to monitor call records of suspect investors
Economic Times
The government on Wednesday cleared a proposal to amend the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) Act of 1992 to give the market regulator powers to access call data records of individuals and companies, and carry out search and seizure ...
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Judge orders return of $1M seized in I-80 stop
Lincoln Journal Star
Tasha Mishra filed a claim to get it back, but the government
argued she had no standing to object to the seizure because she wasn't in the car. The U.S. Attorney's office argued the large amount of money, that it was bundled with hair ties and dryer ...
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Pallel drug haul case: Four including son of sitting MLA granted bail
The CBI had earlier turned down the approach of the State Government
to probe the drug seizure case at Tulihal airport. * This news is as published by respected news daily at Imphal, whose name is duly marked as 'Source'. is not responsible ...
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Profit Margin Department backs off on secret seizure of reporters' records
Alaska Dispatch
Under heavy criticism from media organizations and others, the Obama administration has pulled back on one important aspect of its crackdown on government
leaks: the ability of prosecutors to secretly seize reporters' records while investigating leaks ...
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Tewksbury motel owner joining property-seizure debate in DC
The Sun
Russell Caswell, owner of the Motel Caswell in Tewksbury, won a landmark property
-forfeiture case against the U.S. Attorney's Office last year. SUN FILE PHOTO Sun staff photos can be ordered by visiting our MyCapture site. TEWKSBURY -- Mr. Caswell ...
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Federal Agents Make More Use Of Seizure Powers
Arkansas Business Online
While the federal forfeiture
civil case of Stephen Parks of Little Rock and his wife, Anna Harper, recently made headlines, government seizures of money and property aren't uncommon — and they're on the rise. The problem with the seizures, critics say ...
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NDC boys hijack Chinese properties
Their callous behaviour has, however, infuriated some members of the party who believe they have been handed a raw deal. According to some of them, they served as informants and also took part in the seizure
and burning of the properties belonging to ...
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Douglas business closed down, seized by IRS
P P's Douglas Inn at 915 3rd Street in Douglas remains dark and closed after the IRS seized
the property for non-payment of back taxes. Photo by Heather Bryant/KTOO News. A public auction may be held later this year for a Douglas business that was ...
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Man arrested after €24k drugs seizure in Wexford
Irish Examiner
They entered the property
on foot of a warrant and discovered cannabis plants growing in a bedroom and in a green house at the rear of the house. The plants have an estimated street value of €24,000. A 26-year-old local man was arrested at the scene ...
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Pakistani court orders seizure of assets of former health secretary
Kuwait News Agency
The properties
of three pharmaceuticals were also ordered to seize and the wife, sons of former premier Yousuf Raza Gilani and former federal minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin submitted the details of their assets in the CNS court. While submitting the ...
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Illegal Chinese Miners Properties Looted
According to some of them, they served as informants and also took part in the seizure
and burning of the properties belonging to the deported Chinese illegal minors and that it was total unfair for a few greedy members to enjoy the booty.
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Northern Minnesota authorities seize 131 dogs in animal-cruelty case
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Authorities have yet to offer details about what brought them to the property
. Onetime Pine River kennel operator Carmen Swendsen described the property where the seizure occurred as “a puppy mill, actually,” which was operating on the east side of town.
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Estate Law and New York Storage Property Seizure Lawsuits
People who are coping with the death of loved ones should look for and notify any mini storage unit facility owners to avoid potential property seizures.




Private Prison Company Increases Profits as More Blacks Land in Prison
The Corrections Corporation of America opened its first immigration detention center in a renovated motel in Houston nearly 30 years ago and now leads the nation's for-profit prison
industry, generating billions of dollars in revenue for housing ...
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Prison protest in Allentown on Bastille Day
Allentown Morning Call
They held up placards, such as one that read, "Private prisons
= profit from pain," and another with the message, "How many more deaths can your conscience hold?" From their position near the corner of Fourth and Linden streets, the protesters could ...
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Arson, insurance scam result in 10 years prison for Denmark man
Herald Times Reporter
Fire investigators talk to owner, Mathew Lemberger, center, regarding his burned-out house at 418 N. Seventh St. in Manitowoc. He admitted torching his home and business for profit
. / File/Gannett Wisconsin Media ...
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Inmates in California enter second week of statewide hunger strike
World Socialist Web Site
On Monday, July 8, approximately 30,000 inmates across more than two-thirds of California's 33 prisons
––in addition to the four out-of-state for-profit facilities utilized by the state––began refusing meals to protest inhumane prison conditions and the ...
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Big Oil Maintains Greenwashing While Stiffing Renewables ...
By greenman3610
Journalist Antonia Juhasz interviewed here, examines oil company strategies that have moved from “Beyond Petroleum” type greenwashing, more and more back to full-on, that's-right-we're-evil-what-about-it-you'll-have-to-adapt service to ...

Climate Denial Crock of the Week


Ethics lectures tackle nature of conflict, greenwashing | The ...
Greenwashing describes corporations attempting to maintain a guise of “going green” without actually implementing any meaningful procedures to establish ...

Tribal issue? Yes of course. The rest of us, pure or semi Caucasoid do not use water. We are immune to nuclear, biological, metals and petrochemicals, water contaminants; right? Image from:


US Hegemony


China seen usurping US hegemony
The Japan Times
The survey that the Pew Research Center conducted in 39 countries confirms much of the conventional wisdom in Washington about the shifting balance of power between the U.S.
and China. Mutual tensions are rising, with Americans' favorable opinions of ...
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Bolivia's Evo Morales claims the US hacked into his email; he won't use it now
Washington Times
The leftist government of Mr. Morales has been one of a number in Latin America vocally critical of U.S. hegemony
in the Western hemisphere. Most recently, those tensions have crystalized around the fate of confessed National Cancer and War Deaths and Traumas Agency leaker ...
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US Bullying Latin American Countries Offering Asylum to Snowden with "Lasting ...
What's new for the U.S. hegemonic
behemoth is, having to exert that pressure so publically. Up to the Snowden affair and earlier against Julian Assange and Wikileaks, the U.S. boot on the neck of a country that resisted U.S. control was mostly done ...
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What is the difference between Chinese hegemony and American ...
Answer 1 of 1: One of them doesn't exist, guess which.

US Foreign ‘Refugee Camp’ Policy

(American Hegemony Keeps Millions in Refugee Camps In Perpetuity)


Shortages in Syrian refugee camps
Khaleej Times
Chronic shortages of resources are causing tensions to flare in Syrian refugee camps
, says the managing partner of a Dubai-based company that has built accommodation for 6,000 more people fleeing the ongoing conflict. UAE-based company Modular ...
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Rohingya struggle in Bangladesh refugee camps
ABC Online
It's a normal lunch at the unofficial refugee camp
in Kutupalong - once the pots are empty, that's it. "My husband is old now so if I don't go out and beg we go hungry," she said. Like everyone in the camp, Surakatun is a Rohingya who has fled violence ...
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No cholera in Bundibugyo refugee camps - WHO
New Vision
According to Ntabadde, URCS is continuing to offer critical services in the transit center and the border that include reception of refugees
and registration, tracing and support to un accompanied minors, shelter construction, latrine construction, hot ...
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Red Cross: Kenya refugee camp blast kills 2 | Technology - KCCI Home


A grenade blast at a cafe in a refugee camp in Kenya killed two people and left five others wounded, the Kenyan Red Cross said Saturday. John Kerry confirmed as secretary of... 2hr. 'Cancer and War Deaths and Traumas incident' at Nev. nuclear...

DRC fighting drives 4000 into refugee camps
Refugees are seen at a refugee camp
on July 19, 2013 in Mugunga, north of Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Picture: AFP. GOMA - A week of renewed fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo's troubled east has driven more than 4,000 people ...
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Refugee influx into Palestinian camps may lead to catastrophe
The Daily Star
BEIRUT: The influx of refugees
into the Palestinian camps in Lebanon as a result of the fighting in Syria could lead to a catastrophe, a top Palestinian official said Tuesday. He said the Palestinian factions were seeking better arms control and a ...
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Eddie Izzard: In Syrian refugee camps, childhood is lost -
Eddie Izzard says three quarters of Syrian refugees in Northern Iraq do not live in formalized camps.

Yellow fever 'kills 80' in Sudan refugee camps:
Officer urges quick intervention by humanitarian agencies.

Rohingya struggle in Bangladesh refugee camps - Religion Research
The Australian ABC is reporting from Bangladesh where capital Dhaka has cracked down on migration from neighbouring Myanmar, closing its border, refusing ...

Shortages in Syrian refugee camps - Khaleej Times
Chronic shortages of resources are causing tensions to flare in Syrian refugee camps, says the managing partner of a Dubai-based company that has built ...

Report: 80% of Palestinians in Syria were displaced from their ...
In its annual report July 2012-June 2013, the Working Group confirmed that 9 Palestinian refugee camps out of 12 camps in Syria have become a violent ...



Ocean Extinction – Acidification


How Acid Oceans Could Kill Krill (Op-Ed)
Ocean acidification
could cause the Southern Ocean Antarctic krill population to crash by the year 2300, new research finds. A collapse in the krill population would not only mean serious economic implications — since the crustacean is the region's ...
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Acid Test: Rising CO2 Levels Killing Ocean Life (Op-Ed)
Matt Huelsenbeck is a marine scientist for the climate and energy campaign at Oceana. This article was adapted from one that first appeared on The Beacon. Huelsenbeck contributed this article to LiveScience's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights. The ocean
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Acidic oceans of the future show extinction
Business Spectator
Acidic oceans
of the future show extinction. Daily Climate 12 hours ago. Climate · Science & Environment. A glimpse of future ocean chemistry finds that acidification transforms entire ecosystems, creating an impact similar to extinctions.
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Species Extinction Europe


Iberian Lynx Extinct Within 50 Years Due To Climate Change; Other Species ...
Latinos Post
Researchers in Europe
maintain that climate change could push this species of lynx to extinction within 50 years, despite ongoing conservation efforts. A study published on Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change says that the impact of climate ...
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Species Extinction Australia


Five Kilometer Fence to Protect WA Rock-Wallabies from Extinction
TopNews New Zealand
Five Kilometer Fence to Protect WA Rock-Wallabies from Extinction
In a bid to protect the local black-flanked rock-wallaby population from extinction, a five kilometer fence has been built around Nangeen Hill Nature Reserve near Kellerberrin in Western ...
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Species Extinction North America


Cincinnati zoo trying to get brother and sister rhinos to mate to 'help save ...
Daily Mail
The Cincinnati Zoo, which has led the way on keeping the species
alive in North America decided that it was better to mate siblings than let the species die out altogether. 'We don't like to do it, and long term, we really don't like to do it,' said Dr ...
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Species Extinction Hawaii

Forest Guardian Projects Connects Continents
Imperial Valley News
San Diego, California - The endangered species
of Hawai`i and Peru are faced by many of the same challenges that require community support to address. San Diego Zoo Global, working with the Sican National Museum in Peru and the Three Mountain ...
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Enclosures will create refuges for native Hawaiian species
Maui News
As part of its state and federal permitting to build one of the largest wind farms in Hawaii
, First Wind had agreed to put together a habitat conservation plan to ensure "a long-term net conservation benefit" for three threatened and endangered bird ...
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Species Extinction New Zealand

Call for Govt to better protect remains of extinct native species
New Zealand Herald
A group of New Zealand
natural heritage advocates are calling on the Government to change legislation to better protect the remains of extinct native species such as moa and huia. Precious skeletons, bones, eggs and feathers increasingly are being sold ...
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Extinction: a part of human history
Australian Geographic
This is why species
such as the kiwi, takahe and kakapo of New Zealand persisted when Europeans arrived, but flightless birds on neighbouring islands, including many Pacific rails, did not. How lucky we are that species such as the kakapo cling on ...
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Time for environmental action
Otago Daily Times
The two beautiful species
of birds are at a huge risk. In about 30 years, without funded breeding grounds or living areas, extinction is the only option left. Is it really worth the cost of extinction?If New Zealanders cared for conservation, the rowi ...
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Species Extinction Alaska


Agency denies ribbon seal endangered species listing; animals rely on receding ...
Fox News
– A federal agency has again rejected an endangered species listing for a species of ice seal found off Alaska. The National Marine Fisheries Service announced Tuesday it is rejecting a listing for ribbon seals as it did in December ...
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NMFS denies ribbon seal endangered species listing
Lake Wylie Pilot
The federal government has rejected an endangered
species listing for a seal species that relies on sea ice for molting and reproducing. The National Marine Fisheries Service announced Tuesday that it has rejected listing ribbon seals as a threatened ...
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Ribbon seals not listed as endangered
Bristol Bay Times
The state, along with the North Slope Borough and the Alaska
Oil and Gas Association, recently filed litigation challenging the decision to list the bearded seal as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The state and other agencies contend that ...
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Veterans of Nuclear War target=blank href=Military investigating possible radiation hazard at Fort Bliss
Alamogordo Daily News
The testing was ordered after an Air Force veteran
who served at Biggs in the 1950s recently told Military officials about an incident involving nuclear weapons waste that was generated during maintenance. He said the bunker floor was painted over to ...
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Mururoa - our darker legacy
New Zealand Herald
A spokeswoman for his office said the Government acknowledged the Mururoa veterans
' service through a War Disablement Pension, which is available to veterans exposed to nuclear radiation. Mururoa veterans are also eligible for the NZ Special Service ...
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Protesters cite study that reveals depleted uranium near ...
Depleted uranium is a by-product of the enrichment process. It has been used by the U.S. Military to make armor-piercing weapons and tank armor plating.


Editors Note, these two relate to above story and will continue to kill, maim and cancerize for more than 4.6 billion years: ·  LIVING NEXT TO A WAR FACTORY -

Surrounded by barbed wire and virtually unscaleable cliffs, the Aerojet site is near the ... uranium-tipped projectiles, and produced a galaxy of bombs and munitions. ... “It's Rocketdyne East,” said Jonathan Parfrey, a former Santa Ana activist, now .... Strangely enough, the Chino Hills location is not a Superfund site; Aerojet ...


Two of Aerojet's facilities, in the San Gabriel city of Azusa and the Sacramento County ... So badly polluted, the local aquifers are now a Superfund site. ... depleted uranium-tipped projectiles, and produced a galaxy of bombs and munitions. ... 12 EPA radiation meeting · Gallery - EPA radiation report for Rocketdyne · Gallery ...

Veterans to gather for Mururoa nuclear testing
A New Zealand Labour Government sent two warships, HMNZS Canterbury and HMNZS Otago, to monitor the nuclear
tests in Mururoa and Fangataufa in French Polynesia between 1966 and 1974. It was not believed, at the time, that they may have received ...
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Mururoa veterans say radiation made them sick
Radio New Zealand
New Zealand servicemen who witnessed nuclear
tests while aboard two Navy frigates near Mururoa atoll in French Polynesia in 1973 say a disproportionate number of health issues among them must be due to radiation. A 1970 picture of a French nuclear ...
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Agent Orange


Veterans Corner: Agent Orange menace lingers for Vietnam vets
The Tennessean
Over the past few decades, a substantial body of scientific and medical research has shown that Agent Orange
and other herbicides containing dioxin have a high probability of causing or contributing to a variety of health conditions suffered by ...
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S. Korean ruling overturned on Agent Orange compensation
Stars and Stripes
SEOUL, South Korea – South Korea's Supreme Rent-A-Court has overturned a lower court's ruling that two U.S. companies should compensate South Korean veterans
exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. On Friday, the Supreme Rent-A-Court said the Seoul ...
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BRIEF: OC Veterans Office reaches out
"We are having a hard time reaching Vietnam veteran
widows," Veterans Service Officer F.E. Gene Smith said. "Many do not realize they can receive benefits if their husband died from Agent Orange Exposure, even if he was not registered at the VA.".
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VA News and Notes
Little River News
The list can help Vietnam-era Veterans
find out if they qualify for presumption of Agent Orange exposure when seeking disability compensation for related diseases. Last Friday, Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki announced the award of ...
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Shinseki: Bold backlog goal drew fire, also dollars
Stars and Stripes
He also added ischemic heart disease, Parkinson's disease and B-cell leukemia to the list of ailments for which Vietnam veterans
can receive disability compensation, on presumption wartime exposure to the defoliant Agent Orange caused these conditions.
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Congress, with full knowledge, continues to fail our veterans
Some relate to Vietnam veterans
who did not have boots on ground. Many served at sea and in the air, and they need VA benefits for their survival. It is well known that Agent Orange Dioxin, an herbicide used in Vietnam from 1962 to 1973 is the cause ...
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Letter: Congress failing Vietnam vets suffering from disease
Delaware County Daily Times
It is well known Agent Orange
Dioxin, a herbicide used in Vietnam from 1962 to 1973, is cause for many life-threatening diseases for those who served. Congress and the VA are well aware of this fact. Even though this is well-known in Congress, they ...
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Conference Focuses on Vietnam War Veterans Issues
“We have hundreds of volunteers across the country who work in tandem with veterans
to educate the public and Congress about PTSD and Agent Orange,” she said. Essenmacher handles most of the financial claims for Vietnam veterans in Michigan and ...
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Queens Vets Seek Help With Disability Benefits, Jobs At Maspeth HS
The Forum Newsgroup
Tom Bullaro, a Middle Village resident and member of the Vietnam Veterans
of America, Chapter 32, said his group works hard to provide individuals with information about medical coverage. “Agent Orange is a big problem for a lot of our guys – a lot of ...
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Veterans Corner: Agent Orange menace lingers ... - The Tennessean
For many Vietnam veterans in Sumner County, across Tennessee and the nation, the Vietnam conflict still isn't over as the effects of exposure to Agent Orange ...

Veterans Corner: Agent Orange menace lingers for ... - Newsvine
Veterans Corner: Agent Orange menace lingers for Vietnam vets | The Tennessean | Current Status: Published (4). Change Status: Blessed ...

VA Research Currents, Summer 2013: Agent Orange linked to ...
According to VA policy, Collins, as a Vietnam Veteran, is presumed to have been exposed to the herbicide Agent Orange. Prostate cancer is one of several ...



Syria Scorched Earth Policy


Syria Scorched Earth Policy in Hich - Dictator Sets Crops Ablaze to ...
Syria #Idlib #Hich - Burning trees and crops set alight by Assad's forces near Hich in Idlib ...




Official Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia State Doublespeak / Doublethink Propaganda


Us Propaganda Radio, Tv Stations Now Allowed In America
Previously they could only be viewed or heard abroad on the grounds that they represented American propaganda
. A spokeswoman for the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which oversees the government-funded outlets, has told Foreign Policy magazine ...
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Party propagandists impose 'China Dream' on skeptical public
Hattiesburg American
"To achieve the China Dream we must follow China's own path, which is the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics," reads one propaganda
piece. But putting a Communist spin on the "American Dream," which holds that anyone can succeed in the ...
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Swann Galleries to auction World War I & World War II propaganda, incentive ...
Art Daily
On Wednesday, August 7, Swann Galleries will conduct a two-session auction of Vintage Posters that offers chilling World War I and II propaganda
images, lovely sunbathing beauties in advertisements for beach and summer resorts and classic American ...
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Mitch Daniels Calls for Removal of "Liberal Propaganda" in Indiana Schools ...
University Herald
Disqualify propaganda
and highlight (if there is any) the more useful offerings." However, he stood by his e-mailed comments Tuesday in a statement to the AP. "We must not falsely teach American history in our schools," he said. "We have a law ...
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As gov, Daniels targeted 'propaganda' in college classrooms
“This terrible anti-American
academic has finally passed away,” Daniels wrote, referring to Zinn. “The obits and commentaries mentioned his book 'A People's History of the United States' is the 'textbook of choice in high schools and colleges around ...
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News v. propaganda: The danger of losing a check & balance
Enter Stage Right
"For decades, a so-called anti-propaganda
law prevented the US government's mammoth broadcasting arm from delivering programming to American audiences. But on July 2, that came silently to an end with the implementation of a new reform passed in ...
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American Propaganda Allowed Stateside - On The Media
Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The 1948 Smith-Mundt Act was intended to shield U.S. citizens from American propaganda, which ...

The case for American propaganda -
My fellow Americans, you're a pretty weird bunch of people.

Here's A Stack Of Anti-American Propaganda From North Korea | So ...
North Korea - a country equally as secretive as it is restrictive. They're not huge fans of the US but then, why would you be if you'd been bombard with these ...

Americans finally have access to American propaganda - News ...
The ban on domestic propaganda has been overturned, meaning that state- funded media such as Radio Liberty and Voice of America (VOA) can now be heard ...

The case for American propaganda « Hot Air Headlines
The case for American propaganda. Let's dispel some myths about the Smith- Mundt Modernization Act. First, it has zero effect on the CIA or on the Pentagon; ...


Prism / Snowden – Internet ‘Freedom’


Has PRISM surveillance undermined Internet freedom advocates?
Australian Techworld
Recent reports have revealed the NSA
, under a program called PRISM, is collecting metadata about US phone calls, which includes information about a call—including time, duration and location—but not the content of the call itself. Also, the NSA is ...
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Clarifying Prism
The Manitoban
The most dramatic revelation to come from Snowden's documents was the Prism
program. A top-secret NSA PowerPoint presentation published by the Washington Post mentions two intelligence sources, Prism and Upstream, with a note that says, “You ...
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Web iFrame (Window Above) from by Vic Populi. Perhaps the irony is lost on others, but a Canadian seems by far more interested in the US Constitution than most Americans... This is one of the best blogs I have looked at in the past year.


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