Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into 'National Security'

4.5 Billion Year Toxic Legacy

by Tracy Turner Authors Page 19 August 2013
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If you voted for four more years of Change We Can Deceive In, which US Army Internment Resettlement concentration camp will you be interned FORWARD within? Read recently leaked US Pentagon documents FM-3-39 and FM 3-39.40, they are about resettling Americans to concentration camps and re-programming their minds with torture and brainwashing. This Ralph Nader article titled Ralph Nader on Gaza: The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag is extremely important. For every article like 'Ralph Nader on Gaza: The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag', paid Uranium shills will blog a dozen or more pages on Nader's lunacy, naiveté on the subject of Uranium, which they falsely claim is safe, non-toxic Uranium. The paid pro-nuke, pro-Mass Murder shills are unhappy that Ralph Nader is not amused at the 'greeness' of Uranium toxic waste recycled into Gazan Mass Murder weapons.

This article exposes the tyrannical empire dark secret of American genocide touted as exporting democracy. This article exposes the myth of clean green nuclear power which is the lie covering up dumping all your nuclear waste on any nation too weak to fight US hegemony. There are five newer articles exposing the propaganda lie that NATO is going "Green". The Pentagon is synonymous with corruption, lies and genocide, synonymous with poisoning our troops and covering it up.

Ralph Nader on Gaza: The World’s Largest Open-Air Gulag is about DIME, Dense Inert Metal Explosives. Even the acronym is misleading, Dense Inert simply sounds better than Depleted Uranium. The term 'inert' implies a harmlessness that belies Uranium's deadliness. Explosives is also misleading. DIME weapons are about Nuclear industry power plants genetically-damaging waste repurposed as death to the Gazan race (Mass Murder). Depleted Uranium is 40% as radioactive as enriched Uranium, the term depleted implies a 'safety' it does not actually have. Nuke Industry Genetic-Mutating Waste Used As Genocidal Weapons of Mass Destruction is a far more accurate description than DIME. The name DIME covers up what it really is.

Years ago (circa 1995), one could do an Alta Vista or Excite search for "JDAM Uranium dot mil" with the dot being a period, and one would be able to download .PDF files with diagrams of bombs, with the words depleted Uranium clearly legible in the PDF. 4-5 years ago, the military (,, etc.) "sanitized" those files, using the words "heavy metal" or "dense metal" instead of Uranium or depleted Uranium. Now, all of those files either reside behind ultra-secure password firewalls, or the word "copper" is used.

Circa 2012, soft, malleable, light molecular weight "copper" is code for Depleted Uranium. The amount of public access to the schematics for US/NATO/OTAN security-industrial complex WMD is essentially nil. Hiding DU behind the smokescreen of "National Security" is omnipresent. Freedom of Information Act is trumped by Uranium Mass Murder and covering up the atrocities we commit on our own troops.

The 'proof' of what rocket, bomb and missile warheads are made of is kept locked up in Logistics Information Warehouse - Portal But the market price of 'copper' is too high, and the US has an abundance of cheap Depleted Uranium to commit Mass Murder with. All of the above is America's stinky unwashed armpit. The government will not admit that they like sterilizing the reproductive systems of who they decide to persecute in the name of freedom and democracy. There is a great national disconnect between what we do with Uranium weapons and what we admit to. It is difficult to accept one lives in a country that commits Mass Murder, war crimes and covers it up. This Navy Missiles and Bomb .pdf is newer, the word "Uranium" has been purposely left out, but the weapons still contain Depleted Uranium. Cover up implies knowledge of guilt. "Dense metal" as a euphemism for Uranium is still Uranium.

If you are one of the Freedom Seven, you can be imprisoned and tortured for life for the 'crime' of speaking about peaceful solutions with a member of Hamas. If you are you or I, or the Freedom Seven and were to kill people with a dirty bomb, we would either be executed or tortured in Guantanamo for life under the Patriot Act and NDAA 1021. But when George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Barrack Obama commit Mass Murder on ten million plus human beings, they all go on living rich, opulent lives. Dick Cheney's Halliburton stock goes up more than 3,000 percent.

The Supreme Corporate Commerce Court says talking peace with Terrorists is a felony. This violates Free Speech; it violates many people's religious freedom, free expression of one's spirituality. It criminalized peace activism.

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security

Children killed by Hellfire missiles fired from MQ-1 Predator Drones. News press of Drone Strikes is Sui generis; even wives and children are labeled 'insurgents' and 'Taliban terrorists'. The lamestream media demonizes the defenseless dead rather than calling Mass Murder Mass Murder.

Many of the Obama Administrations claims about Drone Deaths do not ad up; propublica has a great article with a great interactive mouse-over chart. As of one year ago, at least 168 children have been killed by Drone-Hellfire missiles. Article about DU and Hellfire missiles.

Under the Patriot Act and the Supreme Court ruling, it is unlawful to approach a known terrorist, such as Obama, and speak to him about a peaceful solution to replace his' killing of children with Hellfire missiles. Recently, under Obama's orders, anyone who tries to provide medical help to children wounded by Drone-Hellfire missiles attack is deemed a threat to national security and a second Hellfire missile is fired upon them. These children look like a National Security threat? They look more like Mass Murder victims... The area where the Hellfire missile caused a Thermobaric sustained shock wave is now covered with radiological pollution from Depleted Uranium. People in and around that area will have cancer, sterility, stillborn babies and deformed kids for the next 4.5 billion years. This makes Barrack a 'known terrorist' who used a 'dirty bomb' and talking peace with him a felony (as per the Supreme Court). If you wrote an antiwar letter to Obama, you sought a peaceful solution with a known terrorist; you could be locked up forever (it is illegal to talk peace with known terrorists, Obama is a known terrorist).

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security

Obama and the Depleted Uranium weapons manufacturers have conspired to expose US Troops to Weapons of Mass Destruction (DU) without respirators, gloves, HAZMAT suits, boot-coverlets, hoods, goggles, etc. Both the government and private corporations have conspired to hide the Depleted Uranium in the US (see map above). There is Depleted Uranium in California from firing live Tank rounds at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms. There is Depleted Uranium pollution from the military in Hawaii. There is Depleted Uranium explosive tests occurring at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California.

The Department of Energy track record with radionuclides is pathetic; Google the name of your state, radionuclides and superfund and you are sure to find cold-war/war-on-terror toxic legacy. In my state, Rocketdyne aka Boeing radionuclides associated with Energy Technology and Engineering Center (ETEC) nuclear operations include tritium, plutonium-238, plutonium-239, iodine-131, strontium-90, cesium-137, cobalt-60, thorium-228, and uranium-235. Our intent to nuke the Russians nuked ourselves. The former USSR's intent to nuke us nuked themselves, the following abstract is from Abstract Chelyabinsk was one of the former Soviet Union’s main military production centers, which included nuclear weapons manufacturing. Accidents, nuclear waste disposal and day-to-day operation of the Mayak reactor and radiochemical plant contaminated a vast area of the province. In the early 1950s there were so many occurrences of death and disease from the nuclear waste dumping in the Techa River that 22 villages along the riverbanks in a 50 kilometers zone downstream from Mayak were evacuated. In 1957, a nuclear waste storage tank accident released radiation double the amount released by the Chernobyl accident. This accident was kept secret and 10,700 people were evacuated. The severe environmental contamination of this region led to dramatic increases in cancer rates, birth defects, and sterility. Over the past 33 years, there has been a 21% increase in the incidences of cancer, 25% increase in birth defects and 50% of the population of childbearing age are sterile. (end of abstract).

The US warmongers intense desire to spread radionuclides among Asia is poisoning US Civilians here at home.

Human Rights Activists seek US/NATO/OTAN to respect life, to cease and desist from Mass Murder. Meanwhile the lamestream media and the governments lure the naivé into forgetting what human rights means to governments. The US government has a history of human torture experiments on its own citizens; Hanford, Yucca Flats and Oak Ridge among them. But at least the US Government keeps tight security on nuclear facilities that Nun can violate. Someone (extremely ignorant) posted a US military propaganda video of DU on Youtube, titled 'Nothing Mass Murders Useless Eaters Better!!!!'. The 'training video' trains the troop's collective minds to erroneously believe they don't need HAZMAT suits, the video downplays radionuclide dangers. US DU-Disseminators are fed disinformation that contradicts the truth; later when they are coughing up blood they will be denied adequate medical care by VA doctors who stall until the poisoned die of DU poisoning.

US Troops are dying of Depleted Uranium poisoning. This makes both Presidents Bush (father and son), Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama guilty of killing US Troops with defective weapons that the troops were not warned about, prepared for or given protective gear to use. Not that it would have mattered; the dust beneath their feet was contaminated.

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security

All of the US 'Authorities' with Hague under their photos contributed to the deformed babies (above) clearly acts of terrorism. Anyone who aided these men are co-conspirators to Mass Murder. Anyone who gave them support can be arrested without due process and held indefinitely as enemy combatants. That makes most corporate CEO's enemy combatants.

If a terrorist cell came to America and blew up a few dirty bombs, leaving radiological pollution in our cities that would last 4.5 billion years, we would start World War III. If terrorists left DU fallout in our land, people would freak out, fear and panic would run rampant. But we enact this scenario daily with Hellfire missiles with Uranium-metal shaped charge warheads, aka 'Dirty Bombs'. Sociopaths like Rumsfeld, Cheney, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama, Leon Panetta, Great Britain-Tony Blair, and the Prime Minister of Israel Olmert and Australian Prime Minister(s) John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. The Australian PM's figure very, very prominently in DU poisoning-Mass Murder warfare, as Australia is blessed with most of the Earth's Uranium. Much of the current one billion pounds of DU in the US was mined in Australia.

Those of us that collect pictures like these and create web pages like this one are sick of the apathy and the DU apologists. Those who look at the pictures of sick, dying or dead children, collect a DoE or Pentagon paycheck to outright lie about the radiologically lethal 4.5 billion half-life of JDAMs, PaveWays, Tomahawk, BLU-109/B, GBU-28 Bunker Buster, BLU-107 Durandal and AGM-114 Hellfire. All of these are WMD, illegal under the Geneva Convention; fit all criteria for crimes against humanity and Mass Murder. A short time ago, Lamestream media talking heads lambasted a man for changing his citizenship to avoid taxes. There was big media uproar. Today in Yemen, Pakistan, the Philippines, Honduras, Afghanistan and Iraq, Hellfire missiles killed anonymous, totally unidentified persons because they were "males who walked into the strike zone'. Any women or children with them died; anyone who tried to render aid was killed via a double-tap second missile. The Hellfire missile-death site will go on radioactively poisoning people for 4.5 billion years. Is that what kind of Citizen you are proud of being, an ignorer or enabler of genocidal sociopaths?

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security
There are over a billion pounds of D.U. in the United States, and is therefore very cheap - not to mention a convenient way to dispose of nuclear waste.

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security
The so-called war on terror is an unimaginably colossal act of Mass Murder. Image by

Links to Enemies of Depleted Uranium Depleted Uranium Maps Dr. Piotr Bein's Blog Polish and English (please donate)

The George W. Bush Obama legacies are two Presidents who fit any and all definitions of a terrorist, NSA warrantless surveillance controversy, citizens, psychiatrists and clergy who face life-long detention if they discuss peace solutions with Bush or Obama, Cheney or Biden. Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush are 'Dirty Bomb' terrorists, so it is highly illegal to discuss peace with them, either, as per the Supreme 'Corporations United' Court. Since the Court never errs, Foreign Diplomats who discuss peace with the 'Dirty Bomb' terrorist Obama face doing life in Guantanamo... Its time, America needs to lock up anyone who has talked to the last 4-5 Presidential terrorists; or as Nixon might says if he were with us, when the President uses a Dirty Bomb, it's not terrorism... The last map graphic shows an act of domestic terrorism that began with FDR and continues under Obama; the nuclear Mass Murder of NATO and US troops and people right here at home. Google the Depleted Uranium triangle, or DU in Hawaii or California. Google Depleted Uranium: The Vieques-Kosovo Connection. The Bush/Cheney regime told us terrorists might commit acts of eco-terrorism, rendering our environment radioactive. Google Depleted Uranium Adriatic Sea...

When the head of state (Tony Blair, John Cameron, Bush, Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, etc., etc. commits many acts of terrorism and Mass Murder, the Patriot Act and NDAA 1021 do not apply to them. When the Freedom Seven simply tell the truth or promote peace activism, they fear retaliation via indefinite detention. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney Karl Rove legacy (download and distribute this video) and please financially support Professor Busby's documentation of DU warfare.

Uprooted Palestinians

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security
Google Depleted Uranium and one area at a time: Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, California, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Image by Veterans Today. Oak Ridge is one of the most polluted places in the US, surpassed only by Hanford.

There is currently underway a large, concerted Pentagon, Department of Energy and Nuclear Industry * Pro-Nuclear Disinformation Campaign *. Paid shills set up websites where they pose as 'experts' on 'non-toxic Uranium'. There is no such thing as 'non-toxic Uranium'. While they draw a paycheck for lying about 'safe' Uranium, many thousands of Veterans languish without medical benefits, with the Veterans Affairs doctors waiting for the Vets to die and not cost the government anything.

These same shills plaster the web with websites that sound like a child whistling in the dark, chanting 'I'm not afraid of Uranium'. I dare any of these shills to sleep in a bed sprinkled with Depleted Uranium nightly. We all know they won't do so... These shills deny the many eco-disasters from our nuclear incursions of foreign soil and seas.

This Arabic Woman describes Depleted Uranium truth better than anyone can.

PDF Links to US Depleted Uranium Cover-Up Stories

Please download, post and email this depleteduranium.pdf to anyone and anywhere you wish. It is simply a collection of links to DU cover-up by US/NATO/OTAN/War Industry insiders.

The Nuke Industry, Government and Pentagon have an expensive and difficult problem, where to store rusting barrels of useless Uranium metal; so they commit 'green' Mass Murder war with it and call it 'National Defense'.

Like Bush, Obama and his minions imply anything that does not agree with their war-profiteering is "junk science". Anti-nuke, anti-Depleted Uranium scientists are marginalized, trivialized and scoffed by paid Nuke Industry/War Industry minions. The stories below have been fully investigated and vetted for accuracy:

Extension of DU to Libya | Project Censored
Top 25 of 2012 Sep 30, 2011 ... Uranium Weapons, which monitors the military use of so-called depleted uranium (DU) anti-tank and bunker-penetrating shells.

There seems to be many, many differing views on the distinction between mass murder and genocide... A while back I was in email contact with Dr. Piotr Bein, formerly of DU Watch. Dr. Bein impressed upon me that even the intent to genetically modify one human being (I assumed he was not talking about something like Gleevec drug preventing Leukemia deaths) is genocide. Or the intent or conspiracy to sterilze one persons reproductive rights against their will. There is the Social Scientists' Definitions of Genocide and the Legal Definition of Genocide. This topic, initially, angers and upsets and even causes nightmares. A growing number of Americans, Australians and British are becoming Anti-War Activists, despite the growing Police State. This is the Nuke Industry's way of 'going green' and 'recycling-repurposing'...

U.S. Troops Exposed To Depleted Uranium ... - Project Censored
Apr 30, 2010 – Sources: MILITARY TOXICS PROJECT'S DEPLETED URANIUM CITIZENS' NETWORK, Date: January 16, 1996 (release of report), Title: ...

High Uranium Levels Found in Troops and ... - Project Censored
Apr 29, 2010 – NDU is more radioactive than depleted uranium (DU), which itself is charged .... ...

US/British Forces Continue Use of Depleted ... - Project Censored
Apr 29, 2010 – British and American coalition forces are using depleted uranium (DU) .... In .

Green Mass Murder - Recycling Nuke Industry Waste into National Security
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When I read bloggers or hear callers on radio shows referring to the odorless, invisible, slow death of chemical/radiological poison... reminds me of a man who had 7 wrist surgeries and then a hand amputation. This was of course after being told that Agent Orange herbicide was safe. Agent Orange is sold at Walmart, Sears, Earl Mays, etc., as "lawn weed killer". We are still told it is "safe". What it is, is billions per year in business, which has no connection to 'safe'. Why do people think chemical/radiological Chernobyl and Fukushma poisonous drift or plume are any different? After he lost his hand they found tumors, everywhere and he died. To this day, the military maintains Agent Orange was not part of it, but they chopped his hand off for free.

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